Prophecies, Visions,
Occurrences and Dreams.

From Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit

given to Raymond Aguilera.

Jehovah's Word for Today:
"My Son Jesus Christ is coming. Get READY!"

The Prophecy Jehovah God said, "The prophecy of Joel is being fulfilled today."
Today's Calling by Gerald O. Lukehart
A Dedicated Man by Robert Thompson
Scriptures to Raymond Aguilera
Acknowledgments by Raymond Aguilera
The Table of Contents (1 through 1000 with short description of contents.) of Prophecies, Visions, Occurrences, and Dreams.
Table of Contents 2 (1000 + with a short description of contents.) of Prophecies, Visions, Occurrences, and Dreams.

Part 1: How it began with Raymond Aguilera.
Now you can hear the
recording  on the testimony from 1990.
The testimony (the beginning of the story) of Raymond Aguilera's encounter with the Holy Spirit, which led to the supernatural occurrences, and eventually to the visions, prophecies, and dreams from Jehovah God.
Mt. Diablo (Devil Mountain), and a Testimony of Dec. 2, 1990. After being missing for over six years, the Mt. Diablo photographs were found on 16 May 1996.
A Short Family Tree of Reymundo Aguilera Jr. Pictures are slow-loading.
Listen to the Sound recording (condensed) from the original Prophecies tapes. 
The Communion:
In the Prophecy Book the Lord states many, many times to have DAILY Communion. So I have listed a very simple outline and Bible Scripture for the Daily Communion. This is a general outline; for many people take Communion in different ways. This is a simple way to introduce people into taking daily communion that don't know anything about it.

Part 2 The Prophecies, Visions, Occurrences, and Dreams.

Comments from Raymond Aguilera.

    These Prophecies are all end time prophecies. Most of the prophecies are from the Father Jehovah. Many people have related to me, that the material in this Book gives them joy and peace in knowing that the Lord is coming. For some people have sensed the Presence of the Lord in a supernatural way when they read certain prophecies. Once, I was fortunate to witness an incident; where a woman from Mexico was telling me how she read and enjoyed reading the Spanish Prophecy book. Then discovering during our conversation that the book she had read was written in English. This shocked her for she could only read Spanish. You should of seen her bewildered face in shock and surprise as to the miracle that had happened to her. This is only one of many such testimonies that people have related to me from reading this prophecy book.
    This Book certainly will not tickle your ears concerning the wrath of God, but it will show you HIS LOVE for mankind, and states it many times. At the same time some people are afraid, due to the frankness of how the wrath of God is stated. The beginning prophecies have many words that are repeated, I believe that the Lord was training me to receive His Word, and in some cases, I believe He wanted people to hear it over and over. So I prayed about it, and was instructed to leave it as I received it. I would like to add, that I was raised Catholic and have attended Protestant Churches. God bless you all.

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