A Short Family Tree of Reymundo Aguilera Jr.

Great Grandmother, Maria De Jus Alvrez (My father's grandmother) (left side) and my father's mother, Petra Alvrez Aguilera.


Great Grandmother, Sandgual (my mother's grandmother - left side) and Anita Sandgual Ramirez (my mother's mother)


My Father's mother, Petra Alvrez Aguilera and my Mother's father, Juan Ramirez.


My Father, Reymundo Aguilera Sr. and Mother, Lidia Ramirez Aguilera.

My Dad, Reymundo Aguilera Sr. was a widower with one child, Gloria Aguilera, when he married my divorced mother, Lidia Ramirez.  My mother already had two children, Gilbert and Anita Ramirez from her first marriage. This picture was taken 1944.

raybaby3.jpg (37092 bytes) 

The oldest of my parent's marriage, I was born on their first wedding anniversary.  Reymundo Aguilera Jr. born March 12, 1943.

My father and mother worked their way from San Antonio, Texas, as migrant farm workers until they settled in the San Francisco Bay Area about 1949.   There my father started his own excavating business and worked it for forty years until he retired.  The picture below was taken at one of the farms they worked at.

Older brother Gilbert Ramirez (left side), sister Yolanda (center), Ted (right side), myself Raymond (center), older sister Anita Ramirez (right side) and sister Gloria Aguilera (the oldest) stayed and lived her childhood with my grandmother Petra Alvrez Aguilera in San Antonio, Texas, sister Cristina (not born yet).  This picture was taken about 1948.

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