The Voice of Jehovah, Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit; as the Lord spoke through me in English, Spanish, and Non-understandable Tongues.

The Prophecies in this Prophecy Book were typed from sound tapes, I recorded on my micro cassette tape recorder as the Lord spoke through me. Most were recorded during prayer on top of my bed, but not all. During the times I was asleep; the Lord would awaken me, and then He would begin to speak through my lips. It would happen so often back in 1992; that I got in the habit of just reaching next to me; picking up the tape recorder, and record the message, and then go back to sleep. There were many times, that I did not even remember what the Lord had said during the night or early morning hours until I listened to the recording the next day. For the Lord was giving me so much, and so fast during those times, and the spiritual warfare was so intense, that I had a hard time dealing with all the supernatural occurrences, let alone what was being said.

Do to the large number of computer bytes that sound uses, the recording I have placed on this web site are edited (condensed versions). I tried to copy all that was on the tape as clearly as I could. During my training years the Lord would speak slowly as if He were dictating, and some of the tapes were 20-30 minutes long. I remember back in 1990 several tapes were a full two hours long. Maybe it was because the first three years or so, I hand wrote each Prophecy out by hand, and then type it on the computer. Do to this procedure, I wore out three or four tape recorders, and some of the recording tapes have poor sound quality do to recording on a bad tape recorder. A few years later a sister in the Lord helped out with the money to buy a dictation machine that would play my micro cassette tapes, so I did not have to hand write them out anymore.

You will need to download the RealAudio Player only once to hear these compressed files. Every time you see this symbol you will find a sound file. You will also need a sound card on your computer. I will also place a tape file of me reading part of #2.Prophecy, so you can hear the difference between my voice and the Lord's Voice.

At the present time, I only know that the new CompuServe 3, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and certain Netscape browsers work for the sound on my Web site, until my Internet Server changes something on my web site. I know that American Online 3.0 does not work. I am setting up a short test; so you can test your RealAudio Player to see whether your system will hear the sound files. If you get unrecognizable text instead of receiving audio; your setup will not work until my web site is updated. Test #1 (RA.file) will have my voice and #2 test (RA.file) will have the Lord's Voice.

These sound files really give you the sense of Jehovah's meaning if you listen to the sound file while reading the text at the same time. I can only speak for myself, but I sense the FULL AUTHORITY and POWER of Jehovah if I do it this way! God Bless you All.

yours in Christ,

Raymond Aguilera

1. Download free Real Audio Player here.

2. Ray Aguilera's voice test.

3. The Lord's Voice test.

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