Psa 34:7 The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.

Psa 34:8 Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

Psa 34:9 Fear the LORD, you his saints, for those who fear him lack nothing.

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New - To view the video of the 2004 Asian Mission Trip Click Here.


To e-mail list: March 4, 2005

Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Fw: Anointing and verses from revelation

Hello Sim Kih,


I will pray for you.
As for the merlion (the Anointing place in Singapore) the Lord gave me a vision of a lion on the airplane about an hour before we landed in Singapore. I remember seeing this strange looking lion (not the fish part) in a vision as I prayed over Singapore. I remember telling Carl on the plane about this strange vision of a lion because he writes down most of the visions, dreams and prophecies on our Mission trips. I wondered and wondered what it meant and as we were being taken to our hotel from the airport we saw this merlion and I knew that was the place to Anoint. I might say we did pray some more that day to make sure that was the place to Anoint.
We did ask a few people for directions during our time in Singapore, but I do not know if you were one of them. That would be a miracle from the Lord if it did happened. God bless.
By the way I am still working on my house (laying brick) to finish the Anointing Word from the Lord and it has been the longest Anointing (time wise) to complete (about 6 months).
yours in Christ,
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From: Sim Kih
To: Raymond Aguilera
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 1:28 AM
Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Fw: Anointing and verses from revelation

Dear Brother Ray,
Thank you for your service to the Lord.
When the Tsunami happened to Asia, I too felt that Singapore being completely unscathed was related to your mission trip.
Death toll via nation was most severe in Indonesia (exceeding 80,000), only a narrow strip of sea away from tiny Singapore.
Attached map shows how close S'pore was to the centre of the earthquake.
Notice the other 4 annointed nations were also unscathed.
Asian Mission Trip.
How did you know "Water Coming Out of the Lion's Mouth" meant the merlion statue fountain?
After watching your Asian Mission Trip video,  I recalled an incident which occurred to me.  A man resembling you as you appeared in the video asked me for directions when I was strolling leisurely outside the Fullerton Hotel.  He was looking for a place where "water came out of a lion's mouth".   So I directed him to the merlion statue fountain, which was less than 10 metres away from where we conversed. 
When I asked this man for his name, his companion (who resembles Carl in the video) yelled for him to move on and not waste time.
Did I meet you?
Prayer for a Personal Matter.
During a fast over the past couple of weeks,  I became convinced the Lord has betrothed me to this man who is 17 years older.  I recalled the Lord telling me about this man through different people over the past 10 years.  Before the fast, I never regarded the message seriously because to this day I have yet to be personally introduced to this man.
Can you pray for me please, since Eva is much younger than yourself too?
Do I have an over-active imagination?
Sim Kih
PS. a little history behind the merlion symbol.
The merlion is a well-known symbol in S'pore, created by the S'pore Tourist Promotion Board during Singapore's nation building days in 1960s as part of efforts to encourage tourists to visit Singapore. The merlion symbol comprises a mythical creature with a lion's head and a fish body.  Legend has it that a Sumatran prince saw a lion when visiting the island in the 14th century. He then named the island Singapura in the local language (singa = lion ; pura = city).  I say his sighting of a lion was a divine vision because
1) the lion is found on the African continent, not the Malaysian archipelago where Singapore is.
2) the prince was so awed when he went hunting for tigers and met a lion instead that he prophesized the then fishing-village island would become a city (pura).
3) Lion represents Jesus (Lion of Judah) and many Singapore Christians have heard the prophetic word about it being the Antioch of Asia - a calling to be Asia's evangelical centre.
Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera 23 February 2005
While praying and watching the Asian 2004 Mission Trip Video, the Lord gave me a Word.
The Lord said, "The hammer and sickle will come out of Asia. That is one of the reasons for Asia's Anointing."
Believe sickle represents the reaping of the harvest of souls. What does hammer mean?
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From: "Raymond Aguilera" <>
To: "list" <>
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 12:40 AM
Subject: [Prophecy] Fw: Anointing and verses from revelation

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> From: <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 7:45 AM
> Subject: Anointing and verses from revelation
> >    I was reading Revelations and I came across these verses. I immediately
> thought of the anointing in Singapore and the tsunami. I don't know if this
> a correct interpretation, but I'm not convinced it was coincidence this
> jumped out at me.
> >
> > Revelations 12:15-16
> >
> >  15And the serpent cast out of his mouth after the woman, water as it were
> a river; that he might cause her to be carried away by the river.
> >
> >  16And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and
> swallowed up the river, which the dragon cast out of his mouth.


To e-mail list:

from: Raymond Aguilera <>

date: Saturday, February 19, 2005 10:48 PM

to: "list" <>

subject: Prayer Request

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I could use some prayers for my family and myself. I have been putting together a video clip of our Asian Mission trip and I can strongly sense the Power of the Holy Spirit while I work on it. Also my computers keep rebooting themselves at all hours. Something is going on - BIG TIME! I really believe this is very, very important because of everything that is happening over our place. Also I have finished laying the bricks over the Lord's Anointed area at my house. I still have about two weeks of work left to do, but the main part is Anointed and covered with brick - finished.

I wish there were words to explain what is happening over here. It is exciting and uplifting, and frightening all at the same time. God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,



To e-mail list 2-14-05:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Stewart, Lois, Steve, Manuel and I have been working setting up an Internet Television Station – Christian Television Broadcasting Network. Where churches can upload their video or audio messages onto our Internet Television or Radio Station so the world can see or hear the Lord’s Words. Manuel is going to translate these websites into Spanish so we could go into Spanish speaking America or South America.

Mark 16:15 He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.

Mark 16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

What we now need is your prayers to direct us with equipment, people working in this area (Advertising – Marketing), and funds for large bandwidth servers, T1 or T3 Internet connections to put it all together. If there are any Brothers or Sisters with experience in Marketing that could help us please e-mail me at God bless you all.



From: Raymond Aguilera
To:e-mail list
Sent: Friday, February 11, 2005 11:44 AM
Subject: Prayer request

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
I have a prayer request. We need a prayer cover over this ministry. We are having computer network problems. Computers are turning themselves off and on by themselves at all hours of the day and night. I hear telephone ringing sounds coming from one of the computer.  I am really tired of working on the brick driveway, my back and arms are sore. I could not pay this month's house payment and the electric company says "pay or we will turn off your electricity".  Please keep us in your prayers.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,



Sent out to e-mail list 28 October 2004


Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 October 2004 at 1:42 PM in Spanish


It is I.  It is I.  All that you see, all that you touch is going to change.  It is going to change for the good.


Yes, My son, all – all that you see all that you touch.  Here comes the day, yes, to the point.  Yes, – here comes My Spirit, here comes My Angles.  Here comes all that is Pure.  Did you hear Me?  All that is Pure!  Here come the things of God. 


Hurry, – rest My son.  You have worked very hard for your God.  Rest.  Yes I know that your body, that your mind is tired.  Yes, to the point.  I am going to send you money and with this money you are going to finish the bricks in front of our House.  Yes, – it is My House too My son!  When I pass, I pass with all that is Clean.  And I want to pass on the new bricks.  Why don’t you believe Me?  You know and I know that ALL that I say is the Truth.  But for the mind of man it is very hard to believe the things that are straight (right) and correct. 


Don’t worry, Reymundo, I will send you all that you need, but for now, I want you to rest.  I will tell you the day to the point, when I want you to Place (pour) the Oil of God in front of the House.  Yes, all will go well, to the point. 


Here comes the flame, the flame of the devil, to the point.  Yes.  But do not worry about the things of the devil, Reymundo.  For there are My Angles, there is My Spirit, there is My Love.  Yes, – here comes the day that the world is going to know that I am speaking to you.  That I am speaking to your spirit.  Here comes the day that the world is going to be frightened because they do not believe in God.  But I am going to place My Angles, My Spirit and all that is Mine in front of you and around you, for they are going to get mad, those who want to kill the little ones, and those who just want to kill. 


People do not believe in God.  But look!  I placed, I made, I finished a hole (pit).  And I am going to fill the hole (pit) with all the people that do not like Me with their heart, with their spirit.  They believe they are so intelligent, but I am going to hit them like a fly, to the point. 


I know that you have suffered these past months, but don’t forget, every time I have saved you.  Every time I have taken you out of those problems you had – for you are My Heart and I am your Heart.  Yes, My son, – rest!  I will tell you the day, the date, to Place (pour) the Oil in front of your house, to the point.  Yes, – you are Mine and I am yours and that’s the way it has to be – the things of God, to the point.  Yes My son, rest!  Here comes your money to finish the work of God.  There comes the days of rest.  Yes, My beautiful one.  There come the things of God.  (over)



Sent out to e-mail list 26 October 2004


Occurrence and Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 October 2004 at 6:30 AM


Dream 1:

The spiritual warfare was very strong since receiving the visions of 20 October 2004, and everything seemed to go wrong for the next few days.  The next night, 21 October 2004, I had a strong dream of calling my daughter and telling her, that her husband Pat could park their large semi tractor truck in our yard in front of the Christ sculpture.  The dream seemed so real that it kept me up for a few hours.  But something did not seem right about it, so I said nothing to her or Pat.  Then the next day I found myself in spiritual warfare and it lasted all day.


Dream 2

The next night this desire to pray came upon me again and I prayed myself to sleep.  Then in the morning the Lord gave me this second dream.  I was shown some kind of office and my wife was there.  I cannot explain it, but in the dream I had to go some place and take Eva in my car.  Everyone at the office was excited and was talking about it.  I was too, but I did not know why I was going.  So finally I completed this job, or something, at the office, and I said goodbye to everyone in the office. 


Then Eva and I left for the front door of the office.  As I walked behind Eva outside the office, I looked in through the office window and saw this Man sitting at this table or desk.  I was startled when I first saw Him, because I knew Him (but I could not remember from where), and I said to myself; - “that’s Eva’s Father, I better say hello, even if it’s just a wave through the window”.  So I waved and kept walking to the car wondering who that man was. 


I was carrying this black bag with me and I believe it had rolls of money in it.  As I climbed into the car, the car changed into a large commuter bus with a lot of people from Eva’s office in it.  I remember I stopped the bus to go to buy some Anointing oil.  When I came back I noticed Eva had placed rolls of money all over the floor of the bus.  I looked at her and said: “Why did you place money all over the bus?  It is going to blow away and get lost.”  She did not have an answer, so I collected the money from the different locations as everyone watched. 


I do not remember driving anywhere, but we found ourselves at this field on a dirt road.  I told everyone we had to leave the bus now, for we had to Anoint this area which had this monument on it.  As we got out of the bus I noticed on the back of the bus there was some kind of large shelf, loaded with bricks.  These bricks were exactly the same kind of bricks I used on our driveway.  I wondered why all of these bricks were on the back of the bus?  I saw all these people that were excited because we had to Anoint this place.  As I looked around, I noticed there was a large building next to the bus with this man checking out the bus.  So I locked the bus and walked behind it, to this monument with this pole sticking out of it. 


When I woke up the Lord began to tell me I had another Anointing Mission Trip, by explaining some of the symbols of the dream.  The Lord revealed to me the meaning of some of the symbols of the dream, and said that the Anointing Mission was outside of my house.  At first I thought the ground in front of my house had to be anointed, because I saw myself pouring oil on top of the newly unfinished brick driveway. But then the Lord led me in the spirit to the front of the Jesus Christ sculpture which had no brick on top of it.  It is an old sculpture about 14 feet high that I made back in the 70’s.  The Lord showed me in the spirit to Anoint the ground in front of the sculpture with oil. 


Then the Lord said, “Finish the new brick driveway over the area you have Anointed.”


This was the driveway area in front of the Jesus Christ sculpture that was not finished, because the lack of funds.  The Lord showed me that the monument in the dream symbolized the large sculpture of Jesus Christ I had in my front yard. 



This was the same area (spot) that I had dreamed of (Dream 1), where I should park the semi tractor truck.  If I had told Pat and Cynthia to park that truck there it would just have been in the way of the Anointing of the ground.  Now I am beginning to realize that this brick driveway has been the Lord’s Plan all along, and I have just been used to do His Will.


The Lord just confuses me at times!  Then I began to wonder why Anoint under the brick?   Why Anoint this area at all?  Why my house?  Why did the Lord communicate using a dream with symbols for this Anointing?  Why didn’t the Lord just tell me this before I began the driveway and I would have Anointed this area and covered that with bricks first? 


Then there was that image of that man sitting inside the office.  It just gave me the shakes and my spirit seemed to come alive when I saw Him.  I did not realize it was the Father Jehovah or a symbol of Him.  His looks reminded me of Vice President Dick Cheney with a fuller face, with short gray hair on the sides.  Deep down I knew it was not Eva’s father because I had never seen or met him and this Man reminded me of another dream I had a few year ago where I was hired to do some construction work for Him.  I have always felt He was the Father Jehovah or a symbol of Him.



Now I have to raise the funds so I can cover the Anointing area with bricks.  I am out of funds and my credit card is maxed out and there is no more credit on the credit card.  Maybe I could Anoint the ground now and lay the brick next year when I have more credit on my credit card?  Then maybe I should call Carl to come over so we can Anoint the ground now, since he has been with me to most of the Anointing trips. 


I wish this spiritual warfare would end, for I am having a VERY HARD time typing this up.  I truly feel like my body is dying, or my body is going to explode from the inside out! 


After this dream I went downstairs to my office and began to pray in tongues.  This two to three hour prayer time was just incredible.  I felt in the spirit I had the Power of Elijah, and that the spirit world was being shaken and rattled.  It totally tired me out. (over)



Sent to e-mail list: 10/25/04


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


I could use some prayer support (prayer cover).  Since the day I received the visions I sent out today the spiritual warfare has been very strong here.  Then the Lord gave this dream I have been trying to type up for several days.  There seems to be a lot going on (spiritual battles) in the spiritual world.  My prayers are going in the direction of Israel (the dome of the rock) and the Anointing of my house (many, many hours of intense prayers).  But I sense it might also be about the Presidential election Nov. 2 and the upcoming Halloween day October 31.  I will send out the dream as soon as I can.  Also for some strange reason the Lord wants me to eat watermelon today.  God bless you all.


Yours in Christ,




Visions given to Raymond Aguilera 20 October 2004 at 9 PM


All of the visions below began with this strong desire to pray, but every time I would try to pray someone would come into the room or the telephone would ring. This went on all day.  Late in the evening I felt frustrated because of this, so I called Carl to pray with me.  I had not spoken to Carl for very long when his telephone rang and he had to hang up.  So I left my office and went into the living room and told Eva if the telephone rings do not bother me.  I had made up my mind to pray and get the prayer burden off of me.  Then after praying and documenting the visions the spiritual warfare began for the next few days. 



I saw Three Wheels or Pulleys being pulled by one belt.



I saw something that looked like a dark chocolate bar with a corner of it bitten off.



I saw a stone statue with a lion’s head.  It looked like it was painted gold or it was covered with gold.  I am not sure of which.



I saw another statue of a large, gray, male elephant with large ears with his trunk winging.



I saw a ship or a submarine at night with the top part of the ship lit up.



I saw a thin engagement ring with a small blue stone.  What was usual was that the stone was mounted on some kind of screw and the stone could be screwed up about a quarter of an inch.



I saw five or six goldfish swimming in a circle head to tail going clockwise.



I saw what looked like a B-2 Stealth Bomber, but it was floating in the water almost like it was a submarine.  It reminded me of a large sting ray fish floating in the water.  Whether it was a plane or a submarine I could not really tell because it was late in the evening.




I saw the logo or the symbol of United Airlines (the U).



I saw the word “Romans 21”.  Question: There is no Romans 21 in the Bible, unless this meant Romans; Chapter 2, verse 1?



I saw a vision of a white lit candle with the wax melting over the side.




Sent out to e-mail list on 10 October 2004


Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 October 2004 at 4:35 PM


While sitting outside watching the two workers install the driveway to our house, two things began to weigh on my spirit; that I do not have the funds to finish the job, and the beheading of British hostage Ken Bigley.  


My mind kept thinking of the Bible scripture Luke 14:27-30, and Ken Bigley’s beheading so I began to pray in tongues about these two things.


Luke 14:27  And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.

Luke 14:28  "Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it?

Luke 14:29  For if he lays the foundation and is not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule him,

Luke 14:30  saying, 'This fellow began to build and was not able to finish.'


Then the Lord said, “Do not worry about the funds, they will come for Our House.  The spirit that beheaded John the Baptists is the same spirit that is beheading the people in Iraq."


Sent out to e-mail list on 15 September 2004


Occurrence and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera 15 September 2004 at 9:30 AM


For the past few days I have been wondering if I should fix our driveway.  Our driveway is made of dirt and gravel and during the rainy season rocks and dirt wash into the street.  It has been like this for about 20 years and I am getting tired of shoveling rocks and dirt every year from the street.  We live on a sharp turning curb and it is dangerous for fast moving cars.  I have had estimates over the years and they were always very high, about $20,000 to $30,000, and too much money for us.  Our driveway is long, about 100+ feet from the street.  But this year I found a way of fixing the driveway and it would cost us about $10,000 using driveway paving stones and doing the work myself.  I was thinking of charging the materials on our charge card.  So this morning I asked the Lord what I should do because we have been hurting financially.



The Lord said, “Send out a prayer request.”  Then the Lord gave me a vision of a triangular looking chemical flask.


Now, I am at a lost to what this triangular looking flask means.



Sent out to e-mail list on 13 September 2004


Please pray about the things I send you.


All Honour, Praise, Glory, Majesty and Power be to God Almighty - Love in Jesus Christ of Nazareth - God bless you always - Susan Van Heerden


494. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 June 1994 at 2:41 PM.


A vision of a wooden match tied or taped to the heel of someone's shoe.


My note : Early news reports identified the shoes as a Nike brand


Shoe Bomber Suspect's Motives a Mystery


Reuters News Service


Posted Dec. 26, 2001 (London) -- A man suspected of trying to blow up a transatlantic airliner with explosives hidden in his shoes was a British convert to Islam who fell in with militants, the head of a London mosque said Wednesday.


The suspect, who was carrying a British passport in the name of Richard Reid when he boarded a Miami-bound flight in Paris on Saturday, worshipped at the Brixton mosque in south London, its chairman Abdul Haqq Baker told BBC radio.


Baker said Reid, who was known to him as Abdel Rahim and attended the mosque after converting to Islam, was lured by militants in London's Muslim community.


"He came from prison to us having embraced Islam in prison," Baker said. "He was a very amiable, cooperative individual in the early part... Toward the end of his period with us, we noticed a change."

Reid appeared in court Monday in Boston, where the flight was diverted, after he allegedly tried to ignite explosives in his shoes on the American Airlines Boeing 767.


Baker said it was possible Reid knew Zacarias Moussaoui, a Frenchman of Moroccan descent who also spent time in Brixton. Moussaoui faces conspiracy charges in the United States in connection with the Sept. 11 suicide hijacking attacks on New York and Washington.


The Times newspaper said Reid was born in 1973 in Bromley, southeast London, to an English mother and a Jamaican father.


Reid was forcibly subdued by flight attendants and fellow-passengers when he lit a match and appeared to be trying to set his shoes on fire. He appeared in court Monday and was ordered to reappear Friday.


The FBI believes the shoe bombs Reid wore were sophisticated enough to suggest he had an accomplice, The Boston Globe reported Tuesday.


Baker also said there were others behind Reid.

"I definitely believe there are individuals behind him and that he was a test and they were watching to see if he would succeed," he said. "The gullibility of him is evident in the way he tried to ignite the bomb in his shoe and failed to do that.


"I would say he was very, very impressionable," he said.

Men detained in Afghanistan have said they recognize Reid, U.S. officials said Wednesday. 


U.S. interrogators showed Reid's picture to several detainees who said they saw him at terrorist training camps inside Afghanistan. But U.S. officials said that the Bush administration so far does not have any independent confirmation of Reid being tied to al Qaeda or the Taliban and note it is possible the detainees lied to investigators.


Doubts remain over Reid's true identity. Britain's Scotland Yard said Reid was believed to be British but French officials have been quoted saying he is a Sri Lankan Muslim named Tariq Raja using a false British passport.


Sent to Prophecy e-mail list on 12 September 2004


Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 September 2004 at 12:15 PM


A very strange occurrence happened to me today.  After reading the Bible I decided to take a shower.  Just after washing myself for the second time I felt and heard something strike me and hit the shower floor.  I looked down and saw a clean 2004 copper penny.  Then the Lord said, “Pennies from heaven.” 


I do not know what it meant.  So I looked it up on the internet and found there was a movie called Pennies From Heaven and also some words someone wrote.


Pennies From Heaven

I found a penny today
Just laying on the ground
But it's not just a penny
This little coin I've found.

Found pennies come from Heaven
That's what my Grandpa told me,
He said, "Angels toss them down."
Oh, how I loved that story.

He said, "When an angel misses you
They toss a penny down,
Sometimes just to cheer you up
To make a smile out of your frown."

So don't pass by that penny
When you're feeling blue,
It may be a penny from Heaven
That an Angel tossed to you.

- Author Unknown -



Sent to Prophecy e-mail list 9 September 2004:


Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 September 2004 at 3:53 PM


The court is in session, the gavel has been dropped, the world has been judged, the peace will be broken, the warplanes will begin to fly.  People ask themselves, “Why is this?  Why is this happening?  Why has the court said we are guilty?”


Then the Lord Almighty says, “You have failed in my commandments.  You have failed to repent.  You have followed other gods.  You have made a covenant with the devil.  Everything that is righteous you have corrupted.  What is right you have made wrong.  You have killed the innocence of all that is righteous.  Children die, infants are killed before they are born, and you are on the side of woman’s rights who kill their children that are unborn without any thought to the child.


What a selfish society.  You do not read the Bible.  You do not study the Word of God.  You do not pray.  You seek things of man – the man that corrupts the Word of God.  


How can one say they are a Christian and yet go against the Word of God?  The corrupt judges of this world will pay – the Hand of God will strike all that is evil, all that is of the devil.  Righteousness suffers because of all the evil, but My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth will come, will correct all that needs to be corrected.  My Spirit – as it moves around the world from churches to churches, from prayer closets to prayer closets, sees the evil that is breeding in man’s church.  That seeks sports before God.  That seeks money before God.  That seeks the devil before God.  


And yet they gather at their gatherings, they try to look holy.  They say pretty words.  They try to instruct others on the things they cannot do themselves.  What a shame!  What a shame!  What a shame!  Because this planet is approaching the end of all, and the Body of Christ has to get prepared, has to pray, has to seek the Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit with a pure and clean heart. 


I see a few really dedicated and the devil attacks them for their dedication to their Lord.  Remember, the seed that fell on the good soil produced much fruit.  The good tree produces good fruit.  Seek repentance.  Seek your God with all your mind, all your soul, all that you have.  Bind and rebuke all demonic forces that seem to attack you on a daily bases, in the Name of the Father Jehovah, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in the Name of the Holy Spirit.  Anything that you ask in My Son’s Name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, will be given, will be given freely if your are clean, if you are focused, if you love your Father with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul.  The Mercies of God are always there. 


 But remember, the end is before you.  The war is before you.  The Blood of Jesus is before you.  Seek and you will find.  Knock and the door will be opened.  Enter through the narrow gate.  Be strong, be brave, be focused, for the hour and the time you will not know.  But the hour and the time is before you.”  (over)




Sent out to Prophecy list 31 August 2004


Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 August 2004 at 2:54 PM


I am the Lord.  I am the Lord of all – all that you see, all that you touch, all that you want!  Peace, love, patience, endurance, – all these things come from the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, through the Father Jehovah.  Peace will never come from man.  For man loves to destroy everything he touches, everything he sees, – everything he wants.  People have died through the centuries for man’s ideals.  For the greed of man is large, as large as an ocean.  His heart can never be filled with enough things, enough power. 


Open your minds, open your ears, open your heart, remember the Ring of the Bride will only come to those who love the Father, who love Jesus Christ, who love the Holy Spirit.  The Power and Might Rest in the Hands of God.  Peace and glory be to My Prophets.  Peace and glory be to all who spread the Word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  For the Power and Might Rest in the Hands of the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  These are not empty Words – these are Words of Power and Might. 


Heaven is the place where life begins for all the time there is time, and where peace lives forever.  Peace is beyond man’s understanding.  For the glory of man is the devil.  Remember, the things of man are evil, wicked, – deceitful. 


The Power and Might of Jehovah, of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Spirit will be upon those who seek Him through Prayer, through the Bible, through Love.  The Art of Loving is giving.  The Art of receiving is Loving.  Remember, those who give, those who receive with the Spirit of the Holy Spirit will embellish the Body of Christ, will help those who need help, – will Glorify the Father, will Glorify the Son, will Glorify the Holy Spirit.  The brothers, the sisters who speak of helping the Body and stop without delivering what they say are an abomination to the Lord.  They will taste, they will see the wrath of God.  For the things of God are not handled lightly.  A covenant between man and God is enduring.  Man will not honor his covenant – God will honor all (His) covenants with the Power and Might of the Holy Spirit, with the Power and Might of His Name.  Jesus Christ, the King of King, the Lord of Lords will correct the things that need to be corrected. 


Remember, you help, you encourage, you love – you will receive peace and love and the Thanks of Jehovah, the Thanks of Jesus Christ, Thanks of the Holy Spirit.  The fangs of the snake will always bite and strangle the evil doers.  Satan loves the corruption, the lies, the deceit.  The battleground has been set – the time has come.  Those who Love Jehovah; – read the Bible.  Those who Love Jehovah; – help the Body of Christ.  Those who Love Jehovah; – fear God.  Those who kill unborn babies love the serpent – love the devil, love themselves. 


Honor your mother, honor your father, honor your wives, honor your children, with the Love of Jesus, with the Love of Jehovah, with the Love of the Holy Spirit.  A soldier never leaves his weapon unclean, unprepared.  Remember My Words, – the end is before you.  The Power of Jehovah, the Power of Jesus, the Power of the Holy Spirit will defend you, but only those that belong to His Flock will understand these Words.  Remember, the devil is there.  Your Lord is there.  Make your choice!






Sent out to e-mail list: 10 August 2004

Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 August 2004 at 2 PM


I had a vision of a wrist watch above a large castle.


Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on Aug. 6, 2004 at 6:33 am. in Spanish.



I see an image of elephant’s feet as they are clawing into the ground.  The elephant seems to be pulling on something.  Then I see the elephant rise on its hind legs and come down, and I see it pull an enormous weight.  It pulls and it pulls and it pulls.  Then the image stops.



I see this woman with fair skin.  She has kind of blondish red hair.  It’s long and curly.  What is unusual is that I think she has a pair of wings, like what people think angels look like.  I don’t know if she is an angel, but I just see this image of a woman with wings.



I see two lines of men walking side by side.  The first two at the head of the lines are carrying a large clock.  Each of them is carrying one end of this large clock.  



I see a wooden wheel and in the center of the wheel that holds the brim, there is a five pointed star.



Now I see a bull, and on the tip of each horn there are two round balls, kind of like plugs.



I see a tortoise.  The impression that is left in my mind is that the tortoise is blue, but it doesn’t look blue.


Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 August 2004 at 6:33 AM in Spanish


Yes, My son how is it going?  How is going?  It has arrived.  It has arrived, the things of God.  The country of the Japanese is going to lift them selves up.  They are going to wake up.  Yes, it has arrived, the day of the Japanese.  It has arrived! 


The cover, the cover, yes how the things of God are.  How they are.  Here comes the boat.  Oh, such a large boat – oh, so large.  Yes, it is dark because all that is – is bad.  Yes, it has arrived, the boat. 


The Star, the Star of God with the flame of all that is Good is going to hit at the point, at the point. 


How it is.  How it is, the manner of man.  How it is.  It has arrived.  It has arrived to the point, to the point; the pig and the cat are going to begin to fight.  The pig is stronger.  Yes, he is stronger, to the point.  He is stronger!  Yes, the pig and the cat are going to fight, to the point.  Yes!  The flame, the flame of the devil is going to begin when they put the key in the door.  Yes, the key in the door.  Oh – they believe they are so intelligent, but they know nothing.  They are dumb with their key.  Yes, it has arrived, the day of the key.  It has arrived, the day of the flame! 


There, there is the prostitute, the pointed prostitute with her chest.  She believes she is so beautiful.  Yes, the prostitute, the prostitute of the devil.  Why not!  Why not!  Why not!  The prostitute is going to call you with flames in her eyes, with the eyes of the devil, with her red lips, with her tongue.  Yes, yes, the prostitute.  All, all of the prostitute is of the devil and she doesn’t want to stop the bad manner.  Yes, she is seeking you!  Yes, here comes the whore of the world with the teeth of the devil, seeking the flesh of men that are stupid.  Yes, it has arrived – watch yourself!  Watch yourself!  The prostitute believes she is great.  Yes, – but you have to make yourself valiant.  You have to make yourself strong, and you have to fight with the Word of God, because the whore knows the Word of God too.  But you know the correct manner and the whore cannot touch you with the tongue of the devil, with the chest of the devil, with the legs of the devil. 


Come-on (hurry), turn your back and run.  Run!  Run with all, with all that you have.  Yes – run because she, the whore, wants to eat you – the whore, the whore of the devil.  The world, the world of all that is bad loves the whore (prostitute).  Yes, – they open their arms and they want to kiss the prostitute, the prostitute of the devil.  Come-on (hurry), run!  Run rapidly, because the whore is looking for you.  Yes, – the whore who kills the hearts of men with the eyes of the devil.  (over)  


Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 August 2004 at 5:26 PM


The Love of Christ is infinite.  The Love of Jehovah is infinite.  The Love of the Holy Spirit is infinite.  Remember, everything that will be, everything that can be shaken up, will be shaken up.  The peace will break and the war will begin.  The Horse is ready.  The Prostitute is ready.  The Antichrist is ready.  Everyone is waiting for the Horn of Heaven.  Remember, what can be shaken up, will be shaken up.  As the wheels of the tanks roll over the countryside, so will the planes fly overhead, looking, seeking things to destroy in the manner of the devil.  


The ways of man are finished.  The ways of the Lord are coming.  People do not believe that the Lord is coming.  They have gotten tired of waiting.  They started looking for other gods, other ways of easing their minds about the future, about life after death.  But don’t kid yourself; - the Lord is there, God Almighty is there, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Jehovah God, have always been there and will always be there.  


Remember, what man tells you, is a lie.  Man needs to get based on the foundation of the Lord.  They need to read the Bible, they need to Pray, they need to have Communion.  The ways of the devil are hard, are pointed to the Pit.  Don’t listen to things that are unchristian.  Don’t listen to things of other gods.  Don’t listen to Allah, don’t listen to Buddha, don’t listen to the Hindu religion.  Don’t listen to anyone, but get on your knees and pray, read the Bible, seek your brothers and sisters in the streets.  Look with the Eye of Jesus, focus with the Eye of Jesus, concentrate with the Eyes and Heart of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  


The King of kings will come; will ride with the Horse to the battlegrounds.  The Army of Jesus is ready.  The devil is being prepared for the slaughter.  Don’t be stupid, don’t follow the devil.  The ways of God are Lasting, are Trustworthy.  The Ways of God last for eternity.  Remember, the Peace of Heaven will fall upon earth after the Great War.  Remember, the Peace of Heaven is the Love of God.  Nothing can move it, nothing can change it, nothing can outdo it.  But the troubled times are ahead, so be cautious, be vigilant, and seek your Father, seek your King of kings, seek the Holy Spirit.  When the sword strikes the ground, the ground will shake, the heavens will shake.  Be ready, be strong, be brave.  So be it, so be it, so be it. (over)


Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 August 2004 at 9:30 AM


I saw the dead body of a very large elephant.  It looked like it had been dead a long time or it starved to death for it looked like skin and bones.



To e-mail list 2 August 2004


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


Here are some visions and a prophecy given to me from our Lord.  I am going to post them at  and on, and so if some of you want to exchange views.   God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,



Prophecy and Visions given to Raymond on 2 August 2004 at 4:50 PM


Vision 7 July 2004:

I saw a lit White Candle, then a large capital C appeared before it.


Vision 2 August 2004:

I see a hard dry puddle of White Wax.  As I watched the Wax melted and formed a standing lit White Candle.



I see a Head of a Lamb.



Now I see a small horse saddle of some sort.



I see a golf club and golf ball.



I see the number 6, but I sense it is and upside down 9.



I see the letter F or it is a gun in the shape of the letter F.  The image seems to be interchanging.



I see two U shaped wires bonded together to this block.  As I watched this vision I noticed a hole developing in the block between the U shaped wires.



Now, I saw the rear end of a large passenger Jet plane from the bottom up.



I am what you see.  I am what you touch.  I am everything. 

The hammer and the anvil will ring a sound that will resonate around the world. 

The Horse will find the saddle. 

The dog will find the meat. 

Everything has its course – everything has its timing. 

When the clock strikes twelve - Paris will blow its top.  The Eiffel Tower will be no more. 

The hounds will chase the hare. 

The Hare will run in its hole. 

The flame will cover the ground.  The wild fire will go where it pleases, but the hare will be safe in its hole.  

The march will begin when the disc is thrown. 

The piercing arrow will strike its target. 

Remember the hounds and the hare. 

Remember the horseless rider. 

The violence the evilness is before you. 

The donkey is useless but the elephant is fair. 

Remember the coming of the Lord is before you. 

You cannot run.  You cannot hide. 

The Peace of Peace is the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

The death of many are in the hands of Allah. 

Everything will run it’s course and everything will follow a plan. 

Evilness breeds evilness. 

The course is rough – the course is smooth. 

You can apply the brakes, but the brakes will not stop the evil of this world. 

The Power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is before you.  The Power of the Holy Spirit is before you.  The Eyes of Jehovah see ALL. 

Remember, the piercing arrow will come. 

The fall of France is before you.  Evil that breeds evil is evil.  (over)




Sent out to e-mail list: 28 July 2004


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


Lois has redesigned our website where you can discuss prophecies and post your website links.  If you have any questions e-mail Lois, I believe her e-mail address is posted at if not e-mail me.  I am not sure how it all works, but I believe you could post your prayer requests there too.  I hope this new setup helps to bring the Christian community closer together.


Yours in Christ,



PS: should be pointing to in a few days.




Sent out to Prophecy e-mail list 9 July 2004


Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 July 2004 at 5 AM


I had a very clear dream of an outside meeting of some kind.  I could see President Bush with his wife and about 12 other people.  Mrs. Bush was wearing a white patterned colored dress and the President was wearing a summer colored blue shirt with no tie and grey pants everyone seemed to be having a good time.  It looked like they were entertaining some media people, when all of a sudden what seem like three men charged and attacked the President.  One of the men physically grabbed him around the neck and tried to choke him, while the two others held the other people back.  Then the dream stopped.



Sent out to Prophecy e-mail list 7 July 2004:


Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 July 2004 at 8:39 PM.


I am the Lord.  I am what you see.  I am what you touch.  I am everything; everything that was, everything that is, everything that will be.  Remember, the things that happen are the will of God, to the point.  The evil of this world is of the devil.  I let it be, because certain prophecies have to be fulfilled – exactly to the point. 


People try to assume, try to acknowledge, try to analyze the things of God, the ways of God.  The things of God are beyond man’s comprehension.  The ways of man are evil, but if he focuses on your Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit the Doors of Heaven will be opened to you – clearly, to the point.  Remember, there is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Follow the Word, follow your faith, pick up your cross and follow Jesus and you will be in Heaven for all the time there is time. 


There is a dark shadow upon the planet earth right now.  There is uncertainty – there is wars and rumors of wars, evil upon evil.  A lot of it is manifested by man himself with the help of the devil.  Sometimes man thinks he likes to play the role of god, but the role of God belongs to God.  Anyone who tries to play God plays with the devil.  Remember, the ways of God are clean; are pure; are righteous; are to the point.  There is only one God.  So read your Bible and pray and pray and seek all that is righteous.  Seek your Father Jehovah, your King of Kings Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit.  The things of Heaven will be revealed at the appointed time, but remember the dark cloud is above this planet earth.  At one point in time everything will look hopeless – will look dark, will look gloomy. 


I know that this so called Allah god is of the devil.  It always has been and always will be.  People were deceived many hundreds of years ago through this spirit of Allah.  This Allah is nothing but a demonic spirit through which Muslims believe they are reaching a god of some sort – and looking for fulfillment in their worldly desires. There is no future – nothing but death, nothing but Hades in this god.  But Allah is not the only evil god; there are many, many gods in this world, which creates this dark cloud that surrounds it.  And it gets bigger and bigger and bigger as time goes, because evil breeds evil. 


The ways of God are simple; the ways of God is through: – Do unto others as you have them do unto you, - obey and love your Father Jehovah with all of your heart, mind and soul.  The ways of God are simple – sometimes people make them very hard and difficult, but the ways of the devil are always influencing people to look the other way.  You know the parable about the seed that fell upon the rocks.  Read that in the Bible and you will understand how something good can be turned bad through the influence of the devil.  But a good tree always has good fruit.  A good tree always has good fruit.  A bad tree cannot produce good fruit.  These are just some small sayings that are in the Bible.  Some people dismiss the Bible as a book of history, some people dismiss the Bible as a book of fantasy, but they will see when the end comes what that book means.  You can tell them, you can tell them and you can tell them, but they are blind and they are dumb.  They will never understand the ways of God, because they don’t know God, they do not have the Spirit of God. 


Remember, those that will be saved WILL BE SAVED!  Those that are destined for damnation will be damned.  Some you will love – some you will hate, but they all had the opportunity and the desire to seek their God – their Jehovah, their Jesus Christ, their Holy Spirit.  Everybody has that little spark – you can light it up or turn it off.  As the time goes by the evil will get bigger; Christians will be persecuted. 


The power of the devil is fighting for its life because it knows that it’s time is limited.  But there is a plan that the Lord has set out, and if you read the Bible you will understand most of it.  The time schedule varies from man to man, but the absolute schedule is at God’s Hands.  God has written it.  God has placed it into motion.  God will implement it.  Those are the Words of God.  Things will happen when they are supposed to happen.  Man cannot influence, man cannot change God in any manner, way or form.  Once the Lord has said something is going to happen – it is going to happen.  ONLY GOD can change it!  But the way things go, man is nothing and God is everything. 


Pray to God.  Pray for salvation.  Love your neighbor.  Love your God – with all of your heart, all your mind, all of your soul, and He will see you through these troubled times.  Remember, through the Power of the Word of God – through the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Power of the Holy Spirit – all will be completed, to the point, to the letter.  Remember, this is the Word of Jehovah, this is the Word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, this is the Word of the Holy Spirit, through My Prophet, Reymundo.  Remember Reymundo, you are the Anointed. Peace be with you and your family. 


The time has come for certain things to happen and the power of God will be manifested around the world through the different Prophets, through the different people who deliver My Word.  The ax has been sharpened, the pistol has been pointed, the trigger on the bomb has been set.  Remember, the end is before you, but the beginning has begun for all those who believe in Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  So be it!  So be it!  So be it!   



Sent out to e-mail list: 6 July 2004


Visions and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 July 2004



The beginning visions were given upstairs on my bed and when the visions stopped I walked downstairs to record them.  During this tape recording the Lord started giving me more visions and prophecies.



I went to take a nap because I was so tired.  Then the Lord began to show me visions.  The first vision the Lord gave me was of a wooden wheel with wooden spokes.  There was a metal band around the circumference of the wheel.  And what was so strange was that surrounding the outside surface of this metal band there was a vine of thorns.  This vine of thorns covered the whole outside of this metal rim.



Then the Lord gave me a vision of what looked like the Eiffel Tower, or an oilrig tower, the kind that they use for pumping oil out of the ground.  The two looked similar; but the image kept changing, from the Eiffel Tower to this oilrig, so I don’t know if it was one image or two images.  Then I saw a flame on top of this tower, - Eiffel Tower or oil tower.  I don’t know which, but there was a big fire on top of one of them.



Then the Lord gave me a vision of this building.  It was rectangular, multistory, and it exploded.  It came down like the Twin Towers Buildings that were in New York City, they were not as tall, but it was a multistory building.  It just exploded and collapsed downward.  


During this time my prayer language just seemed to go everywhere, and the Lord said, “Be more firm with your wife Eva.  For she forgets you are My Anointed, be more firm with her.”



Then the Lord gave me a vision of the Dome of the Rock, and it seemed like the ground underneath it shook.  I could not see anything falling, but I could see the ground shaking underneath.  My prayer language just kept going and going in different dialects.  The Lord kept saying, “Be strong, be brave.”


I don’t remember any more, but I sense the Lord’s Presence right now this second.  There is this sense of something happening or going to happen soon and I just can’t put my spiritual finger on it.  There is just a Power Presence in my office now.  Now I see the silhouette of a horse, a dark horse.  I can’t see the head, just from the shoulders back.  It’s a very shiny, sleek black horse.


Tongues: (two days later, July 7, the Lord gave me the interpretation of the prayer language tape recorded here.)


Watch yourself for it is going to take you awhile (to occupy or fulfill something).  I have already setup what I told you.  You are My Secretary.  Like I said, you have to arm yourself.  She is here, the prostitute, to occupy what she has established.  Didn’t I tell you she would?


Prophecy: (English)

Why do people ask Me what is going to happen when they can read the Bible and hear My Words directly and exactly to what’s going to happen in the future?  I send (you) My Prophets; you close your ears and you bury your head in the sand.  I give you signs, I give you visions, and you dismiss them; you close your eyes, cover your ears.  And the next second you’re asking Me what is going to happen?  Tell me the future.  And I tell you again.  You cover your eyes, you cover your ears and you bury your head in the sand, not wanting to hear the Words of your Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  You (only) want to hear what you want to hear.  You (only) want to see what you want to see.


Tongues: (two days later, July 7, the Lord gave me the interpretation of the prayer language tape recorded here.)


That filthy prostitute.  That fifthly prostitute is calculating but stupid - she is searching the world.


Prophecy: (English)

The blind will see.  The intellectual will become blind.  The powerful will become powerless and the weak will be slaughtered.  People have no idea of the end because they are blind and they are dumb.  You show them and you show them and you show them, and they cover their eyes and their ears.  I tell them that life begins at conception and they don’t want to hear it.  I tell them that marriage is between a man and a woman and they don’t want to hear it.  I tell them to love each other – they don’t want to hear it.  The Powers that be - will be!  The end is before you, and you’re blind and you’re dumb.  So be it, so be it, so be it. (over)




Sent out to e-mail list 9 May 2004


Hello Darin,


I have been very busy lately and I am sorry for not replying to your past e-mails.  This ministry at times gets me overloaded and I just want to run and hide.  Maybe you could pray to the Lord about this some more and send me an e-mail on how the Lord is directing you to help us.  Most - but not all - of our manual work is computer related.  Some people pass out prophecies in the streets, and at times get in trouble with churches, some pray.  We (Lois, Stewart, Steve and I) are trying to setup some kind of bulletin broad on our website so people can talk to each other and an Internet television station so churches can broadcast around the world – maybe there is some work there you could do?  Some people translate the prophecies into other languages - others place our websites on major search engines.  Some people research the prophecies with current events to look for confirmations, others advertise our ministry.  The Lord always sends people for a reason - so keep praying and let me know if you have an idea.  I will pass this e-mail to the e-mail list and maybe they could pray with you about this to the Lord.  I know - I sure could use more prayers.  God bless you always.


Yours in Christ,



-----Original Message-----
From: Darin Tucker []
Sent: Saturday, May 08, 2004 8:21 PM
Subject: A Question About Your Prophecies
Importance: High


Hello Mr. Aguilera,


First and foremost I want to say that the prophecies given to you by God have made a huge difference in my life.  I have been a born again Christian for many years but had fallen away from my walk with Christ over the last few years.  I started reading your prophecies about 3 months ago and shortly after I started reading them, the Lord reasserted Himself in my life.  I am once again reading my Bible and slowly making my way through each of your prophecies.  I still have a long way to go to get through them all but I am going to read each and every one.  For many years I have believed that the time is near when Jesus will return and your prophecies have strengthened my belief in that. 


Anyway, here is my question.  Is there anything I can do to help?  I’m not well off financially so I can’t really do much in that respect, however, I would like to help if you need my help in any way.  I really don’t know how I might be able to help you but I believe God wants me to send this email to you at this moment.  I’ve sent other emails to you in the past but haven’t gotten any replies from you.  I know you must get a hundreds if not thousands of emails on a weekly basis and can’t possibly answer them all so I fully understand why you haven’t replied.  However, please reply to this email and let me know if there is anything I can do to help your ministry!  You have changed my life through the prophecies that God has given you and I want to repay this favor in any way I can.  Thanks for taking the time to read this email.  May God continue to bless your ministry!


Yours in Christ,


Darin Tucker

Indianapolis, IN




Sent to e-mail list: 8 May 2004


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


We have setup a new website for our new son Nathan Ray Aguilera,


God bless you all,

Ray and Eva

Sent to e-mail list: 5 May 2004

Hi Ray. If it's okay, send this email to the email





Dear Brothers and Sisters,


I wanted to write a letter to the email list about our

current situation. I wasn’t sure if I should or not,

but I prayed to the Lord to stop this letter at some

point if He doesn’t want it sent out.


I felt the need to write because I’m so worried about

our current financial situation, - we are broke. Ray

sent out the money for the mortgage which wipes out

everything and we are in a financial hole. (unpaid

bills, breaks that need to be fixed in the car,

leaking roof, new baby coming with all it’s bills and

on and on it goes)


 Ray says he doesn’t like to send emails where he

complains about lack of money, because that’s like

he’s not trusting the Lord. I feel the same (and it is

also humiliating). But we have three mouths to feed,

soon four, and our ONLY source of income is the money

that people on the email list send out to us every

month. And if people don’t know the situation, maybe

they think there’s no need for donations. Now there is

this new Internet Television that is taking even more

money, and so far there is nothing coming back. To

keep this whole thing going month after month is so

expensive. But this is what we are called to do.


The reason why I write now is because I will have my

baby in 2 weeks, May 20th, on Thursday. It will be a

c-section. Please pray that everything will go well. I

will have to stay in the hospital for several days and

I worry for my little son Jason, how he is going to

handle it. When I come back from the hospital I will

need someone to help me with the baby, with Jason and

with me and the housework. The house is full of steps

that I can’t climb with my scar and I will have to

stay mostly in bed. Ray is not going to be able to be

my main source of help, so we need to hire some help

(but we don’t have the money). I have no family here

that can help me, neither has Ray. His daughter Cindy

just had a baby herself, so she can’t do it.


I worry because the last time when I had Jason I

completely collapsed due to tiredness. Now I will have

two, and Jason is completely dependent on me. He is

used to me, because it is very seldom other people

take care of him, and when someone does, I usually

have to hire someone, which is expensive.

I know that the money people give to us is holy,

because it is a sacrifice to the Lord. We try to pray

to God and use this money wisely. So is it okay to use

part of this money for hiring me some help after

delivery (for a short time, if the money comes)?


I heard once that someone was upset because they found

out we have medical insurance.  People see the use of

this money differently and they may not see the need

for something like that. But when I had my emergency

cesarean, without insurance we would have had to pay

30 thousand dollars. Same goes this time. Also, Ray

has diabetes, high blood pressure etc. and I have a

condition that needs regular treatment too. I have

also been taken to the emergency for minor things

(that have been a chronic problem for me for years and

without insurance I paid 1200 dollars for seeing the

doctor for 10 minutes). So what is wise? Insurance or

no insurance? (I just explain this so people would

understand the need better)


Another reason why I need extra help after delivery is

because I have been treated for medical depression for

years and after delivery I’m in a very vulnerable

state. I’m okay now, but I don’t want to take any

risks and I also don’t want the same nightmare as the

last time to repeat. I don’t want explain too many

details, but this is the basic situation.


Right now I worry, and I can’t help it. Yes, I pray to

the Lord and I trust Him to take me through anything.

But boy, has there been some hard times in the past,

and I’m not particularly looking forward to any new

trials. I think it doesn’t have to be so hard if

everybody pulls together. When I am weak, at least I

can ask for prayer and the ones who are strong will

strengthen me in my weakness. And I will try to do the

same for others when they are weak and I’m strong



Forgive me, if writing this letter is weakness or lack

of faith on my part. Or if it gives the impression

that I’m saying people are not helping enough or

something like that. I value the help people have

given us SO much. It’s so wonderful, and so precious.

And I so want to do my part and be a good Christian

and be worthy of all the help that has been given to

us by people. If I could, I would help Ray more by

translating the rest of the Finnish prophecies and by

finishing at least the first 100 Swedish prophecies.

But with Jason and the next one coming, it’s

impossible right now. Someone would need to be with

the kids while I’m working.


I think my role for now is being there for my

children, and there is no shame in that. My role is

also to be a source of strength for Ray when he needs encouragement. If things go smoothly after my delivery, that will help the whole family.

Well, thank you for reading this and thank you for all

your help. God bless all of you.


Eva Aguilera




Sent to e-Mail list 27 April 2004


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


We have had many e-mails over the years from people wanting to help us with this ministry.  Well, I am asking anyone who believes they can help us setup and promote this television ministry to contact me at or   Please put it to prayer.  God bless you all.


Yours in Christ,



Send to e-Mail list 26 April 2004


Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 April 2004 at 7 PM


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


I guess this morning is the morning for testimonies.  As most of you know, we are trying to setup an Internet Television Station for churches.  Well, I had a short talk with Lois yesterday on the progress of our website ( and we disgusted on how sometimes the Lord tells us to go or move over there, blindly.  And this television station setup is one of those times.  We just follow the Lord blindly not knowing where we are going or even how we are going to get there.  But once one has made that commitment to Him - you know you have to find that inter strength to do what He wants. 


Well, since my return from Asia I have been moving blindly without personal knowledge of how to setup this Internet Television Station, but Stewart and Lois keep telling me we can do this.  Since we are always lacking funds I am always looking for ways to save money.  I heard there was a company in the east bay that manufactured expensive speakers for rock stars and they destroyed their test speakers and threw them in a dumpster in the back of their yard.  Well, for some reason in the back of my mind I thought maybe we may need some good speakers for the television station. 


So I asked Eva if she wanted to go with me and she said, “yes”.  So we placed Jason in the back of the truck and we headed for this dumpster which might have speakers that we may never use.  Well, before long I was inside this large dumpster (about 8x20x7) going through their garbage looking for audio speakers that might need fixing. 


I did find a few audio speakers that I could fix, but on the way home I realized that I am a very strange person at 61 years of age.:)  The thought of Eva and Jason sitting in the truck, while I am lost inside this large garbage dumpster seemed dumb, but maybe I am doing something for the Lord is what kept going through my mind.  I said to Eva has we drove home, you know last month I was in Asia on a mission trip for the Lord, and today, I am inside a garbage box looking for audio speakers that I may never use for the ministry.  The strange things people do to follow our Lord.  Isn’t one suppose to get wiser as one ages?


Yours in Christ,




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Subject: Re: Re: Me again Ray (verification)


Ray I just read the part about the rainbow from MT Diablo. I went to the 10 commandment rally for Judge Moore at Montgomery ,Al. There was a rainbow there. We had a very brief shower,just the one,and someone shouted look a rainbow. I know you would want to know that.

   My smoking testimony: I smoke for 20 years. When I asked Christ into my life,I felt like I should stop smoking because my body is his temple. We I am a truck driver. So I bought all kinds of candy lolly pops,chewing gum,and set out to stop smoking. I was so miserable,hateful,and just plane mean I couldn't hardly stand myself. I got back in ,and I told a friend of mine,and my Mom that I tried to stop smoking and could not quit,so I was going to smoke until God told me told me to stop. That was on a Friday night. I was awaken by what I knew was God about 3-4 am,being the clown I am I said"can't this wait till morning". Well,I knew I could not read because I just woke up,so I turned the TV(cable) and headed for the Christian channel(seamed like the place to go) I got to HBO of all things,and there was a special about all the chemical and bad things in cigarettes. I sat there and watched the show,and at the end said well,I guess this is you telling me to stop smoking. I got up crushed my cigarette and threw them in the trash over 10 years ago. When I surrendered,and let God do it,for his Glory,it got done.

   Ray your book has touch so many cords with me. One of the men at Church said he feels a worrier spirit in me. Ray I have not been able to tell most of what God has done for me because of the response I get back. I also feel like the are very precious moment between God and me,life a hug or a kiss,moment so dear to my heart. I have had the uncontrollable crying like you spoke of. The pasters wife asked me how I was after God came on me like that (crying uncontrolled),and I said you mean after the hugs and kisses God gave me this morning.

  Sorry to babble on Ray. Thanks for giving me the E-mail like! God bless you and keep you and yours.

    To God be the glory




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Hello Brothers and Sisters,


Our first television video I have placed on our television website is the Jesus Film.  You can view the whole film by going to our website and following the links.  This film is shown in about 60 languages.  We are slowly, but surely moving forward with the Lord’s mission. God bless you all.


Yours in Christ,




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Prayer Request


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Subject: article for Good News and prayer request


Hi Ray,

here is the preview I promised you. Hope you like it. The photo and article are going to look really good. Everyone I have spoken to about this is very excited about the possibilities and I am sure you will get a large response. The circulation for May is 24,000 mailed to homes plus whatever people take to hand out. If you want more copies let me know.

Please keep me in prayer. I have just started writing again because I am my mother's caregiver and life has been a bit hard for the past few years.

I know the enemy of my soul is after me because I am having computer problems and I cannot afford a computer expense at his time so I am depending on the Lord to protect my computer.

I know it is the enemy because the day after I turned in my three articles my computer started going haywire. So, if you could pray for me I would appreciate it. I know the enemy does not want me to write because he has done this before.

Thank you so much,

In Christ,

Pat Baldwin



Broadcasting around the neighborhood and around the world . . .


When the server crashed on his home computer about eighteen months ago, Raymond Aguilera of El Sobrante, California, didn’t know it at the time, but a door to a global ministry had just opened.

“The technician who repaired it mentioned how easy it would be to convert our server to run video or television,” Aguilera said.

Since nothing was available for him to broadcast at the time, Aguilera told the technician he would think about it and for the next year, the idea germinated in the recesses of his mind.

It wasn’t until he took his wife for a checkup at Kaiser Hospital and picked up a magazine in the waiting room that the idea took on a life of its own. While reading   about the online networking capabilities of Muslims, Aguilera was struck by the proficiency of computer usage in the Middle East.

“The article stated that a lot of Muslims have web servers which they use to air television programs and it reminded me of what this technician told me,” Aguilera said.

The article went on to state how they have access to reading the Koran twenty-four hours a day, see different programs on Islam, hear sermons from their religious leaders, keep up on current events, and listen to their religious music.

“When I saw this setup, I realized it was the same as mine,” Aguilera said, “and if they could do it, I could it, so I went home and, after some prodding from the Lord, began to look for domain names.”

He then sent his Christian prayer partners an email detailing his vision, expressing his desire to start an online broadcasting network, telling them he had gone so far as to purchase a few domain names and asking them to put it to prayer.

Within a few hours, Aguilera received a phone call from Stuart Lily (the tech maintaining their server out of Texas) who simply stated, “We can do this.”

Their only concern at this point was bandwidth. It can get expensive. Forging ahead with faith and determination, Aguilera sent the server to Texas and on Good Friday 2004,  Christian Television Broadcasting Network ( came online.

The premise of this bold vision, while simple, has global application. The website slogan is “Broadcasting around your neighborhood and around the world.”

“My heart is to reach the world,” Aguilera said, “Lily tells me we can transmit into otherwise closed borders such as China, because there is no way for them to stop us. It is live video feed and there is no key word they can use to block it.”

Already there are local Chinese and Filipino churches interested in using this service. They need only to send an audiocassette or videotape to Aguilera so he can format it and ship it to Texas where it is then set on the server.

“Think of the possibilities,” Aguilera said. “There are many international churches here in our country preaching in their native language, Greek and Russian, for instance, and through this technology, they can reach people in their homeland via this website in real time.”

Be it an internet caf? in Rome, or a village in the Sudan, Aguilera plans to keep people connected through planned message boards and chat rooms, in addition to providing them with Christian music.

Also in the works is a church finder for people who find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Type a denomination, a church name or a ministry name into the search engine and you can get plugged into the facility of your choosing.

Aguilera has enlisted the aid of his sister, Yolanda Robinson of Bay Point, California to reach out to churches and organizations and sign them up for this service.

“When my brother told me what he was doing, I was excited,” Robinson said. “I immediately thought about my son-in-law and what a wonderful resource this would be for servicemen and women who find themselves far from home.”

She should know. Robinson’s son-in-law, Jesse Troast, is a Marine serving in Iraq. This is his second tour. His unit was in the first wave, which swept across Iraq in the initial phase of the war.

“How wonderful it would be for them to be able to plug into their home churches, maybe participate in a service or listen to Christian music on their laptops,” Aguilera said. “And

of course, most importantly, leave messages for their loved ones and let them know they are alright.”

If you are interested in becoming involved in this ministry, looking for part-time employment, or just need more information, you may access the websites

and/or contact Yolanda Robinson directly.

Yolanda Robinson. (email)

Websites: (television) (web hosting) (radio)




Sent to e-mail list 17 April 2004

Prayer Request


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


I have not sent out many e-mails since I have returned from Asia because I have been so busy.  While on our Mission trip the Lord instructed me to proceed with this Internet Television website.  So I purchased two computer programs while on the Mission trip and we tried to speak to a few churches about this project while in Singapore.  Sorry to say, we had no success in speaking directly to them.  As most of you know, before I left on the mission trip I stepped out in faith and purchased a few domain names even before I had spoken to Stewart and Lois to find out if we could do this.  But I could strongly sense the Lord pushing me in this direction, so I just went for it.  


Though we had a few set backs when I return, the few people who said they would help support us if we needed more funds – all their checks some how got lost in the mail.  Well, the Lord straightened this out and He has been moving us rapidly in completing this Internet television project.  


We really need prayer support to open the doors that need to be opened.  My daughter, son, and sister have offered to help and so have Stewart and Lois.  This is a large object, but the Lord is moving so fast it is making my head spin.  Within the first week back, I shipped and Stewart received our old internet server and he has begun to set it up.  My sister contacted a Christian Newspaper to see what it would cost to place an ad for the new TV website, and they liked the idea so much they interviewed me this week about our project.  Their article will be published on May 1 and they just loved what we are trying to do. They have 23,000 Christian readers.  I will place a copy of the news article on our website when it is published.


I spoke to Stewart today and he told me that we could use more hard drives for the server (about 6 of them) and that they would cost about $2000.00 for the six of them.  And that we might need another internet server down the road as a backup and as we use more bandwidth.  It looks like video uses a lot of bandwidth and it is expense.  We will probably have to collocate our server with a company that uses large bandwidths.  


So keep us in your daily prayers for the right doors to open, for all the problems we are facing in setting up these websites, and for the funding of this large project.


Also I hope to begin typing up the data from the Asia Mission trip within the next week.  I have not been able to get a hold of Carl and he has our notes from the mission trip.  I guess that is all for now – God bless you all.


Yours in Christ,




To e-Mail list: 6 March 2004

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Below you will find a prayer request from Tristan. Please put this to prayer.

Also if you copy this address and place it in your Internet browser mms://

you will see our first test of our upcoming television web site. This film was sent to me by Bill Anderson, who we stayed with in South Africa. A note from Stewart who is working on this project:

Note: you will need Windows Media player to play it, and you may have to

have the most current version (9) since I used the Windows Media 9 encoder

to make it.  Let me know how it works for you.


Stewart Lilley []

When I saw this film on my computer the screen was not clear at all times.  Maybe we need more bandwidth?  God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,


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Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 6:49 PM
Subject: Shane


Just wanted to ask the prayer list and yourself for miraculous healing of my

cousin in South Africa, his name is Shane.  He is getting better and better

day by day from Leukemia.  The Dr's and Nurses have messed things up quite a

bit and left him 18hrs without doing a cathoder, he's had low heart beat

rates and has been put into a coma to keep his conscious from trying to

cough up the throat nosel to help him breath.

He's had a couple close calls with organ failures, but all have recovered

and he looks good, but I believe Shane has a higher purpose.  His suffering

that he is going through has brought many back to prayer and seeking God,

but I believe God won't let him die or suffer Leukemia once His purposes

have been met.  Shane shall be healed from all his iniquities and

sufferings.  There are many praying for his safe and good health return.  I

believe God is using him to bring many that know Shane to Christ, Jesus, to

show them that He is God and He is in control.  There shall be great healing

and a great miracle out of all of this.  For God is great and all powerful,

yet wonderful and pleasing and merciful.

Blessings to all of you out there who pray or choose otherwise =)  God bless

us all and I mean ALL, we are going to need it in the coming months and

years ahead.  I have felt the spirit of oppression and depression here as of

late, but I am turning to God for strength and peace through this storm.  I

pray that all of you that may be going through stressful times or may come

upon them after this email that you find God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and ask them

for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of how you should weather this

storm.  Should you go through it or let God teach you in it.  I love each

and everyone of you as my brothers and sisters, distance nor race nor creed

separates us.  That love is unconditional =)

With much Love and undying service to serve Jesus more and more each day,

Tristan Black



To e-mail list 3 March 2004

Hello Brothers and Sisters,


I used my charge card and paid for my airline tickets for the Mission Trip on Friday.  I should receive them by Wednesday the 3 of March 04.  I leave on the 12 March 04 (my birthday :) and return on 25 March 04.  I believe, I am OK with visas, but I will check this out today.  I will check out hotels and things like that this week.  I am running out of time.  Please pray, Carl has still not let me know if he is going (he is seeking a confirmation from the Lord).  I keep calling, but I only get an answering machine.  God bless you all.


Yours in Christ,





To e-mail list 23 February 2004


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


Kevin has a prayer request below and I also have one.  


I was reading a magazine today about how Muslims have radio websites in third world countries.  Some are simple with just recordings of someone reading the Koran and some with actual programs with song recordings.  They are only using a DSL connection to their web servers.  We have DSL hooked up to our prophecy web server.  I would like to put it to prayer to see if we could do something like this or if we should.  I was thinking about this last year before our server got hacked. The tech who we hired then, said something like this could be done with video. It could be a television website using the Microsoft operating system we have.  How we could use this is beyond me and I am just walking out there in faith.  So I took the first step and purchased three domains names;,, and


Also, maybe we could add something to our prophecy server for all the prayer requests we have been getting.  Maybe we could create a place where people could exchange prayers or write to one another.  We still have an internet server that is not being used (the one that got hacked).  I have not spoken to Stewart or Lois about this yet, so I do not even know if it is possible.  I know over the years people have offered their knowledge in computers for helping this ministry, - maybe we have brothers and sisters who know more about this, but before we get ahead of ourselves we should put this to prayer and see what the Lord says.  I really do not know where I am going with this, but if the Lord is leading us, we should look for the right doors to be opened.  God bless you all.


Yours in Christ,



PS: I almost forgot - pray for my brother Gilbert who had to go to the hospital yesterday.  I believe he is home now, but he is the one who had a heart attack last year.   


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From: Kevin []
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 7:01 PM
Subject: Re:Prayer Request


Hi Ray:


If it is possible could you please send out this request to the prayer group.  There is a women named Lisa Haynes at my job and she is now in the hospital with a liver problem.  Additionally, there is a 34 year old man with kidney problems and a 2 year old who is battling cancer.  I don't know any other specifics other than what I wrote. 




HE will know these individuals and their conditions.  Please just pray for them as prayer is the most effective approach to ALL things!!!


In Christ's Love,


To the e-mail list 20 February 2004:

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From: Eva Aguilera []

Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 5:50 AM


Subject: Prayer cover


I felt like writing this email. If you think it's okay, send it out to your email-list.

Dear Ray,

please send out a prayer request for us to your email list. I think we need urgent prayer cover for the preparations of your Japan mission trip. I know people already know this, but sometimes it's good to tell some details, it helps people to get focused in their prayers. At least it helps me.

The Lord said that anointing Singapore is like dropping hot coals on The Dragon's tail. You better believe that the dragon is angry. And he has some VERY strong spirits working for him. And they are IN OUR HOUSE. When ever a major mission trip comes, I can feel it. I can feel the pressure, the anxiety, the emotional war that is going on. Sometimes it's almost unbearable. The evil spirits will use anyone or anything around us. Please pray for ALL the people around us. Our family, our friends, everyone. Our things too.

Yesterday our washing machine broke. (how convenient) Another major investment. In a house with a young child and 4 adults, how can you not have a working washing machine? I know the enemy is working right now over time to make things as difficult as possible for all of us in the coming weeks and months. I'm pregnant and tired. I know the routine. Someone gets sick. Someone gets hurt. Something breaks, people are irritable and on the edge, and fights happen for no good reason. Please pray!! Your prayers will do SO MUCH GOOD.

The evil spirits are very strong. But Christ has won them. And Christ has won over all these wordly things that we struggle with. But we need to ASK Him to help. And then He will help. And the more we ask, the more help we'll get.

Thank you everybody!


Letter to e-mail list 19 February 2004

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The Lord has asked me to Anoint Singapore too:

1779. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 February 2004 at 10:30 AM


During prayer the Lord said, “Singapore.”


I asked the Lord, “Do you want me to Anoint Singapore?”


The Lord said, “Yes.”


Update 19 February 2004 at 2:40 PM:

I was taking an afternoon nap and the Lord awoke me and said, “Singapore is the scab of the wound.”

Then Later:

The Lord showed me the teeth of some person.

Well, I received this e-mail from Richard Amos and I had decided NOT to send it out to the e-mail list.  I do not want to sound like a Television Evangelist asking for money with every other word.  While making this decision on the way to the post office the Lord instructed me to send Richard’s e-mail out.  The Mission Trip is now three countries (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore).  I wonder what is next?

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From: richard amos []
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2004 9:15 AM

Letter from Siberia

Dear Ray

        Ok I'll go to Japan instead. All I need is an aeroplain... Ray God has chosen you because he knows you will never fail Him. He knows your situation better than you could possiably ever see. This is what trust is all about Ray. To trust God no matter what we think we see with our own eyes. Jesus knows the bigger picture and will never leave you or Eve. Close your eyes say yes to God and watch his hand move before you. Only God knows the future and you are a tool that God is using to prepair the way for his return. If anybody out there calls themselfs by His name (Christian) and you believe Ray is a prophet from God then help him first with your prayers and then put your money where your mouth is and pay for his travel, his wifes medical bills, and expenses that he needs.

Yes Richard is anoyed. Do I have to beat you around he head with the bible for you to support Ray to make you understand. Like Moses said once upon a time "Let all those on the Lords side come to me". So I will also ask on Rays behalf, let all those Christians on the Lords side send their prayers and finances. You may have just one dollar in your pocket, but if 10,000 people just sent that one dollar Ray can do the work that the Lord asigns to him. The question now is, are

YOU on the Lords side? Do you Love Ray,? Do you Love God?


Pss Remember people, God is also watching how you spend your money too, not just the pastor in africa...

To e-mail list; a forwarded e-mail from Mike 10 Feb. 2004

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The Lord has given a few Words to pray against the Dome of the Rock and below one might see it beginning to happen. I found this link by doing a word search at 1729. Prophecy - Dome of the Rock There are others there if you want to do a study on this possible confirmation.

Yours in Christ,


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Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 9:40 AM
Subject: Fwd: Temple Mount Wall Collapses

Ray this should excite you!

Mike - another email address

--- In, "Steenerson" <bob_moni@a...>


Temple Mount Wall Collapses

After centuries with no structural problems, suddenly walls in the southern area of the Temple Mount are collapsing. Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazal, who heads a committee for preventing the destruction of antiquities on the Temple Mount, said that the collapsed wall looks terrible and might cause a series of collapses.

It is not the first time that something critical has happened on the walls of the Temple Mount recently. On Tisha B'Av 2001 a huge bulge formed on the southern wall of the Temple Mount. The bulge measured 25 meters high and tens of meters wide running westward from the south-eastern corner (the Pinnacle of the Temple) to an area below the El Aqsa mosque which is built on the southern wall of the Temple Mount. The ancient Herodian wall bulged as much as 90 cm. The archaeologists and engineers who checked the bulge that there is a great danger that the wall will completely collapse and, together with it, the El Aqsa mosque which stands on it. This could happen when the Moslems are praying in the mosque. They also stated that even if the bulge is repaired it will not hold for long and the wall will collapse in any case. However, Jordanian engineers were finally brought in to repair the southern wall.

It was so special that the bulge happened immediately after the Temple Mount Faithful had carried the cornerstone for the Third Temple to the area in front of the southern wall of the Temple Mount and immediately after this day the bulge increased in size. There is no doubt that this was the Hand of G-d which will no longer suffer the foreign pagan Arab Islamic existence on the Temple Mount, their terrible desecration of His holy hill and their efforts to destroy the holy remains of the First and Second Temples and in this way convert the holy hill of the G-d and people of Israel to an Islamic site and deny the existence of the Temples on the Temple Mount. For this reason they also changed the so-called Solomon's Stables and the Hulda hall and entrance from the Second Temple complex into Islamic mosques.

We should mention that not long before the appearance of the bulge on the southern wall, a crack appeared in the eastern wall not far from the original, real Eastern Gate which is also called the Shushan Gate or Golden Gate. In their 2002 diggings from the inner side of the eastern wall, G-d surprised them by revealing the Shushan Gate. The Arabs who were digging there understood the significance of the appearance of this godly gate through which they knew so well that Mashiach ben David would enter. As a result they immediately covered it up again.

In recent years water suddenly appeared in the historical area of the Temple. Water again appeared in 2002 on one of the stones of the Western Wall. The Moslems on the Temple Mount who could not stop the water re directed it under the ground. Through this water the prophecy of Ezekiel 47 concerning the water which would come out from the Temple Mount and flow to the Dead Sea area as a sign of redemption in the end-times, started to become a reality -

"And he brought me back to the door of the house; and, behold, waters flowed from under the threshold of the house eastward; for the front of the house faced to the east, and water run out from beneath the right side of the house, at the south side of the altar. ... And by the stream, upon its bank, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for food, whose leaf shall not wither, nor shall its fruit fail; it shall bring forth fresh fruit every month, because the waters for them flow from the sanctuary; and their fruit shall be for food, and their leaves for healing." (Ezekiel47:1,12)

Since the Arab Islamic foreign occupation of the land of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, after building the mosque and Dome of the Rock, it was a Jewish tradition that in the time of the redemption of Israel when the people of Israel again dwell in the land and the State of Israel is re-established, the G-d of Israel will cause a strong earthquake which will completely remove these foreign houses of pagan worship from the Temple Mount and the Temple Mount will be ready for the rebuilding for the building of the Third Temple A few days ago, scientists stated that a very strong earthquake will occur in the coming future and the epicenter of the earthquake will be on the Temple Mount and the Old City. The prophet Zechariah prophesied about an earthquake which would take place in the end-times -

"And his feet shall stand on that day upon the Mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives shall be split in its midst toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall be moved toward the north, and half of it toward the south. And you shall flee to the valley of the mountains; for the valley of the mountains shall reach to Azal; yes, you shall flee, like you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah; and the Lord my God shall come, and all the holy ones with you. And it shall come to pass on that day, that there shall not be bright light nor thick darkness; But it shall be one day which shall be known to the Lord, not day, nor night; but it shall come to pass, that at evening time there shall be light." (Zechariah14:4-7)

Zechariah also prophesied about the water that would go out from Jerusalem as another sign of redemption and then G-d would be the One G-d of all the universe and all the nations who will accept Him and then strangers will no longer be on the Temple Mount -

"And it shall be on that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the eastern sea, and half of them toward the western sea; in summer and in winter shall it be. And the Lord shall be king over all the earth; on that day the Lord shall be one, and his name one. ...and on that day there shall not be Canaanite any more in the house of the Lord of hosts." (Zechariah14:8,9,21b)

The collapse of walls on the Temple Mount and all the other signs that were mentioned above are very clear signs which will appear more and more on the Temple Mount as a clear message from G-d that the foreign pagan presence on the Temple Mount is about to be removed and G-d has started to prepare His holy hill for Israel to purify it and to build the Temple. The Hand of G-d appears again and again in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, like all over the land of Israel, calling the Israeli Government to do what He expects of them to do, to purify the Temple Mount and immediately rebuild the house of G-d as the climax of the exciting redemptional times in which we are now living in Israel which will open the Eastern Gate for the coming of Mashiach ben David.

I call on the Israeli Government to fulfill its main end-time task which will bring Israel and all the world to the highest level of their history. Israel and its government cannot run away from their godly task. G-d is determined to accomplish all His redemptional end-time plans with Israel and all the world. As in the Biblical history of Israel when He did not allow the people of Israel and their leadership to run away from the task which He gave this nation when He created them more than 4000 years He will not allow Israel and its governments to run away from their godly tasks at this exciting and critical godly time in which we are now living. As was prophesied thousands of years ago, the redemption of Israel and all the world will come to pass, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will return to Jerusalem to dwell there and, from Jerusalem, spread and establish His kingdom all over the world -

"Again the word of the Lord of hosts came to me, saying, Thus says the Lord of hosts; I was zealous for Zion with great zeal, and I was zealous for her with great fury. Thus says the Lord: I have returned to Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem; and Jerusalem shall be called the City of Truth; and the mountain of the Lord of hosts the Holy Mountain. ... Thus says the Lord of hosts: Behold, I will save my people from the east country, and from the west country; And I will bring them, and they shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem; and they shall be my people, and I will be their God, in truth and in righteousness. Thus says the Lord of hosts: Let your hands be strong, you who hear in these days these words by the mouth of the prophets, who spoke on the day that the foundation of the house of the Lord of hosts was laid, saying that the temple might be built. ... Thus says the Lord of hosts: It shall yet come to pass, that there shall come people, and the inhabitants of many cities; And the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to entreat the favour of the Lord, and to seek the Lord of hosts. I will go also. And many peoples and strong nations shall come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before the Lord. Thus says the Lord of hosts: In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men from the nations of every language, shall take hold of the robe of a Jew, saying, We will go with you; for we have heard that God is with you." (Zechariah 8;1-3,7-9,20-23)

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement

P.O. Box 18325

91182 Jerusalem


To e-mail list 9 Feb. 2004:


Hello Lois, Stewart, Brothers and Sisters


Lois, I am forwarding your e-mail to the e-mail list to see if we get any suggestions. I have noticed that someone is targeting my e-mail address with computer viruses daily for the past 6 weeks.  Please pray about this to the Lord and pray for direction on all other things. So please brothers and sisters put these things and the Japan Mission trip in your daily prayers.  Also, Eva wants to go away for a day or two for our fourth wedding Anniversary on Feb 10, but I am very busy trying to type up and upload the last of the South American Mission trip Prophecies (1527-1542), that somehow I forgot to do a few years back.  And then there is all the other work that I need to do.  Then Lord woke me up the other night and asked me to setup a prayer website so I purchased the domain names “OurPrayersJesus, and JesusOurPrayers” (.com,  We need more instruction from the Lord on which domain address to use and how He wants us to use these websites.  I am getting a little tried, but I would like to finish what has been started. 


These foreign language websites do need some kind of search engine I believe the timing is right because I am getting an increase in e-mail from third world countries since Carl and I returned from Africa and the uploading of 600 translated Swahili Prophecies.  Maybe Manuel (Spanish), Laurent Gallet (Swahili) and the other translators have any ideas.  Please let us know your thoughts.  Oh, and hate e-mail has increase too.  I guess that is all for now.   God Bless you all.


Yours in Christ,



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From: Lois Wolter []
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 9:40 AM
To:; Stewart Lilley
Subject: Search for Linux hosted sites


Ray and Stewart,

    I think I've finally mastered using htdig to index the web sites running on our Linux server.  The major exception is that I need to do some significant work to see if we can index the foreign language sites in their languages.  We definitely can't do this on sites that use images such as, but we should be able to at least minimally do so with the languages that use a more traditional character set.  The English based searches are set up on all the sites - they just need to be tested and linked to the main index page.  If there was an existing link to a word search that wasn't up, I replaced it with the htdig based pages - check out JesusChrist-Islam, ProphecyConfirmations and  I don't know what we want to do with the and sites.  I also wasn't sure about the and sites.  For, I have a search page that actually does a search of, but it isn't linked in from anywhere else.  (You can check it out on  I was able to fix the problem that Ray mentioned about the meta-tags by changing the configuration file for that web site.  I didn't replace the word search for the King James Bible site, because I thought the search that was there was better.


    So, here are the sites categorized by the word search capability:


No change: - keep current search
JasonAguilera – probably not really needed - probably doesn't make sense to index this, since they're all images


Don’t know what we should do: - currently has a search of in search.html

We need to decide how to handle the foreign language web sites:


Word Search Completed and Linked into Main Index Page:
JesusChrist-Islam - should modify to not index frames


Need to revisit this site altogether:


Comments, suggestions, thoughts?



E-mail to the e-mail List, 3 Feb. 2004

A Prayer request for healing and the Japan Mission trip


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


We need more prayers for my daughter Cynthia Dooley, Little Pat is still sick in the hospital and then yesterday Pat Sr., Cynthia’s husband got in a three car accident while driving to the hospital to visit her and Little Pat.  Pat Sr., Robert their son, and Pat’s brother John, were in their pickup and it went flying through the air and rolled over back on its wheels. Pat Sr. hurt his head really bad.  He will be coming to my house so we can take care of him because Cynthia is still in the hospital with Little Pat, Robert and John seen to be OK.


It seems very time a Mission trip is being planned the devil attacks with something.  When Carl and I set out for South America, somehow I hurt my back three or four days before we were to leave.  Then the day we left my back healed where I could move.  Then when Carl and I were to leave for the African Mission trip Carl fell down and broke his foot or leg about 10 days before we were to leave.  I do not remember if it was his leg or foot, but we left anyway.  I remember in a few of the Prophecies the Lord said, no matter what happens do as I say and everything will go alright and I am going to stand on that Word.  I am still planning on going to Japan to Anoint that country.  God bless you all.


Yours in Christ,


From e-mail list 27 Jan. 2004

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From: Steven, Laurie and Nicole Schultz []
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 5:13 PM
Subject: Fw: Your recent Healing posted on Ray's website


HI Ray!

 Can you post my wife's prayer request to your listeners.  Would like to be added to your e-mail list too...If you can.


In Christ Jesus,





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From: Kevin

Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 1:32 PM

To: Steven, Laurie and Nicole Schultz

Subject: Re: Your recent Healing posted on Ray's website


Hello Laurie:

My name is Kevin Gershfeld and I have been a part of Ray's ministry since 1995-1996.  I was led to the website by the LORD.  Since that time, all my prayer requests have gone through Raymond.  I don't have any other prayer group that I contact.  I would suugest that you put your prayer through Raymond, if you haven't already done so.  However, I too have prayed for you since receiving your e-mail.


Laurie, I can tell you what happened to me that led me to Ray's website. I can tell you what scriptures went through my mind, my heart, and my soul while I was in the hospital.  I can tell you only my experiences.  My witness!   But, I can talk with you about your experiences and feelings. 


I do know that your trust and faith will carry you a long long way!  We never know what GOD'S plan will be but HIS WAY is not our way and our way is not HIS WAY.  HE shapes us in ways we would never chose for ourselves because HE knows what is the correct path for us.  When we go through the fire we are refined GOLD (FOR HIS GLORY). 



I am praying for you!!!  





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From: "Steven, Laurie and Nicole Schultz"
Sent: Jan 27, 2004 7:26 AM
Subject: Your recent Healing posted on Ray's website

Hello my name is Laurie Schultz.  I was on Ray's site reading your email of your miraculous healing.  My husband and I have been following along Ray's ministry since mid-late 90's and also my husband emails often to Jack Barr.


The reason I am writing is to ask you to pray for me.  I have been insulin dependent diabetic for 27 years and have REALLY begun to seek God's face in my healing.  I trust him and have faith.  He has made me aware of the scriptures that speak of healing as God's will so I know I have his will to be healed.  I have had some recent deliverance of some demon spirts that I have been  made aware of.  I have been reading Smith Wigglesworth books on faith and healing.  I am seeking the Father in this matter wholeheartly. 


Could you please pass to your prayer chain this request and command this diabetes to go.  I have  been reminded that Jesus never prayed that the sickness/disease would go away but rather that he COMMANDED it to leave.  I have had my church praying over me and COMMANDED the diabetes to leave.  Also while you are praying if the Lord brings it to mind ask God  to give me His wisdom and direction as to what it is that will not let go of me so that this diabetes will go. 


I know you said you in your email to Ray that you were still weak and I pray for you that God give you more and more of His almighty strength each minute to recover to your new and healthy self.

God Bless you for sharing your testimony because IT HAS ENCOURAGED ME TODAY!!!!!!!!!



Laurie Schultz          

Steven, Laurie, Nicole, and Sammy Schultz

To e-mail list 15 January 2004

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! My dear friend Raymond!

It's wonderful to hear from you. Ray maybe one day i can explain to you what happened in the hospital.  The visions, the confusion, the LOVE, the feelings, etc.

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From: Raymond Aguilera
Sent: Jan 15, 2004 10:26 PM
Subject: RE: Hello! and from Ray Aguilera

Hello Kevin,


I have been praying for you daily and I was getting a little depressed, because your e-mail address went down some time ago and did not work anymore.  Then today I felt like calling you and I told Eva that I was getting depressed because I have been praying for people to get healed and my prayers seemed like they were going unanswered.  Then Eva began to tell me God does answer prayers …  Well, I know that God answers prayers, but I just felt down because I had not heard anything about anyone being healed or even lifted up.  Then 6 hours later I get this e-mail from you Kevin.  I hope you do not mind, but I am going to send this out to the e-mail list to let them know what has happened to you since my last prayer request for you.  God bless you always.


Yours in Christ,



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From: Kevin Gershfeld []
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 6:43 PM
Subject: Hello!


Hello Ray!


I hope you remember me.  I am typing this e-mail with tears in my eyes.  Well, it wasn't too long ago when i asked you to pray for me, sometime back in August 2003.  Actually, i don't remember to much of  anything as it turned out that i had hairy cell leukemia and ended up in the hospital for 31 days under going many treatments.  Ray, i was admitted to the hospital with some of the lowest blood numbers ever, according to my doctors.




It's so hard to explain everything other than that GOD-JESUS-HOLY SPIRIT  saved me.  It is so emotional to write this e-mail to you but , thank you for everything.  I am sorry that I did not contribute to the ministry during the past four months.  I am in recovery and with GOD'S help i will one day be back at work.  I can't stop crying.  I got a new e-mail address:


I just came to the website for the first time in four months because i was blind for a number of months (leukemia retinopathy).  Ray,  it would be wonderful if you put me on the e-mail group under the new e-mail address.  I wish the whole ministry much love.  I wish your family much love. Hope to hear from you soon!



Kevin Gershfeld



To E-mail list: January 23, 2004


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


The Lord has been placing this burden on me to get ready to Anoint Hiroshima, Japan.  I need prayers and ministry support for this Mission Trip.  Maybe this will be my last Anointing Mission trip, for the Lord has not mentioned any other places.  This is the City where the United States dropped the Atomic bomb during World War Two.  I have no idea why the Lord wants this place Anointed, but it is my job only to do what I am asked.  I have begun to check out prices for airfare, but the Lord has not told me which day.  During past Mission Trips He has told me that timing is very important so I need to be ready with prayers and the funds to get up and leave.  Right now I have no funds for this Mission Trip so I sense in the spirit I better start checking prices for airfare and hotels.  Our new baby is due in May 2004, and I hope the Lord does not have me leave when Eva needs me at home.  Please pray about this to the Lord.  I have always traveled with a brother in the Lord so I called Carl and mentioned this Mission Trip.  But now he is married and he said he has to talk to his wife about the Trip.  All of these things need to be put to prayer.  Well, I guess that is all and for those who want to help finance this Mission Trip please contact me at my PO Box 20517, El Sobrante, CA 94820-0517 address or e-mail me at  God bless you all.


Yours in Christ,


To e-mail list, January 21, 2004

Hi Ray

This is just a short email as I read your last message on the 15th Jan about

answered prayer..

I sent you an email about seven weeks ago to ask you to pray for the

anointing for me as I was living in the mountains and in the wilderness,

which has been Gods will for me for a short time..

I want you to know God anointed me powerfully after I sent you the email, I

dont know whether or not you prayed for me ' but the anointing has released

me into a very awesome level of intercession and God has been leading me to

pray for whole nations very powerfully...

The Lord has since lead me to a church in the city, where he has provided me

with a place to live for a while and money to travel to my country..

I want you to know the anointing on the prophecies on your site is very

awesome, mabey you do not see it - I do not know, but I see it very clearly

and very powerfully..

So the work you are doing for the Lord is bearing much fruit beyond what you

apparantly seem to see.. This is Gods work and it is powerful..


I hope you are blessed and are encouraged to seek God and pray more - God

answers the prayers of the righteous - His Word does not lie

God bless you ray in the name of Jesus

Jamie W

October 29, 2003

Hello Brothers and Sister on the e-mail list: Below you will find an e-mail I have been trying to send to you, but I guess there is spiritual war over this because I keep getting it returned to me. I tested my e-mail and it works but not with this data.  So I am posting it on the website.  God bless you all.

yours in Christ,



Hello Brothers and Sisters,
The Book <Blow The Trumpet In Zion> by Jeanne Beech, I gave her permission to use the Lord's Prophecies for this Book.  You can read it at Jack Barr website listed below.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,
-----Original Message-----
From: Jeanne Beech []
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 2:39 PM

This the book you gave me permission to compile. I do not know if Reverend Jack Barr has alerted you to the fact that he was placing this on his web page or not, but he released it on the web today.
This book is a compilation of prophecies, fulfillment's, and interpretations spoken by God to a few of His prophets regarding the season we are in, and of the perilous times before us. The story of how this book came about is contained within its pages, which I will not repeat here. Reverend Barr says that this book will only be on the web a year and a half before all Christian materials will be removed. The following is a portion of a message from him, after he received the copy he had requested.
October 9, 2003
I received your book day before yesterday. Thank You!! As I removed it from the mail cover, I had a very strong thought that I can/should put it up on my web page. Also that I should make some copies to pass out to a few here. That was before I even turned a page, or read it from cover to cover.
After I read it, I had doubts, and so prayed to the Lord. I didn't want it to appear that by posting your book on my web site that I was blowing my own horn, as it were. I think that you can understand that. So, after praying about it for one whole day, I felt that I was indeed being instructed to post it on my web site. That is, to post it without any change at all. To be posted exactly as you have it, page for page.
First I have scanned your book into my computer, and am now checking, and correcting the scanned book in a form from which I can print more copies. I am assuming at this point that you will have no objections to this, as long as there is no change to any page. Giving full credit to you and God.
I think that I am now seeing how your book will go out to so many more people than just those first 22 books, as the Lord said. After I have it on my web site, you may download it, complete with all the code for displaying it, so that it can be also posted on anyone else's site with minimum changes in code.
May the Lord God continue to use you in a mighty way.
With the Love of Jesus,
Jack Barr
The book can be read and/or downloaded at:



To e-mail list: 10/25/03

Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 October 2003

Well, I guess I have finished my last assignment.

1751. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 August 2003 at 11 AM

The Lord said this morning, "Reymundo, you need to install a security gate and fence in front of your house now!"

It has been very difficult to complete this assignment for some unknown reason. I had to borrow some money, but I sense it is finished outside except for a few small things I still have to do. During these past weeks while working on this assignment the Lord would speak to me on a daily bases instructing me to purchase this and that and always saying, "My House is your house!" What amazed me the most was the Lord's Power Presence. On some occasions I would feel so peaceful and on others I would feel like crying. Nightly, I would pray for all those who prayed and helped out financially.

Then while praying with Carl the other night for my personal needs, the Lord gave me a Powerful vision of this Pure White Horse stepping on top of this black snake using Its front woofs. The Lord has been very quite about world events lately, but His daily visits have been overwhelming. Then this morning the Lord asked me to request a prayer cover and to make myself strong.

The things that have been on my mind have been praying against the Dome of the Rock, the Ten Commandments case that was in the US courts, the gay priest Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop. Also Terri Schiavo, who is in the bitter right-to-life battle which, led to her feeding tube being removed.

Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on October 2003 at 7:50 PM

During worship at a home fellowship meeting the Lord showed me a vision of a large Bell on the grounds of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This Bell was as large as a house and was beginning to swing. I saw it in the Spirit.


Then the Lord showed me a long curved road winding through a large desert. I could see the black road with the white painted stripe as far as the eye could see.


Then the Lord showed me a left Foot with a leather Sandal.


Then the Lord showed me in the Spirit a transparent United States flag on the ground. The flag looked like it was made of colored air as I saw it in the Spirit.


Then the Lord showed me the large tower that Carl and I went up in Brasilia, Brazil.


Then the Lord showed me a large medal frame, which had three black boxes swinging on left side and two gray boxes swinging on the right side of this medal frame.


The Large Bell looked like the liberty Bell. I sensed that the Sandal was the Lord's Foot. As Eva and I were leaving the worship for home the Lord told me the meaning of the Tower in Brasilia. It meant Watchtower.

To e-mail list:

September 30, 2003

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From: []
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2003 10:07 PM
possible confirmation about France

Ray prophecy 63 about France and corrupt city officials:
63. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on the 26 May 1992 at 2:20 AM Tuesday, in tongues, English, and non-understandable tongues. When the hour strikes three, the Bomb will go off in the City of Paris. When the time, of the Rebellion is in the works, the Bomb will go off at 3 o'clock, Paris time, on the day of the great storm. The wind, the rain will be blowing, the lighting will be striking. The city will be in total shambles at precisely 3:03. The life of many will be lost, because the Officials believed that they were safe from the Mad Man that will deceive the city. So mark My Words. The day and the hour will begin. When the Beast is allowed access to certain documents, that will incriminate certain City Officials. He will use the documents to persuade the Officials, to deceive the Officials, to allow him access to certain documents, that will give him power. So the Beast will triumph over Paris with the Bomb at 3 o'clock, on the day of the storm, when the City and the World least expect. For the Accomplice of the Beast will gain momentum, as the corrupt Officials are tortured with their own words. For no one will be safe from the Accomplice. In the hour, and in the manner that he chooses, he will do what he wants. So saith Jehovah. Remember My Words, the Beast and the Accomplice will arrive at the appointed time. So beware and listen to My Prophets. For they are in your midst. Trust in your God, Jehovah, with all your might, for the hour is almost here. (Non- understandable tongues?) Farewell. Farewell. \

the following from the BBC:

Former French PM starts corruption trial
The former conservative Prime Minister of France, Alain Juppe, has gone on trial for his alleged role in a system of illicit financing for the former political party of President Jacques Chirac. The alleged fraud took place in the late 1980s and early 1990s when Mr Chirac was Mayor of Paris and Mr Juppe was secretary general of the RPR party. Investigations into Mr Chirac and the affair were dropped after a court ruled that he had presidential immunity while he remained in office. Altogether 27 people - party officials and businessmen - are in court, and the trial is expected to last three weeks. "I have come to court to explain the working and financing of a political party, the RPR, in the early 1990s, more than 10 years ago," Mr Juppe told reporters as he arrived at court in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. "It's my duty as a citizen and as a political official." Political ban? This is the biggest court case to arise out of several party funding scandals at Mr Chirac's RPR during his long tenure as mayor of Paris which ended with his election to the presidency in 1995.
Under the fake jobs scam, party officials were paid with money that came straight from municipal coffers or from private companies who chipped in in order to get building contracts. According to the prosecution, Mr Juppe - who was finance director at Paris City Hall at the time as well as being in charge of Mr Chirac's party - must have known what was going on. However, some of the more serious charges against him have been dropped in the course of the investigation. Mr Juppe was prime minister of France from 1995 to 1997, and he is now once again in charge of the presidential party, renamed the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP). He has admitted that as such a senior figure in the RPR, he bears some responsibility for what went on - though he says that at the time, before state funding of political parties, all parties were resorting to illegal ways to raise money. If found guilty, he faces a maximum five years in jail. Also - and more seriously for his known political ambitions - he faces a ban on holding public office. As for Mr Chirac, who has also been heavily implicated in the affair, he is free from prosecution as long as he remains president of the republic.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2003/09/29 13:20:25 GMT



God Bless you all, He is coming soon!



23 September 2003

To e-mail list:

Raymond Aguilera wrote:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
Some will say it is a confirmation, but we believe it is a blessing.  Eva and I are going to have our second Child. :)
yours in Christ,



To e-mail list: 8/26/03

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I should of added that Doug was with me the day when the five Pastors surrounded me at the Foursquare Church, but he left me there alone. :)  Not trying to underscore the situation, but I do remind Doug about that day every now and then.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,
-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 12:30 AM
Subject: Ray... I will be visiting next week

In a message dated 8/26/03 12:30:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:  
Prophecy #1752

Then later the head Pastor of the Foursquare Church tried to have me arrested because of the Prophecies, and five of his Associate Pastors surrounded me and tried to stop me from entering the Foursquare Church Sunday Service.

I remember that special day.  In retrospect I just realized something.  I know I have thought about what happened on that day many times over the years.  But for the first time it hit me what was really happening.  We wrestle not against flesh and blod but against spiritual powers in high places.  Was the pastor and his gang a spiritual power?  No.  Satan is a spiritual power.  Jesus said forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.   Since they did not know, who did know, and what directed them to do what they did?  Satan, the spiritual power in high places that Jesus wrestled against.  When the crucifiers said "cast yourself down from there if you are the son of God and then we will believe (trust in, cling to, adhere to, rely on, believe in) you/worship you", did they know they were repeating the offer of Satan when Jesus was tempted 40 days in the wilderness?   Jesus wrestled not against flesh and blod but against spiritual powers.  Did the pastors and their elders decide to take action against you on their own?  We wrestle not against flesh and blod, but against spiritual powers  wickedness in high places.  Why did Jesus come down so hard on the religious leaders calling them you sack of dead bones, washed clean on the outside but unclean on the inside?  What filled them with death on the inside?  

Why does Satan try to separate us from God by placing himself directly between us and God?  Like a carniverous beast who came to devour the lost by first separating the lamb from the good shepherd... and then killing.  Why does God describe people as vessels, filled vessels?  Vessels of honor, vessels of dishonor, all vessels that will be used to reveal God's nature to the living beings in heaven & earth.  Apart from Christ, I can do nothing, but in Christ I can do all things, yet it is not me but Christ in me.  The cup being filled with living water brings life.  And as we carry that living water to the thirsty,  we see the glorious works of the Holy Spirit.  

The doorman in the Temple of God sees the living water flow to all who thirst and come.  The doorman rejoices at the salvation of God for all who come.  The caring & giving nature of God is revealed.  But the vessel filled with unclean death has no place in the Temple.  And God will reveal his heart when he passionately destroys the cup overflowing with poison,,, poison in a cup disguised as God's cup, clean and holy looking on the outside.  

The father came home and found a cup overflowing with poison on his table. The deceiver had forged the Father's name on the cup and had placed it on the table where the Father's family comes to drink.  The nature of Father's love and protection for his children is revealed when he passionately removes the deadly cup overflowing with poison and smashes it against the rocks.            

I remember that day when you stood alone.  Perhaps you were ordaned to face it alone.  I left suddenly due to circumstances that never happened before or since.  As you know, the opportunity arose to get away with Vivian before the service even started, so I was was not paying attention to your taring and feathering in process.      Is't it typical that Satan tries to destroy the sheep by pretending to be the Shepherd.  Christ did not warn about the wolf in sheeps clothing.  Christ repeatedly warned about the Beast in the Shepherd's clothing.   




Letter to e-mail list: 5 June 2003

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Update on our Foreign Language websites.  Stewart, Lois and I are still working on setting up the best systems for our Foreign websites.  We are going to need another server (about $800+) and a operating system (about $1,400) for this server and two battery backups (about $200), and our office network has to be redesigned.  I believe we had a hardware break down and a hacker entered our system.  From what Stewart read and the e-mail I received from Mike, the hacker place, lets say un-Christian words, on some of the websites.  For some unknown reason the Lord would not let me read these words for every time I logged on these corrupted websites I could not see anything on them.  There seems to be some angry people that want to stop the Prophecies.  Well, on Tuesday the Lord gave me a Prophecy on what happened and has instructed me to proceed, though there are no funds for this.  So I guess, I will have to buy this equipment on credit, which I do not like to do at all.  This new Prophecy is a long one and says more about world events than our server problems, so I will try to type it up today and send it out.  Well, I guess this is all for now.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,
e-mail from Mike:
Subject: Virus
Ray as soon as I tried to visit

my virus detector erased it, so that may be where it came from. Also a vulgar message was on the page.


God bless you keep up the good work the WAR is on!

Give my love to Eva and the family, I hope to visit you all

one of these days God willing. My finances are also under attack, so please pray for me and my family.

Love in Jesus Mike


E-mail from e-mail list member:

Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 April 2003 at 9:15 PM

During prayer the Lord showed me an open umbrella completely under a large mass of water.


Then the Lord said, “When the open umbrella is completely under the water, it has no value.  For the Truth is forever and ever and then some more!


Then I began to pray against the Dome of the Rock, in Jersulem, and the Lord showed me some kind of lightning or light striking the center of the Dome and it split in two.


Then the Lord said, “That’s where they keep the black book!”

2 articles regarding the "black book" as mentioned by God in Ray's last prophecy:
Love in Jesus Christ of Nazareth
God bless you always



(El Hajj Malik El Shabazz)


ed. by Y.N. Kly

ISBN: 0-932863-03-5, 104 pp., 1986, $9.95

Sixth printing


Now in its sixth printing, this highly popular book on the great African-American Muslim illustrates the influence of his Islamic faith and his international experience upon his constantly expanding political vision. The first to present a comprehensive analysis that integrates the developing vision of the man, Malcolm X, with the man he became, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, it provides an in-depth analysis of Malcolm's directives on why the African-American struggle for national liberation and self-determination is necessary, how it should be carried on, and why it can succeed.

"Numerous works have been written on the life and ideals of Malcolm X by a marxist, liberal, communist, capitalist or Black Power follower which, obviously, paid scant regard to the total Islamic commitment of Malcolm X. Therefore, this contribution by a Muslim to clarify and analyze in depth the ideals of Malcolm X on the basis of the Qur'an and Sunnah is long overdue... Kly makes an excellent comparative study of Malcolm's ideological moorings in Islam... Highly recommended to any serious radical scholar..."

Jamalludien Ahmed Hamdulah, Muslim Views, South Africa

"Given the Black Americans' parochial experiences of disparate allocation of resources, Kly is acutely sensitive to the underdevelopment that, as he perceives, the America-centered capitalist system consciously inflicted upon Afro-Asian countries... Dr. Kly in 1986 still views Marxism-tinted Muslim leaders like Nasser, Ben Bella and Ahmad Sekou Toure, like the non-Muslims Nelson Mandela and Ho Chi Minh, as successful national liberation leaders who mobilized masses with techniques that matched the "imperialist" powers' sophistication. However, Kly's own careful observation of Algeria, where he taught, perhaps bears fruit in his sharp characterization of the new Islamist protest movements of the 1970s and 1980s: these have rejected not just the Western powers and rightist regimes frankly allied to them but also left-nationalist ones more guided by Marx than Islam. He projects 'reawakening Islam' as a 'third ideological force' that many in the Asian and African countries seize as a road to rapid holistic change and development."

Dr. Dennis Walker, Holiday, Bangladesh

"The Islamic force tends to act against nationalism as introduced by western European development and socialism as introduced in the development of the USSR and China. It is both anti-nationalist and anti-materialistic. All aspects of societal life are viewed as an integral part of the whole, the din, the one God. Thus all aspects of life in the state must be theoretically harmonized so as to achieve spiritual peace, happiness and total submission to the will of one God. Both the governing elite and masses are theoretically equalized by rules and principles from outside of society (the Qur'an and Sunnah)..."

from The Black Book: The Political Philosophy of Malcolm X (p.50)

"The Black Book is carefully being passed from hand to hand or from heart to heart..."

Abdulla Babayide Abdulla, Nigeria

"The Black Book" of Politics: Western Sudan Speaks of Discrimination

It has been an accepted fact of life in Sudan since independence that state political power is dominated by the Arab minority of Northern Sudan. Whilst the South has spoken up against this and has fought two costly civil wars against that dominance, the Arab minority has managed to hide or gloss over the stark truth of just how small that minority actually is. Policies of divide and rule have helped the Arab minority to dominate the Black African majority. The use of Islam, the religion of the majority of the African population in the North, has also helped the minority to maintain its hold on power. Even though the rulers in Khartoum have always claimed that Sudan is an Islamic state and should only be ruled my Moslems, that has never included the Black African Moslems from Western Sudan who are not considered equally fit to rule over Arabs. Such obvious racial discrimination does eventually catch up with its perpetrators and that is apparently happening now to the Arab minority in Sudan.

Dominated people the world over eventually become aware of these things and wake up to the discrimination. It has been shown that unless the chance to correct the situation is managed early by the discriminators, the outcome of change is not to the good of anyone involved. In Sudan, the awakening of the Black African majority is now virtually complete.

In May, a book was published which indicated that the long-oppressed Black African people of Western Sudan have finally awakened to the reality of Sudan and are prepared to speak out against the discrimination against them. "The Black Book" is a detailed study of how the minority Arab tribes of Northern Sudan along the Nile River from Khartoum to Dongola have dominated state power since independence and even used the Black African manpower within the state-security apparatus to hold on to that power. The recognition by the Western Sudanese of the dominance of the Arab minority inside Sudan, has taken most people by surprise because a commonly held view is that the Western Sudanese have always been easily mesmerised by Islamic slogans due to their fiercely militant religiousness. That is despite their renowned independence of mind. Darfur, for instance, was the last region to be incorporated into the Sudanese state in 1916 when the Sultanate of Darfur was annexed by the colonial authorities.

"The Black Book" catalogues the way of life in Sudan, reveals the rampant discrimination that the Black African majority has endured over the past fifty years, but concentrates on the stark statistics of the dominance by the Arab minority. Northern province has dominated state power in Sudan and just three tribes from within that province have been in control of it. They are the Danagla, the Shagia and the Jaalieen. Crucial to their dominance has been their control of the state security apparatus. It is no accident of fate that no one outside of those three tribes has ever been the head of state security r the officer corps of that service. Even the other Arab tribes have not been trusted with that position. the inner workings of the apparatus have been a closely guarded secret for the Arab minority even though the service is ostensibly racially mixed. There has never been a successful coup d'état in Sudan that has been organised or led by someone outside of the three Northern tribes. The 1958 coup was led by General Ibrahim Abboudm a Shagi. The 1969 coup was led by Colonel Jaafar Mohamed Nimeiri, a Donglawi. And the 1989 coup was led by Brigadier Omar Hassan El Bashir, a Jaali. Other attempted coups led by people outside of those tribes have always been described as "racist" and has failed because of the close control of the states security by the three Arab tribes.

The statistics presented by "The Black Book" reveal that Southern Sudan has achieved considerable representation in administrations in Khartoum over the years. This perhaps goes to prove that struggling for acceptance can reap results of a sort, even if that representation is carefully controlled and accommodated in lesser positions - a point that is surely not lost on the authors of "The Black Book". The Western Sudanese should perhaps start fighting back as the Southerners have done, "The Black Book" seems to imply. The South's representation in the current regime only goes to reveal the nature of the charade when it comes to accommodating the Black African majority. There is a Southern Sudanese vice president but a first vice president from the Shagia holds seniority over him.[#] This is a deliberate ploy to ensure that if anything untoward were to happen to El Bashir, the president, then his immediate replacement would come from one of the dominant three Northern tribes and definitely would not be a Black African.

An examination of the ministerial portfolios allotted to Southerners, or on even rarer occasions to Westerners, shows that they are not trusted with positions of real power in the state. That the South once had a minister of the interior and a minister of culture and information is exceptional and something that the Arab minority has sought not to repeat lest the South gets the wrong impression about its role in Sudan.

"The Black Book" is full of charts and statistics that reveal the nature of this minority domination. Due to space restrictions, the Gazette can only reproduce a small selection of those statistics from a book that we wholeheartedly recommend to every Sudanese or friend of Sudan. The Gazette has obtained the Arabic language version and has been informed that an English language version is being prepared. The statistics that follow and this text are based on the Gazette's translation of the Arabic language original are not an official version from the authors. The interpretation of the evidence is also the Gazette's own and is not that of the authors of "The Black Book".

Executive Branch of Government
(1989 to 1999)


Number of Posts

















Population Distribution
The distribution of the population based on the contested figures of the 1986 census, is as follows:


Number of People

















It should be noted that no real census has been carried out in Southern Sudan since 1955 due to the civil wars. The general belief is that the numbers shown here and percentages come from the few government-held towns there.

The point that "The Black Book" reveals is that state power is totally dominated by representatives of only 5.4% of the population. This is not an accident and dates back to the formation of the first national government in 1954. The book gives the regional breakdown of every government and regime since 1954, showing a consistent dominance by the Northern region - and especially the three tribes - in all aspects of the state structure.

The book gives some credit to the Nimeiri regime and the last elected government of Sadiq El Mahdi 1986-89, for having included a greater representation from the regions. Similar mention is made of the two Westerners who have held the position of minister for finance and economic planning: Ibrahim Moneim Mansour under Nimeiri and Dr Beshir Omer under Sadiq El Mahdi. The 1986-80 government is praised in particular for representing all parts of Sudan although that representation was never in line with the population ratio.

"The Black Book" presents concrete statistics on the National Islamic Front (NIF) regime since it seized power in June 1989. The three tribes have dominated the NIF as well, even though it came to power claiming to right wrongs and provide fairness and justice. Due to the role played by Westerners within the armed forces during the 1989 coup, Western Sudan was initially well represented on the 1989 military council in comparison to other regions. That situation was not going to last once the Westerners had served their purpose of ensuring that the coup was successful. The figures below show that the North was soon again totally over-represented.

Military Council 1989:


No. Representatives











Southern (3 regions)



Western (2 regions)



The following table shows what happened to the executive branch of the Islamic state and government since it took power in a military coup in June 1989 to the end of December 1999 when the statistics for "The Black Book" were compiled. The figures in this rather authoritative book show how the representatives of just over 5% of the population have dominated the 202 ministerial and executive positions:

Distribution of Executive Positions


Number of Posts

















The book gives the names of the individuals who have occupied public office under the current regime as well as detailing where they come from. It also gives a breakdown of the regional governments, governors and ministers, and shows how even these are dominated by the three tribes from the Northern province.

Another interesting statistic further demonstrates the point made about the dominance of the Arab minority since independence. There has never been a Sudanese head of state from any of the other regions of the country.

"The Black Book" established beyond any doubt that political power in Sudan is and has been dominated by the Arab minority, which uses the state machinery to maintain that domination. The lessons to be learned from this are disturbing. Unless those who hold the power recognise that the change has got to come from them, it is not easy to see how such an unfair and unjust way of managing the state can be sustained. The situation is becoming increasingly dangerous for everyone in Sudan. This is not only because the people of the other regions are being discriminated and marginalised, but also because the natural resources upon which the state relies are mainly to be found outside the North and in those other regions. Can the exploitation of these resources by the Arab minority through force of arms be maintained indefinitely? The lessons to be learnt from other parts of the world would suggest that such a situation cannot continue indefinitely. It is rather late in the day for the Arab minority to correct its ways and initiate positive change, but certainly not too late for a start to be made.

[#]Ed note: Indeed, when the first vice president was assassinated in what many believe to be an internal power struggle in the NIF between Taha and Turabi, the second vice president, a Southern Sudanese, did not move up to replace him, as would be normal procedure. Instead, he remained as second vice president and Taha himself shot in from outside to become first vice president. It is thus clear that it is worse still, even the post of first vice president is never to be entrusted to anyone outside the three Arab tribes just in case both the first vice president and the president were to go!

The above is from the SUDAN DEMOCRATIC GAZETTE July 2000 issue, Pages 11 and 12.


To e-mail list:
20 April 2003

PRAISE GOD... and that is what this war was all about i believe. God loves the Muslim people and wants them saved. A friend of mine who is in Kuwait also (Ray Sartain) asked his parents, friends and the church to pray for him to be used by GOd to win the Muslim people and his fellow military to Christ. HE said he would give his own life to see these people free to accept Jesus Christ and be saved. I think he has been having some success in his soul winning efforts and told his mother of 10 who were baptised one night. Keep up the good work and God bless you.
Carol Staggs
Huntsville, ALabama

Mike wrote:

Happy Easter!!! 20, Apr, 03

Truly a great Day for Christians! the day our King overcame the world, death, hell and the grave.

Here's a little story from down town Kuwait City, that I heard in Protestant (contemporary) church tonight, the Chaplains were giving a ride to an Army Catholic priest,....

God bless you.




To e-mail list 20 April 2003

From Mike in Kuwait:

Hello again Mike,
I have forwarded your e-mail to our e-mail list.  God bless.
yours in Christ,
Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2003 12:40 PM
To: Raymond Aguilera
Subject: RE: Prophecy

Happy Easter!!! 20, Apr, 03

Truly a great Day for Christians! the day our King overcame the world, death, hell and the grave.

Here's a little story from down town Kuwait City, that I heard in Protestant (contemporary) church tonight, the Chaplains were giving a ride to an Army Catholic priest,

Who was dropping off some needed items to the local priest for Easter service!

It seems there is a small catholic church in the Heart of the city the only Religious organization that's not Muslim, normally on any given Sunday there's 10 people who show up! However all the Chaplains (of many denominations who were escorting the Priest) were ecstatic when they saw when they arrived and saw a line that went from the front door down the street around the corner and down that street, do to the rapid success of the military there seems to be much greater acceptance among the common man, who wanted to hear more about this Jesus that the Military was claiming was its God. Well that's the latest from Kuwait.

God bless you.


Prayer request:
To e-mail list 19 April 2003
Hello Mike,
I hope you do not mind if I send out your prayer request to the others on our e-mail list without your e-mail address posted.  I believe the more people that pray for you the better results.  God bless you and yours always.
yours in Christ,

I just got back (to Kuwait) from a couple days in IraQ! Truly an eye opening experience, Once you cross into that Country, Its as if you've entered, the time of the Bible, and you feel out of place with all these Modern military vehicles coming through, With vehicles racing through with TV written on the side, It was in this small town that I caught eyes with a peasant woman of about 25, and I felt I was looking into the eyes of Jesus I smiled she Smiled back, and the moment Froze in time, I then turned and looked at a little Girl about 8, She smiled and I saw the Uncertainty, Mixed with expectation in Hers, we moved on down the road past blown up trucks tanks cars, Mig 21 still on the ground since 91, to a more modern Iraq! I then realized that the country has one foot, still In the days of Abraham, and the other in the 21st century, One part showing the greediness of man, man that's turned his back on God, and another side looking to the past ripe for evangelization, scanning the horizon for some Savior to come along. I saw allot of things that I'm not at liberty to discuss, but the greatest thing I felt and what I cant seem to shake, was the feeling that Jesus was saying I'm hear and I love these people, for tread Lightly this is Holy ground, Your mission is just but be Just in your mission. I felt a great need for prayer for the people of Iraq! Like a evil spiritual force was ruling over that area, so the next wave, had to be Prayer covering, that the battle has now accelerated into the Heavenly, that's my Interpretation of the trip, I cannot get those (Loving, Happy Confident) eyes out of my mind.

I am Originaly from NJ, but I now live in Ga, I have three young Children Jacob, Olivia, and Robyn.
and Im seperated from my wife her choice, shes full time national guard and she met somebody else (Cliff) please pray that our God would Curse this relationship. (Hosea 2;6) and restore my Marriage, if you dont mind. The enemy has definatly attacked my home and unfortunatly, Im not in a situation (a soldier in Iraq) that I can Properly fight this (Spiritualy) I've got to concentrate on the task at hand, I'm sure you understand.



To e-mail list,
April 8, 2003:
Hello Brothers and Sisters,
I have started putting together the website  The website is not finished, but I have started adding your views.  If you would like to place your views please send me your data on the difference between Christianity and Islam.  Please give your name for you will be given a webpage to express your views.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,


To e-mail list: April 7, 2003

This e-mail was sent to me, and I am forwarding it to you.

in the name of allah the most gracious the most merciful,

peace be to those who follow the guidance,

i stumbled across your so called prophecy given to raymond aguilera regarding ISLAM. it is the duty of every muslim to defend islam against all false accusations. upon reading this 'prophecy' i was disgusted to see that you mentioned the prophet jesus as saying islam will be the way of the devil. this is not mentioned in any religious scriptures, christian or judaism. all this statement does is heightens the tension between monotheistic faiths. i would like to inform you that islam is not the way of the devil but indeed the way of God. poeple like you will get punished and will suffer a painful torment not only in this life but in next too. the only way you can avoid this is by repenting to God and turn to the true religion. take this message seriously. one the day of judgement God will ask you, why you did not submit your will to Allah. i am now conveying the message to islam to you, so you have no excuse.



To e-mail list:

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 April 2003 at 10:05 AM.

Reymundo, setup the website;  I will send you the information to place on this website.  Be patient, the people and the data will come at the Lord’s timing.

April 4, 2003


Do you want people to just send you the information for you to sort out, or

are you looking for people to actually write the stuff up and send it in to

you for publishing and stuff?



Hello Jon,

The latter: looking for people to actually write the stuff up and send it in to you for publishing and stuff?


It sounds like the Lord wants Christians to do the work and I will post the data.  I guess, the Lord knows I can only do so much.  God bless you all.

yours in Christ,



To the e-mail list:

April 4, 2003
Hello Brothers and Sisters,
This has been a very interesting evening.  The Lord is leading me to setup a new website, one which explains the difference between Christianity and Islam, or between Jesus Christ and Islam.  I can setup this website, but I need brothers and sisters, who know the difference, to give me this information.  So I guess, I am asking for help again.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,


To e-mail list: Something to think about.

March 31, 2003


I about fell out of my chair yesterday.  I was watching the Hour of Power yesterday and could not believe that Robert A. Schuller was saying that Yaweh, God and Allah are the same.

It just so happens that I have been studying the Qu-ran a little this past week.  I looked in the index of the Qu-ran and found Jesus.  It says that Jesus was not crucified, was no more than apostle, is not God, and is not the son of God. 

If God and Allah were the same, why would there be so much contradiction.  Dr. Schuller said he met Muhammed Ali this past week. Ali told Schuller he preached well.  It appears to me that Schuller needs to study the Qu-ran a little bit.  God and Allah are not the same, if they were, the Qu-ran would not say that Jesus was not the son of God! 

I studied the faces of the people sitting in the glass cathedral.  It seemed to me that they accepted the message.

God forgive us.  I'm very sad about this.


I am very sad about this too Ray. ANd it has been on my mind a lot lately...this "going along" by major ministries...they are going along with the popular beliefs...the New Agers mostly. I truly believe that this is where the persecution of Christians in this country will come from. Those who dare to stand up and say Jesus Christ is the SOn of GOd and is the way to GOd and is the ONLY way to God, Heaven, and eternal life...are going to be persecuted big time , not by the MOslems but by fellow Christians, or those calling themselves Christian but denying the Deity of Jesus Christ. They go along with the other beliefs to be popular. But God has said in His word what their fate will be. SO sad to give up eternity with the Lord for a little bit of popuarity here on earth. That is what is so sad. But it is happening all over America and is happening more and more. This is something that we who believe in Jesus as the Way and the only way need to really be awasre of in these last days.

God bless you Ray..and all of you who are the Lord's Chosen.



This is Mike Ray,

I think this will interest you about the

Pagan Allah Moon God!

Allah - the Moon God

The Archeology of The Middle East

The religion of Islam has as its focus of worship a deity by the name of "Allah." The Muslims claim that Allah in pre-Islamic times was the biblical God of the Patriarchs, prophets, and apostles. The issue is thus one of continuity. Was "Allah" the biblical God or a pagan god in Arabia during pre-Islamic times? The Muslim's claim of continuity is essential to their attempt to convert Jews and Christians for if "Allah" is part of the flow of divine revelation in Scripture, then it is the next step in biblical religion. Thus we should all become Muslims. But, on the other hand, if Allah was a pre-Islamic pagan deity, then its core claim is refuted. Religious claims often fall before the results of hard sciences such as archeology. We can endlessly speculate about the past or go and dig it up and see what the evidence reveals. This is the only way to find out the truth concerning the origins of Allah. As we shall see, the hard evidence demonstrates that the god Allah was a pagan deity. In fact, he was the Moon-god who was married to the sun goddess and the stars were his daughters.

for the rest of the article Ray, please visit


To e-mail list

March 28, 2003

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
You can place your Prophecies, Visions, Dreams, Occurrences and website Links - on our new website  We believe it is setup, but we need your material.  So if you have something to be posted follow the links to the area that you want to post to.  At first, it might take a little while to see your posting, because we are all new at this.  God bless.
yours in Christ,


From e-mail list on March 18, 2003

Hi to you Ray!

Recieved this email about George Bush. It follows all the other emails about the Cowboy from Texas. Theres also another email floating around with Oprah Winfrey (Queen of daytime talk) calling Bush a cowboy.

I think (my opinion) these and the other previous emails about Bush being the Cowboy would qualify as a Confirmation of the Cowboy prophecies?



Ray:  Just want to bring attention to the prophecy "Watch the cowboy from Texas".  Yehaa let's
go get em.... Just like in the westerns with John Wayne rushing in with the Calvary....
Ron Viessman
859.  Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 January 1996 at 10:30 PM.

 A vision of an ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream and a dark colored cone, the cookie kind.

 Then the vision changed into three ice cream cones.

 A vision of a bundle of sticks tied tightly together with a thin white string.

 The Lord said, "Watch the cowboy from Texas."


 The Lord showed me a snake with someone trying to cut off its head with a dull knife.  It didn't effect the snake at all.  Then I saw someone trying to brand it with a hot branding iron from the neck back.  They branded the snake so much that when they were finished the snake looked like a flat pancake the whole length of the snake.  Then the snake pulls itself together or blows itself up and wiggles away.

 I saw a powder blue airplane broken in two with the back portion missing.



12 March 2003

Letter to E-mail List:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
Here is an update - we have setup a major program on our website.  Many of us have been working on different parts of it, and now we have something we can build on.  I will let the people involved with this project know more as we get more information.  Oh, the Brothers and Sisters from are going to be the people running this website (  I am only going to over see it, but most of the work will be done by our own Brothers and Sister of  They are going to Link up this ministry with others who are hearing the Word of our Lord around the world.
On another matter, Carl and Eva gave me a surprise party for my 60th birthday.  This turned out to be a very great day.  God bless all of you.
yours in Christ,


8 March 2003

Letter to E-mail List:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

We need your prayers for the setup of the Pakistan website  I should be finished with the website this weekend, then I have to begin on the Pakistan website.  Some time inbetween I have to finish typing up the data from Africa.  We are getting low on support funds and I am not sure if we have enough bandwith for high end websites.  Our server is setup on a Advance DSL and later we might need to go to a faster service like a T-1 or T-3 setup or our server will crash.   A T-1 setup can cost around $1000.00/month. 
Right now, I do not see any major problems with the setup of the Pakistan website, but we need your prayer support.  I do not know what kind of impact these Prophecies will have with URDU speaking people, but I know there are many millions and millions of Islam people who speak the URDU language.  Oh, I am still hanging on and pushing forward with the help of your prayers.  Below you can read the letter from Pastor Swan, you should keep him and his workers on this project in your prayers too, and with all of the other Translators.  I guess that is all for now.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,
Hello Sir,

Pakistan language "URDU" is different language among other languages.

It start from right to left.If we can handle this language it can be only by handling it as a picture sorry there is no other choice but as concerns other problems I will send you page by page but it will may create more problems for you.You can not use this language as copy and paste.Let see I will send you Like prophecy one,Prophecy two other page is prophecy three and so on.This is why there are not many webpages in URDU language but Sir,pray specially for this yours great efforts may change the idea and it will have a change in subcontinent .1.2 billion people can understand URDU language .Please donot leave this.I am putting my best efforts for this.Hopefully God will meet our needs.

Once again I am sorry for this trouble.

God bless you and yours ministry.

Faithful in Christ,

Pastor Swan,




6 March 2003

To e-mail list:
Hello Brothers and Sisters,
I am in the process of constructing the Lord's new Prophecy Link website.  I AM NOT READY for any data yet, and I will inform you where to send this information if you would like to place a Prophecy, Vision, Dream, testimony or Link on it.  First, I will need to find several Brothers or Sisters to run it.  You can see what I have done by going to: .  God bless you all
yours in Christ,

Letter to e-mail list: 5 March 2003

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
Many people have responed to help me out.  Well, I have some work for anyone who wants to do it.  Our ministry has purhased many end time domain names over the years.  I am going to set them up to point to the website from there people can go to the foreign websites.  I will need to have the foreign Language websites listed on search engines also, but maybe the foreign translators would be the best to do this.  It sounds like there is going to be a war soon and people are going to be seeking the Lord on different subjects and maybe now is the time to set this up.  We have almost 100 domain names so this job is too large for one person.  There are many search engine out there, but if we use only the major ones I believe it would be OK.  This is slow work, but it should be done.  There are programs out there that will upload domain names for you, but I am not to sure they work well.  I have one, but it does not seem to do a good job.
I was driving home yesterday and the Lord place this scripture on my mind.
Exo 18:17  Moses' father-in-law replied, "What you are doing is not good.
Exo 18:18  You and these people who come to you will only wear yourselves out. The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone.
yours in Christ,


4 March 2003

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
I have handed over the French, German, and Danish websites to other Brothers in Christ to maintain and I have setup the new Pakistani websites.
I will begin typing the new Prophecies as soon as I can.  I still have to figure out how to work with the Urdu Language.  Maybe my computer can read it, so I can use Microsoft Front Page to upload the data.  There is still a lot to learn and I am moving like a snail.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,


28 Feb. 2003

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I guess my rest time is over. A Christian Brother in Christ and I have been working on setting up a Pakistan language prophecy website.  I am not sure how to do this yet, but here is a sample.  Please keep this in your prayers for this website will let millions and millions of people from Pakistan and India to read the prophecies in their language.  Please pray for all who are working on this project.  God bless you all.

your in Christ,


PS: I believe this is Prophecy #1 and part of Prophecy #2.  This Prophecy Minsitry keeps growing and growing, I never would of believe it 13 or 14 years ago.



28 Feb. 2003

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The Lord spoke to me last night. I guess there was some kind action - reaction in the Spirit with our African Mission Trip. I must of gotten hit very hard while I was there, and now I am feeling the effects. It has knocked me off physically. Spiritually I feel strong, but my body feels like I am inside this large drum and someone is hitting it with a hammer. I will type up what the Lord said as soon as I can.

Please pray for Richard Amos also, for he is on the front lines too. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,


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From: richard amos []

Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 1:50 AM




Letter From Russia (Siberia)

Hey Ray

While your in a quiet mood not talking to anybody

i thought i'd write you a little letter.

You know Ray when i left England to help the


home from Russia in 2001, i was asking God why me? Why

didnot you chose a pastor or a public speeker,


that can already do this work. I'm nobody, and i know

nothing about the Jews. Yet the desire to help His


burned in my chest for 15 years. After reading your


God worked His miracles and i began to wake up as to

what a

christian is supposed to be, and do. I was frightened,


I'm not even connected to the local church.( I tryed

to place your

web site in the church's news paper but the pastor

said it was

not appropriate to advertise about Jesus christ

prefering instead

Estate agents and solicitors). What you wrote not only


my heart but i gave everyone your prophecys, my family

has also

woken up.

By nature i'm anti-social. What does that mean.? It

means that

people frighten me. Ok suppose there is a party going

on and you

look around the room, you see some people dancing in

the hall way,

others kissing under the table, next to the punch bowl

they are

laughing and Joking, all having a good time. But if

you keep looking

you will see one person sitting on the sofa maybe

watching Tv on his

own- nobody bothering with him much, He would be

classed as Anti-social

finding it difficult to interact with people. Well its

good that this

chap had the courage to show up at all, And where am

i, i'm hidding

behind the door in the next room lacking even the

courage of other anti-

social people to show up. Why then does God

chose some one like me who has no

friends, who can not speak to people, who does not

know anything

about the Jewish people, who is just a frightened

little boy- to

speak his word across Russia, in the many different

Churches,different citys,

in the

Synagogues, in the streets, in the Jewish centres of

learning, and

in many many Jewish homes. Why does he chose me above

all the people

who could do this Job without shaking in his boots

every time thier asked

on stage, you know i can bearly speek sometimes i'm so


I'm here becase i read the rightings of a man called

Raymond Aguerai

, A man

who has the great courage in his heart, who speaks out

the word of God

no matter what the cost, no matter what the pain, a

man who will never

give up or give in, a man that i love very much and

admire, a man who

i believe speaks to God and God speaks to him, A man

whom God loves so

very much. I'm here freezing in Siberia because i

believe in God no matter

what the cost, because i believe in the words you

speak are from God.

Since i've been here it been a long battle, like

you i feel abandoned

and alone most of the time, still no friends, no

helpers, still anti-social

and still frightened at what this day will

bring......I do not know what

tomorrow will bring or how much more pain, but i will

keep going through

it all no matter what the cost. No matter how many

more desicions are made

against me. I trust in my God, and i know your pain,

But Ray you have a family

that Love you very much, you have a wife and children

for you to Love, God

has given you a future direct and to the point, you

have a nice home to live

and the warm american weather. You have a direct

purpose and now its Japan.

God gives everything to you that any body could wish

for he provides all the

finances to accomplish his task. You have his direct

promise of help and

security in the future,. Lets swap Jobs Ray you have

everything poor richard

fisherman could not even dream of. We fishermen are

at the sharp end of

Gods plan without the comforts of home. Living out of

suitcase, moving from

place to place in the freezing snow -30 degrees.

Seeking out the Jews in

little villges forgotten in time, and we dont have the

future security

either that you have been promised, in fact the Lord

reveals the opposite

to some of the fisherman that when the hunting starts

some of us will fall.

Ray, i'm nothing- but i have been touched by your

work, and because of

what you have done, i have managed with the grace of

God to touch others too.

How many more people have woken up, simple people like

me and are doing Good

work for God.- countless millions Ray, countless

millions because of you.

Ray i love very much, and would very much like to help

you, to encourage

you, with good words like what other people have, but

i'm anti-social

and dont have those words that others have, I would

like to give you

some pennies but i have none. I gave up my Home and

everything that i have

to do this work, so i have no money to give to you

either. I try to pray

for you but God knows how week i am, if i could be a

friend to you i would

and help you in anyway i could, but nobody wants

anti-social people as

friends either. All i can give you is this email a

little peice of Richard

fisherman- but a monent in time....

Be blessed Ray. Thanyou for you....


Ps I try very hard to make a friend with somebody for

me it is very difficult.

You not only have a friend Ray but wife. I think wife

want Ray, dont not

ignore wife,friend Ray, dont take for granted those

blessings God has given

to you. Ray God chose me because his plan is perfect

and i'm the perfect man

for the Job, How much more perfect in Gods plan are

you than i.

You come to Russia and I'll go to Japan :-)......Maybe

one day God will

bless me with 10 million dollars, then i'll come and

visit you for a chat,

warm cup of tea and a buttie. I wish i could help you

Ray, but beeing

in Siberia i'm not much help to anyone at the moment.

I know its difficult

- nobody said it would be easy to follow Jesus but

nothing is more worth

while in the whole world. Take heart Ray and lift your

eyes to the Lord,

Lets poke our fingers in Satans eyes and stamp on his

head and them some.

Lets get back to work with victory on our lips and

praise in our hearts.

You in America with your lovely wife and two wondeful

children and me

over here Siberia....

Oh before i go my appologise for causing you a little

distress about

Sanfransisco, i may have it wrong but at least people

are talking about it

which is a good thing i think. Some good points

raised, ie the 6th of what!

It may not even be a date! As in the 6th resolution of

united nations,

the 6th day of the war, etc. So i'm



17 Feb. 2003

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

At 3 AM this morning, My Sister called me said that my brother Gilbert (she believed) is having a heart attack and is being taken to the hospial.  I would like to ask all of you to pray for him.  He quit his job about 20 years ago to take care of my parents.  I have been worried about him since the Lord gave me a dream about him.  Please, please pray for his recovery.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,

Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 January 2003

We began our city tour of Cairo, by going to a Coptic Church and were planning to go to a church service, but things did not workout that way. There was no church service at this time, so we drove around the city and I began to get sick with all of the car fumes. So we called it a short day and I went to my room and Carl went to a café and later to an internet café.

We were supposed to go on a night Nile River dinner cruise, but I decided to stayed in my room and seek the Lord on the rest of our Mission Trip and Carl went alone on the cruise.

I prayed and I prayed to the Lord and the Lord began to show me visions and he gave me a dream about my brother back home, which made me cry and cry. The Presence of the Lord was very strong and uplifting


Sent to e-mail list October 31, 2002

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Remember the e-mail below I sent out to the e-mail list, I guess last week.

Here is another link to look at.


NEW YORK, Oct. 31 —  In an unprecedented sign of the growing anti-terrorist alliance between the United States and Russia, learned Thursday that Moscow gave its consent for American ammunition and other war supplies to pass through Russia by rail en route to the war in Afghanistan.

     MILITARY DOCUMENTS obtained by indicate that for months now, huge shipments of American war materiel have been passing through Russian territory by rail, from northern European ports in Murmansk and Helsinki, and from the Russian Far Eastern port of Vladivostok. Not since World War II, when the United States and the Soviet Union allied to fight Hitler’s Germany, has the American military had such a presence on Russian soil.

Remember I sensed an American Train, but in a foreign country.  I have no idea if this has anything to do with that Vision (1710), but I sensed something strange with this train.  God bless you all.

yours in Christ,


The email sent out last week:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here are two interesting e-mails, but what I sensed was something like this nuclear material was in some foreign country on a freight train, but this train did look like an American train.

God bless you all,



Hi to you Ray!

Interesting article that suggests train will be used as next terrorist attack.

GOD Bless and Keep you Covered with HIS Hand at all times raymond.

Hi Raymond. My name is Tracy and I have been following your web site for awhile now. I just read one of your visions for Oct. 17, 2002. It is in regards to the train you saw. I'm sure you are already aware of the latest warning from the government in regards to our trains considered to be a weapon used for causing mass destruction. Here is the following article.,2933,66635,00.html
I pray that this will not happen. My father works for a railroad company so I feel very sadden by this.
May the peace of our Savior be with you,

Letter to e-mail list 10-25-2002

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here is the new Prophecy data:
I could also use more prayer support.  The spiritual warfare is getting very strong because of this Africian Mission trip.  I get very sick every time I get a Prophecy or Vision now.  As most of you know my internet server went down last week and it cost us almost $700 dollars to get it up and running.  I did not want to spend the money because of the Africa mission trip, but we need the foreign websites running.  Then the new computer that I purchased last month so I could do the sound files just stopped a few days after the server crashed.  Dell could not figure out the problem so they replaced all of the inside hardware.  Then a door came off its hinges; then our toilet broke.  Also I am having a hard time working during the day because I am always feeling sick to my stomach.  I am still trying to setup this trip and get visas and it looks like I still need about $5,000.  The travel agent has told me the tickets will be about $3500 to $4000 dollars for the five countries we need to go to.  Well, this is the prayer request and an update as to where things stand as of today.
God bless you all.
yours in Christ,

Letter to e-mail list:

Octocber 10, 2002

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
Earlier this week I began to seek out the visas I need for the African mission trip.  I only have about 1/5 of the funds, but I am going to go out and get my visas for the countries that I know I need to go to (more might be added later).  The Lord gave me a vision the other day which hinted that I better get going or I might be caught in the middle of a war.  So I plan on leaving this next month even if I have to borrow the rest of the funds.   This has really been troubling me because of the funds and I do not really know the other countries that need Anointing.  Please keep this in your prayers.  During this time I received this uplifting e-mail.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,


Dear brother Ray,
I would like to join your e-mail list. I know you don't know me but I would like to say " The Lord bless brother Ray. The Lord bless you. May His face shine upon you. May he bless when you are sitting and when you are standing. May He bless your coming and going. May He bless your sleeping and bless your awakeing. The Lord bless you brother Ray. " I just felt to do that. Thank you for putting out your prophecies. They confirm to me the heart of the Lord. The Lord talks to me in a similar way, and some times I think it is just me talking to myself, but your prophecies have confirmed that it is Him. We don't always realize how the Lord is using us to bless other people and to teach others. But they are.The Lord is good!
In Him,

August 7, 2002

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here is a forwarded e-mail from Paco N. (editor) of OTRA DIMENSION" de Antena 3 Tv , a television station in Spain.  He is seeking help in a television program which deals with Prophecies.  For those of you who are in Spain and would like to have an input in this program please e-mail Paco N.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,
-----Original Message-----
From: redaccion3 []
Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 7:49 AM
To: Reymundo Aguilera
Subject: Prophecies

Hi Ray,
Sorry about the misunderstanding, Ok, I´ll explain´myself a bit better. As I said I work for a television programme that covers issues that are in some way paranormal, outstanding and are relevant to another dimension hence the title of the show. It is a debate where each week people discuss their ideas and comments on a certain topic. This week we are covering Prophecies.
As an expert on the topic I thought you might be able to help us by facilitating information of people, of your trust, that are interested in this and know about Prophecies in general. Nostradamus, prophecies that mention the end of the times or even people that make prophecies on everyday things. Because of the distance it is very difficult for you to make an appearance and collaborate directly with us but surely you´ll have you´re contacts and especially in Spain.
Muchas gracias y saludos
Paco N.

Subject: A long Hello

Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 23:22:18 -0400



Dear Ray,

I am reading your testimony from 12 years ago. I am grateful for your openness about what you went through. I too have led an very unusual spiritual life, some of which I am not permitted to share with anyone. And I've felt like I was going completely nuts too. I recently experienced "hell" in a dream. I may have had other such dreams, but I only recall this one. It was simply the complete absence of God, and it was devastating - horrible beyond comprehension. I cried out to God and woke up and prayed and prayed, hoping that dream didn't mean I was destined for such a place. So I identify strongly with how it made you feel to experience that. (Actually I remember he showed me hell another time too, but it was many years ago, and only for a brief instant while I was awake. I actually had the nerve one day to wonder if having God in my life made any difference at all. Suddenly God withdrew completely. Everything went from colour into tones of gray, with the same horrible feeling of no hope and no future. I cried out, realizing the difference God made immediately, and he came back).

I've fought a lot of spiritual battles also, often wanting to die rather than go on, and often feeling like I was on the "front lines". (This has been in the last 8 years mostly, and increasing in intensity until now; though I fought a spectacular battle in a dream about 13 years ago; and I battled Satan while I was awake about 15 years ago). Only very recently have I begun to learn that I don't need to fight those battles at all. I just need to tell God I can't to it, and he does it so easily and quickly....I am so amazed at how that changes everything. What you called getting "strong", I call strengthening my paltry and insignificant "faith". Recently I had a terrible scare - not as bad as your battle with Satan, but I was very very very terrified, and I couldn't remember ever being quite that scared (and I have been scared a lot). What it did was it ended up driving me back to Jesus, who I had drifted away from while still maintaining my relationship with God. It was like finding my best friend who I had lost. How wonderful. I concluded that God had allowed Satan to toy with me for that specific purpose - for me to realize that I needed Jesus just as much as God. I belonged to Jesus. Boy was I scared. I am a single mom of a little 8 year old boy, and I sat up most of the night for several nights in a row, in terror. I would pray and pray for help, and then a heavy drowziness would overtake me... I think that was the only way God could get me to release my control and fall asleep. I'd wake up fine the next day, and then it would start again in the evening.

I just had a revelation about the Gospel. I was sitting here telling Jesus how much I loved him and thanking him profusely for saving me from Satan, and what I realized was that we CANNOT be thankful unless we really KNOW for certain what Jesus does (or has done) for us. The GOOD NEWS ("gospel") is that Jesus really does save us from Satan!!! I think that part of my own journey has been to be brought LOW enough for me to see I cannot live my life moment to moment without Jesus' help. It is only when I know what I need, can I really understand what he can do on my behalf. And when I can see what he can do, I can LOVE HIM FOR LOVING ME and be filled with JOY!!! Perhaps that's all obvious to you, but ... here in Canada we tend to take all the comforts of life for granted and it is hard to understand how desperately we really need Jesus. I am as much a victim of that plentiful mentality as anyone. And also, I'm excited because I've been strongly convicted in the last 2 years or so that most of the preachers out there preach a false Gospel.....I am convinced they don't know in their hearts why the Gospel is good news. I am convinced that it all comes out of their heads instead of their hearts.

I too have experienced tremendous rejection for doing what the Lord has told me to do. The worst is from Christians. That really stings. Mostly Christians treat me as though I don't know anything at all. It baffles me. I don't understand their unending need to make me smaller than themselves. God has placed a deposit of wisdom within me which is sacred... yet people belittle what comes out of that holy place, wanting to offer man's wisdom or the church's wisdom to me instead. I just don't understand why no one can hear the wisdom (mind you, the people I have held in the highest esteem have always recognized it, though they are few and far between these days)... It bothers me that this wisdom is so small and insignificant in the eyes of most people, yet it comes from God - we are meant to be the temple of his Holy Spirit.. But my response has been to withdraw more and more and keep that wisdom from people who can't hear it. It's proved pointless for me to share it. It's like casting pearls before swine, and it hurts to have no one realize that the wisdom is a sacred thing given by God. (But OH how I lavish it on my child!).

If I had met one person in the last 5 years who could hear it, that might have changed things, but how long do you try to give a sacred gift to people who don't want it and don't recognize it?? I am quiet and soft-spoken. I won't push myself on anyone. If they want to listen, they always must do it by their own choice, not through any coercion or manipulation on my part. (Eventually, I even forgot how to "get" people's attention after the Holy Spirit told me not to try). All I did was speak my truth without fanfare, and over the last few years I became increasingly invisible to others. Wherever I went, people would not notice I was standing there. It got so I wanted to scream sometimes, "Why can't you see me?? I'm standing right in front of you!". But I realized that as I shed the things of the "world", those in the world could no longer see me. I left no impression on them. I did not exist for them. Pretty horrible statement about the state of the world, isn't it? I was very frustrated and angry during this period of time. It felt awful to be so disregarded by so many people in a short period of time. We all have worth that is not based on how we look, what we do, or what we say...We have worth because we have life.

I truly believe I am the temple of the Holy Spirit - more and more I am shown that image of being a vessel. What does God do when people repeatedly desecrate the holy things? He goes away. He leaves. He brushes the dust off his shoes and moves on. So I do what he tells me, much like you do what the Lord tells you (although much of what I do is not seen by anyone) - I do things I don't want to do (no doubt, imperfectly).. Following Jesus means taking a lonely journey, hm? I've tried to share "what I know" only to be have people tell me that what God has put in me is not "right". I will not force anyone to listen. Let those who have ears to hear, hear. Same as always, but perhaps even worst these days.

I end on a sad note. Take care and I enourage you in your faith. I hope your spiritual battles have become a little easier for you. Let me know if you ever need prayer. I will gladly intercede for you. I will go through your prayer list. It will give me something useful to do while I await what God wants me to do next.

God Bless You


Subject: New baby Jason
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 20:05:56 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Well, I am a little late in telling everyone, but I have a new son Jason. He was born at 5:55 AM, Saturday 13
July 2002. Eva had a c-section but all went well. We thank you all for your prayers. Eva and Jason should be
home by Monday or Tuesday. God bless you all again.

yours in Christ,


July 12, 2002

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I took Eva for a doctor's visit and we found ourselves in the hospital. Eva's blood pressure was to high and they
are inducing labor now this minute. If all goes well we will have our new baby Jason tomorrow. We could use
all of your prayers. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I am forwarding these two e-mails about dark spirits, because lately I have been getting a lot of e-mails like
this. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,

PS: Susan the baby is due today the 6 July 2002

Subject: Saludos
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 02:35:01 +0200

I am writing because I am wondering what could be the dark shadows.
I have read your website :

Tonight talking with my brother, we have find out the following:
During the night we have seen repeatedly two black shadows, on the most absolute darkness, next to the bed. Both of us, we used to sleep in
the same room some time ago and in a different house, which is not the one we live today.
But, I used to see the shadows since I was a little child in a different house of the ones, where I live now and of the one where we saw them with
my brother.

As I mentioned, we both reacted simultaneously, which chilled us, since we have seen the shadows several times.

We use to think that it was an optical effect due to the darkness. Because of that we have not talk about it before.

¿What could it be? I really thought, my eyes were bad, but I truly felt their presence and I knew I was observed. I did not talk about it with anybody.
Neither I thought that it could be something, if it is something.


Raul P.

The orginal e-mail in Spanish for those who can read Spanish:
Subject: Saludos
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 02:35:01 +0200


le escribo por que tengo curiosidad en saber que son esas sombras

He leido su web:

Esta noche hablando con mi hermano, hemos coincidido a la vez, en lo

Por la noche hemos visto repetidas veces dos sombras negras, en la
oscuridad mas absoluta, al pie de la cama. Los dos dormiamos en la
misma habitacion aunque de eso ya hace algun tiempo y ademas en otra
casa que no es en la que habitamos ahora.

Claro que yo ya veia estas dos sombras desde que era mas pequeño y en
otra casa diferente de la que estoy ahora y de la que le conte que las
veia con mi hermano.

Repito que hemos respondido los dos simultanemente, lo cual nos ha
dejado frios, ya que habiamos visto repetidas veces aquello.

Los dos pensabamos que podria ser un efecto optico en la oscuridad. Y
por eso no lo habiamos comentado antes.

Que podria ser? Yo creia que era por que estaria mal de la vista, pero
sinceramente sentia su presencia y sabia que me observaban. No lo hable
antes con nadie. Tampoco pense que pudieran querer algo, si es que es

Un saludo.
Raul P.
Subject: Hi everybody
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 16:59:39 +0200
From: ">
To: "Ray Aguilera" <>,

Hi there everybody

Just a couple of things for now:

My computer was infected by viruses I received via e-mails received - I lost files and I have to re-do the web page in Frontpage from the
recovered files. I did not have the money to pay someone to fix my computer, so after a week of battling I phoned a guy at my previous work. He
had my computer for 2 weeks+, but praise God that the most important files were receovered. I lost all my e-mail addresses, draft e-mails I kept
for sending out at later stage as confirmations on prophecies, all previous e-mails I received from everybody, all my precious Bible verses I
received every day, etc. I was really down and out when all these things happened. This virus started off with deleting my anti-virus programme -
I could not get the computer to even dial, as soon as I start working, the computer started re-booting over and over again, especially when I
with my personal page where I started typing about experiences in my life as diarised since 1996 when I became a reborn child.

These dark spirits do not leave me alone for one minute. The more I throw out of the windows and doors, the more they attack me. They "bite"
me, if I ignore them, they bite me even harder, they attack me from the back like cowards, these "wet" feelings are more - mostly on my neck
and legs, they sit on my head, ears, face, they creep into my nose and ears. Sometimes it is unbearable. They cannot fool me, every single time
they come and "sit" on me I know it and I just throw them away in the Name of Jesus - I can see them move around, not only in my house, they are
all over the place - in town, at my previous work - as a matter of fact, everywhere I go. Some looks like black birds, others big movements like
the Angelic Spirits, but dark. When this happens I just keep praising and thanking the Lord and I will keep on doing this as long as I have to,
because I cannot bear it when these dark creeps touch me. It is just very difficult when you are in town or in the company of people to do what I
do, because they will think I am crazy and evil. Even whilst typing they are all around me, irritating me as much as they can - you will not believe
how much. I cannot see what the bright (Angelic) movements look like, I just see them move all around me all the time. It also seems that at
specific times they are more than usual - as if someone is praying against me. The most wonderful thing God gave me is spirit not to fear. I do
not fear them at all. I also believe that Jesus is standing in front of me and He is handling those big ones I cannot handle in His Name.

At some stage it was so bad I decided to go and see a Pastor to pray with me (because there is no one else who believes me anyway -
because they do not see what I see). I made an appointment with him (I had to wait a week to get an appointment with him). I told him some of
the things I was experiencing, about the Prophecies given to Ray by God, etc. He said to me that if I was to expect him to tell me nice things, I
made a mistake. He told me the following:

1) There are no prophets (when I asked him about what is said in Joel, he said it is meant for the Jews during the 7 years tribulation- - but what
about 1 Cor 12 & 14 where prophesying is mentioned - is that also for the Jews)

2) There are no such things as prophecies, visions or dreams.

3) I am not to have Communion with the Lord on my own at my house (I do this every night) - I have to go to church to do that and must use it
together with the Body (Church) of Christ - and that I am actually sinning by doing that. (I understand the Body of Christ that was broken as the
Bread from Heaven and the Bread of Life, the Body of Jesus was broken so that we can be healed, because the Word of God says that through
His stripes and wounds we were healed - He died so that we can live - partake in an everlasting life with Him (and the Holy Spirit) in the
Kingdom of the Father - also His blood was shed so that His blood can wash our sins away, to cleanse us when we repent of our sins. I cannot
wait till they have Communion once a month to join them for Communion!)

4) He said that it is impossible that I can see Angelic or dark movements - he said the Bible mentions Angels that were seen, but that you can
count it on your two hands (Old and New Testament). When I said that I can see the war in Heaven, he said that he agrees that there is a war in
Heaven - but I suppose he meant that I was not able to see it.

5) There is no such thing as anointing yourself. You cannot anoint yourself, buildings, houses, or anything else - it means nothing. The apostles
in the Church are suppose to do the anointing, but only people can be anointed.

6) He said I am much into deception and opened a door for the devil, that is the reason why these dark things attack me. When he was a yound
pastor he used to spread Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland tapes until God revealed to him that it is deception. I told him that God also told
Ray about Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland - his words were : Praise God for that. Then he started talking about New Age, etc. I told him that
I have read everything I could about false preachers, New Age, the Muslims, etc.

Then he prayed for my smoking and asked God to take everything away from me - that God should help me to jump over this abyss that is in
front of me.

I went home, I prayed to God that if what I am seeing is not from God, to take it away from me. I still see in the Spirit - since I wake up till I go to
sleep. The creeps are even bothering me whilst in bed. I just wonder when did he last go outside and look up to Heaven - then perhaps he
would realise what I was talking about. Our fight is not against flesh, but he evil powers in the air

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the
schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this
darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to
resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.

Ephesians 6:10-13 NASB

I visited the pastor on Thursday - on Friday night whilst sleeping somebody real bad must have happened in the spirit - I woke out of my sleep
with such a shock - as if I was plucked from something - I smelled burning flesh or bones and felt some big wet feeling in my neck. I took it and
threw it away in the Name of Jesus and fell asleep again.

I pray every night for wisdom, knowledge and understanding - I ask the Holy Spirit to cry out with my spirit to search the deep things of God -
those wonderful treasures in Heaven - I pray for Heavenly gifts. Am I wrong to do this? I do not think so.

God granted me to see in the spirit. To see in the spirit is not only to see the bright things, but also the dark side. At this stage there are bright
white and pitch dark things out there. Even when it is dark, I can see the dark movements, they are darker than the darkness.

All I can say is that I do not understand at this stage what is going on. Time belongs to God, and I believe that He will tell me when the time is
ripe - His timing, ways and thoughts are perfect. Let His will be done in my life and not my will.

I am still smoking, the harder I try to quit, the harder it gets. I cannot quit by myself and I also believe that when God steps in, it will be taken
away from me in His way. It is just this one thing I haven't crucified yet. Since after experiencing these horrible cobweb feelings around my
mouth, I do not drink beer anymore. Same happened with the Grandpa powders I used to drink for my headaches. Now I do not even get
headaches. When a pain starts in my neck and head, I know it is from the devil - I just massage that spot and throw it (a black bird-like thing) in
the Name of Jesus. I praise You God Almighty! When I am weak, God is strong! I cannot do one thing without Him - the Lord is my strength,
my shield, my banner, my EVERYTHING.

More types of birds are coming out of the sky - even WHITE ones. The locusts I saw just disappeared, I do not see them coming out anymore.
As I was watching out of my window just now, three birds came out! What is also so wonderful are the clouds in sky, which are not really clouds,
but spirits. God is awesome, terrible and amazing. I cannot help thinking about how it was before Adam and Eve started sinning. God has not
changed : He is still showing wonders, signs and miracles and even more to those who are serious and jealous about God and who really loves
Him. I love Him, trust in Him, hide in Him and start on His True Word and Promises!

All I can say is that the devil is concentrating on the people of the earth, attacking the True Christians and also their minds - these things are
mentioned in the Prophecies! The Bible verse says : Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for satan is come down. I also realise how hard it will
be to live with the devil and his demons - no peace, no rest for ever! What I am experiencing is just a taste of what it is going to be like.

Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still; teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning. "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of
wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

Proverbs 9:9,10 NIV

I asked God why are these things happening to me, a housewife, no money, a few friends - and I received the following verses:

He replied, "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. Whoever has will be given more,
and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. This is why I speak to them in parables:
"Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: "`You will be ever
hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving. For this people's heart has become calloused; they hardly hear
with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and
turn, and I would heal them.'

Matthew 13:11-15 NIV

God is great - all the Honour, Praise and Glory belong to Him, the One and Only God, forever and ever. Amen!

And he spake many things unto them in parables, saying, Behold, a sower went forth to sow; And when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way
side, and the fowls came and devoured them up: Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up,
because they had no deepness of earth: And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. And
some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up, and choked them: But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold,
some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.

Matthew 13:3-8 KJV

My grandchildrend slept over on Thursday and Friday night - I just prayed to God to protect them and to prevent these dark things to do their
harm - I now thank and praise God for doing just that.

I am really in a tight spot financially - my overdraft is full and I cannot withdraw any money - I want to praise God for giving me a job for 2 weeks
and also I am busy with a 1 x 1,2 m collage for a woman. During the period my computer did not work I started with the collage - been working
on it for 3 weeks now. God is helping me a lot with the picture and I want to thank Him for that too!

I also want to thank You for being my friends - though we only speak through e-mails, there will come a day we will meet each other face to face
like we will meet God Almighty! You are not just friends, but special friends sent by God to cross my path!

Ray, has the boy been born yet? Do you perhaps have Oliver Schmidt's e-mail address for me? Tx

Please send my regards to your families

Love in Jesus Christ of Nazareth
God bless You always


Subject: Forwarded e-mail from Ron Viessman.
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 08:17:22 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Ron told me the Lord led him to do this.

yours in Christ,

Church Leadership Topical
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 17:53:39 -0700
From: "Ronald Viessman" <>

Ray: This is the church leadership topical from the prophecy book. Please reply if you received this one. Thanks

God Bless

Ron Viessman


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Below are a few Answers to my Question from Paul's e-mail comments below.

yours in Christ,


Subject: Re: Questions?
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 13:51:19 -0500
To: "Raymond Aguilera" <>

Hello Ray-

The error here is in viewing the word believe as a passive when in reality it is an action word.
To see what a man believes in his heart, just observe his actions, for his actions follow his beliefs.

With John 3:16, it says, that whosoever believes in him (God) shall not perish...

The word believe here means not just accepting as true, but also the placing (an action) of your faith, hope, and trust... heart, soul, mind, and strength, (your affections) into that which
you have come to believe.(God)

If a man believes in God in THIS way, he will then do everything God says to him out of an act of wholehearted Love for Him.

Anything less... (Faith without works)... is dead.

Remorse is to feel sorry. - Passive belief.
Repentance is to turn (change) - Faith in action.

Seems that there is a lot of sorry christians out there today but very few repentant ones.

I, myself, seek <(an action) the Perfected Works.<(an action)


Subject: Re: Questions?
Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2002 18:36:58 -0500
To: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hi Ray

The answer to your question is that Paul is not right! As I understand
Paul's statement, he believes that he does not have to do anything but
believe, and after that Jesus will take care of everything. While he
quotes John 3:16, he ignores so many other verses in the bible which
speaks to salvation. Yet the Bible says that you must not only believe,
but after, you must obey all the way to the end. He speaks of
repenting. While this is true, and repentance must be actual and not
just words, his statements makes it sound as if no one will ever know if
they reaily repented until they stand before the judgement seat of God,
when it would be too late. That one can loose their salvation is shown
in the Bible and in your prophecies from God. I believe that when you
ask God for forgiveness, that you will receive that forgiveness, and
will know that you have it, and will also know in your heart that you do
not deserve it.

On the mention of a demon intering into a person:

If a demon enters into a person, that person did not have salvation
before the demon. To have salvation, one has the Holy Spirit within
them. A demon can not throw the Holy Spirit out so it can enter, and
they both can not reside in a person at the same time. Therefore that
person was a lost soul before the demon entered them and did not loose
salvation when the demon entered. But, -- I say But, that demon can be
cast out and that person can gain salvation. They might not be forever
lost The Bible shows many who had the demons cast out who went on to
have salvation, such as Mary Magdalene who had seven demons cast out of
her.( Lk 8:2.)

What you are teaching is correct, what you are teaching is what God
Himself has given you, both directly, and in His Prophecies. God's
Word, the Bible, backs up what you teach.

See my Salvation documentation from the Bible. What the Bible does say
about salvation. What I have written is what the Bible says, and not my
interpretation of it.

It is just as easy to oversimplify as it is to legalize with burdens
never placed there by God. When you Obey God in all things, then you
will not fall into either of these traps. Salvation is easy to gain, for
it is a gift from God. You have only to ask God For it, Believing in
Jesus Christ. But after that you must obey God in order to keep it.

I believe that you will receive many different answers to the questions
you have asked. I can only tell you to take each of those answers,
including mine, and go before God for the answer, for that is the only
place where Real Truth will be made known to you.

May God Bless you and Yours

May God Lead You Into All His Truths

With the Love of Jesus Christ

Rev. Jack Barr


E-Mail List

Hello Brothers and Sisters (e-mail list),

Question - Is Paul right. We have to do nothing, but believe and Jesus does the rest.
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I believe Paul is truly seeking our Lord.

Question - Is this one scripture all we truly need for salvation?

God bless you all.

yours in Christ,

Subject: i pray the lord shows you the errors of your ways
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 19:24:16 +0100

Yes, yes, My Reymundo. What you saw was correct! That was the devil's spirit entering that person, and the number you saw was the devil's mark.

That person lost their salvation at that point. Some people believe once saved always saved. But that is just not the truth. People have to truly repent or their salvation is lost. Remember, I can read the inter heart. I can tell - when the person is not sincere, when they say they are sorry. Complete repentance is what is needed after sin. Many people believe they can say they are sorry, and that's all there is to it. These people are only fooling themselves. For My Eyes and Ears see and hear only the truth. So people keep sinning - and see where you will find yourself at judgement. Remember hell or heaven - which will it be - you evil doers.

Being good is not enough to get you into heaven. Are not non-believers good to each other and they are not going to heaven. Good is following the Law of God. That is - what is GOOD, and that leads you to salvation.

Dear Ray

I pray that the lord shows you the errors of your false teaching.

Im afraid you have fallen in to the works doctrine brother.

The lord does everything with a free gift of grace.

Your teaching people that God cannot keep to his promise, his word is that no sheep will be lost he is a just & faithful Shepard and will complete the work he has started in everyone of us.

The only sin that is not forgivable is not believing in his death for us. All he asks of us is John 3:16 he will take care of the rest.



Subject: An interestion e-mail
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 15:23:22 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here is an interesting e-mail. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,
Subject: Promoting Prophecies
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 18:27:50 +0000

Hello Ray,

thank you for your response. I think that since God has given me personal
instructions through the prophecies, the web site is what I should be doing.

Another interesting thing happened to my wife Ursula. When she was
translating some prophecies, she noticed that #58 was written on her
birthday on 24th May. The prophecy ends with "Happy birthday. This is your

We'll keep praying for you and for the mission!

God bless,

58. Prophecy and Vision given on 24 May 1992 at 12:23 AM. Sunday, in tongues and Spanish.

How are you? Looks like you're working very hard, I have watched you. I have seen you. I have eyes. And with
My Eyes, I see everything. Yes, nothing happens without Me seeing it. You cannot hide anything from Me. I am
the Father of the World, of Heaven, of all that is and will be.

The things that I tell you are the things of the Heart, because I see the Heart, not as you do, like you do, and
don't do. Just the Heart, that is what's important. The Day is coming that My Son Jesus is going to look at your
Heart, and if it's not clean, it's going to go very bad for you.

I want you to remember that I told you, your Father of Heaven, the God, the God, the God. It's going to be the
Birthday of My Children. The Birthday of the People of the world, it's coming very close, the Birthday. I am
going to wish you happiness, much happiness. Because all the People of the world, have arrived at the point,
that everyone in Heaven has been waiting for. You have to clean up your heart, if you want to live with Me.

There is going to be a day, that the sky will be filled with fire. The day of the flame, no one is going to live
without seeing the flame. Because I am going to stop everything that is Bad in all the world. I don't want you to
say, that I didn't tell you, that no one said this, and that. Because right now, the Father is telling you with Clean
Lips, that the day of the flame, of the sky, is coming.

There are many who don't want to hear. Right now, they are putting their hands in their ears. They don't want to
hear any more. They don't want to read anymore. They don't want to see anymore. Those with their Hands in
their ears, no one can help them, because I already have a place ready for them.

But the people who have the brains to hear the Word of God, the Father of everything. Hear Me! Clean your
Heart and look for My Son Jesus, your King of everything, yes, you won't be able to say that I did not tell you,
because this very minute My Words are going to hit your Heart. You're going to know, that I told you, and you
can't hide from Me. Where can you go, where can you put your Body that I don't know where it is? That goes
for your Mind too.

That's all I wanted to tell you, because I am not going to run after you. I want you to come, and run after Me, that
is what's right, the right manner. Did you hear Me, or do you still have your hands in your ears? Hear Me,
People of the world, because the sky is going to have a flame that you're going to want to hide from. And you
won't be able to, because I know where you are. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to the Whole World. Happy
Birthday. This is your Father.

Subject: Hi Ray
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 12:39:16 -0600
To: <>

Hi, my name is Sheril Decker I don't know where to start to begin to tell you how I stumbled upon your web sight. I'm an Afroamerican married mom of three 2girls and a boy, let me start by telling you that I was bored one day and was surfing the internet looking for true stories and peoples testimonies on thier experiences in the supernatural . Well I read a lot of stories and they scared me to death ,well to make a long story short I decided to read stuff about true prophecies and stories about the lord . well here I am surfing the internet ,and I came upon your website and behold I read your testimony and it touched my soul to where I started crying because I believe God led me here and also I know how you felt when you were under spiritual warfare because I have had an experience myself, every time I think of it I get a chill , because it really happened to me ,and one day I will share it to whomever wants to hear it. You are right there is a spritual war going on a place that the eye can't really see,I feel sorry for those people who don't believe in the word and Jehovah, Jesus, and the holy spirit because without them there is no hope I pray for all who don't know and understand that his son is coming !!! your web sight has opened my eyes as to what I need to do to prepare for his coming and get my house in order because I don't want to beleft behind Ibelieve that God led me to your websight I hope he hasn't given up on me yet ,because I am under conviction and I realize it now! I have been told this and it's true. I have sent a donation to you and will try to send some more I am not working right now but I'm hopeful that the Lord will have mercy on me and bless me with a job sometime soon, real soon!! but I just want to let you know that I am in your corner and if you need me to help your orginazation in any way I am of service to you I live in Midwestcity, Oklahoma I feel really good right now because I had the courage to email you please pray for me and my family. May God bless you and keep you Mr.Ray IN THE NAME OF GOD JEHOVAH,JESUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. Love Sheril.

Subject: Re: TV Ad
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 23:57:33 -0800
From: "Donald>
To: "Raymond Aguilera" <>

Dear Ray,
Praise the Lord! I was watching the cable channel 11 that advertised and I just thank God
for the good job you are doing. Luke 24:45 Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,
Praise the Lord!

To e-mail list:

Hello brothers and sisters,

I have just finish another test TV ad. Please pray about this one also. The Lord awoke me at 3 AM yesterday and instructed me on how to make it. I still do not know how I will pay for this, but the Lord is in charge. God bless you all.

New TV Ad at:

yours in Christ,

To e-mail list:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Well, the videotape is made for the 15 second television commercial. I have to pick it up tomorrow and decide when to place it on television. The televison commercial cost is $2000 per month and I have not heard from the Mortgage Company yet. I have signed a contract with the television Cable Company and they are on hold until I give them the first month's payment. The videotape cost $550. Please pray with me to the Lord for I am on hold until the Lord releases the funds. I do not see anything more I can do for now. God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,

To e-mail list:

Hello Joseph and Brothers and Sisters, 

I am forwarding your e-mail Joseph to the others on our e-mail list because there have been others being led by the Lord to do the same around the world. Right now, I can think of one brother in Christ, who has placed ads in Canada. Once the T.V Advertisement is made, I believe we can place it around the world if the T.V. format is the same. The ad I am working on and the one that is on our website is a 15 second advertisement ( I plan on calling the ad company tomorrow and see what more I need to know. God bless all of you. 

yours in Christ, 
Subject: T.V Advertisement
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 11:59:04 +1100
From: "Joe XXXX" <>


Ray, I have already published the 'Meaning Of LOVE' advertisement in two 
local newspapers in Sydney. One area being the South West of Sydney and the 
second being the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Ray, I would like a copy of 
your new Television advertisment once it is fully completed as I may also 
have it advertised here in Sydney (depending on expenses of course). I 
would like to also know how long the advertisement runs for so I have an 
idea when I make enquiries on our televesion networks.



To e-mail list:

Subject: Prayer request from Stasia and ray
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 21:39:42 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I have a prayer request too. Many of you who know #1423 Occurrence, will remember, that the
Lord asked me to place a newspaper ad in one of our local newspapers, Dec. 9, 1999 (#98
Prophecy, about The Meaning of Love). Well, this time the Lord has asked me to place a
television ad on our local AT&T Broadband Television cable network. It will cover the entire San
Francisco Bay Area's counties (could reach about 1,579,100 television cable households). What
surprised me the most was that it took me about 20 minutes to design the whole ad. All that I know
for sure is that the Lord has instructed me to place this ad on television. The cable network
informed me that it would cost about $2,000 a month for about 5 to 6 months to really get the
message out. Well, I need prayer to find out if the Lord wants me to use my house loan money for
this ad or is (The Lord) going to pay this very large expanse. Well, I guess it all belongs to Him
anyways. Please pray with me. 

Yours in Christ, 

PS: To view the television ad go here: 

Subject: prayer request 
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 07:16:53 -0900 
From: "Stash" <> 
To: "Raymond Aguilera" <> 

Hi Ray, 
First of all, continue with your prophecy site. It is important to many people. I thank you for being
strong in God's word. 

My prayer request is for my son who is 26 . This is his second knee operation. He is very
unhappy with the findings of the procedure. 
He thinks that the operation did not address all his knee problems. He is in a lot of pain. Please
pray. I have prayed to God that his 
operation will give his knee better mobility and that the operation was the right thing to do. 

Thank you Ray for all you do. 
Stasia XXXXX 

People will forget what you said. 
People will forget what you did, but 
People will never forget 
How you made them feel. 

----- Original Message ----- 
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2002 2:55 AM 
Subject: your prophesies 

Dear Ray, 
I have spent many hours reading your prophesies, (not all yet). I will admit that I was extremely skeptical at first;
however, after what I have read, I do believe God may indeed be speaking through you. 

I want to tell you that I am "born again", raised as a Baptist. I received Christ into my heart over 30 years ago, I was
only 5 at the time, but that didn't stop me from loving Jesus. My parents put me in private Baptist schools growing up
and I think I began to feel betrayed by the teachers and pastors of these places. (There were many because my
military family's frequent moves.) As time went on I fell away from God, I even came to a point in my twenties where I
questioned His existence. (A horrifying thought now as I look back. I fell into sin like you wouldn't believe!) I have
broken all of the ten commandments, even that of murder; I shamefully admit to taking my unborn child's life. I have
asked God to forgive me and I know He has, though sometimes its hard to forgive myself knowing how I have hurt
God. That's the worst! Through all the years though, God kept tugging at my heart, He still is. In fact, the last few
years its been more of a pounding. 

God saw fit to bless me with a wonderful husband a few years ago; he belongs to the Lord and has encouraged me in
my faith. Lately I have sensed an urgency from God, almost like He is screaming to me sometimes to get my
attention. I believe the end of the age is upon us as many do, but I don't believe the churches are really hitting this
home. I don't even regularly attend anywhere. 

Even though I know the time is short, there are times when I feel angry, afraid, and sad. I worry about thing like my
dogs and why can't I enjoy living out my life with my husband. I do feel elation at different times also, knowing Jesus
is coming so soon and I will look at the sky wishing it were that moment. 

Okay Ray, enough about me, I know your a busy man. There were a couple of things I want to address and would
appreciate any feedback you may have. First is the star or stars that you prophesy about. There are a lot of rumors
on the net about a Planet X. I have done some research on this and have come across to many reliable news
sources for this to be just another conspiracy. Also, many ancient peoples have recorded astronomy that included
this planet and that it has a 3600 year elliptical orbit. There is even supposed to be something in the Bible Code, (if
you buy that), with dates of 2006 and 2012 given. What really got me though is the scientific data regarding this. 
Because of anomalies in the orbital patterns of Neptune and Jupiter, they've basically been looking for about a
hundred years for something large enough to cause this, its how they discovered Pluto. They have mathematically
projected an elliptical orbit of a possible object that could cause these disturbances. They project its orbit as coming
into Earths vicinity in Feb, 2003, 2006 and or 2012. Heres the kicker; it will appear as a red cross in the sky because
of the cross/cut orbiting. Could this be anything other than the sign of the Son of God? They even say it will be visible
to the naked eye for 7 days. Its supposed to come from the area of Orion. There is indeed an object there and after
some scientists first saw it a few years ago, they gave a press release that they had found the 10th planet, within days
the report was rescinded and we were all told about the biggest asteroid ever discovered. The thing is, its getting
bigger and closer. I've always believed God would fulfill His Word, but it is very interesting to me how God will bring
these things about. 

The other thing that I keep pondering on is that how through your prophesies God is saying that not every one who
believes will make it to heaven; one in particular about being thrown out of the wedding feast. Now lets go back to the
Baptist belief, (bet you knew I'd get around to that), about once saved always saved. I always took that for granted
until I attended a Nazarene church who said different. While I didn't absolutely agree, it got me thinking. Maybe it
comes down to believing what you think you know about yourself, isn't the same as knowing your own heart. That
terrifies me. God knows my heart better than I ever will. What I do know is that my heart is prideful, angry, and full of
vanity, I try to be aware and have started praying to God to keep me meek. (Your prophesies have made me very
aware of a lot of these things and I am so glad God is using you to show me my heart). I know that I'll never in and of
myself be clean and righteous, I know that Jesus died for my sins and that because I believe, I have had my sins
washed with the literal blood of Jesus. But does this mean I'll make the rapture? Jesus says that nothing can take me
from Him once I'm His. However, theres those who are going to be nashing there teeth to consider. 

The last thing I'd like to talk about is the pre, post, mid, pre-wrath etc... tribulation theories. 

I have always been taught to believe in the pre-trib but I'm not so sure anymore. I know the Bible says we're not
appointed to His wrath but I keep wondering about the first three and a half years of tribulation. Do you have a
personal opinion on this? I have worshipped with messianic Jews who have told me that through an intensive Rev.
study they believe they have found three raptures! I know people who say Oh, I'm not going to worry about any of that,
Jesus will come and save us from the tribulation. But I'm beginning to think maybe we should prepare for some tough
times ahead. With everything from Digital Angel (implantable tracking device) to the leader of the UN on TV saying
that (yes, I actually heard this), the only way to fight terr. is to separate the world into 10 regions, it makes me wonder. 
What about the great falling away? If all the pretrib Christians are here to recognize the anti-Christ taking over
wouldn't that cause many to loose hope? 

I apologize for the length of my letter and I know that you are busy and may not have time to respond to me. But
mostly I want to express to you my gratitude in your service to God. He's getting through to me that I need to read the
Bible and pray more. May God bless you and keep you. 


Subject: Is Pat Robertson reading your prophecies?
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 12:04:23 -0600
From: "Schmidt,>
To: "Raymond Aguilera (E-mail)" <>

Hi to you Ray!

Found this news item at a club i visit. The same club where they beat me up
when i post the prophecies there.

Saturday, Feb. 9, 2002 12:18 a.m. EST 
Pat Robertson Warns of Al-Qaeda Nuke Ship 
Christian Broadcasting Network chief Pat Robertson warned Friday that Osama
bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist network will likely try to smuggle a nuclear
device into the U.S. onboard a ship, detonating the weapon in a famous
Mixing what sounded like a prophetic vision with cold, factual analysis,
Robertson told Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes," "I have a feeling that
we're looking at a ship. That's just my feeling. 
"I don't think that we're going to see an airliner crashing into any
buildings," the recently-retired Christian Coalition leader explained. "I
think it will be somebody putting some type of nuclear device into a ship." 
As for location, Robertson predicted, "It could be the Norfolk Naval Base." 
Other likely targets include, he said, San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge,
which he called "highly symbolic." 
Robertson also cautioned that Detroit may be in danger. 
"If you look at Detroit, there's a tremendous number of Muslim people living
in [nearby) Dearborn, Michigan," he told "Hannity & Colmes." "The head of
the Hezbollah used to live in Dearborn - I don't know if you're aware of
"It could be some other city - it could be anyplace," he warned. "But I
think we're going to see those people, the al-Qaeda network, try again." 
The Christian broadcaster said he was "praying that God will preserve us and
keep us from that."

261. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 January 1993 at 9:26 AM.
During prayer in church I saw the Golden Gate Bridge and a nuclear explosion went off near the Bridge.

346. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 September 1993 at 7:30
During prayer in church I had a vision of a guillotine and the Lord said, "The beast will reestablish the guillotine." Then I had a vision of a bookshelf that spanned the whole room from one wall to the other. It was full of human skulls from top to the bottom.
A vision of the San Francisco Bay with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, then another nuclear explosion goes off. It was enormous. There was a bright flash at first, then this enormous ball shaped cloud at the
center of the blast. It was incredible!

426. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 April 1994.
I saw a silver looking cord or pipe, about 5 inches in diameter, that extended from a place near the peak of Mt. Tamalpais to a place near the peak of Mt. Diablo. This cord formed a perfectly straight and level line, between the two mountain peaks, with the bay and the land in between the two mountains.

Then the second vision was of a canoe that was attached to this silver cord. It looked like a canoe tram, riding on this straight and level cord. I could see two people in this canoe, paddling with oars, but the canoe was attached to the cord or silver pipe somehow. Then the visions stopped. After anointing the rock, we walked until we found ourselves at the very top of the mountain and found a fire lookout tower. From this location we could see the large boulder we had anointed, with a glass bottle of olive oil sticking upside down on top of it. For it was about one hundred and fifty feet from the lookout tower facing San Francisco. So we decided to pray some more and walked back down the path and found another rock near the fire lookout tower facing the east bay, and prayed for about a half hour. Then Lord said, " It is done. It is complete. It is finished. I want you to leave now, but leave carefully. Be careful! Be careful!" I remember, the Lord kept saying, "Be careful." So I told my Christian Brother the Word of the Lord and we left, very slowly and cautiously off the top of the mountain.

Spencer's Battery Trip
On the way home my Christian Brother said he wanted to stop at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge at a place called Spencer's Battery. The U.S government had placed some cannons there, during troubled times, to
protect the Golden Gate. So we prayed in tongues as we walked and reached
the end of a cable handrail that stopped people from going over the edge into
the water.
We could see ships leaving the bay, onto the Pacific Ocean, and it reminded me of the vision I saw months ago of a ship sailing into the Golden Gate and exploding a nuclear device. Now, I am seeing this same place except
from a different angle. As I watched, I sensed the Lord showing me a beforeand-after picture of the San Francisco Bay. During this I sensed the Presence of the Lord, and even now as I am tape-recording this occurrence, His Presence seems to be here.
It is scary and frightening recalling that vision and seeing the device go off in the San Francisco Bay. Today the Bay looks so clear, calm, and so beautiful, with many people going over the Golden Gate Bridge. And as I see
it in the spirit, they are not aware of what's ahead of them.

Oakland Trip
Later that evening, the same Christian Brother asked me out to dinner. So, at 7 PM, we left for a Chinese restaurant, in Oakland, and fellowship as many Christians do. Then, all of a sudden, the Lord began to speak to me at the
same time my friend was talking. This was a very strange sensation, as I
heard my Christian brother telling me his views, on different subjects, and the
Lord speaking to my spirit, at the same time, and being able to understand the
both of them at the same time clearly.
The Lord gave me this Prophecy.

Sent to e-mail list:

Subject: Money
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 11:54:02 +1100
To: <>

Hi Ray,

Bill here. I am concerned about the way The Farther, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is used to be an
excuse to promote greed.

It is NOT correct that "The more you give, the more God will give you". God does not owe you
anything, just because you happen to do God a favour. Gods kingdom is a kingdom of abundance, and
the phase is more like this: "The more you give, the more you are given to give". The mentality
should be of one working with God distibuting His abandance.

Another important point is that in Luke 12:15, Jesus says "A man's life does not consist in the
abundance of his possessions". He then goes on to tell about the story of the man who stored up
goods for himself. This is greed, and big fat bank accounts (or other types of wealth storeage
such as shares etc.) are a type of greed, where it is exsclusive for your own use. The only
exception is where the Holy Spirit has asked that you do this, because the Holy Spirit has ear
marked these funds for giving for a purpose, or the the Holy Spirit has not told you where to put
these funds. 

Ecclesiastes 2:26 "To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge, and happiness, but to
the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to hand it over to the one who
pleases God. " Interesting - think about it. One day the rich will hand the wealth over to the
one who pleases God, to go on pleaseing God!

It is wise to use what you have for your needs and give out of the abundance you have left over
after your needs have been met, and also wise to use the money where the Holy Spirit tells you.
God does not steal money from little children just to put it somewhere else. 

It is important to understand the abundance of the kingdom of God! There is an abundance of Love,
Grace, Mercy, Time, Wealth, Giving, and Suffering. Yes- Suffering, this is what most people don't
understand. There are others also I have not listed here.

The parable of the rich young man in Matthew 19:16 shows that this man has done everything, except
one thing - suffer. The question in verse 20 asks "What do I still lack?" and the answer is -
Suffering. Jesus suffered, and we like Him could be asked to suffer also. To obtain perfection as
in verse 21, all that was needed was to suffer. It is important to remember that there are 2 types
of suffering 1)Suffering of the World and 2) Suffering for the Kingdom of God. Many Christians
confuse these 2 types, and it is import to understand when you suffer with the world, or for the
kingdom of God.

That all for the momment.


Sent to e-mail list:
Subject: Re: prayer requests: testimony web page and testimony from Bel 
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 18:18:06 -0500 
To: "Raymond Aguilera" <> 


I feel that I need to add a commentary to the attached e-mail. 

1. The Bible tells us that the poor will ALWAYS be among us. 

2. I DO BELIEVE that if God tells me to give to an offerring or an individual that I have every reason to believe that God will provide the return on that giving (up to 100 fold). The condition on this would be, am I looking to be obedient to the direction of the Holy Spirit and am I desiring to be a blessing in someone's life. The BIGGER question here is, are you seeking God as to where HE wants you to give, or are you giving because you feel pursuaded to by a Pastor? In my case, my personal giving has little connection to where I regularly worship. I give where God has instructed me to give. (And quite frankly I don't care what the local pastor(s) thinks about it.) 

3. Not only do I believe in a "Prosperity Gospel", I believe that there is Biblical precident for it in the Book of Exodus. As the children of Israel followed God's direction and left Egypt, for the 40 years they were in the desert, there is no where to indicate that their belongings wore out. That would mean that either they didn't wear out or they had sufficient funds to replace them. They also received manna from heaven each day for their food. As I had the Holy Spirit explain it to me. Think of it as a being a secret agent (James Bond) on assignment. You are given EVERYTHING that you need to complete the job for every contingency with a little left over. Never a lot, but just enough to meet every need with a small overage.  That is the essence of true prosperity. This same theme is shown in numerous instances through the Bible. 

4. I give my finances, time and talents on a regular basis. Do I feel bad because God has allowed me to drive a new SUV, wear a "real" Rolex and have nice clothes...NO! Can you convict me into feeling otherwise? NOPE! I've had God instruct me to give expensive jewelry in an offerring. Did God return a blessing to me? Yes, He did. Of the same value and kind as what I gave, when I needed it. Why...because I was OBEDIENT to do what He told me to do. (By the way, when God told me to give the jewelry, it was at a TREMENDOUSLY challenging time in my life when I had no money or egular income.) 

We all need to remember that there are stages that God takes us through in our lives as He develops and molds us. Some of them are very comfortable while some are tremendously challenging. Most of the time, it's what we choose to allow and make of these situations that indicates what type of individual we are or will become. Is your lifestyle one of giving or is it one of taking. What type of fruit does YOUR life show to those around you. 

In Christ, 
Rev. Dennis Staysniak 

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Sent to e-mail list:
Subject: Testimony Page/section 
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 15:54:17 -0800 
From:ronald viessman <> 

Ray: I forgot to ask you something on the phone and was reminded when I 
ran into Eddie Sullivan's testimony who was addicted to drugs ect until 
he found the prophecies and the Lord changed his life. 

If the Lord leads you? something to pray about. Putting up a testimony 
page/section on your web site. Testimonies of how the prophecies have 
changed lives/fruit, became believers, gave believers boldness to 
witness ect. I've been praying about it off and on. Well, talk to you 

God Bless 
Subject: prophecy 1414 
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 21:07:57 -0600 

Hi Ray! 

How are you! I hope you and your family are doing well. I had a busy day today. I was wanting to leave my church and go to  another church and my pastor called me in to have a meeting and wanted to know why. He told me that he felt we belonged there and didn't want us to not be a member. I told him that I was in the process of starving my doubts, because this particular charismatic church leadership supports ministries such as Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and Creflo Dollar. They invite prosperity speakers to our church too and I don't feel right about that either. Some of these speakers are done speaking and they call people who want to be prayed for and they all line up, then about 99% of them are "slain in the spirit" where they all fall back and lie down. Anyways, Ray, I have been feeling funny. I love the pastor and the leadership, I just feel like I don't belong and it's just my time to go. 

I tried telling him this and tried to leave gracefully but he wanted to narrow it down and find out why and I told him that I felt funny about ministries that preach prosperity all the time. I gave him a copy of your prophecy #1414 below: 

1414. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 25 October 1999 at 2:45 PM. 

The Lord said: 

"When you give money to someone on the streets - Do you expect something back from Me?" 

"When you give some money to people at church - Do you expect something back from Me?" 

"When you help your neighbor - Do you expect something back from Me?" 

"When you love someone - Do expect payment from Me?" 

Look at your heart! Is there greed there or the Love of Jehovah, the Love of Jesus Christ, the Love of the Holy Spirit? (over) 


I told My son, Reymundo, tonight at his Bible study to look at the verse where I said My Son would Baptize with the Holy Spirit and Fire. All of you lovers of Jehovah, of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Spirit do a Word Study on that Word - "Fire". Baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire and once you have learned through the Holy Spirit what it means, tell your brothers and sisters - The Lord is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow! 

From KJV: 

Mat 3:11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: 

Ray, he read the first line and said that this was unscriptural because he said there was a verse in the old testament that said something like "demand of me". He also had me read Malachi 3:10. He asked me what I thought of it. I told him I have no doubt that God wants to bless us. BUT, I also told him to read Prophecy 1414. I told him that I answered yes to all 4 of those questions. It was when I read that prophecy that made me evaluate myself. (I must admit though, that when I read this prophecy, I couldn't read all of it). It took me a couple of days before I was ready to look at myself and confront this issue in my life. I felt awful that I was doing this! I would give expecting something back from God, I helped others expecting something back, it was as if I was keeping some sort of tally sheet. I asked God to forgive my motive of my heart! I told my pastor that I watched Copeland, Creflo, Hinn, Meyers, religiously! I told him that some of these people were buying ridiculously expensive homes at probably the expense of their "covenant partners". I was a covenant partner of a lot of these ministries. I told him I felt as if some of these ministers was making money their God and felt wrong about it. 

I showed him your prophecies about Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and Creflo Dollar. He said that these people were legitimate and humble people. I also gave the pastor a book written by Thomas Gibson, How to Determine False Ministries. He said he wanted to meet with me next Wednesday at 3:00. He said he was going to read some of your prophecies and the book by Thomas Gibson if he had time. 

He thinks you are personally attacking Hinn and other ministers and believes that is wrong. 

My pastor said there was nothing wrong about bragging on how God has blessed us. So I told him, Pastor XXX, would you brag to the congregation of how you purchased an expensive house knowing that there are homeless people and people that are struggling to make it each day that are in his congregation? He said there was nothing wrong about bragging about how God has blessed him, which I agree I guess TO A POINT! If I was staring a homeless guy in the face, I personally could not brag about the financial blessings. (But that is me.) 

Ray, I don't know yet if I should go to next Wednesday's meeting. Please pray that I do God's will in this matter. I want to leave this church on good terms if possible. I am supposed to meet him next Wednesday at 3:00 pray that I do God's will, this is scary to me. 


E-mail sent to e-mail list:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here is another interesting e-mail. This reminded me of these scriptures and some of the things Ron V. has said to me about San Francisco. 

Rom 16:25 Now to God who is able to strengthen you according to my gospel and the proclamation of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery that was kept secret for long ages
Rom 16:26 but is now disclosed, and through the prophetic writings is made known to all the Gentiles, according to the command of the eternal God, to bring about the obedience of faith--
Rom 16:27 to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever! Amen.

Mat 24:37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.
Mat 24:38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark;
Mat 24:39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.
Mat 24:40 Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left.
Mat 24:41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.
Mat 24:42 "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.

Subject: rejection
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 04:12:15 -0800
To: Raymond Aguilera" <>

Dear Ray,

Just a note to encourage you to keep up the good work for the Lord. And that you are not alone. I have been involved in a homeless ministry for several months. The person who sort of organizes the ministry recently went to San Francisco. He said there was a revival going on there. I said that was good but tell your friends to get out if they don't want to be destroyed. He became very angry. For some reason, many christians can't accept the judgement of the Lord. I don't see what's so hard about it. It's all over the Bible. Anyway, I copied all the prophecies on San Francisco and gave them to Him. 2 days later he asked to meet with me and basically asked me not to mention the prophecies to anyone on the streets. He said that the prophecies are false and that he would hand me over to satan. Although, he failed to produce any biblical support against the prophecies. Well, it was clear that I was being kicked from that ministry. And since God has placed a burden on my heart to share the prophecies, I just have to move on. Some of my other friends and some pastors think I'm deluded, too. But I know the voice of God when I hear it. Well, I just thought I'd share that with you. My wife and I believe the Lord is speaking through you! God bless you!

Love in Christ,

Lance R. Galations 6:9

Subject: [Fwd: Prayer to God]
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 10:17:22 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I pass this prayer on to you all. This prayer applies to all of us. God bless you all. 

yours in Christ, 

PS: Please keep all Prophecy translators in your prayers. AW just sent some new material in French, and I have also
received new data from Manuel in Spanish, and some German from Jukka. Please remember Susan, Ron V., and Jack Barr
too. Every night I pray for these people and all of you who are sick, and those on our e-mail list. I also thank the Lord for all
of you who have helped me with prayers and funds. I know the Lord knows all of you. It is good to pray to Him and tell Him
what is in our hearts. God bless all of you again. 


Subject: Prayer to God
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 13:07:42 +0200
From: "Susan van Heerden" <>
To: "Ray Aguilera" <>


This is my prayer to God (for answers on my questions)

Dear God Almighty

I come to you in humbleness, asking for Your mercy and favour. I know I still have bad habits and iniquities, but I have to trust in You to take it away from me, because I cannot use "the self" as the New Agers do - I depend on You - on Your Righteousness, on your Truth, on Your Promises, on Your answers. I can do NOTHING by myself and You know it God! You know my destination before I was born - You know everything about me, there is nothing I can hide. I do not look back on my old sins forgiven, but you led me to put it down on the web site as a testimony - and I will do that - so that others can see that no sin cannot be forgiven, except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and the mark of the beast.

Oh God Almighty, I need You more than ever - in my life, in my thoughts, in my words, in my working with You - I cannot do it without You. You know that I love You, but You love me more.

When I saw the 2 rainbows in heaven yesterday - I am sure many have not seen it (you mention through Noah that it is a covenant with all life on earth that You would not let it rain as much as You did as in the days of Noah - that every time You see the rainbow You will remember Your covenant You made with all livings things on the earth, but the same will happen in near future - the new Covenant was written with the precious blood of Jesus, Your one and only Son - He was our sin offering, without blemish, once and for all - that is why Communion is is so important - the point is that we have to climb in the Ark - that is why You state in the Bible and in the Prophecies given to Ray that it will be as in the days of Noah).

Oh God Almighty, I need You as the Father, I need Your Son, Jesus Christ and I need Your Holy Spirit - I beg You! There are fighting within the family members - some are demanding, thinking we owe them even they are doing nothing, some think that they know it all and some do not even care about praying and the Word of God. Have mercy on our family and all the people who are blinded by the ways of satan, the devil!

I know you are still teaching me and maybe I am still wearing a dunce's cap (slow in learning) as mentioned by You in # 1504, but You are using those who do not think they know it all, not those who think they can do everything themselves, who think like the New Agers that everything comes from the "self" - that is why we, as children of God, are ridiculed - they think we are stupid and reason why they want to change our minds into this false "spiritual" direction, but You are protecting Your children and You will give us a Spirit of discerment - God, please protect us from all these false things and thank You for protecting us when the trap is somewhere down our roads, but Ps 91 says that Your Angels will protect us - Your Holy Spirit tells us the Truth - so, lead us all in the Truth and nothing but the Truth - let us be accounted worthy of Your mercy and goodness that last forever.

You know my questions and only You can give the answers - not all, for I believe some will be given when all Your children meet in Heaven - we will have a life time of eternity to aks questions and ALL the anwers will be given.

Your child - susan

Email to e-mail list:

Subject: Just a comment
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 18:37:59 -0500
From: "heidi> 
To: <>

Dear Ray: I have been reading your prophecies over the web and my spirit has been blessed- I have a strange question and 
comment- Do your prophecies have a special anointing on them? Since I started reading them yesterday, I sense that I have 
gotten a "release" from them in my spirit- Have you heard of this before? I can't really describe it but it's like a release of 
boldness- Anyway, as I was reading your prophecy #55, At the end of it ,it said "I love you my Choclate face, I love you" The 
very minute I was reading that, I was eating a Hershey choclate Almond bar! I think the Lord was talking to me! And I don't 
eat choclate all that often at my computer! Anyway, God Bless, and thanks for Lord's ministry thru you. In Him,

Hello Heidi,

I get this kind of e-mail all the time. Sometimes people stop drinking or taking illegal drugs, some find the Lord, and some 
people just cry and cry. I hope this answers your questions. The amazing thing to me is that this is happening around the 
world, since the prophecies have been translated into other languages. God bless you and yours.

yours in Christ,

ps: I hope you do not mine me sharing your e-mail with the others for it answers others questions.

Subject: dream #1669
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 14:51:06 -0800
To: <>

Dear Ray & family,

The mostly white cow is content dwelling in the "LORD" because "HIS
stripes" are on it and is at rest.
The brown cow is dealing in fear of the world and possibly an attack
against it. This cow symbolizes that "Our LORD" cannot work through
someone who is fearful in looking in other directions. The lesson being to
trust in the "LORD" at all times!

Thank you for the needed lesson at this time.

GOD bless you and your family,

Subject: Re: possible confirmation from Michael.
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 01:03:03 +1100

Ray, another possible confirmation about "there is going to be a fire in a 
certain large city that will be a sign to you My son", could possibly be the 
bush fire storms that have been surrounding my city, Sydney, Australia since 
Christmas Day. The Fire is surrounding our city from the North, West and 
South. Sydney is located on the East coast of Australia with the Pacific 
Ocean to our immediate East. However, there have not been any loss of life 
as yet, only over 160 homes. The Fires are within 10kms of the City.

Joseph Doueihi
Sydney, Australia

P.S. Over the past several days now I have noticed that the light from the 
moon has been in the shape of the Cross, with the moon being the centre 
junction of where the cross meets.

Sent to e-mail list Jan. 2, 2002:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Frist, Eva and I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year.

Below you will find a possible confirmation from Michael O. One might also note that on September 11, 2001, in New York, a fire 
started by the airplanes hitting the Twin Towers Buildings, this fire lasted 3 months and killed about 3,000 people.

Also one might look at what is going on in the following places Carl and I anointed in the past few years.

Israel - at war.
USA - at war. (with Terrorist)
England - at war. (with Terrorist)
Germany - at war. (with Terrorist)
Russia - at war. (with Terrorist)
Argintina - money problems.
Lima, Puru - Large city fire.

Yours in Christ,
Subject: possible confirmation of fire in prophecy 1544
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 16:54:54 -0800 (PST)
From: mike o>

1554. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 October 2000 at 5:20 PM.

Listen Reymundo, the world is going to bow down to Jehovah, Jesus
Christ, and the Holy Spirit, for all that you see is going to stop to
the point. Watch out, for the Body of My Son is going to come after you
with a vengeance. But do not worry for you are in My Hands. For I am
the corrector, the breaker, of the universe.

For the forces on the planet are assembling and moving into their
positions with power and force.
There is going to be a fire in a
certain large city that will be a sign to you My son, that what I have
said is all the truth.
Be careful for the Body of My Son is going to
try to entrap you. So I want you just to say nothing, for it is My
Battle, not yours. I will correct it with My Powerful Hand. They are a
stiff necked and hardheaded people. But Like I said, "No matter what
they say - you keep quite".

Thank you, for all of the good work and We will speak again. Your
Loving Father Jehovah, with Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit telling
you the wisdom of Heaven.

God bless you and Eva and family
Michael Okoro

Monday December 31 8:55 AM ET 

More Than 250 Killed in Peru Fire
By DREW BENSON, Associated Press Writer 

LIMA, Peru (AP) - Jose Fernandez Vega was sure he would die after black
smoke clouded his view of a street jammed with unlicensed vendors,
shoppers and cars full of screaming people trapped in a fire that
killed more than 250. 

``People were burning standing up, they were burning on top of one
another,'' Vega said Sunday, sitting in a wheelchair at a burn unit,
his arms wrapped in bandage. He said he scrambled over three or four
burning taxis to escape Peru's most devastating fire on record. ``I
have never seen this type of tragedy.'' 

Witnesses said someone set off a large firecracker in the street
Saturday night, apparently to test it, and that it set off other
fireworks nearby. Officials estimate temperatures exceeded 1,100

At least 122 people, including small children, were found dead in the
streets after the towering blaze raced through a four-block area
Saturday night, accompanied by the machinegun-like explosions of
fireworks from stands that clogged the downtown historic center.
Firefighters going through the fire-gutted buildings were finding more

While the investigation continued, officials agreed that inadequate
zoning, street congestion and rampant safety violations contributed to
the tragedy. 

Mayor Alberto Andrade said the city tried to stop the unauthorized sale
of fireworks from street vendors who had returned to the crammed
downtown shopping area before Christmas following a five-year absence.
Municipal authorities had tried to dislodge the merchants several days

``Unfortunately, the merchants marched and attacked our municipal
police to the point that they injured two, putting one in a coma,''
Andrade said. The violence was reminiscent of street battles between
unlicensed vendors and police who forced them out in late 1996. 

Although Lima's center was designated a U.N. World Heritage site a
decade ago, the fire-scarred section would be hard to describe as a
tourist destination. 

It is a hodgepodge of ugly, modern three- to six-story structures and
decaying colonial-era buildings divided into apartments and shops. 

Fires linked to fireworks or crowded markets in parts of Lima's
downtown are not uncommon. 

Peru's leading newspaper El Comercio listed six such fires during the
past decade. One fireworks-induced blaze, on Dec. 5, 1991, killed 12

Part of the problem, said Paul Maquet, city planner at Lima's Institute
of Urban Development, is a lack of zoning enforcement in the downtown,
with families often living perilously close to apartments converted
into fireworks warehouses. 

``This is an old topic for debate in Lima,'' Maquet said, adding that
an ``Urban Rebirth'' program has been in effect, with regulations in
place to rebuild and rezone, since 1998. ``Unfortunately there isn't
the will to comply with the law,'' he said. 

Adherence to safety standards are often sacrificed to cut construction
costs, he said. When inspectors do call for improvements, they are
often begun, but rarely finished. 

As recovery efforts continued Sunday, Civil Defense Col. Ruben Ibanez
told The Associated Press that dozens of anguished family members,
carrying photographs and dental records, formed long lines to begin
identifying victims, many charred beyond recognition. 

Ibanez said late Sunday that 256 bodies had been recovered and that
recovery efforts would continue through the night. He said that 30
percent of the commercial galleries inside the tenements still needed
to be searched. At least 144 people were hospitalized. 

Pope John Paul II, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the
governments of Italy and Spain sent Peru their condolences. 

Walter Villamil, 46, sweeping the black sludge left over from the fire
in front of his house Sunday, pulled what he - and many others at the
scene - said was the cause of the fire. 

``This is a 'chocolate,''' he said, holding up a round, quarter-sized
firecracker crudely wrapped in straw paper. Between his thumb and
forefinger it looked like a candy with a fuse sticking out. 

``Somebody wanted to see if it worked before he bought one.'' 

President Alejandro Toledo declared Sunday and Monday national days of
mourning and announced an immediate ban on the production, importation
or sale of fireworks, which are popular in Peru during Christmas and
New Year celebrations. 

Fireworks vendors, who normally crowd streets throughout the capital
during the season, had mostly disappeared from Lima's streets by late

``I've put away everything but the sparklers,'' said Aydee Condori, 29,
who stood by her cart stocked with New Year's party favors, socks and
cheap hair bands in a residential district a few miles from the

``I'm not selling little firecrackers either,'' she said. ``I'm afraid
to sell them now, after what happened.'' 


Sent to e-mail list:

Subject: The Fox/Bin Laden/possible confirmation
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 11:05:28 -0800 (PST)
From: ronald viessman <>

Ray: Could you pass this on to email list...

64. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on the 26 May
1992 at 8:46 AM Tuesday, in English and non-understandable tongues.

The Fox is coming out of his hole, he is beginning to
get the courage to put his plan into motion. The Fox
will roam the wilderness slowly and cautiously at
first. But he will get the confidence he needs to
place his organization into power. For the Fox is one
of the players in the scenario of the end. The Fox
will help the Beast in the beginning, then the Beast
will destroy the Fox. The Fox will accumulate wealth
and wisdom that will be used to manipulate the Rulers
of certain countries. And the Beast will use that
information to manipulate, to separate, to destroy the
Rulers of these countries. 
That information will become an important tool
for the Beast. But at the time, and the hour, the Fox
will not be needed, he will be destroyed. He will be
executed. He will be denounced. He will become one of
the stepping stones
of the Beast. So beware of the Beast and the stepping
(Non-understandable tongues?) 
read entire prophecy at

Note/possible confirmation: Osama Bin Laden started
to put his organization together after the gulf War
ended in 91.

U.S. intelligence officials say bin laden and his
terrorist network have provided guidance, soldiers and
financing for terrorist acts against Americans over
the last decade. His first attack was bombing WTC NY
Feb 26/93. USA Today 11/12/01

Ron's note: If Laden is the fox, (according to this
prophecy), then he has to survive/escape the attack on
Afganistan by U.S.; and be executed by the beast

Proph #92 15 June 92 received by Ray Aguilera:
"You will notice things are going to change some
rapidly some slowly." 

Note: Sept. 11/01 Things have changed in America.

God Bless

To E-Mail list:

Subject: Three prayer requests.
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 09:42:01 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Here are three prayer requests. The first one is from Susan, the second from Sung-Ho Ahn, and the third and the last one is from me. 

yours in Christ, 

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 11:01:06 +0200 
From: "Susan van Heerden" <> 
To: "Ray Aguilera" <> 

Hi Ray 

I do not know what is going on. First I lost my modem and 
had to use my electricity & telephone bills' money to buy a 
new one. I have my brother lviing with me and have to 
support him as well - I have a minus bank account. I do not 
even know whether you are receiving my e-mails. I asked 
you to pray for my sister and I saw no prayer request...
(Susan's sister has bone marrow cancer.) 

Subject: Brother from Korea 
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:23:22 +0900 (KST) 
From: "¾È¼ºÈ£" <> 
Organization: µ¿È­°í 
To: <> 

Hello my name is Sung-Ho Ahn from Korea. I'm really touched everyday in reading the Prophecies 
which God has given to you. Well, I wouldnt have believed in these Prophecies if I was not 
involved in a similar ministry 
in Korea. Well, I'm still praying for more confirmation that God really has 
called me for the end time ministry..... 

I have translated some of the prophecies on the website in Korean to let the 
Korean people know that too. However, Im not sure whether to continue in the future as well, for 
God told me to do to pray very very much and to 
evangelize many and to grow up spiritually. and to prepare.. 
I wanna ask you whether Im allowed to translate the prophecies and to put 
it on a website..(If God tells me to translate it in Korean as a part of, I will obey it but I dont know whether it is my job)..... 

Well, my prayer request to the Lord is; should I remove 10 large trees (60+ feet tall) from behind my house. One tree
dropped a very large branch onto a neighbor's house a few months back. And now I noticed, that three trees are hanging over my house. With all of the wind we have been having I am getting worried for my house. The price for removing the trees is $8,000.00, and I need the Lord to tell me if I should borrow the money and have them removed. Oh and also pray for our new baby. God bless you all. 

yours in Christ, 

Subject: RE: 1662. Prophecy and e-mail comments.
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 15:47:38 -0500
From: "Sullivan, Eddie X" <>
To: "'Raymond Aguilera'" <>

Hey Raymundo!

The Lord put it in my heart to write to you about these e-mails. Back in
1994, I was in a terrible place. I was addicted to drugs, practicing
witchcraft, and spiraling down when I came across the prophecies (there was
no Internet...they were posted in a CompuServe Forum).

After reading the prophecies, the Lord began to do miraculous things in my
life! There was never any doubt that these were God's Words. I came to know
Jesus as my Savior. The stronger my faith became, the more powerful the
Spirit became. The more powerful the Spirit became, the stronger my faith
became. It's a cycle that has never stopped, and become more wonderful with
each passing day. It is a true testament to the Power, Glory and Majesty of
our Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit!!!!

I've never belonged to a specific congregation or church. The Lord tells me
that there is only One Church...only One Body. Catholic, Presbyterian,
Episcopal...whatever... we are all of the same Body. If we love Jesus and
the Father with our whole heart...our whole mind...and all we have, then we
are always on the same page as Jesus.

Because of you, I have read the Bible through (beginning to end) once, and
am starting it again. That has been SUCH a blessing. Reading the Bible from
beginning to end REALLY opens your eyes!! I'm so honored to be a part of
God's Magnificent Plan!!!

I would probably still be studying New Age and Witchcraft to this day, if
not for these prophecies.

I'm so very thankful for you Ray. God speaks directly to my heart and spirit
because you introduced us back in 1994. ...and I am only one man... Think of
all the many many many people that read the prophecies, and are saved
because of them.

I lead a solitary life, and do not belong to any man-made churches. My
church consists of everyone who loves the Lord with all that they have. I
don't know all of the members my name, but each and every one are in my
prayers every single day.

I pray that everyone who reads the prophecies are as blessed by them as I
was. I'm so thankful for the Peace and Love that shine down on me every day
from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God bless you Ray...for your
dedication...for the hard work...and all that you do. I know it's not always
easy. It would be a lot easier for you to just turn the computer off and say
"the heck with this!" But you would never do that, because God knows what he
is doing. He choose you...and remember all those who have been saved, AND
who have yet to be saved because of your dedication!!

You don't call yourself a prophet; God calls you to be prophet.

In closing, I just want to ask God to bless us all...for we are all of the
same Body...we are One. Whether we go to church or not, we are One in Jesus.
We need to stick together...because the road ahead is not going to be easy.

God Bless You, Ray,
Eddie Sullivan
Dana Point, CA

From: Raymond Aguilera []
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 2:50 PM
To: Sullivan, Eddie X
Subject: Re: 1662. Prophecy and e-mail comments.

Hello Eddie,

I remember the first time you contacted me back in 1994. Then you
disappeared (e-mail). I am so glad to hear from you again. I thought it was you a few
months back when I saw your name on the e-mail list. May I foward your e-mail
to the others. It has really lifted me up - Praise the Lord for you, Eddie!

yours in Christ,

Subject: RE: 1662. Prophecy and e-mail comments.
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 18:34:18 -0500
From: "Sullivan, Eddie X" <>
To:'Raymond Aguilera'" <>

Hi again Ray!!

I'm so glad that you remember me! I was still cleaning up my act back when
we talked in 1994. The Lord has been so good to me over the years, I can
never thank you enough for helping me find my way. ...and OF COURSE you can
share the e-mail with everyone!

Take care of yourself. God bless you and Eva AND the baby on the way!!!


E-mail to e-mail list:
Subject: 1662. Prophecy and e-mail comments.
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 15:32:43 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

1662. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 December 2001 at 8:30 PM. 

I have been getting many e-mails from Brothers and Sisters who have passed out the prophecies to their pastors and church
leaders and they have gotten negative results. I believe the following Prophecy is for them. 

The Monday night Bible study was cancelled, but I did not know it. So as I sat in my car waiting for it to start, the Lord gave
me this prophecy. 

Lord said to me, "You know why Muslims, Christians and the Powers that be, do not like and are angry at the prophecies?" 

I said, "No." 

Then the Lord said, "My Word is sharper than any double-edged sword and they are divine truths." Then He gave me the
following scriptures. 

Heb 4:12 For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing
soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. 
Heb 4:13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to
whom we must give account. 

Then the Lord said, "Keep passing out the Prophecies and do not be discouraged. 

Received e-mail: 
What can I do to help. No one wants to hear the prophecies. Only one minister. I was a catholic too. Now I go to a full gospel church. Pray for me Ray. I will pray for you. I feel so alone. 

To have communion, what do I do? bread and wine and repent. daily weekly how often? pray in tongues? Help me ray. Ky husband is older than I (74) I am 54. When all this happens he just wants it to happen. He loves the Lord and so do I. 

no one wants to believe this or hear it........How can I help? I will order the book. what else can I do? 

Received e-mail: 
According to your Website that claims you are a Prophet from God, and your Prophecies are given to you by God, Lord Almighty to transfer the knowledge of the Prophecies to the believers in Christ. Biblically after Christ the Prophecies are suppose to be given to the people through the Churches (Body of Christ), for the benefit and the Wisdom of the Body. I do not see anywhere in the Bible that says any individual person astray from the Body giving Prophecies or be protected from the attacks of the enemy Satan, It is like being in the herd, then being seperated without a shepherd, a believer in Christ who is on his own away from the Body of Christ is not immune from the attacks of the enemy. As I see you proclaim to be a Prophet that is not a part of any Church, do you think you would be protected from the attack of the enemy on your own, without the Body of Christ Praying for you, and protecting you in every way they can, therefore since i See you do not belong to any Church or Body of Christ, and you are in cyberspace convincing the believers in Christ that you are a Prophet and doing the will of the Lord, i dont see that biblically right and I dont have in my Heart that you are a Prophet as you claim to be, please convince me in my Soul and Spirit that you are a Prophet. 

Received e-mail: 
Hi to you ray and Eva and Baby! 

Glad your feeling better. Hope Eva and baby are also doing well. Keeping you all in my prayers. 

Im forwarding this response i got from Bill Koenig. He is a White House Correspondent whom i have been forwarding your prophecies to. I dont know if he has had the oppourtunity to share with President Bush your prophecies, but has indicated a few times that he is keenly interested in what God is saying through you. Here is his biography from his website. Perhaps this may be a door to the President of the USA? Anyways thought youd be interested in knowing. 


Recieved e-mail: 
Subject: You are schitzophrenic and need cure 
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 11:03:14 +0300 
To: "''" <> 

Why have you idealogically castrated yourself and believe that kind of XXXX? 
Need money from stupid people? 
You seem to be quite an XXXXX 

Subject: Question 
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 07:55:13 -0000 
To: <> 

Did you know that you or anyone that believes your prophecies is detestable to God? 

Deuteronomy 18:10-12 There should not be found in anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, anyone who employs divination, a practicer of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer, 11 or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foreteller of events or anyone who inquires of the dead. 12 For everybody doing these things is something detestable to God, and on account of these detestable things God is driving them away from before you. 

Subject: e-mail from ray's wife.
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:39:41 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello everyone.  

This is Eva Aguilera. I hope you are all doing fine and I thank you for all your prayers and help in the past (as in the future).

Well, I thought I’d write a little bit about our situation, because right now we are struggling somewhat and would need some help.

For some reason the Christmas time has always been a hard time for Ray to manage his bills. I guess people have a lot of expenses this time of the year, and we understand that. However, this year, I think we could need some extra financial help because of our situation. As you probably have heard, I’m pregnant, and therefore I need to maintain a healthy balanced diet. But almost all of the money goes to bills, so there is not really enough money for us to buy that food. Also, I need some basic clothes, as does Ray (all of his pants are torn apart, or too small, and he has only one good pair to wear). We have increased medical bills and I also need some extra vitamins and perhaps some medicine to help to treat my nausea, which is getting quite bad.

So, here’s the situation, and I thought if maybe there is one or two persons who have that extra money, could you think of us?

Ones again, I thank you all for your help and prayers, and for those of you out there who are really struggling with the different issues of life I would say: I know life is a roller coaster, it goes up and down. But when you walk with Jesus, despite of the many valleys, - in the big picture you are still going up. (Thinking this way helps me a lot)

God Bless all of you,

Eva Aguilera

Subject: A confirmation to 34.Prophecy.
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 16:00:30 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I have part of a confirmation to Prophecy 34, Eva and I are going to have a baby!!! God bless you all. 

yours in Christ, 

34. Prophecy 

Listen, Ray, the jobs, the money, the happiness, the wife, the kids, everything is going to happen, but place NO man before Me...... 

You are doing a good job, but its going to be a long battle, that's why I am giving you a wife, two kids, any day now, Ray...... 

Subject: Re: quick note
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 21:53:06 -0700 (PDT)
To: Raymond Aguilera <>

Dearest Ray,

In Isiah chapters 1 through 4 it talks about the end,
the ox, and the branch which you had mentioned in your
last vision and prophecy. It was very interesting and
enlightning. I thought you ought to know and might
want to read it. Take Care and God Bless you.


To Email list:

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Here is a forwarded email about Prophecy #1653. I have been sensing the Lord in Powerful ways that I cannot explain. I wish to know more, but yet - I do not want to know. Oh, I am beginning to get parts of the German translation of the Prophecies. Please keep all Prophecy translators around the world in your prayers and I could use some prayers too. God bless you all. 

yours in Christ, 


1653. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 October 2001 at 10 PM.


During a visit to Carl's house, we decided to have Communion and pray to the Lord. During our Communion prayer, the Lord gave us the following Prophecy.


Does the ox look back where he has plowed?

People are looking for safe houses and places during these trying times. The only safe place is in My House, in My Body, and I do not mean man's churches. People in My House, in My Body have to take Communion; like you two are having.

The ax is at the trunk of the Tree and the branches will fall.


Then the Lord showed me this very large Tree with a wide trunk. On this wide Trunk I could see that someone had carved a large Heart on it with a knife saying, "I Love you".

Prophecy: (to the Body of Christ)

Then the Lord said, "You carved the Heart on My Trunk and said that "You Loved Me!" and I do not believe you now. So I am cutting down My Tree. So be it! So be it! So be it!

I warned you, and I warned you, and I warned you. And you covered your ears and turned your backs on Me.


The next thing I realized I was in outer space in the spirit looking down on the planet Earth. I could see the atmosphere around the planet and it looked like a gray cloud. As I watched, I could see something invisible that was round, but flat, making an impression on the atmosphere of our planet.


Then the Lord proceeded to say the following:

I am going to shake the earth with earthquakes, storms and with tidal waves. I am going to show you that the Power is not with man, or man's armies, or in man's idols or so-called gods. I am in control of everything. If people are willing to die for their gods, so be it! There is only One True God. Those who follow the devil will be destroyed with the devil.

All of these people who are dying for Allah are dying for the devil. If you want to kill yourself for Satan, so be it - for with Satan you shall live. I tell you with the Power and Might; of the Might of My Spirit - there is only One God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. If you believe it or not; that is your problem. For what I put into motion no one can stop!

Then the Lord said, "Remember the scriptures".

From NIV Bible:
Mat 10:24 "A student is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.
Mat 10:25 It is enough for the student to be like his teacher, and the servant like his master. If the head of the house has been called Beelzebub, how much more the members of his household!
Mat 10:26 "So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.
Mat 10:27 What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.
Mat 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

There is going to be a time that it is going to rain, but the rain is going to be acid rain, which will kill plants, animals and people.

People are worried about Bin Laden, but they should be worried about God. For God will save those who are on His side and destroy those who are not. Governments are not the problem, the problem is sin, and sin is out of control - and that is the problem. Enough is enough!

Remember My warnings for you are running out of time. Be real with God and He will be real with you. If you play games with God, He won't hear you or listen, because your God is the God of Truth and Righteousness - the True God, a God with no tint of gray.

A Word for Carl G.:

Make yourself strong for you will be tested. What looks white to you might not be white. The staff is ready and I am going to tell you when and where to strike it. Strike it three times. But you have to focus and be ready for the time is near. And do not be afraid of the red iron poker. That is all for tonight! (over)

E-mail to e-mail list:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Since September 11, many people have been doing word searches on our Prophecy web sites looking for Prophecies about this United States war. The search engine handling these word searches could not handle all of the requests for it had a limit of 250 web pages per searched word. This meant that if the word appeared more than 250 times the searcher was out of luck. So I have installed a second word search engine that has to be updated manually. The problem I have with this is; that I do not always have the time to update this second search engine. But this word search engine has no limits on the words per web pages. It took me most part of this week setting it up. So I hope this helps those who have e-mailed me. I understand your requests, but I am only one person trying to maintain all of these web sites. Also Please keep our finances in your prayers for I am having a hard time paying all of our costs. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,

Subject: Website on subjects 
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 21:40:54 +0200
From: "Susan van Heerden" <>
To: "Ray Aguilera" <>

Hi Ray

My web page on America will be uploaded tonight and will be updated with additions, links, etc
as I go along. If God gives His permission, please send it to your e-mail list. People on your mail
list can contact me if they have anything to add - possible that I missed some as I had to work
from the # books - I will also add other countries and subjects in same way.

Address will be :


9 September 01

Dear Ray,

I had a confirmation of one of the prophecies I wanted to share.

A couple of months ago I was reading one night the prophecies and I came 
upon the one about the bomb going off in the SF Bay and cities being 
covered with water as far as Byron, CA. (#424) Next I read one of the 
prophecies where the Lord commands, "GO! GO! Tell the people! Start 
knocking on doors, NOW!", and I can feel the Spirit prodding me, and I 
realize the house guests who are coming to visit me the next day are from 
Martinez, CA. I then begin to argue with the Lord that I "can't" tell them 
that, I hardly know them, they will think I'm nuts ect, ect. The Lord is 
persistent so I tell Him with all that I have that he had better confirm 
this (twice) for me because I just didn't feel I had the strength to do 
that. (I consider myself a introvert type who doesn't have that particular 
gift-ha ha) Not only did he confirm it before bed that night in a 
devotional, but I had the following dream/vision:

I don't think I was asleep yet, just laying awake in bed thinking about all 
all had read that night. Suddenly I heard a great roaring in my ears (more 
spiritually than in the natural) and suddenly I felt myself turning, 
floating, being carried away by a great force of water, going a round and 
around in circles. I could hear a multitude of voices screaming and crying 
out, oddly enough in ANGER and INDIGNATION. In particular, a woman's voice 
that was screaming NOOOOO! in great anger, like still, until the bitter end 
she still had a hardened heart and a defiance to hear the words and 
warnings of God. Even as she was being swept away she still didn't cry out 
to God!! (I feel God showed me this to say we need to pray for peoples 
heart that they would be softened and then to pray for "workers unto the 

Yes I did share the next day with these friends of my unsaved husband. My 
"delivery" was stilted, clumsy and I sounded like a lunatic even to 
myself. The persons face told her feelings that she was not receiving any 
of it. I told her of reading the prophecy and the confirmation. She 
avoided me the rest of the visit. I continued to pray for her that the 
Lord would confirm and even sent her the printed prophecies in the mail.

My point in sharing all this is to encourage the body. I believe this 
lesson is for all of us. When I was praying for the courage to share with 
this person I prayed to be smooth, anointed, polished etc. and I was 
everything but. I feel the Lord wants it just that way so we get none of 
the glory for any heart change they might have. As I ask God for courage 
to canvas my neighborhood knocking on the doors of the people (I will have 
to continue to live next to) I believe there is a cleansing done in us AS 
WE OBEY, and that the Lord is showing me how this door to door ministry 
will be ALL of him and we are simply the mouth piece, and it is HIS POWER 
by HIS SPIRIT that will change a heart, or open an hear.

Please pray for me and all the brothers and sisters for the courage to 
canvas our neighborhoods. Truly time is short. I pray I will be able to 
redeem some of the time I have lost in my life.

Sorry this is so long Ray, I know you are very busy. I want to say THANK 
YOU for your faithfulness to the Lords work. Also when I get on the 
search engine to search prophecies and get a "the web is busy now" message, 
my heart rejoices and I pray for my brothers and sisters out there who I 
know are digging and studying His words.

God Bless you Ray,

(if you want to print this please don't use my name)

19 September 2001

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I have been getting e-mail from brothers and sisters who are being led by the Lord to post the Prophecies all over the world. All I 
can say to them is please keep posting them. I just posted the angry e-mail to show you "How the Lord knows people and their 
ways". I guess you would say another confirmation. But below - you will see the other type of e-mail I get. God bless you all!

yours in Christ,

I'm going to just pray for these poor blind people. They cover their eyes,
and close their ears because they do not want to know the Truth. They don't
recognize the Words of God because they do not KNOW God. Let's just pray for

Regarding those photos of the faces in the smoke that I sent you yesterday -
some people here at work believe that they were airbrushed photos...the
bottom line is: the Truth is a hard thing to find in this world. I thank God
for you every day...and I thank YOU too for all of your hard work!!! You're
doing a wonderful job!!! Without you Ray, I would have never been saved. 

And just remember for every person that's out there that doubts the Word,
there are many more who read and understand...and who will be saved by It!

God bless you Ray! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!
Eddie Sullivan
Dana Point, CA

Hello Sandi, 

I will send out your prayer request and I have been praying for you daily. Also, the Lord did bless us with the Internet server, OS system, a computer desk and backup power supply. I still have to learn how to set it up and run it. Please keep us informed on your condition. God bless you always. 

yours in Christ, 

Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 15:36:44 -0500 

Hi Raymond, 

Did you get the computer? Please pray for God to give me wisdom as 
to what I am to do pertaining to being a watchman on the wall. I find 
that God is asking me to become very bold in telling what I know. I need 
to know how. I need the prayer of faith over my health problem. It is 
beginning to hurt. Pray that I will be faithful. Sandi 

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 September 2001 at 9:26 AM. 

As I watched the, The Spirit of America National Prayer Service, this morning the Lord gave me this Word. 

"Repent America, 
Repent America, 
Repent America, 
And I will be with you." (over) 

A Forwarded e-mail from Kevin, who has been a supporter of this ministry for years. 
Subject: Re: From Raymond Aguilera 
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 10:25:02 -0400 
To: Raymond Aguilera <> 

Dear Raymond: 

I am fine thanks to GOD ALMIGHTY, JESUS, & THE HOLY SPIRIT. I believe that 
every decision that was made and every instinct that was followed was from 
my maker - for my safety. 

For the past two and one half days all I have been doing is watching the 
television, trying to make contact with my co-workers and friends who work 
on Wall Street, and CRY, CRY, CRY. 

Thank GOD, that as of this moment in time, everyone who I now work with and 
everyone that I can remember who I used to work with have been accounted 
for. However, I do know people who know of others that are still missing. 

This tragedy is so enormous that everyone here is walking around in some 
sort of fog or haze. I can only be thankful to GOD, JESUS, & THE HOLY 
SPIRIT for allowing me survive this catastrophe. My story, which is scary 
enough for me, is but one of millions of stories. Some of which have happy 
endings and some of which don't have happy endings. My story began at 8:45 
am on Rector Street which is 4 blocks away from the World Trade Center and 
did not come to a conclusion until I walked into my apartment at 1:30 pm on 
the same day. Everything that happened between 8:45 am and 1:30 pm is 
easier to speak about than write about. 

I pray in my heart that they find more people alive in the rubble, I pray 
for the rescue workers who are risking their lives every single moment, and 
I pray to GOD. 

I am somewhat nervous and scared, so is my sister who also worked in the 
vicinity and made it home safely, and so is my girlfriend Irina. The 
devastation, in terms of people losing their lives, is to hard for me to 
process in my puny little mind, but the pain and hurt inside me are very 

Thank you for your concern, love, and compassion. 
Kevin Gershfeld 

In Christs' Love Always, 

Raymond Aguilera wrote: 

> hello - is this Kevin J Gershfeld e-mail address?, 

> You told me a few years back that you worked in the New York Stock 
> market. I lost your phone number so I could not call you. I am just 
> checking to see if you are alright. Please e-mail me to let me know all 
> is OK! God bless you. 

> yours in Christ, 
> ray 


Subject: New Prophecy and Possible confirmation
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 23:13:35 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Here is a new Prophecy. Please do a word search on our web site on the word "tiger". 

yours in Christ, 
Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 September 2001 at 7:23 PM. 

The Lord said, "The tiger is here! (over) 

Possible confirmation: 

8:45 should be replaced with 9:45 A.M. Sorry 

Belinda Blase 

From: "Belinda Blase" <> 
Subject: September 11, 2000 vision/prophecy POSSIBLE CONFIRMATION?????? 
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 23:03:00 -0500 


Good evening, may God Bless you and your family. I just wanted to let you 
know that this evening, after church, I went to my prayer partner's house 
today to take our communion and pray. We were researching the word OWL in 
the dictionary and encyclopedia in light of your September 12, 2001 
prophecy. Anyway, as were trying to find out the meaning of "Beware of the 
Owl", I thought outloud and told Michelle, "I think it will be interesting 
to see if Ray had a vision/prophecy on September 11th of last year". 

We read the prophecy of September 11, 2000, and I was totally shocked that 
you were given this word at 8:45 AM!!! and on September 11, 2000!! The 
thing that shook me was the part of the prophecy that said, " Buildings will 
fall and blood will flow all over the world. The highest to the lowest will 
feel the vengeance of God." 

It was when we read that building will fall and blood will flow all over the 
world. The twin towers were a global symbol of the world, and for those 
buildings to fall seems surreal. 

Anyhow, I was led tonight to see what you had recorded on your website 1 
year ago from September 11, 2001. You had the vision/prophecy at 8:45 and 
the towers were struck at approximately 8:45! WoW, I still can't believe 

Almighty God, Be with us. 


Here is your prophecy that I am pasting to this e-mail: 

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 September 2000 at 9:45 AM. 

I began working early this morning as I have for weeks now. While sitting in 
front of my computer, I began to feel like I was driving one of those super 
fast bullet trains that are in Europe. This feeling has been with me for 
some time now, as I move through my day to day Christian walk. It has felt 
like I would be inside the train engine room watching the landscape rapidly 
move by the train cabin window. 

But then, this morning, without warning my prayer language began. Slowly at 
first, but soon, it reached a normal pace. My spirit seemed to be getting 
recharged, but at the same time my physical body felt like it was falling 
apart. During this unexpected prayer language occurrence, I began to 
understand some of the words, then the sentences, so I wrote down what was 
said the best I could, as my tongue spoke this strange sounding language. 
After this 30-minute occurrence, my physical body felt so wasted, I could 
hardly move myself into the bedroom to lay down. I guess my body totally 
shut down, for I woke-up 2 hours later completely exhausted, and I missed my 
Monday night Bible study too. This tiredness lasted until the next morning. 


My son, I want you to clean up the web sites, and give them a professional 
look. For President Clinton and other important people of your world will be 
going there to see what your Father Jehovah is saying. They are going to do 
this because of their sins, and they are going to know that I am the God of 
all! I will show the world the vengeance of God - for all is Mine. The world 
has nursed off My Breast long enough. For that time is here, the Church has 
to grow up. It is I. It is I. It is I - the Breaker, the Maker, the Breaker 
of the universe. 

Satan has been hitting your finances, but it will stop. Enough is enough, 
and I am tired of it. There will come a time when people will be frightened 
of you because of My Word. For My Power will fall on the parts of the world 
that you have Anointed. For the foundation is almost laid. Mark My Words! 
For I am not playing a game. Buildings will fall and blood will flow all 
over the world. The highest to the lowest will feel the vengeance of God. So 
be it! So be it! So be it! My Word will never be broken! EVER! 


From: Raymond Aguilera <> 
Subject: New prophecy 
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 10:40:03 -0700 

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 11 September 2001 at 10:15 AM. 

Reymundo, this is the catastrophe (The World Trade Center Buildings, 
Pentagon and airplane crashes) that I told you, Eva and Michael to 
prayer about last month. Please keep praying for these Brothers and 

Michael stopped by for a visit last month and during prayer the Lord 
said to us, "Pray Reymundo, for there is going to be a catastrophe some 
place in the World, and there are going to be many Christians who are 
going to get hurt and die. Please pray for them." 

To our e-mail list:

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 11 September 2001 at 10:15 AM.

Reymundo, this is the catastrophe (The World Trade Center Buildings, Pentagon and airplane crashes) that I told you, Eva and Michael to pray about last month. Please keep praying for these Brothers and Sisters.


Michael stopped by for a visit last month and during prayer the Lord said to us, "Pray Reymundo, for there is going to be a catastrophe some place in the World, and there are going to be many Christians who are going to get hurt and die. Please pray for them."



Dear Ray,

Concerning your vision of a small boy in an oil pipe, I think I have the
interpretation of that. The small boy represents the young state of Israel
and the dripping oil is coming from the same state of Israel. Years ago
when I felt like I could afford cable tv, I saw a program that I think was
called the "Prophecy Club" on which an oil engineer, (nickname hayseed)
appeared tell everyone that "GOD" had told him that the largest vain of oil
in the Middle East was at the Dead Sea. And, that when this vain was in
operation, all of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and others would no longer have oil
to sell because of the fact that the Dead Sea is so much below sea level
and it is there from which the overflow of oil to other countries comes
from! But the fellow called "hayseed" from the state of Texas) said that
that would only happen as to "GOD's" time line. Therefore, I feel "GOD" is
saying the time line has arrived by your vision, or at the very least very,
very close! Both you and I know that by the U. S. and Israel's walkout of
the Durban Conference because of the Arab's hated for the Zionist state,
this oil problem would be the final straw of the camels back so to speak! 
If you have cable tv, you might want to check out just how close this is to
happening. (I do not know of anyone having cable tv these days that would
be near me.) And, again ...PLEASE do NOT use my name if you decide to post

The main reason of my writing is to ask you to pray for me and the little 3
yr old girl I will be babysitting for this Saturday night, September 8th! 
This 3 yr old is my grandaughter and she had her entire skull removed when
she was only days old, because she was born with "Phiffiers Syndrome" 
(sp?) which causes the plates in the skull to lock and leaves NO place for
growth...including brain! After many surgeries to put in a shunt, traeck,
(sp?) there is this loving little ANGEL inside this some what deformed
body, that uses sign language to tell me all she knows and loves! We have
prayed together many times. Yet because of these dark spirits that are
inside of me, I am breaking out with all sorts of running sores on the back
of my head and neck, and back....because it is the residue of these spirits
that cause this in my physical body. Please pray that the "LORD's Will" to
be done on this Saturday evening September 8th for the both of us. And,
please include that I understand all of her sign language because I'm a
slow learner.

GOD Bless you for continuing to do "HIS" will for everyone.

[Fwd: Prayer request]
Fri, 17 Aug 2001 10:46:36 -0700
Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Here is prayer request from our Brothers in Africa. I do not like to send out attachment files, but this look alright. Always check for virses when opening attached files. I have started to update the Italian website. To bad I do not know all of these languages. It would make everything so much easier. God bless you all and please keep praying for Sandi. 

yours in Christ, 

Subject: Re: Prayer request
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 19:27:27 +0300
From: Kilimo - IFAD DODOMA <>
To: Raymond Aguilera <>

Dear Ray, 

I am greeting your in the Name of our Lord Jesus. Thankyou for your E-mail. I am sorry I have been quite for sometime now. We are still working on SWAHILI translation. It is slow but we have not given up. I had trouble with a computor but thanks to the Lord for now I have a new one. Pleasedo not forget us in your prayers for the grace and strength from the Lord so that this commintment we have made the Lord will help us finish to the end. I am also writting to your to ask other brothers and sisters to ask the Holy Spirit and the Lord if the attached files has someting to do with confirmation of Prophecy # 149 and particulary bearing in mind Prophecy # 1120. I have tried to suppress the filling I have but I could not contain any more. If you look at the agenda of G8 I am particularly convinced that it all has to do with the preparation of NWO. Also when I make reference to Rev. chapter 6:2 where the one on the white Horse has only the bow without arrows, which to me means he will be a strongman that is he may be rich or has certain powers but will not us the authority he has as a force at a beginning but will us his strength/authority to convince his subject at the beginning. 

From the agenda I am also concern about the following statements: 

"Reform of the United Nations will also be on the agenda as will be the Balkans, East Timor, efforts to reduce the availability of small weapons, North Korea and India and Pakistan".

"Discussion will also focus on improving the workings of global financial institutions, such as the World Bank and the IMF. 

There is particular concern over the attacks on the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO by activists. The G7 countries are the real power behind the major global institutions, and so will be looking at ways of increasing their legitimacy". 

Is it possible that among the above institutions will be the vehicle the Anti-Christ will us. Does Rev. 17:11 in reference to G7, G8 has something or is it a coincidence?

See Europe is united, Africa has decided to abolish OAU and have started forming United Africa does it means the 10 horns are growing??? East Africa which broke down in 1978 is back, SADEC is strngthening it self. Now how can deny the LORDS wornings??

So my dear Brother in Christ we have all the right to work to death as your doing as certaily, our Lord as he has said in the Bible He must be so close may be at our doorsteps. 

Could some one kindly find out if this Senior of Proph. 1120 was in Japan and also follow up to subsequent meetings.

Wishing all the Blessing of our Lord, and thanking the Lord for his WORD which He has been giving through you and His other Prophets. May he continuously provide us with the strength and grace we need to stand on our feet. 

Yours in Christ Our Lord,

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Raymond Aguilera 
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2001 7:10 PM
Subject: Prayer request

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I have a prayer request for a dear Sister in Christ. She has been a blessing over the years to myself and this ministry. She has informed me she is very sick. Please pray for her daily that the Lord will totally heal her. This has really sadden me and I have been praying for her every day. Please do the same. I prayed for her last night and the Lord showed me a Lit Oil Lamp, but I do not know the meaning of this vision. God bless you all. 

yours in Christ, 

PS: Also I lost all of my past e-mail in my inbox. I have been overhauling the <> website and some how I lost all of my old e-mail. So if you are waiting for some kind of response from me on an e-mail you sent me. I do not have it anymore. Over the past several weeks I have checking and re-checking and moving around about six thousand web pages on our websites until my eyes cannot focus anymore. We now have a new look, but I still have to completely update the other English and the translated websites. It amazes me on how much data we have posted. 

Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 19:38:27 -0500 
From: "Dr. Sandi Simons" <> 
To: Raymond Aguilera <> 

Dear Raymond, 

........ Please have your cell group pray for me. I have metastatic liver 
cancer. If God does not intervene, I will have but very few months...but he has 
told me it is not unto just pray that he will work out all the details 
for my healing. Thanks for being such a blessing to me. Sandi 


Subject: What today's Churches do not Hear and the reasons---Why?
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 19:15:50 -0400 (EDT)

"To him that overcomes," saith the Lord God. God warned Israel, as well
as the Churches of seeking unto man-to inquire unto them, concern ing
the Lord God, instead of falling upon our faces before Holy God. The
time has comes, that each of us, examine ourselves to be sure we are in
Faith of His Spirit, and not reprobate, without the knowledge of God
(1Corin-15-34) (Hebrews-12-25) See that you refuse not Him that speaks,
For if they escaped not who turned away from Him that spoke on earth,
Israel, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him that
speaks from Heaven. (Ezekiel-14-7) For every one of the house of Israel,
or the stranger that so-journeth in Israel, which separates himself from
Me, and sets up his idols in his heart, and puts the stumbling block of
his iniquity, disbelief, before his face, and comes to a prophet to
inquire of him concernng Me, I the Lord will answer him by Myself. Which
also agrees with--(James-1-5) If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of
God, Who gives freely to all men, that ask of Him. (1Corin-2-12- 13) Not
in words which man's wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Spirit teaches,
comparing spiritual things with spiritual. To compare spiritual with
spiritual, we must know the works thereof. We know the Holy Spirit comes
to convict man of sin, and of righteousness, and of Judgment, the wages
of sin is death. The spirit of the world, of the god of the world,
satan, comes to misquote God's Word, that he might justify to man, sin
against Holy God, with the Lie, you shall not surely die (1John-2-27)
For the anointing we have received of Him, abides in us, and we need not
that "any man" teach us, as the same anointing, that called, teaches us
of all things and is truth and is no Lie, and even as IT--the Holy
Spirit has taught us, we shall abide in Him. Because of disbelief, of
God, His Word, and the Power of His Spirit, to answer them by Himself,
the Religious Leaders of today, have separated themselves from God
(Rev-2-20) that they might set up their idols in their hearts, professor
so and so, men making gods unto themselves To inquire of them,
concerning the Lord, The Bible Colleges across this nation the
stumblingblock of their iniquity, disbelief, that they might commit
fornication against the Spirit of Holy God And they Hear not God's
Warnings to Israel as well as the churches, for doing such a thing-
(Ezekiel-15-9)+And if that prophet be deceived,when he has spoken a
thing, I the Lord has deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out My
Hand upon him and will destroy him from the midst of My People Israel
Now Hear God's Same Warnings unto the Churches (11Thess -2-10-12) And
with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them, because they
received not the Love of the Truth of His Spirit, that they might be
saved (11) And for this cause, God shall send them stong delusion, that
they should believe a Lie (12) That they might all be damned who
believed not the Truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Has the
Churches been deceived to believe a Lie? God's Word, the wages of sin
is death, God never changes, neither does satan.
Now hear the message that is taught today by the Bible College preachers
-(Jude-4) Who have changed God's Grace, from the Power of His Spirit to
conform sinful man like unto His Image, to again, misquote God's Word,
in their created religion (11thess 2-3) having denied the Power of His
Spirit, that they might Justify their continued sin against God--
calling such nonsense the Grace of God, that they might believe a
Lie--you shall not surely die. What does God's Word say about continued
sin? (Hebrews-10-26-27) For if we sin wilfully after that we have
received the Knowledge of the Truth, Christ, there remains no more
sacrifice for sin. But a CERTAIN fearful looking for of Judgment, and
fiery indignation which shall devour the adversaries.While their
followers, of their justified sin, believe them and say--I sin every
day, but when God looks upon me, He doesn't see my sin, He only see's
Christ Blood, and they know not the danger of such religion, to try and
make the Holy Blood of Christ Jesus, and the Power of His Spirit, of no
more power then of the blood of bulls and goats (Hebrews-10-2) that
could do nothing to change the evil conscience of man, only cover their
sin, in which God had no pleasure, taking it away. He gave His Son to
die on a cross, that His Blood might cleanse us (Romans-3-25) of PAST
sin, (Romans-6-6) that the old man, born in the image of first Adam,
might be crucified with Christ, that the body of sin might be destroyed,
that henceforth, we should not serve sin, those that obey Him
(Acts-5-32) might be raised by His Spirit unto the new man, created
after God into righteousness and true holiness, like unto His image
(1Corin-15-49) And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall
also bear the image of the Heavenly, For we must be born again (50)
Because in that day, those in the image of corruption, first Adam, shall
not inherit the incorruption, the image of Christ, but will face, the
second death- Take Heed .(Hebrews-10-29) Of how much sorer punishment,
suppose you,, shall he be thought worthy, who has trodden under foot the
Son of God, and has counted the Blood of the Covenant, wherewith He was
sanctified, (to take away sin), an unholy thing, (man's justified
continued sin), and has done despite, denied the Spirit of Grace.
Because today's religious leaders departed from God, to commit
fornication unto His Spirit, that they might add sin unto more sin, Take
a look at their bride because the Bridegroom- has rejected her+
(Rev-2-23) And I will kill her children with death, and all the churches
shall know that I am He which searches the reins and hearts and I will
give unto everyone of you, according to your works, because Faith
without works, obedience is dead (1John-2-4) He that saith I know Him
and keeps not His Commandments, is a Liar, and the Truth is not in him.
Take Heed to God's Word, and take another look at His Bride- clean hands
and a pure heart toward God-+ (Rev-19-7-9) Let us be glad and rejoice,
and give honour to Him; for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His
wife has made herself ready (Jeremiah-31-22-23) And to her was granted
that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white, for the fine
linen is the righteousness of the saints (Rev-14-12) Here is the
patience of the saints--here are they that keep the commandmets of God,
and the faith of Jesus (9) And He said unto me, Write, Blessed are they
which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And He saith unto
me, These are the True Sayings of God++ Todays Religious
Leaders,(Rev-2-20) that stand before the Churches, as Servants of God,
but have heard nothing from God--Take Heed, because they (Romans-1-18
-22) are without excuse before Holy God! Yet, they repent not (Ezekiel
14-10) And they shall bear the punishment of their iniquity, disbelief,
the punishment of the prophet shall be even as the punishment of him
that seeked unto him-(Rev-2-21-21) Great Tribulation, not by satan as
they so teach, but at the Hand's of Holy God (Ezekiel-13-22-23) Their
end shall surely come! As bad as I want My Lord to come, but my heart
broken because of the churches, these men (11Thess-2-3-) have deceived,
I can not say--Even so--come Lord Jesus!+ (1Corin-1 25-31) This Power,
This Glory, God shares with no man--He must do the work, Yet, they have
refused Him+ that they might receive the Word by the wayside
(Matthew-13-19) the work of the Devil (Rev-2-20) (Rev-17 -5) The Bible
College, men showing themselves that they are God, to teach God's
Servant"s, those, He had called unto Himself, and they went out from
Him: (1John-2-18-19) Little children, it is the last time, and as you
have heard that antichrist shall come, even now there are many
antichrists, whereby, we know that it is the last time. They went out
from us, but they were not of us, for if they had been of us, they would
no doubt, have continued with us, but they went out that they might be
made manifest that they were not all of us.(1John-2-20) They are the
merchants of the Bible College (Rev-18 23) The great men of the earth,
still in first Adam, and without His Spirit . For many are called, but
few are chosen. Woe unto you when all men speak well of you, for so did
their fathers to the false prophets! Patsy Shirey Trust The Lord, that still speaks
from Heaven, put no confidence in man (Hebrews-12-25)

Subject: Occurrence, new index web pages, possible confirmation.
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 14:19:21 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Please check out the new Prophecy index pages:<>, <>. I
am working on the Finnish web site now. Please also pray to the Lord for our finances, we are
very low on funds. Also I had a some people ask about the costs for the Internet Server, I did
some checking and this is what I found out. 

Internet Server without operation program about $900-1000. 
Internet Server with operation program $1750- 2300. 
E-mail program about $1100-1200 in addition to computer. 

I plan on using Microsoft Windows 2000 Server operation program and Microsoft Exchange
e-mail program. The Windows 2000 Server is about $900-1000 and Microsoft Exchange about

The whole system works on Windows and that is all I know, and I do not have the time to learn
the other Internet programs. I hope this helps those asking for the information. 

God bless you all. 

Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 July 2001 at 6 PM. 

Yesterday, while I was at the drug store I noticed a rack of watches. It crossed my mind to buy one,
but then I decided to pray to the Lord instead to give me back my old lost watch. 

This is what happened about 12 hours later: During the night I was awaken by the Lord and I felt my
hand move over to the corner of my pillowcase and my hand squeezed on my lost watch. 
Immediately, I knew that the Lord was answering my earlier prayer. Like I have mentioned before I
have had at least three occurrences about watches appearing or disappearing. This is very strange
stuff! For I know, I really checked out my pillowcase at least three times, and there was no watch

Also, Ron and I were speaking on the phone yesterday about how the future Internet Server
(computer) purchase might be the vision of the half-finished communications tower in the Prophecy
Book. Then Ron proceeded to tell me how he had found another possible confirmation in the
Prophecy Book about my marriage to Eva. There was a vision and later a Word, and Ron said that the
marriage happened right to the month it was predicted. Well, I told him to e-mail me his finding. Well
I guess that is all for now! (over) 

Subject:possible confirmation 
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 13:23:02 -0700 (PDT) 
From: ronald viessman <> 

Ray: Could you pass this on. 

#301. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 February 
1993 at 4:23 am. 
I see a couple surrounded by a concave dome in 
the shape of a bell. 

#309. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 March 
1993 at 7:00 am. 
I had a dream and heard a voice say "Seven 
Years". Then I heard praise music, and a voice say, 
"Seven Years". 

Note: Ray and Eva was married in February 2000. 7 
years later. 

God Bless 

Subject: New Visions
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 08:09:44 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Check out our New Prophecy index pages. <>, <>. Also, the Lord had me spend the last of our money for the domain name <>. Here all the San Francisco prophecies will upload. I also had to do design the new type of index page for this web site. I will place it online when the new server becomes a reality with all the other domain names purchased. 

yours in Christ, 

Subject: I am back from camping.
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 08:12:54 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>
To: E-Mail list

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I am back home from camping. I am rested from computer work, but I am tired of driving my car. :>). Eva and I covered over 2400 miles across California, Oregon and Washington in seven days. I showed Eva most of the volcanoes in this area (Mt. Shasta, Mt St. Helen's, the Lava Beds, and Mt. Lassen). I did get some spiritual attacks at the Lava Beds and I wanted to come straight home, but the Lord told me there was some kind of spiritual turbulence there. We prayed and the next morning all went well. We were planning on going on to Idaho from Washington, then back down through Nevada to California, but the morning we were to leave, the Lord instructed me to go straight home by the way of Highway 5. For something named, "reabie" (not sure of the spelling) was going to try to ambush me. So we headed back as the Lord had instructed us. 

Also all of our computers would not go online on our return. I finally restored my computer and Eva's, but the backup computer just will not go online. I guess - I am back to computer work. God bless all of you for all of the letters. Lately, I have been getting more and more letters from people from India, United Arab Emirates, Africa, South Africa and Europe seeking the Lord. This ministry seems to be breaking Satan's strong holds in these places. Brothers and Sisters that were into Hindu, Muslim or non-Christianity are finding the Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit through the Prophecies.  Praise the Lord - for surely it was not anything I did. Praise you Lord. 

yours in Christ, 

Subject: New Prophecy & Visions
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 13:12:42 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Please keep us in your prayers. We need spiritual strength and protection for ourselves, and our family members. Our finances are running low also, so please ask the Lord to help all of us (translators, prayer warriors, helpers, and supporters) in our daily Christian walk. God bless
you all. 

yours in Christ, 

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 June 2001. 

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of a metal bucket and inside of this metal bucket was a large heavy iron Anvil. I could see that the handle of the metal bucket's had a rope tied to it. As I watched the rope began to lift-up the bucket carrying the heavy Anvil. Once the bucket was really high in the sky the rope broke or was cut. I could see the Anvil and metal bucket fall with a great Force. When the bucket hit the ground the Anvil's Force crushed the metal bucket flat. 

I was also shown ashes. 

Then the Lord showed me a double edge ax with a beautiful Wooden Handle floating horizontally in the air. 

Prophecy June 14, 2001 at 7:45 AM: 
Then this morning the Lord showed me the meaning of these three visions. The first vision of a metal bucket and the Anvil were symbols. The bucket was man's church. The Anvil was the Word of God. 

Then the Lord said, "I am going to crush man's church!" 

Then the Lord showed me the meaning of the floating ax. The beautiful Wooden Handle was the Vine (John 15:5). Then I was given the scriptures about the Vine (John 15:3-6). 

The vision of the ashes was the last part of the scripture John 15:6. 

The double edge ax were the scriptures (Rev 1:16, Rev 2:12). 

From KJV Bible: 
John 15:3 Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. 
John 15:4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the Vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. 
John 15:5 I am the Vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. 
John 15:6 If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned. 

From KJV Bible: 
Rev 1:16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. 
Rev 1:17 And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: 
Rev 1:18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. 
Rev 1:19 Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter; 

Rev 2:12 And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; 
Rev 2:13 I know thy works and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth. 
Rev 2:14 But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. 
Rev 2:15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate. 
Rev 2:16 Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. 
Rev 2:17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that
overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. 

Subject: Re: Message from Anna
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 10:02:12 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

hello Anna, 

Thank you for the e-mail, I hope you do not mind me sharing it with the others in the Body of Christ. 
I was sick most of last week and today is my first day back on the computer. I have been feeling
down lately and I know the long hours of work are back for me. But your e-mail lifted me up and I
feel I can restart again with this refreshing e-mail. Thank you again and God bless you and yours

yours in Christ, 

Anna & Barry Tonkin wrote: 

Dear Brother Ray,Hi how are you? I just wanted to let you know that from what I've been reading on the prophecy website so far, that I truly believe that the Lord is speaking through you. I am currently taking downnotes from the website and putting them in a folder for me to read up on daily. I can feel a strong presence of someone here in the room just watching me whenever I get onto the prophecy website. I feel that someone is standing here and I feel no fear. As, I've only been a christian for just under 2 years, I really feel that I need to get equipped for something that's going to change and shape my christian walk. When I read these prophecies, sometimes I cry because I know it's the Lord talking to me and touching me where I need it most. I really do thank HIM for using you and that you are getting HIS Message out to everyone. I encourage you brother Ray to keep going what the Lord has instructed you to do and may He strengthen you in spirit and in truth. 

Your sister-in-christ, Anna.

Subject: thank you
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 22:37:39 +0000
To: Raymond Aguilera <>

dear mr. aguilera,

i just read your more2.htm page today and i stand convicted once again of my 
sins. i am one of those christians who, having seen the work of the Lord, 
still do not fully believe, for i often forget what He has done for me. i am 
one of those christians who have received the grace of the Spirit yet still 
do not obey His Law. i am one who knows the Word in my mind but not in my 
heart. i am controlled by the desires and yearnings of my flesh but turn a 
deaf ear to the calling of our Lord. 

when i sit and read about your spiritual journey i envy your closeness to 
God, though deep in my heart i know that He is as close to me as to you, 
indeed as close as He was to Jesus during the 33 and a half years of His 
ministry. i know the problem is in me. though seeing, i do not perceive, and 
though hearing, i do not understand. my heart is so hard and forgetful. when 
will i ever learn? 

i don't know why i'm writing this all to you when it should be a prayer to 
God. but in my heart as i write i am praying it. if i can ask for a prayer 
request, i would ask for my heart, to let it be softened to the Word of God 
so that i may understand Him. i want to know Him and hear Him so much yet i 
stumble like a crippled man.

may the Lord be your strength and your Peace. thank you for being a faithful 
servant to the Lord. your story is an example for the world.


patrick s. park 
"They can't stop us, we're on a mission from God!" <><

Subject: the Last vision I sent out!
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 10:41:55 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Here is a forwarded e-mail of a POSSIBLE confirmation for the last vision I sent out - from Dave on our e-mail list. God bless and please pray to the Lord over all prophecies. 

yours in Christ, 

Subject: an poss insight to your newest vision of the tiger and dragon 
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 12:21:49 EDT 

Ray i read your vision about the tiger and the dragon, when i read this story 
i was shown by The Holy Spirit that your tiger is Taiwan and the dragon was 
God Bless 
Your brother in Jesus Christ, 

Beijing prompts invasion fears 
By Bill Gertz 

Subject: Re:The Lord's Truth.
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 09:08:39 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Bolatito Ajala, 

I enjoyed your e-mail very much. I believe many have forgotten some of the TRUTHS that you have written about. I hope you do not mind if I forward this e-mail message to the others on our e-mail list. Many people forget that the Lord's Words do not come back void. Whether they are given to non-Christians, baby Christians or meat and potatoes Christians. And the same goes for His Truth.  Some people get angry others get mad, but the Lord's TRUTH will not be stopped! For all of us who are truly following our Lord with a clear and clean heart know him as love and mercy, but we have to OBEY Him, even if it goes against our man made rules. 

As for going to Africa, the Lord has instructed me to go there, but at His timing. As of today I am waiting for Him to say GO! I might also say the Lord will never forget Africa, or any part of the world where His Lambs are. Do not worry about sending money, all I would like to see is; for you to stay focused on our Lord with all of your heart, mind and soul. Also keep your eyes ONLY on our Lord.Then watch the Lord's WILL come to be; in your Life. God bless you Brother in Jesus Christ's Name, the Name above all Names. 

yours in Christ, 

Bolatito Ajala wrote: 

Dear Ray, 

I write to you from Nigeria, Africa the forgotten continent. 

Thank you for listening to the Lord I was getting fed up listening and watching the christian walk and going to church, because people claimed to follow the Lord but their actions denied him. 

I am a christian, but I do not consider myself a good christian but I would like to be better than I am. A good christian must be FILLED with power and Love and should be able to hear from the lord clearly, must follow the Lord, understanding that ever action or in action is a reflection of the God he serves. 

I am glad when the WHOLE message is preached because only then are we constantly aware of our unrighteousness. 

Thank you for posting about giving and not expecting anything back. I have often been confused as many preachers preach that if you give and do not send it forth expecting a reward you will not get any, so I would thank God for provision and ask for reward. I guess this is wrong . Thank you because God gave unconditionally , so must we. 

Thank you for reminding me that my God of love is also a God of justice. Thank you. I willl never forget this site. My salary is a stipend of what you need I work in a bank and I get about $ 225 a month. I hope to get better opportuinites and in the Lord's time support what he wants me to, I pray this desire will not die or fizzle but grow in Jesus name.Please bear with me until then. 

I was surprised to find that you were not sent to Africa at all you may not have been to Africa before, but God has.There is alot of evil alot of wickedness and alot of grief but there are also alot of people who love the Lord. 

May 23, 2001

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I want to REALLY THANK ALL OF YOU, who have e-mailed me your suggestions, below is only one of the suggestions. My problem is this: AW is sending me some beautiful work of translated Italian prophecies (she is into the thousands numbers now). She and I have spent many, many hours (months) on translating the prophecies from English into the Italian language. My problem is when I translate her e-mails into Microsoft Word I get paragraph marks (breaks) and line breaks in this conversion. I have been doing them, one line at a time, and I find myself spending a lot of my time changing line breaks. Using the several of the systems like the one below; only corrects parts of them and messes up some others. I guess, I have some introduced some errors into the document, while changing the line breaks. Since I do not know the Italian language at all, I have to be very careful not to mess up AW's work. So I guess I will have to go back and recheck all of the work she has done. 

After all of the data has been changed into Microsoft Word "doc", I copy and paste this data into Microsoft Front Page and make my htm files for the web site for uploading. I could use some prayers in this. So far I have found over 26,000+ changes in just one of the changes listed below using one of the systems given me. 

Then there are the Spanish changes which I have not touched. Also there are the Finnish translations- and Eva has also started the Swedish translations. I guess this is very important for the Lord had me purchased her a new computer for this. 

Not to mention I have not even touched the English typing of the first South American Mission Trip of last year for a while, which has all the Prophecy numbers at a stand still (stopped). I have been going only on 6 hours sleep a night, seven days a week and i do not know how much more I can do. Well, I guess I feel better now, that I have spoke it out. God bless all you again. 

yours in Christ, 

Sample of conversion: 

Hey Ray...ok well 

1. first you find ^p^p and replace with either ~,#,@, it doesnt matter  which  one u use 

2. then find one ^p, replace it with a single space 

3. then find ~ or # or @, (which ever one you used in step #1)  then you replace it with ^p^p 

that should work.. let me know if does or doesn't.. 


May 7, 2001

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The POWER of the Lord has really been very strong around here lately, as you have seen by the prophecies and visions of last  week, but also the devil forces have struck us very hard. Our funds are all gone, Ron has purchased our food for next week,  but our electrical power, water, phones lines will be turned off in a few weeks. So if you do not hear from me for awhile, I am  still working, but off-line. Those that have been around from the beginning of this ministry have seen this before. God bless  you all.

yours in Christ,

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 May 2001 at 2:05 AM.

The Lord said, "Barak will die!" (over)

Something VERY POWERFUL is happening in Israel right now, but I just cannot understand it yet in the Spirit. Every night I sense this  Powerful force doing something there. Every time I look at photographs of Israel my hair stands up. Very frightening stuff!

Subject: [Fwd: From Bill in OZ]
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 16:27:55 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Here is an e-mail from Bill Stoneham, who is maintaining our Prophecy web site in Australia. I do not know if he sensing this VERY POWERFUL Spiritual Force like I am here, but I know that something is happening in the Spirit on a worldwide level. I am going to keep moving forward until my spiritual strength and funds run out. For the Lord knows - I am doing all that I can do on my end. Like you said Bill, and I will say it, "PRAISE THE LORD AGAIN AND AGAIN! We will work, pray, take communion, and fast until we drop for your Name's sake, Lord Jesus Christ. For I am not going to playing church games in my spiritual life. I am going to try to do my best and run a good race for you Lord every minute of my life." 

yours in Christ, 


Re: From Bill in OZ
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 08:58:06 +1000
From:  "William Stoneham" <>
To:  Raymond Aguilera <>

Hi Ray,

I know what you mean by no mail. I receive no E-Mail or mail these days. Even when I send mail to other people they don't respond, as they don't want too!

I Know the Lord is disciplining me and this has been going for a long time. In fact ever since I sent you some cash. Financially, I am currently out of cash, but in this time, I know the Lord will deliver me when the time is right, and never before hand. Although I hate it. We have to be prepared for war, and military boot camp would never excite me, so in the same way the Lord training us is not fun.

The Lord is continuing to teaching us how to use his power correctly, and not as a toy. This is very exciting, and I am amazed at how far the seen church is off track. It is all in the Bible. It is all there.

I keep you in my prayers. We give the Farther, Son and holy Spirit the Praise, Thanks and Glory.

April 29, 2001

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I am forwarding this e-mail to the e-mail list for prayers. I am sorry to say I get many letters like this, and I do not have the funds to send these brothers any books or even the money to buy the Prophecy Books for myself. Right now I don't even have the funds to buy my Doctor's prescription medicine when I run out. Please pray for this brother's needs in Pakistan. 

On other matters I have updated the English web sites (a new look and cleaned them up some). I have also updated the Italian web site. AW has translated into the 1000+ area, and I have uploaded the new translations up to the #700's (less drawings and pictures). There does not seem to be enough time for me to do everything. 

God bless you all, 
Subject: greetings from Pakistan
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 00:32:55 +0500
From: "Anjum" <>
To: <>

Beloved Brother Raymond in Christ

Heaps of greetings and blessings in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ. we are again going to have two big Pastors, Leaders Church growth Seminars one in Karachi and one in Gujranwala. There will be 500 People who will attend the Seminar. And in evening Evangelical meetings there will be more than 6000 people who are eager to hear the Good news of the Gospel. After Oct. we arranged a crusade in March you will see the report below. Please pray for Pakistan. I hope you will not ignore Pakistan

Just He is our great provider.

How we are working and what we are working I've tried to tell below. I'm anxiously waiting for your kind response. Please send me your book about "prophecies, Visions, Occurences and dreams."

Please note my mailing address
Rev.Shahbaz Anjum
P.O.Box No 171
Gujranwala Pakistan 52250

yours in Christ.
Rev.Shahbaz Anjum
Shalom Church Ministry


Who we are?

Shalom Church Ministries (SCM) is working in Pakistan from 1985. Since than the Church is fighting to snatch the captured souls from the unmerciful hands of Satan. During these years The SCM has introduced his ministry throughout the country, in urban areas of major cities of Pakistan as well as in rural areas. We intend to win souls for Christ and to prepare Labourers to work in the field of Lord and to be a Samaritan for all those who are needy. Rev. Pastor Shahbaz Anjum is the Senior Pastor of Shalom Church Ministry. God used Him to preach the word of God almost all over Pakistan and also in Singapore, South Korea and in all states of U.A.E. With His team of twenty Pastors, Evangelists and SCM is trying its level best to fulfil the great commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. SCM is a Pentecostal Church and we believe that by the blood of the son of God we are saved.

General Board Shalom Church Ministries.
Rev. Shahbaz Anjum Senior Pastor & Chairman
Shahzad Anjum Secretary General
Elder Salamat Masih Treasurer
Pastor Khadim Sabbir Senior Board Member
Miss Saleema Dewan Women Ministry Co- ordinator

Executive Board Good Samaritan Ministries
Shahzad Anjum Director
Rev.Shahbaz Anjum Pastoral Director
Saqib Khadim Secretary General
Stephen Salamat Treasurer
Arfan Babar Senior Board Member

Our contact:-
Rev.Shahbaz Anjum
P.O.Box No 171
Pakistan 52250

e-mail Personal :-
Church e-mail:-
Mob:- 9203009643486

April 26, 2001

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I have been on-line and off-line for three days maintaining our computers. We could use more prayers for spiritual and physical health, and also financial help from the Lord. The prophecy and vision below startled me, for I felt like I was REALLY THERE in the spirit. As I saw this in the spirit, it gave me goose bumps and my hair went up on end all over my body. I was going to tell the whole story at the Bible study, but I knew they would not understand, so I mentioned it only briefly. This is like most of the e-mails from brothers and sisters in this end time ministry state; - people do not want to hear about the end times. People only want to hear about church events, their jobs, and their day to day things. It is so sad, for I sense that the end is so close and people only want to hear about their own little world, but that is the way Bible says it is going to be during the end times. May our Lord have mercy on them. 

yours in Christ, 

Subject: Possible confirmation #546 [Fwd: A article from]
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 09:48:27 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

This is a long message, but I found the News article very interesting. I am going to place it on the web site. 

The new web site is up and I am going to setup a new up to date search engine on it for those who do word studies. The other new domain names will be pointing to the web site. It has taken a lot of time, but it is almost finished. The translation time has suffered, but I only have two hands. God bless you all and a special thank you to those who are helping with the money to make this possible. For getting the Prophecy Word out is one of the main reasons for this ministry. 

yours in Christ, 

546. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 September 1994 at 3:08 PM. in Spanish. 

She found. She found the mark. Yes, Reymundo, she found the mark. The lady, the lady that is yours. She found the mark of God. Now everything is going to be fixed. Yes! For she found the mark of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit. All is going to be fixed. For she found the mark. Yes! It has arrived, the day of your lady, in the manner of God. 

Korea's eyes are going to radiate, the Korea of the Chinese. The country of Korea, it's going to radiate with all that there is of the devil. For the flame of the devil is strong in the north, and the north doesn't want to hear the things of God. For their mind is pointed. Their mind is pointed to all the things of the world, the filthy things, the things of power, the things that are of the devil. But it has arrived the day of North Korea. 

It has arrived. For the flame that you believe is high now, it isn't. It hasn't even started. It's going to radiate, and it's going to become hotter. Then all that you believed of the wars is going to begin in North Korea. Yes! I have told you with My Lips, the Lips of the Father, the Lips of the Son, the Lips of the Holy Spirit. 

The things of Korea are going to become hotter with the force of the devil, with the force of the bomb. Yes!, the bomb. Remember that I told you about the bomb of North Korea. For they are very wise, and they are very pointed to the things of the devil. Yes! It has arrived, the point of the bomb, of North Korea. 

For they are going to move toward the south. Yes! They are going to move with hunger, with the hunger of the force that they have. For they have arrived at the point that they want to do something, with their power, with their soldiers, with all that is of the devil. Look at North Korea for many people are going to die in the south, and in the north. For the men that run the north want the power. They want all that is filthy, and they don't care how many die for all that they want is power. 

Yes!, mark it on your calendar. Here comes North Korea. It coming to the south, and South Korea won't be able to stop the north. For the south of Korea have their eyes pointed in the money, in the things of the world. They don't care for anything of God, the One who made the world, the stars, all that there is, all that you see. And they are not looking at North Korea CLEARLY!, with their eyes open. For they are playing with their toys, with their money, with the things of the world. But here comes the soldiers of the north with the teeth of the devil, with the hunger of the devil, with the force of the devil. 

Remember Reymundo, that I told you. Watch yourself of North Korea for they are on the loose, the pigs of the devil, with the force of the demons. They are going to begin to move to the south. Yes! For they are hungry for the blood. Yes! It has arrived the day of the war of Korea. (over) 
Subject: A article from
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 14:20:24 (GMT)
From: Stephanie Hilliard <>
To: <>

You have been sent this message from Stephanie Hilliard ( as a courtesy of (

This appears to directly confirm Prophecy 546 about North Korea.

To view the entire article, visit

Thursday, April 19, 2001
The wizards and their policy
By J.R. Nyquist

The ferocious regime of North Korea is openly preparing for World War III, boasting of the impending incineration of the United States. A North Korean general recently told his commanders that the next war would begin with the nuclear obliteration of the United States. He did not explain how this would be accomplished, but a few moments of reflection suggest only one possible answer. 

For those who discount a major threat from Russia and China, the North Korean general must be put down as an empty braggart. Establishment thinkers and scholars today believe that North Korea remains all by itself, without the support of Russia's huge nuclear arsenal. But even so, North Korea is a force to be reckoned with. 

On Tuesday Maj. Gen. Jerry D. Humble, commander of U.S. Marine Corps forces in Korea, gave a briefing on the Korean military situation for scholars and government officials at the George Bush Center at Texas A&M University. 

"Things aren't always as we see and hear," said Humble. In the last 12 months, contrary to all expectations, the North Korean armed forces have grown by 10 percent. Humble presented charts showing that North Korea now has 1.1 million troops, 4,300 tanks, 13,000 artillery and 600 ballistic missile weapons. 

Even more significant, in terms of signaling North Korean intentions, the communists have pushed their massive artillery forces up to the DMZ, where they are vulnerable to attack. "This is not a defensive deployment," Humble said. So many North Korean troops, in fact, have advanced right to the edge of the DMZ, that allied forces are perplexed by "the loss of unambiguous warning [of attack]." In other words, the North Korean forces are now deployed for a surprise strike of unprecedented proportions. 

In the last 24 months the North Koreans have increased their long-range artillery deployment by 25 percent. "They have a couple of nuclear weapons, maybe more," explained Humble, who added that "threat equals capability plus intention." One might almost ask why certain capabilities have been created to begin with. 

According to Humble, North Korea has put over 250 artillery systems capable of firing chemical weapons up-range of an area inhabited by 20 million South Koreans. Set-up time for attack is 14 minutes, said the general. The North Koreans are also aiming thousands of long-range guns within range of South Korea's population centers. According to Humble, these guns can deliver 10,000 rounds per hour for several hours, turning the urban heartland of South Korea into what the communists have described as "a sea
of flames." 

Referring to the North Korean enemy, Humble asks, "Why has he continued to increase his capability?" Further questions flow from this: Does the path of peace coincide with "North Korea's continued and ever-intensifying military buildup? What about North Korea's continued development of long-range missiles and weapons of mass destruction?" 

Expressing typical Marine Corps spirit, Maj. Gen. Humble said, "I want to tell you the North Koreans aren't 10 foot tall, they're 4' 2''. But they've got a lot of 4' 2''. There's some terrible, terrible capabilities on the North Korean side. But if they attack we're going to beat this aggression." 

As the destructive capability of North Korea has grown over the past two decades, the communist economy has suffered. Humble showed unclassified night-time satellite photos of the Korean Peninsula. In these dramatic shots, North Korea is almost completely dark, except for a small patch of light around the communist capital of Pyongyang. South Korea, on the other hand, is almost entirely illuminated from one end to the other. "The North's economy isn't about to collapse," said the general; "it has already collapsed." 

North Korea is suffering under darkness because the communist war machine has sucked the country dry. In a nation of 23 million human souls, 1.1 million are under arms while 5 million can be called into active service from the reserves. This is a tremendous mobilization capability, hardly imaginable. "North Korea," said Humble, "is getting colder, darker, poorer and sicker." 

Meanwhile, the North Korean military is bigger, meaner, uglier and closer. 

Lately the North Koreans, under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, have extended an olive branch to South Korea and the West. Kim has initiated a diplomatic outreach to eight countries in Europe and Asia. He has begun talks with the Red Cross, talks on economic relations with South Korea. He has also allowed an exchange of mail while negotiating steps toward building a transportation corridor through the DMZ. Anticipating this corridor, the South Koreans are already building a road to the North. "Mines have been cleared," said Humble, "but no work is going on the northern side of the DMZ at this time." 

The South Koreans, eager for peace and unity, are being seduced by sentiments of hope. The communist dictator has played upon their deepest national yearnings. Symbolizing the naive expectations of the South Korean people, the road they are building to the North, for the sake of which they are punching an open hole in their own defenses, is best understood when we look to the North and see no corresponding road being built from the other direction. Here we find that reciprocity is mocked. 

For years the communists were unable to drive a wedge between the United States and South Korea. Now, at long last, by offering South Korea the prospect of peaceful unification on democratic terms, the communists have finally cracked the solid front against them. There now appears a deep split in South Korea over the issue of trusting the North. This split calls into question the leadership of America, which is perceived as too hawkish. Many Koreans, eager for peace and for relief from constant danger, believe that North Korea's murderous dictator has good intentions, that the communists can be trusted because communism's economic failure obligates them to follow the path of reform -- a path leading to the dissolution of the totalitarian system. Their theory is that once the Northerners see the prosperity of the South, the success and freedom of democratic Korea will in itself deliver a death-blow to the mindless rant of the Kim Jong Il cult (a form of Marxism-Leninism peculiar to North Korea). 

The suffering in North Korea, brought on by communist mismanagement and stupidity, is staggering. No ordinary regime could have survived such blunders. According to Don Oberdorfer, a Washington Post diplomatic correspondent who also spoke at the Bush Center on Tuesday, "Perhaps 1.2 million have died [in North Korea] of starvation or starvation-related illnesses in recent years." 

Even so, North Korea's military is thriving. This is because the communists are magicians who know how to turn starvation and xenophobia into as asset. They know how to threaten and how to appear pathetic at the same time, perhaps taking a chapter out of the Kremlin's great book of tricks. 

It is only natural that the North Koreans want money, fuel, food and credits. North Korea's allies, China and Russia, simply don't have resources to spare (being involved in their own military buildups). How, then, does one of the most obnoxious regimes on the planet turn ferocity and mass starvation into profit? 

When North Korea was about to begin processing uranium sufficient to make 50 nuclear weapons in 1994, the leaders of South Korea, Japan and the U.S. became alarmed. Former Defense Secretary William Perry spoke of this crisis in a Tuesday luncheon address (also at Texas A&M). This crisis, he said, "is engrained in my memory forever." 

With North Korea about to crank out nuclear bombs like sausages, our Japanese and South Korean allies were begging us to do something. People in Tokyo had visions of hydrogen bombs raining down on their country. North Korea was a crazy country run by madmen. They had to be stopped. 

It was thought by some that the U.S. would have to bomb North Korea's uranium production facilities. This would lead to a terrible war. Anticipating this result, a large U.S. military deployment to the Far East was worked out by Perry, who had the order ready for President Clinton to sign. As Perry tells it, Clinton was hours from signing the deployment order when a call came through from the North Korean leader, Kim Il Sung. The communists wanted to make a deal. 

Clinton gave them the deal of a lifetime. It became known as "the agreed framework" which ended up making North Korea the recipient of millions in foreign assistance from the U.S. and others. Remarkably, the North Koreans won the resources they needed to feed their people, fuel their economy and continue their deadly military buildup. All they had to do was stop their nuclear weapons program. 

But did they really stop it? 

Hope was the bait which hid the steely hook of Kim Jong Il. Instead of confronting North Korea in 1994 we assisted them. What came next was richly deserved and even laughable. In 1998 the North Koreans shocked everyone. They launched a long-range missile, demonstrating a theoretical capability to hit U.S. territory. Our reward for helping them feed their people, for paying them to moderate their behavior, was a further extension of North Korea's striking power. 

Again, the Clinton administration did not realize its own contribution to the problem. Using what they thought was a sophisticated strategy of "engagement," our statesmen and defense intellectuals justified (to their own satisfaction) a policy of appeasement. In taking this approach the Americans, South Koreans and Japanese were digging themselves a deep hole. Lured by hopes of an imminent communist collapse in Korea, the allies made one misstep after another. There was also an added complication. "If the funding [to North Korea] had been terminated [in 1998]," explained former Defense Secretary Perry, "North Korean plutonium production would have begun." 

North Korea's long-range missiles would then have nukes fitted onto them! 

There is the blackmail threat itself, out in the open, talked about in a matter-of-fact way, without shame. Here is a case of raw self-deception patting itself on the back. As Secretary Perry tells the Korea story, our payment of blackmail was a diplomatic coup! It was a golden opportunity to collapse communism! Shortly after Perry's speech, Vice Adm. Paul G. Gaffney gushed momentarily about "my hero, Secretary Perry." 

A curious delusion, encouraged by incestuous academic and government institutions, has overtaken our policymaking elite. These are nice people, smart people; and while they can no doubt write a washing bill in Babylonic cuneiform, their geostrategic elevator doesn't reach the top floor. By sophistical twists their thinking takes the shape of a grand intellectual pretzel. The final shape of their thought inevitably loops back to bite them from behind. 

In 1998 Perry did not revert to his 1994 strategy of reinforcing Korea with U.S. troops. Why not? Because by 1998 there weren't any U.S. troops to spare after the elimination of several Army divisions by President Clinton. The United States was in no position to confront the North Koreans about their nuclear infrastructure. The hook, once inserted into our collective mouth, could not be removed. "Some believed we should confront the North Koreans," Perry told the assembled notables on Tuesday. "It was clear to me that this policy would split the alliance." 

And he was right. The South Korean public had just elected a new president who was determined to seek peace with the North. Even though the North had broken the spirit of the earlier agreement, along with many other promises, the United States was yet willing to support the communists because the blackmail pressure had intensified as our allies followed our lead. We also flattered ourselves that Pyongyang's nuclear program had stopped, and took comfort in the thought that we were, after all, outmaneuvering a pathetic regime that couldn't feed its own people and would soon come unraveled. It did not occur to anyone that the regime was feeding its people at our expense -- while 13,000 guns were pointed at us. 

After the 1998 North Korean missile test, U.S. appeasement required a new formula. "If North Korea would forego its nuclear and missile weapons programs," said Perry, "we could continue to support them." Even more important, noted Perry, "We could present a united front." In other words, Japan and South Korea no longer had the stomach for a direct confrontation given the growing and terrifying power of North Korea. Sadly, Perry's much vaunted "united front" was a myth. There was only a united appeasement, a solid and shared delusion. "It was clear," explained Perry, "the North Koreans were interested in our positive proposals." 

Of course they were! 

North Korea develops nuclear weapons, so we pay them for every nuke they do not make. North Korea develops long-range missiles and, once more, we rush in with further payments. But each dollar's worth of aid only increases the number of bullets made available to the sullen North Korean generals who are now poised on the extreme edge of the DMZ. All the while, North Korea prepares its forces for yet another type of mass destruction warfare -- biological and chemical! 

And so it happens that we are flanked once again. 

With Perry looking on, I stood up from my seat and asked Major Gen. Humble about the fact that the North Korean Army had been inoculated against weaponized smallpox, a biological weapon. I noted that four Russian youngsters had contracted a mild form of smallpox in Vladivostok last June (after coming into contact with disposed vaccine ampules). "Even the Russians are inoculating their people." 

"I had my shots," said Humble. "The problem is with the younger people." He further explained that a large exercise was underway and new methods of defense against biologicals were being devised. "We are dealing with this problem," he offered. "We think the next eight months to 18 months are going to be critical." 

Maj. Gen. Humble did not explain the reasons for this curious statement with regard to timing. His answer on the biologicals also seemed fuzzy. Later that day, I overheard two defense analysts agreeing that their jobs would be threatened if they gave a negative assessment of U.S. defense capabilities. 

Well, at least they've analyzed that item correctly. 

AW wrote:

Hello Ray, On the 13th. April 01, I have sent you a message, and after four days it has been rejected. I have asked you to check your address in hotmail if you will not receive from me in two days, as the enemy is trying to close down this address too. I had to send you the List of Contents twice, and many messages several times as always rejected. God bless AW -----


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Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 16:34:28 +0200

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I found this e-mail interesting, since Carl, Mark and I did almost the same thing. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,
Subject: anointing the Land
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 09:17:06 -0400
To: <>


greetings in the name of our Most High God. i just wanted to share
something with you. during the feast of pentecost last year myself and a
friend were told by the Lord to anoint 12+1 mountains (1 for each tribe and
1 for himself) in Israel. we did this by setting up altars of 12 stones and
pouring out the oil of anointing as described in Ex 30. the Lord told us
separately that it was to establish his presence once again in the Land for
the coming days. it just so happens that all the mountains surround


10 April 2001

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Here is the latest Prophecy, and please keep us in your prayers. The two Italian web sites are really coming together and a lot of my time has been going in that direction. I guess the Lord wants them put together. I am also receiving translated data from the other languages, and I am trying to keep up with them too. Again, please keep all of these Prophecy translating Brothers and Sisters in your prayers, for it is LONG and SLOW work. Also, three of the domain names need to be renewed and I am overdrawn in my bank account (in the negative dollars!). I guess that is all for now and God bless you all. 

yours in Christ, 

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 April 2001 at 10:15 PM. 

During prayer the Lord said, "For everything that happens under the Son (Jesus Christ), there is a reason." 

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Please keep all Prophecy Book translators, Manuel, AW, Kimmo, and Eva in your prayers. There seems to be a lot of spiritual warfare lately. Also some of you do not know, Eva has been back for about 3 weeks. Our ministry finances are not doing to well either. For some unknown reason the Italian translations have been stopped through my e-mail account.  We cannot understand this. There are just so many things trying to stop us that I cannot mention all of them here, so please keep us in your prayers. I am also just so tired lately and ill. God bless you all. 

yours in Christ, 

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here is the last of my e-mails on Harry Potter. I know "NOTHING" about Harry Potter and I leave it to you to judge all. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,

Subject: Harry Potter is no hoax
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 16:57:27 -0500
To: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hocus pocus joke-us Its a abomination and we must stay focused. 

Hi Ray, 
Be encouraged my brother and don't be deceived the spirit of the Rev. whore is indeed alive on planet earth. Satin is a liar the father of lies the granddaddy of all liars, I don't know, nor care who made the lewd quote; the whole lot is a abomination.  I will make this quick but feel I must tell you, of the time a man stood in my kitchen mocking God and calling the Trinity gay etc. Rage was in me, that I could have picked him up and bodily threw him out of my home and across the yard even.  I started to speak but the Holy Spirit stopped me, He said:  "he is talking to Me! The battle is Mine. . ." I said nothing, and he finally wound down, having no fuel to breed the fire he was trying to start.  Instead, by Holy Spirit direction, I was led into the most ferrous prayer battle for his soul that I have ever fought, at some point I came very close to the understanding of the intense prayer Jesus prayed that turned to sweat drops of blood. I fell asleep praying and woke up all during the night with prayer on my lips. At one time I was awakened by the demon of addiction appearing. Which INSPIRED me, that the big guy felt drawn out to make an appearance. (Waist up from the ground he was as tall as a 23 story building). 


The point I am to make is this. The battle is the Lord's, its not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord. God's people must be "very careful not to ''react" to this abominable anti Christ with the rage of flesh, but to throw themselves at the foot of the cross and not get up till the battle is won. I confirm your prophecy  ARM YOURSELVES WITH THE WORD OF GOD. 

Your Sister 
W/F Pamela T. 

P.S. One good thing I learned from the experience of reading the quote. I got a sense of the rage God must have for sins when He throws them as far as the east is from the west!  I vented my rage by imagining throwing my computer with these words on it and watching it hurl with might through the cosmos out of sight. Along with prayer and repentance for getting carried away even in prayer, by pride fully taking authority that is God's alone.  (In the Army of God we discipline, and spit shine our shoes). The battle is the Lords, God is Spirit and the battle is won through praying God's word (spirit), and by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus the Christ. And this is 'my' testimony! 

What kind of 'Christian love' puts witchcraft in the hands of her own ten year old? 
You are either for Christ or against Him. Pokeymon is just as satanic as Potter for example, I agree CHECK YOUR "SOURCES"  Its a spirit of anti Christ and it is reaping a harvest, as well! Tell them to Wake up!!! Truly an army is marching through their homes and their sleeping right through it. . . 

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Here is another insight into the earlier "possible" Juanita #524 confirmation. God bless you all. 

yours in Christ, 
Subject: Confirmation of Juanita
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 09:44:41 -0600

Hi, Ray

I pray that this finds you doing well. I am writing in regards to the
recent potential confirmation on Juanita. Normally, I simply file the
information away in my head and put it to prayer for confirmation.
However, I was alarmed by the writer's statements and wanted to check it
out for I have a 10-year old daughter who has read Harry
Potter and the quoted statement was an extremely serious accusation
against Ms. Rowling.

I went to an article at which dealt with both
sides of the Harry Potter issue (after I had unsuccessfully searched
"The Times" newspaper for information about the quoted interview with
J.K. Rowling).

Here is what the Christian apologetics site had to say about that
particular quotation:

"The Harry Potter Hoax

Regardless of what side of the Harry Potter debate you're on, it pays to
check your sources. The writer of this hoax clearly did not do so... 

Currently, an email is doing the rounds in which a Christian is trying
to warn readers against the alleged evils of the Harry Potter Series.
Within the email is the URL of a story on which this person based his or
her research: 

Still not convinced? I will leave you with
something to let you make up
your own mind. First the URL to read some
background of what I have given
you: ( Harry Potter
Books Spark Rise In Satanism Among Children [sic]

If the author of that email would had ''researched'' just a bit more
carefully, he or she may have observed that the current edition of The
Onion, which bills itself as ''America's Finest News Source,'' includes
the following news reports: 

New Orleans Adopts $10 Cover Charge NEW
ORLEANS--New Orleans announced plans Monday to
impose a $10 cover charge on all nonresidents
seeking to enter the city. 
Area Man's Recommended Daily Caloric Intake
Exceeded By 9 A.M. 
Jury Finds Defendant Pretty 
Christian Right Lobbies To Overturn Second Law
Of Thermodynamics 
An infographic on what the government is doing
to combat the western wildfires (One suggestion:
Bomb Iraq). 

In case you hadn't guessed, the publication is the WWW's equivalent of
TV's Saturday Night Live. 

Anyone who wishes to use the material published in The Onion as
''background'' should apply as a writer for Late Night with David
Letterman (or join some of the "pop-apologists" who have inside
information about poisoned water wells, government cover-ups, and the
current member list of the Illuminati). The Onion itself says: 

The Onion® is a satirical newspaper published by Onion, Inc. 

The Onion® uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases when
public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is
accidental and coincidental.(...) 

The Onion® is not intended for readers under 18 years of age. The Onion

The story is meant as satire only. [Definition of ''satire'' ] The
entire item - quotes included - is fiction, not fact. 

British newspaper The Times, allegedly cited in The Onion story, answers
email inquiries by writing: 

Thank you for your email about the alleged quote from The London Times
which appeared in an article in The Onion.

We are looking into this as it appears to have caused confusion amongst
some readers, which is, of course, a matter of concern to us. 

In the meantime I would remind you that The Onion is renowned as an
amusing and jokey site which publishes spoof articles - not to be taken
seriously. The quote attributed by them to J K Rowling and The Times is,
of course, not a true quote.

Thank you again for your email and please feel free to forward this to
any of your friends and colleagues who are experiencing the same
concerns as yourself. We have replied to over 300 readers e-mails so
far. Email (on file), editors The Times

The email also refers to a Times special on Harry Potter, and includes
the text of The Times interview with J.K. Rowling."

I am not defending J.K. Rowling, or Harry Potter. Nor am I attempting to
find any fault with the person who wrote to you, as concern about what
our children are reading is valid and appreciated. However, the invalid
quote added some real alarm and confusion to a valid issue.

I hope this e-mail will help clarify the particular situation.

In Christian love,


March 28, 2001

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here is another "possible" confirmation. Please judge it for yourself. Again please keep us in your prayers, for the spiritual warfare has really increased since I began typing up last years' South American Mission trip. I have posted seven new prophecies and visions on, and will start on the others tomorrow. Also keep us in your prayers for our finances, things do not look to good in that area either.

yours in Christ,
Hi Ray!

I suppose I know who is this Juanita mentioned in the prophecy number 524.

I start to think she is a writer named JK Rowling (Joanne K. Rowling) who has written the famous Harry Potter books. Furthermore she is claimed to have written also four boos about witchcraft and satanism. And now she teaches in her last two books how to invoke the spirits. The even had a frontpage advertisement about these books!

Please, make a search in and put the search words as "Harry Potter and satan" and you will find the connection. This Harry Potter literature is a devilish fine plot to lure the children into magic and occultism and turn them against God. 

Matt.18:6 "But who so shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." KJV
Matt.18:6 "But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." NIV

- All the JK Rowling's books in Amazon (a search) - some information - 
- A quotation from
......Less pleased are Christian leaders, who see Pottermania as a serious threat to their way of life.

"Children are very impressionable," said Dr. Andrea Collins of Focus On Faith, a Denver-based Christian think-tank and advocacy group. "These books do not merely depict one or two uses of magic spells or crystal balls. We're talking about hundreds of occult invocations. The natural, intuitive leap from reading a Harry Potter book to turning against God and worshipping Satan is very easy for a child to make, as the numbers have shown."

"These books are truly magical," Collins added, "and therefore dangerous."

But such protests are falling on largely deaf ears, especially in the case of Harry's creator.

"I think it's absolute rubbish to protest children's books on the grounds that they are luring children to Satan," Rowling told a London Times reporter in a July 17 interview. "People should be praising them for that! These books guide children to an understanding that the weak, idiotic Son Of God is a living hoax who will be humiliated when the rain of fire comes, and will suck the greasy cock of the Dark Lord while we, his faithful servants, laugh and cavort in victory." 
.....Isn't it horrible?

If you quote me, just quote as KL from Finland.

March 25, 2001

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

A forwarded e-mail from a Brother in Christ.

Yours in Christ,

PS: Brothers and Sisters to understand you have to read the whole Bible and pray over all matters.
Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 February 2001.

The Lord said, "The ark of Texas. Texas is a lonely State."

Then the Lord said, "Where there is shit there are flies"

You've GOT to be joking! God said that? Doesn't Ephesians 5:4 clearly reject swearing?

Here are a few scriptures from the Bible and from Holman Bible Dictionary.

1 Ki 14:10 " 'Because of this, I am going to bring disaster on the house of Jeroboam. I will cut off from Jeroboam every last male in  Israel--slave or free. I will burn up the house of Jeroboam as one burns dung, until it is all gone.

Job 20:7 he will perish forever, like his own dung; those who have seen him will say, 'Where is he?'
Job 20:8 Like a dream he flies away, no more to be found, banished like a vision of the night.

From Holman Bible Dictionary:
(Dung or Shit)
The excrement of man or beast. "Dung" translates several different Hebrew and Greek words. An ash heap or rubbish heap was used to convey the haunt of the destitute (1 Sam. 2:8; Luke 14:35). 

The first mention of dung in the Bible was in connection with the sacrificial rites. The sacred law required that the dung, along with other parts of the animal, should not be burned on the altar but should be burned outside the camp (Ex. 29:14; Lev. 4:11-12).

A major disgrace for a Jew was to have one's carcass treated as dung (2 Kings 9:37). Dung has been used as fertilizer for centuries. It is recorded in Luke 13:8 and Isaiah 25:10 that the people of Palestine used it for that purpose. Dry dung was and is often used as fuel (Ezek. 4:12-15). Animal dung was used as fuel when it was mixed with straw and dried to a suitable state for heating the simple bread ovens.

The dung gate, one of the eleven gates of Jerusalem during Nehemiah's time (Neh. 3:14), was located in the southwest corner of the wall and was used for the disposal of rubbish, garbage, and dung. It led out to the Valley of Hinnom. 

Paul used a powerful metaphor with the word dung when he made a comparison between his personal knowledge of Christ and those who did not know Christ (Phil. 3:8). The word is used also in Scripture to indicate symbolically the degradation to which a person or a nation might fall (2 Kings 9:37; Jeremiah 8:2).

March 25, 2001 (New Prophecies and Visions)

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Please keep us in your prayers for spiritual strength, health and for our finances. I have purchased two new domain names  (Swedish), (Swahili) and we started uploading to the new Italian web site

Yours in Christ,

March 16, 2001

hello Brothers and Sister,

I have just purchased the domain name <>, which means prophecy in Swahili. Please pray for our brothers (Laurent and  friends) in Africa who have started the Prophecy translations in Swahili. Please also pray for Manuel, AW, Kimmo, and finally for Eva  who is going to do the Swedish Prophecy translation. These people are spending a lot of time doing this work so please keep them in  your prayers.

yours in Christ,

Hello Ray,

Thank you for your 2 E-Mails and particularly for your guidance. I have started the translation using the Finish example which is very good. I with my friends have started # 001, 008, 009, 010 this are under editing which I hope I can send them tomorrow. I have started the table of contents (1 - 1000) and some of my friends are translating #011 to 020 which I hope I can transmit to you as soon as they are ready.

In Swahili the word PROPHECY is UNABII and again PROPHESIES is the same that is UNABII because it has no plural. I was thinking about your vision of the ink and the order of the Lord that you should use it. Can it be that the ink is people like us whom the Lord is calling to translate this work one at a time?. I am also thinking about the soft call in your prophecy #018 could it be the people the Lord is calling every day to share this Prophecy?? 

As you can see the work in front of us is very challenging and that we are not expert in this field please pray allot to the Lord to give us strength, wisdom and determination we need to full fill this work which has pleased Him to share with it with his sheep who are only Swahili speaks so that they too can hire HIS VOICE. 

Thanking you again and particularly Our Gracious LORD for giving us His Grace to share In his work of Evangelization.

Yours in Christ,

Laurent Gallet

Subject: XXXX

Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 12:21:30 +0300

From: "Kilimo>

To: <>


Dear Ray,

I have been following your prophecy for sometime now. I wish to thank our God for the work which you are doing for Him of warning and encouraging us his sheep.

Since the Lord first guided me to your web site, it has given me allot of pleasure, particularly for knowing that the return of our Lord is so close that it it could be within my life time. Of course since I first discovered your website I had undergone some serious warfare, at one time my telephone lines where hit by lightning and I lost everything connect to the telephone system including the external modem connected to the line, fortunately, with the grace of our Lord the computer had by then sent for service to remove some suborn computer virus before, which I believe must be connected to my discovery of your website because I noticed after I discovered you website this virus entered my computer.

I have been following your troubles, I have seen your courage. I have followed up how Lord have been working faithfully with you. Please for our sake the sheep of our Lord do not give up. As the Lord have told you in your prophecy several times your work is touching many people, I am one of those sheep I believe the Lord was referring too. As soon as I discovered your web site I convinced that it was an incepired work of the Lord. I have tried my best to share with other Christians of different dominations as the Lord instructed you. They also are convinced that it was as per the Living Word of THE LORD and therefore they are putting more effort ton the daily work of the Lord. In fact some (including Pastors) have asked me to translate it into SWAHILI which is a language used in East and Central Africa and to some extent to southern Africa. Because of that I and some of my colleque are thinking of trying to translate into SWAHILI. I am therefore asking for your permission and particularly would you ask The Lord for His permission too. Of course we are not yet expert in but into an internet but I believe if that is the way Our Lord wants it He can enable us and probably get your assistance/advice.

We are particularly excited to learn that the Lord is about to send you to our African Continent. PLEASE WELCOME and thanks to OUR LORD FARTHER, SON AND THE HOLLY SPIRIT. Africa is anxiously waiting for you. I particularly remember when I first found your web site He said He will sent your to South America, Africa and Japan. So far He has sent you to South America twice and now He is about to send you to Africa. That means you have then left with only Japan to go. Isn't that great. I remember the Lord said Every thing is ready His Army and satans army and what was remaining was the FATHERS orders! THANK YOU FATHER! THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT! for opening our eyes though your prophet Raymond!

Please reflect back on The Lord on what He has done through you! I understand that all along you had difficulties but the Lord made you go through! I magine all the places He has sent you too successfully despite your state (health and funds). I particularly remember that trip to Europe when your late Father was sick, and your mother did not want you to go, but with the grace of Our Lord you decided to go. Please cheer up as the Lord is still with you remember St. Paul how he worked so hard despite his poor heath remember his letter to Corinthians (1 Corinthians 12: 7-9) remember the thorn remember what the Lord told him when he asked the Lord to remove it. This is what Our Lord wants from his mighty WARRIOR like you. Remember the Greatness of the reward in HEAVENS!

Ray as the Lord has told you many are praying for you! So you will succeed to bring many to the Lord. Remember Paul when he said "IF GOD IS WITH US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US!"

Finally sorry for taking your precious time but truly your work has touched a lot of people and The Lord is calling many more to share your burden. Again remember to cheer up for us and remember the Lord told you that what he wants is BLIND OBEDIENCE.


Please include me in your mailing list if it is possible.

Laurent Gallet





Note: An e-mail from AW, who is translating the Prophecies into Italian.

Subject: message
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 20:05:59 +0100
From: "AW" 
To: <>

Hello Ray,

Please confirm 200 # 250.

Four nights ago, while I was typing on my computer your Prophecies a storm has cut off the electricity (for about 12 hours) of the whole town except my house as Our Lord Jesus Christ sent His Angels to protect me, because I was doing His work.
Praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ and to Our Father in Heaven.

God bless you


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here is a prophecy the Lord gave me yesterday. Also, I could use many prayers during this surprised mission trip to South America
(Brazil). This is my last message until I return. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 February 2001 at 8 PM.

The Lord gave me a vision of a inkwell full of ink. Then the Lord said, "Use it!" (over)

2-18-2001 to e-mail list:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Well, I will be leaving very early tomorrow on the second South American Mission trip. I might add, I am very TIRED. Please pray all will go well, and that I obey the Lord in all things during this mission trip. He has been working us very hard this past month on the translations from English into the other languages. I still have not finished typing up the first trip to South America and now here goes the second mission trip. The Lord is pushing me to my limits again, and I hope I do not crack up on this mission trip. If anyone needs to e-mail a message, you can use the e-mail address: <>. Well I guess that is all for now. God bless all of you.

yours in Christ,

Letter to e-mail list (Feb. 16, 2001)

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Back in May or June 2000, I received a telephone call from Magda. Magda told me of a very real dream she had that night. In her dream she told me that she saw the both of us Anointing some city in Brazil and that I was guiding her. Well, a week or so later she got pregnant, and Carl and I went and Anointed South America. But during this time I kept thinking about Magda's dream and tried to reason out why she did not go with me instead of Carl.

Well later after our return from South America, the Lord gave me the vision of 4 December 2000, of a boxed area in the middle of South America. I could never figure out this vision until today. Magda is in Brazil now, and she needs my help on another matter. So she called and asked me to fly to Brazil to help her.

Guess what? - She lives right on the line of the outlined box of the vision that the Lord gave me on 4 December 2000. I might add Magda did not know about the vision, and I had no idea of where she was in South America until this morning. I prayed to the Lord and the Lord told me to go back to Brazil. That He would tell me what to do when I got there. Frankly, I have no money to go anywhere.

Then Magda's husband called this morning and by this afternoon I have my airline tickets to the outlined box drawn on the South American Map. I am going to take the few dollars I have in my bank account trusting in the Lord that it will be enough. I leave for South America on Monday, Feb. 19. I have round trip tickets and should be back on 1 March 2001, but Magda's husband said if we need to stay longer to exchange the tickets for new ones. A lot has changed with me within the past 6 hours. The Lord should can move FAST!, when He needs too. Please keep us in your prayers and listed below are only a few of the Prophecies numbers about South America.

yours in Christ,

PS: I guess this is another confirmation.
Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 December 2000 at 1:30 AM.

During my evening prayers the Lord gave me a vision of South America with a land area boxed in. (over)

A FEW Prophecies numbers on South America - 1211, 1422, 1429, 1433, 1435, 1438, 1472, 1511, 1512, and Occurrence 3 July 2000 (in the More.htm web page)

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Since Manuel began translating the Prophecies into Spanish, and AW began translating the Prophecies into Italian - the devil has really hit this ministry very hard. Yesterday, one of the English web sites disappeared - even the server did not respond to what happened to the web site. Also the notes to the South America Mission trip have disappeared and the money for the ministry seems to be disappearing also. Well, the Lord has instructed me to keep working, so I will, until the web sites go off line. So please keep Manuel and AW in your daily prayers. God bless you all!

yours in Christ,

Subject: [Fwd: Bible & Prophecy]
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 22:10:33 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

A forwarded e-mail from Jack Barr. Also I have uploaded all 5 Prophecy Books onto the < > and <> web pages in PDF fomat (Adobe Acrobat). God bless you all.

yours in Christ,
Subject: Bible & Prophecy
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 23:55:17 -0600
From: Jack Barr <>
To: Jack Barr <>

Comparison of the bible to prophecy

By Rev. Jack Barr

Out of the first 1344 prophecies given to Raymond Aguilera by God.

In view of the many who claim that these prophecies are not Biblical and therefore not of God, I have compiled a list of which of the prophecies are directly saying the same as God’s Word in the Bible says. This is a partial comparison of the prophecies to the King James Bible.

The prophecies are thus shown to Glorify God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit throughout all of the prophecies. The commandments given to us in the prophecies are the same commandments that have been given to us in the Bible. To worship God only, to obey God, to resist Satan, to study the Bible, to make ready for the return of Jesus Christ.

The following is a list of names, words or phrases about God and His commandments to us (In No Special Order) that are given in the prophecies, followed by the number of prophecies that they appear in, followed by the percentage of the total prophecies that they make up, followed by the #prophecy number (where the number of prophecies are few in number), followed by the number of verses in the Bible related to it in ( ) , followed by representative Bible verses.

Note: It would be impractical to list all of the prophecy numbers, as they would take up many pages. However, these prophecy numbers may be had on request from those who are unable to search the prophecies themselves.

Many of these words combine within a given prophecy. As an example, in prophecy #68 it tells us to Confess, Repent, and Worship God, and Worship Jesus. Or example in prophecy #158 it tells us Repent, to Pray, to take Communion, and to read the Bible, and warns that many people read the Bible With Their Eyes Closed.

Many of these words are used more that once within any given prophecy, however, only the number of prophecies containing the word are listed, and not the number of times each word is used in the prophecies.

Worship = 4 prophecies
    Worship God= 2 prophecies (#68, 1281) (5) command to worship God Act 18:18 , 1cor 14:25, Philip 3:3, Rev 19:10, 22:9 – (62) reference to worship of God
    Worship Jesus = 2 prophecies (#68, 1281) 1Jn 5:20, Ro 10:13, Act 4:12

Pray = 122 Prophecies 9% (39) To the Lord Nu 21:7 ; 1Sam 7:5 ; 1Ki 13:6 , Mt 9:38 ; James 5:14
Communion / Eat the Mass = 72 prophecies 5.4% 1Cor 11:24-25, Lk 22:19

Trinity = 9 prophecies
    Explain Trinity = 1 prophecy (2) 1Jn 5:7 , 1Sa 48:16

Repent = 98 prophecies 7.4% (21) command to repent before God 2Ki 17:13 ; Ezk 14:6 ; Lk 13:3
Confess = 14 prophecies 1% (7) confess sin, (16) confess God
No one knows hour = 1 prophecy (#1207) (5+) Mt. 24:36 ; 24:42,44,50 ; 25:13
Poor = 3 prophecies (#94, 541, 548 ) (many) For poor & hungry Le 19:9-10 ; Ex 22:25-27 ; Deut 14:28-29 ; Act 6:1 ; Gal. 2:10; James 2:15-16

Bible, read – study = 130 prophecies 9.7% (55+) 2Tim 2:15 ; Mk 12:24 ; Eph 6:17 ; De 6:6-7 ; Lev 26:46
   What will happen is in the bible = 5 prophecies
   If you don’t read bible you will fall = 4 prophecies
   People read bible with eyes closed= 5 prophecies

Orphans = 2 prophecies (7+) Widows and orphans Ex 22:22 ; James 1:27
Homeless – sick = 5 prophecies (many) Mt 25:36 ; James 5:14
Sick – Old – Hungry = 19 prophecies 1.4% (many) Mt 25:36 visit – clothe ; James 5:14 anoint for healing –; 1Tim 5:1-2 respect

Fast = 13 prophecies 1% (5) Ps 35:13, 69:10 ; Isa 58:3 ; Zech 7:5 ; Mt 9:15
   To defend from strong demonic forces = 1 prophecy (#239) (see Mk. 9:29)
   Command, must fast, important = 1 prophecy (#242)
   And have Communion = 1 prophecy (#282)

Brothers and sisters = 1 prophecy (a warning)
Armor of God = 19 prophecies 1.4% Eph 6:11,13-18
God = 396 prophecies 29.7%
Jesus = 338 prophecies 25%
Father = 290 prophecies = 21.6%

Son = 340 prophecies 25.3% Mt 3:17, 17:5 ; Acts 13:33
   Meet Son in the clouds = 1 prophecy (#110) 1Thes 4:17
   Commandment of Son – Love the Father with all your heart & soul = 1 Prophecy (#136) Mt 22:37
   In Son’s body = 1 prophecy (#152)
   Son, king of kings, Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ = 1 prophecy (#182) 1Tim 6:15 ; Rev 17:14, 19:16
   Will arrive in the clouds = 1 prophecy (#265) Mt 24:30 ; Mk 13:26 ; 1Thes 4:17
   The Rock = 1 prophecy (#883) Deut 32:4, 32:37 ; 1Cor 10:4
   Son of man = 1 prophecy Mt 12:32, 13:41, 16:27

Holy Spirit = 375 prophecies 27.9%
   With gifts = ? (#15, 82) Heb 2:4
   Will show you the way (Guides)= (#32, 99, 126, 151, ) Ps 73:24 ; Jn 16:13
   You need = ? (#46) Act 1:4-5
   Discernment = ? (#89) 1Cor 12:10
   Power= ? (#136) Acts 1:8, 6:8 ; Eph 3:20

Jehovah = 114 prophecies 8.5%
Son & Holy Spirit = 354 prophecies 26.5%
Son & Father = 316 prophecies 23.7%
Son & Jesus = 252 prophecies 18.9%
Son & Christ = 207 prophecies 15.5%
Father & Christ = 203 prophecies 15.2%
Father & Jesus = 252 prophecies 18.9%
Jesus Christ = 266 prophecies 19.9%
Father & Jehovah = 114 prophecies 8.5%
Father, Son, Holy Spirit = 287 prophecies 21.3%

The prophecies tell us to Worship God and Jesus only, to Confess and Repent of our sins, to pray constantly, to Fast, to read the Bible daily, and to take Communion daily, to take care of the homeless, the hungry, the sick, the Orphan children, the elderly. Satan will not, and can not do so. For only the Holy Spirit can lead you to say that Jesus Christ is God and Lord.

1 Corinthians 12:3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.

Five prophecies tell us that “What will happen” is in the Bible. These prophecies are not adding anything new to the prophecies that are in the Bible. They may be worded differently and may give more details, but say only what the Bible has told us.

As is in the Bible, there were very few who would listen to God’s Prophets. That has not changed in this day and age, in fact there are even less today who will even listen to the prophet much less to believe. We can not change that. They will pay the price for their unbelief, even as they did in the Bible.

May God’s Holy Spirit lead You into All His Truth.

Rev. Jack Barr

Subject: e-mail and downloading Prophecy Books
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 10:50:07 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

As the Lord instructed me on the Prophecy data, I am almost finished with the numbered Prophecies (5 Prophecy Books) to upload (one file, not zipped and about 1500 book pages). If you have a problem downloading them use the web site <> or try Bill Stoneham's mirrored Prophecy web site (Australia). This is only because some times <> gets overloaded. Also do not try to print them unless you have a laser printer or you will be printing all day and night. You will also need about 1500 sheets of paper and extra ink cartridges. You can also purchase a Prophecy Book at  <> or <> The data should be ready (uploaded) in a few days.

On another matter, Eva is back, for all of those who have been e-mailing me about her. We had a silent New Years and a few days ago we celebrated her birthday. But I might say, she had some crazy sleeping habits for a few days until she got used to our time zone again.

Below are two e-mails from Susan regarding Ron's earlier e-mail on Bin Laden and one on the fat lady. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,

Subject: Bin Laden
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 11:01:29 +0200
To: "''" <>


Re : Ron Viesman's e-mail - This is referring to Bin Laden - I have been
keeping track on articles and newspaper reports on Bin Laden for some time
now. I was going to send to Jack, but did not have money to do it. When
you read certain prophecies it just stick to your mind (I suppose that
happens to many people and I believe that the reason for this is that GOD is
giving certain people certain prophecies to concentrate on) - well the
following prophecy sticked to my mind (and many others - working on it)
since 1st time I read it. The Holy Spirit did not tell me anything else so
I do not know whether he is the fox or not. What I can remember about the #
re fox is that we have to look closely - maybe everybody was watching TV and
looking for the wrong person on TV.

Yesterday night the Holy Spirit also told me that this specific # is
referring to Bin Laden. This is the truth - God will know if I lie to you
and will also tell you if I do.

Vision #233 Aug. 24 92: received by Ray Aguilera:
I am seeing someone wearing an arab outfit with a
white headpiece and a bandanna. It's a man with a
black beard and he has a gold braid or a band around
the white turban. It covers his hair and neck. (over)

I am beginning to understand how the Lord teaches and guides us through His
Holy Spirit when readingg and interpreting the #'s. I see the past two
years as a time of learning - of showing us how man sees things and how GOD
sees things for His ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts. The
devil is very sly - when I have a confirmation, he doesn't want me to send
it and instead gives me something else. I will in future not send anything
to anybody before I discuss it with the Lord - that is the way I should have
done it from the beginning.

It also reminds me of the # about all the mailboxes opening and closing - is
happening now - people seek help, people thank you and the Lord for the #'s,
people open up their hearts to the Lord and His #'s to you. You are chosen
by the Lord and thank you for all the effort and work you do with the Lord
so that everybody can be warned - you are a prophet, watcher and blowing the
horn / trumpet (even ringing the bells) to warn people as described in
Ezekiel 33:7 So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the
house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn
them from me (just 1 example). Amazing how God works.

Thank You Holy Spirit for Your guidance in everything we do - You are our
eyes and ears. Blessed are You oh GOD Almighty! Thank You Lord for the
message through Ray : the eyes see, but wisdom comes from the heart. Have
mercy on me oh Father. Without You GOD I am nothing - You found me when I
was not looking for You. You took my hand and walked with me, even when I
did not recognise what You did for me, even when I did not feel Your
embracement, even when I forsaked You, You never forsaked me. Forgive me my
iniquities, sins, blindness and deafness. Thank You for Your Son, Jesus
Christ of Nazareth who died for us, whose Body was broken for us, whose
precious blood was shed as a sin covering. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit
whom You send to us to teach and guide us, for the Spirit of God searches
the deepest things of GOD. Thank You and Praise You GOD for your mercy and
love which endureth forever and ever.

God bless you always

Love in Christ Jesus


Susan van Heerden
Subject: Bin Laden
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 15:28:58 +0200
To: "''" <>
CC: "''" <>

Ray / Jack

Sites to look at re Bin Laden: ( I also wondered when I saw him first time
whether he be the false prophet - but the fox cannot be the false prophet,
because fox will be executed at hands of anti-christ, but false prophet will
the thrown in Lake of fire at end of 7 years as stated in Revelation) (on
this site you can click on several countries to see what his activities are
- when you look at all these it is possible that he is the fox as Ron said -
he is helping the anti-christ but will be executed) (here you will find quite a few

God bless

Susan van Heerden

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The e-mail below just could be true. (It is not over until the fat lady sings.) God bless you all.


Subject: Prophecy regarding fat lady
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 13:33:42 -0600
From: "Dr. Sandi Simons"

Hi Ray,

I read your prophecies about the fat lady and kind of thought that maybe she is getting up to sing....(:>)! (:>)!(:>)!

Sandi Simons

Subject: Possible Confirmation
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 13:54:05 -0800 (PST)
From: ronald viessman <>

Ray: Please send to email list://Ron

Vision #1127 on 28 Nov/97: Received by Ray Aguilera:
Then the Lord gave me a vision of a ship, but on this
ship there was another ship. It was a vision of a ship
within a ship. (over)

Ron/note: USS Cole after the terrorist attack in Mid
October 2000; was hauled aboard a large ship by crane
and transported back to the U.S. I'm retired Navy and
didn't know it was possible to pick up a destroyer and
transport it on another ship; but I saw this in the

Prophecy #1131 Dec. 3/97 received by Ray Aguilera:
Saddam Hussein will fall with a vengeance because he
did not keep his agreement with the terrorist. This is
the whole truth, so saith Jehovah. It will happen like
a person, who makes butter from milk. Remember the
vision of a ship within a ship. (over)

Ron's note: On Saturday morning 1/6/01: I was led by
the Lord to go to a bookstore uptown and go the the
news magazine section. Bin Laden was impressed on my
mind. I checked Time, Newsweek, and found "Tracking
Bin Laden, The War on Terrorist" on the cover of U.S.
News/Jan 8 2001.

Bin Laden in believed to be the mastermind behind the
Cole attack and the embassy's in Africa attacked in
98. The article is very interesting/recommended

Vision #233 Aug. 24 92: received by Ray Aguilera:
I am seeing someone wearing an Arab outfit with a
white headpiece and a bandanna. It's a man with a
black beard and he has a gold braid or a band around
the white turban. It covers his hair and neck. (over)

Ron's note The fox would be revealed in 1999. (I can't
find this prophecy). Bin Laden is sly cunning and the
western world can't catch him. He is like a fox.

My computer is in storage; am paying by hour; and only
check once a week. Hope to get online soon.

God Bless

January 07, 2001

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I will instruct those who want to download all the numbered Prophecies in a few days. I will setup files with all the numbered Prophecies on the download web page. They will probably be in Microsoft Word 97, Text, and Adobe Acrobat format. These three files will be very large, so if you have a slow modem be patient. This data will have all the data that are in the five Prophecy Books and in this way you can do word searches using these programs. These files will take some time to setup, but they should be online by Friday January 12, 2001. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Below are a few e-mails sent to me, the first e-mail was long, and it was about Prophets and Scripture. I was going to upload all of it. But I decided to put it to prayer first, and the Lord instructed me only to place Susan's part on the web site. The Lord said, "It was a battle between the living Body and the dead Church."

The rest of the e-mails you can see for yourself.

Yours in Christ,



Subject: FW: Bible verses
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 10:28:45 +0200

Dear Ray & Jack

Because people say that the prophecies are not true (in this person's case the word "rubbish" was used which hurt my heart so much), I sent him(colleague and also preacher in his church) verses from the Bible in connection with prophets and prophecies and his feedback on my e-mail is inlight blue. Let us pray for him, that the Lord will tell him that the prophecies are from God and not man. Ray is a special tool in the Hand of the Lord for He is the Potter and we are the clay - He calls us and He findsus. He chooses people according to His will, not ours. His choice isalways the best, because He is righteous.

He also came to me this morning with the same "argument". I am tired of this - I am not going to talk to him about the prophecies anymore. I do notcare what other people think or say and I leave them in the Precious Handsof the Lord our God. God has sent these prophecies on my way, not man - Idid not ask for it. 2 years ago I was searching for an explanation for one of my dreams, but instead the Lord guided me to His prophecies through Ray's website. I want to praise the Lord for this. At last I also found something good that keep me busy - I started reading the Bible with othereyes - I started talking to our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit which Ihaven't done before. In everything I see, whether it is a cloud or clouds,flowers, trees, people I experience, remember and see a prophecy.

I am also excited about all the e-mails I received this morning - all the possible confirmations. As I don't have a computer at home, it is difficultto search for certain things and I do not have a TV and cannot watch certain programmes, all I have at this stage are newspapers, magazines we receive ona regular basis at work, printouts I made over the years and the best of all information, the BIBLE.

Jack, sorry to hear about your computer - it seems the devil is really trying his best to hinder us in what we are doing regarding the prophecies,but our Hope is in Jesus, our Lord - God is the restorer of everything andHis promise to us is that NOBODY can remove us from His protection and love,no matter how hard they try. Yes, we all suffer in some or other way, we are hated by many, but this is the cross we have to carry which is not heavyfor Jesus Christ of Nazareth carried the heavy one for our sake - Thank Youand Praise You Jesus for ever and ever.

My prayers go up to the Heavenly Throne for you all - all our cries, tears and suffering are caught up in a bowl which will be poured out on all evilon a specific day, the Day of the Lord. Come quickly Jesus - Amen.

Love in Christ our Lord and King


Subject: Re: update on paperback books
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 11:49:32 +0200
To: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hi Ray,

I'm also involved in Internet marketing and it doesn't cost as much as one thinks - in many cases advertising on the internet can be even free or very low cost compared to normal print media. You really just need to get the Word out in every way possible!! Using website mirror pages, classifieds, banner ads, search engines, reciprocal links, reviews, ezines and opt-in email for example. Here's an example of a Stephen King book (seeing you mentioned that it seems appropriate) the way maybe even the owner of this website wouldn't mind advertising your book?)

Do you notice how they've got a separate page advertising the book with links for more info ?This link by the way I came across through an FFA page - which in this case was free even. I think you should consider making some mirror pages like this for your book, and then also having some banner ads. + some reviews, links, etc.

I'm sure some Christian websites wouldn't mind advertising the book - in fact I won't mind even putting it on my site you need help with banner design or some marketing on the net just let me know. I'm here to help.

Thanks and God Bless


Subject: RE: update on paperback books
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 10:12:11 -0500
To: <>

You wrote: "Am I burying my talent in a hole in the ground by not seeking outlets or marketing these Prophecy Books? Should I market these Prophecies Books as others do?"

You mentioned the parable of the talents. Remember who is the owner of the talents, and who is to get the benefit of the talents.

God has never counted financial success as one of his goals. His goals are souls and lives. Once you focus on that, the above question becomes simple. Will you reach more people by selling God's words, or making them freely available? Your own experience thus far shows the answer clearly.

Let the others do what they do. Your master is in heaven. Where is Stephen King's master?

May God bless you with abundant wisdom, and may these statements only take root if it is the intent of God himself.

Cliff Hursey

Richmond, VA

Subject: Re: don't give up
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 07:51:43 -0800 (PST)
To: Raymond Aguilera <>

Dearest Ray,

I just received your e-mail. Please do not give up hope on selling your paperbacks. When you started your website, God led thousands of people to it everyday to read the truth and learn more about him. He led me to it and I'm so grateful that he did. Ray, if you only sold one copy of your paperback book, what if that one copy was sold to a pastor? What if then that pastor taught your prophecies and shared with the congregation, your insights and wonderful stories?

Ray, you are doing the Lords work, and whether you reach one person or one million, you have made a significant difference if my life and I'm sure you'll continue to do so. I'll be praying for you that God gives you the strength, courage, and patience to continue his work. I know you must bear an awful burden to carry all this weight on your shoulders but its not in vain Ray. You really are helping people. I'm living proof. Hang in there.

In Christ's love,

Subject: Re recent posting on Benny Hinn
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 11:34:42 -0500
To: <>

A few scriptures which may be of interest with regard to those who have 'a hearing' in the churches yet seem to be off base... regarding vessels in the house II Timothy 2:15-26 see vs's 20-21 re vessels in the Lord'shouse 'to dishonor'. Implied: some are allowed to 'minister' as a means to remove trash from the household.

regarding love of money II Timothy 6:9-10, I see this relating to the JF comment about 'hoping' to see many of the 18 year old Benny Hinn conference attendees going to their(Falwell's) college (IE - students = tuition=money).

As regards being touched by Benny Hinn, a good 100 feet distance should keep that from happening!

And these as remembrances for you ...
I Timothy 1:18, I Timothy 4:10-16
II Timothy 1:11-14, II Timothy 3:14-17

December 29, 2000

Hello Thomas,

I prayed to the Lord about posting your e-mail and the Lord said, "Yes, it is news!" So I will post it in the <> web page for now. God bless you and yours always.

yours in Christ,
ray wrote:


I just ran across the following "Berene Call" with references to Benny Hinn.
While I can not verify what is claimed in this article, I found it
interesting in light of your prophecies 708 & 787. As far as posting this
email & it's content, I leave that up to your direction by the Lord.

God bless you,
708. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on the 23 March 1995 at
11:55 PM. in English.

Benny Hinn Prophecy:
I warned you once! Repent or Perish! So saith Jehovah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit.
During this prayer where I received the Benny Hinn Prophecy the Lord showed me a right hand holding what looked like an emergency flare and the flare was lit.
About thirty minutes later the Lord said to me: "Under no circumstances let Benny Hinn physically touch you or shake your hand."
I said to the Lord, "What if he reaches out and touches me without my consent? I have seen him do that to other people. Will you protect me? For I have no idea of what is going on."
The Lord was silent and didn't answer me. So I prayed to the Father Jehovah for protection, (that whatever is on Benny Hinn stays on him and not have it befall on me) in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

787. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 July 1995.
The Lord showed me a small round ball and He had it placed in-between His thumb and index finger and rolled it up and down His fingers and applying pressure to the ball. Then He said, "This is the pressure I am going to put on Benny Hinn." (over)
Taken From:
The Berene Call
Sept. 2000


Question: I read that in his recent meetings in the Philippines, Benny Hinn had crowds of one million per night, and similar crowds in Africa. He seems to be the most popular preacher in recent memory, even more so than Billy Graham. Some evangelical leaders accept and praise him. Jerry Falwell commends Hinn warmly. Yet you offer a book, The Confusing World of Benny Hinn, which ... confuses the body of Christ by portraying Hinn as a false prophet. Why?


Isn't accurate information vital concerning someone as popular as Benny Hinn? The Confusing World of Benny Hinn documents many of Hinn's false prophecies , deceits, heresies, occult practices, etc. He supposedly repents, then goes back to the same thing and frequently changes his story.

He even changes his testimony: "I got saved in Israel in 1968" (PTL Family Devotional, Dec. 198 1); "It was in Canada that I was born again right after '68" (1983 message in St. Louis); "I got saved in high school in February 1972 ... during my senior year" (Good Morning, Holy Spirit, 1990); "I never said I was a senior..." (Christianity Today, 10/5/92). Which, if any, is true?

In March 1995, in Springfield, MO, Hinn said, " South Africa I saw a man blow on somebody and the man fell, and I thought, 'Boy, that's a good idea! [That's why] I began to blow in ignorance Yet in The Anointing (p. 89), Hinn had said, "Some have asked me what I'm trying to do when I throw or blow at them .... God told me to do it ......

Hinn has had more revelations and seen more visions than anyone, including John in Revelation claims that angels appeared infrequently and always for a reason. Angels just enjoy observing Benny? He has also seen God and Jesus, even smelled God. Following is a summary of some of the many false prophecies Hinn declared "directly from God" in Orlando on December 31, 1989:

A great revival movement will be birthed in Orlando in mid-'90s to bring God back into American classrooms. The mid-'90s will see a new move of God to shake the world with the last great revival. Many will be raised from the dead. Angels will come knocking at your door. About '94-'95 God will destroy the homosexual community of America with fire. A new disease will arise from South America birthed from a new drug from South America and many will die. God will bring America to its knees by economic collapse. An earthquake will hit the east coast of America and destroy much in the '90s, Not one place will be safe in America from earthquakes in the '90s.

Not one of the December '89 "Godgiven" prophecies came to pass! Shouldn't Hinn be disciplined as a false prophet by the church? Yet the more false prophecies he declares, the more heresies he proclaims, and the more bizarre the experiences he relates, the larger his following becomes, Even absurdities such as the following over TBN pass unnoticed: "...the Lord just told me, and I don't know if this is true or not. "

Many leave Hinn's meetings not only spiritually seduced and with empty pockets, but worse off physically. A man Hinn had "slain in the Spirit" fell on a prostrate elderly woman and broke her hip, resulting in her death. The lawsuit was settled out of court. At a South Africa crusade a man collapsed; Hinn said the Lord told him the man would be okay, but he died in the ambulance.

An elderly Hinn follower was turned away from one entrance to ARCO Stadium in Sacramento, CA because she had not given enough money to enter there. Later, on the stage she was "slain in the Spirit," and while she was lying on the floor a huge man, likewise "slain," landed on top of her, breaking her leg. In 1993 in Basel, Switzerland, Hinn prophesied over a man with cancer that he had many years to live. He died two days later. In Nairobi, Kenya early in May 2000, four patients released from a hospital to attend
Hinn's "Miracle Crusade" died while waiting for prayer.

Hinn has rebuked "the spirit of cancer" and the "devil of death and of debt" so many times without any result that it would be laughable if so many weren't deceived.

Earlier this year 3,000 church leaders such as Jack Hayford, Rex Humbard, and Jerry Falwell honored Hinn for 25 years of ministry. Humbard lauded Hinn as the most illuminating man ...of detecting and feeling the moving of the Holy Spirit that I've seen in my 68 years of God's work [and] one of the greatest Bible teachers that God ever let live." On TBN this "greatest of Bible teachers" scorned doctrine as "sick stuff' and said, "I don't discuss doctrine." Crouch himself has referred to sound doctrine as "doctrinal doodoo."

Hinn prowls about on stage, growling as if demon-possessed, breathing out heavily, "If I don't release this power I'll explode." In a guttural voice he curses those who dare to question him, curses their children and threatens that if he had a "Holy Ghost machine gun" he'd "mow down" critics. He searches for a verse in the Bible that would allow him to kill them! "Fire!" he roars, to knock people down. When one falls he demands, "Pick him up! " then knocks him down again and again. This is the Holy Spirit?

Jerry Falwell appeared with the many false prophets at the 25th anniversary celebration of Hinn's ministry. He said,

Pastor Benny and I are friends .... He came [to Lynchburg] and we had a wonderful day together .. in conversation about what God is doing .... I wish you and Susan and your four children a blessed, blessed next 25 years .... When I look at your crowds in those coliseums, all I see are those 18-year-old high school seniors and I want all of them at Liberty University.. !

How many more false prophecies and victims and how much more heresy will it take for Falwell, Hayford, et al. to stop encouraging and endorsing Hinn? And when will respected leaders be concerned enough to correct him and to warn the church?

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here is a forwarded e-mail of a possible confirmation. I really do not know if this is it, but you can judge for yourself. The Lord has not said if this is it, to me yet. God bless.

yours in Christ,

Subject: FIRE
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 01:56:06 -0500 (EST)

Ray is this the fire the Lord referred to in the prophecy on Oct 7 this year?

>From yahoo news today
Suspects Held After Chinese Disco Fire Kills 309 (Reuters) - Chinese police have made arrests following a Christmas day fire in the city of Luoyang that killed 309 people, most of them revelers in a disco, Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday. ``Suspects responsible for the fire have been detained,'' Xinhua quoted local government officials as saying, adding that the cause of the blaze was under investigation  God Bless you and Eva is she back yet and how are you all
Brother Mike
ps in other reports they say it was a CHRISTMAS party.

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 October 2000 at 5:20 PM.

Listen Reymundo, the world is going to bow down to Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, for all that you see is going to stop to the point. Watch out, for the Body of My Son is going to come after you with a vengeance. But do not worry for you are in My Hands. For I am the corrector, the breaker, of the universe.

For the forces on the planet are assembling and moving into their positions with power and force. There is going to be a fire in a certain large city that will be a sign to you My son, that what I have said is all the truth. Be careful for the Body of My Son is going to try to entrap you. So I want you just to say nothing, for it is My Battle, not yours. I will correct it with My Powerful Hand.  They are a stiff necked and hardheaded people. But Like I said, "No matter what they say - you keep quite".

Thank you, for all of the good work and We will speak again. Your Loving Father Jehovah, with Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit telling you the wisdom of Heaven.

Fire in central China kills hundreds

Scores trapped in fourth-floor dance hall suffocate


BEIJING, Dec. 26 — Fire swept through a shopping center in central China and killed at least 309 people, most of them Christmas revelers trapped in a crowded disco on the building’s fourth floor, officials said Tuesday.

THE FIRE in the city of Luoyang in Henan province started Monday night in the building’s basement, where renovations were under way. It quickly engulfed the entire structure, an official in the city government’s information office said.
    Most of the victims suffocated, said the official, who only gave his surname, Li. He said the casualties included disco patrons and construction workers involved in the renovations.
    In addition to the 309 dead, seven were injured and taken to hospitals, the government’s Xinhua News Agency said.
    Some 750 police and firefighters rushed to the scene and extinguished the blaze within three hours, the Luoyang Evening News said.
    The stricken shopping center is in the cultural heart of Luoyang, an ancient city on the Yellow River that was China’s capital off and on until a thousand years ago.
    At least 200 people were in the fourth-floor disco, and construction workers were on the second and third floors when the fire started, Xinhua and the provincial television station reported.
    The disco was crowded with people attending a Christmas dance party, local media and officials said. Although not a holiday in officially atheistic China, Christmas has become a fashionable occasion for parties among younger urban Chinese.
    Henan provincial television said the construction work may have been to blame for the fire, but Li said only that its cause was under investigation. Local news accounts said construction materials may have blocked escape routes, contributing to the disaster.

    Two decades of rapid economic growth has brought China spotty safety regulations and lax enforcement, and fires and building collapses are common. Henan, China’s most populous province, came under criticism in March after 74 people died in a fire in a cinema in Jiaozuo city.
    Monday’s fire may be China’s worst in six years. On Dec. 8, 1994, a fire killed 385 people — most of them children — at a theater in the far western region of Xinjiang. Only one exit door was unlocked when the fire occurred.
    In a sign of official concern, Beijing sent a vice minister, Shi Wanpeng, to Luoyang on Tuesday to assess the disaster and the local government’s response.
    Footage on Henan television showed flames shooting out of smashed windows on the building’s first floor. Firefighters worked in oxygen masks and pump wagons sprayed the building’s glass front, which remained largely intact.
    One woman was shown hanging out of a window waiting to be rescued, and firefighters plucked some people, children among them, from the upper floors using a platform mounted on a crane.
    Shortly after the fire broke out around 9:30 p.m., the dance hall erupted in chaos, the Henan Daily, the provincial government’s newspaper, reported.
    Firefighters tried to enter the disco but found the smoke so thick they retreated, unable to determine how many people were inside, the newspaper said.

    One partygoer, her face black with soot and her hands bloody, said she and five or six others jumped to safety from a balcony, but she didn’t know if her husband escaped, the newspaper reported.
    An employee at a movie theater across the street from the shopping center said smoke poured from the building’s top and back. Firefighters and police searched the building Tuesday, keeping the area cordoned off, said the woman, who asked not to be identified.

NBC's Chris Billing in Beijing, The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

Subject: God Bless Ray and Eva. Amen!
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 15:51:06 -0500
To: <>

Well, I have read almost all of the things you have up on the web and appreciate the hard work and endurance which you, Ray, and now Eva are patiently going through. You (two) have a great calling, though (obviously) hardly appreciated by almost all the people who you speak with or address.

There is a scripture that talks about being 'hidden with Christ in God' and another that talks about 'for it does not yet appear what (who) we are'...

On the one hand you have these intense experiences with God, instructions to do things and say things that are profoundly spiritual in nature and yet to the human point of view you 'do not yet appear'...

One day it will all be very clear as to the why's and wherefore's of what God had you to do...and you will revel in the wonder of His wisdom and grace and love.

Thank you for being faithful to your calling and letting God be your leader in the midst of it all.

Every blessing of God be upon you both and through you and flowing out from you now and forever. God give you His Love and Power in JESUS to accomplish your portion of His desires. May all those who are true to God be blessed by receiving your testimony and ministry.


Yours in Christ,

Portland, Maine

Subject: heres another one

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:30:28 -0800 (PST)



Dear Ray,

I don't know if you seen dateline tonight or not but there was a ship that sunk in Virgina waters and 34 people were rescued by the coast guard just before it sank. What caught my eye was the stern of the ship. I noticed a big sun on it and an odd shaped design.

This odd shaped design was the same design that you drew that looked to you like an animal had taken a bite out of the ship in one of your visions. I thought at first how ironic but then i knew that what you see is real. What a burden to bear, but what a great gift to teach me and others about the world that God has created. I just wanted to let you know that another one of your visions has come true and if you want to find out more about the ship that sank, go to God bless you Ray and I'll continue to pray for you and Eva. Have a very Merry Christmas!

In Christ's love



Subject: Please keep me in your prayer

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 18:13:55 -1000



Dear Ray,

I want to thank you for all that you have done in writing the prophecies that the lord instructs you to right. I know that you are going through hard times so i'm writing this e-mail in good faith.

I don't know if you know this or not but because of you my life has really changed. Through you i understand God more and more, day by day as i read the prophecies. I haven't really experience spiritual warfare until after i started to read the prophecies and studied them. That's when i really started to get attacked. At first i thought you were just another jehovah witness wack, but as i surf your web page i reconized something.

Many months ago i had dreams where i was reading this web site, a web site that spoke the words of God. Yes Ray, it was YOUR web site that i was reading in my dreams. I reconized the prophecies as i read them on your web page (Keep in mind that until recently, i didn't really have access to the internet). Thus, i know that God pointed me to your web page.

Ray, i have a request for you, keep me in your prayers please? Because of you i have found the father, the son, and the holy ghost. What started as a quest for the truth became a battle for my soul. And because of you i've found the answers i was looking for all my life. Thank you Ray, thank you so much.



Just an FYI:

When i saw your picture this is what i thought: "What a sweet old man" and i wanted to reach out and hug you for some reason.

Also, can i be on your mailing please?

Subject: Mt.Shasta
Date: 21 Dec 00 11:05:11 EST

I was viewing the Drudge Report site this morning and a news item caught my
eye. The title was "Mt. Shasta Earthquake Swarm", or something to that
effect. It made me think of all the prophecies on your website related to Mt.
Shasta. The news story title was linked to a USGS site showing all the recent
earthquake activity. Here is address if you want to take a look.

God bless you, and merry Christmas.


Possible Confirmation & Prayer request

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Please pray for my eyes, for the eye doctor says I have high pressure in my eyes, which could lead to Glaucoma. He has me on daily eye drops. Also pray for our finances. I would like also to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours in Christ,


Subject: wow
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 13:59:16 -0800 (PST)
From: Denise>

hi Ray. God bless you for what you have done for me and
millions of other people by posting your visions and
prophecies on the web. I was reading through them all
when I found your vision of the volcanic lava spilling
out at night on Dec 19th at 11:10 pm. How ironic that
the volcano in Mexico erupted last night with the
brialliant colors you spoke of. God has blessed you
with a wonderful gift and I pray that he continues to
do so. I fear the end and pray that God will spare me
and my son but I also know that there are several
things that need to be done. Thank you so much again
and God bless you



Subject: update and prayer request.

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 10:31:00 -0800

From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I am going back to work today. Like I stated earlier, the Lord instructed me not to work until today. So I will begin updating the French and Spanish web sites. Also I will again begin to type up the new prophecy data. Since I have not worked for a few weeks I am rested, but really behind, but I hope to catch up soon.

Also please keep this ministry in your prayers, for we are behind in paying our bills. For some unexplained reason to me, for years we are always out of funds during the months of November, December, and January. Maybe it is because of the Holidays, but for whatever is the reason, please keep us in your prayers. Oh, please keep Eva in your prayers too, for her mother has purchased her an airplane ticket to Finland, for Eva has some unsettled business problems to settle there. She will not return until the 28 December, so we will not be together for our first Christmas. I really feel bad about this, for she is leaving the 28 November, and I am sending her off with only about $75.00 for a whole month there. So please pray she does not have any problems on her flights there, for I will not have the funds to help her out, but I know in my heart that the Lord will be there with her. I guess that is all for now, and I hope all of you have a Good Thanksgiving, as I know - I will! God bless you all!

yours in Christ,


PS: For some reason this morning, I have been thinking about the vision and prophecy I was given about ten years ago - about the State of Texas! God bless!

E-Mail November 10, 2000

Ray, does it not seem odd to anyone that the vote is split almost EXACTLY down the middle. Who else could do this but the Lord. What is He trying to tell us. What has kept coming to my mind (and I do not claim the Lord is talking to me cause I don't know) but this keeps coming to mind- a house divided cannot stand- a nation divided cannot stand! But who is the leader the Lord wants? I know He will put in who He wants, but I wonder why this indecision. Maybe because neither one is right. I think the Lord wants the people of this nation- ALL of His people to turn their face back towards Him and live by his standards and commands. I know with all my heart that God does not want us to make it okay and legal to kill little unborn babies. I know that he does not want us to allow homosexuals to marry legally and certainly NOT in the church- for this reason I cannot believe that AL Gore is the right one to lead this nation which is supposed to be a Christian nation. One nation, UNDER GOD! Maybe that is what God wants us to hear and go back to. I think God loves America. Most Americans are good and Godly people. I pray He will have mercy on us for the sins we have committed. Another thing is if Gore died or is taken out of the way an Orthodox Jew would be our president. Is that not believers uniting with unbelievers? Liberman does not believe in the Son of God. He is therefore anti-Christ. Not THE Antichrist but he is not a believer in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Well, I guess you are about as confused as the rest of us. I guess I think God speaks to you more than the rest of us though because you welcome him to do so. What a burden you bear Ray. But I still continue to open up to the same scripture and it is NOT marked in any way. But I want the Lord to speak to me and so maybe He is and i just feel
unworthy for Him to speak to. But this Daniel 8:17 comes up over and over. I have read that vision preceding it over and over. Does that mean we are living out that vision Ray. I think maybe it does. Daniel was to be closed till the time of the end. I think God is opening it up because now is the time.
God bless you Ray.

November 10, 2000

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I have received several e-mails asking me, if the Lord has said anything about the US election. Well, He has, but I frankly do not
understand and I have decided not to ask anymore and leave it in His Hands. Eva has asked me over and over to pray for this election,
but I have told her I would leave it up to the Lord. Though, I did not tell her why!

Well this is why! I stayed up all night into Wednesday morning watching the US elections because the Lord had given me a few Words
about the election, and I did not understand the Words.

First, during the announcing of who was winning, this one State, I got very curious, and I asked the Lord, "Who is going to win?"

The Lord said, "Vice President Gore!" So I asked again and the Lord said again, "Vice President Gore".

This made me worried, for something was not right in my spirit, when I heard this. So I tested, tested and re-tested the Lord, and the
Lord passed each test, for during this time, Gov. Bush was way ahead. So later, when the media said, Vice President Gore had won
Florida and was going to win the election, this made me very uneasy for some reason. Even though that was JUST what the Lord had
said, but this still did not feel right in my spirit. Then later the news media said, Vice President Gore did not win Florida for it was to

So again, I prayed to the Lord, and the Lord said, "Gov. Bush was going to win. Now - I was really testing the Lord for it was a
different answer I had gotten earlier that Vice President Gore was going to win. This confused me even farther. So I said to the Lord, "I
do not believe it! I need a confirmation."

So the Lord said, "The next person who wins the next State will win.

Then Gov. Bush won the next State. Then later the news media said Gov. Bush was the new President because he had won the State of
Florida. All that was going through my mind was "What is going on??" Then came the recount of the votes because the news media
said Florida was to close to say who won it, and this has now gone up and down since then. So - since I cannot understand the exact
meaning of the Lord or the election, I have decided not to ask anymore questions and leave it to the Lord. So I am just going to wait for
the end of this mess!

God bless you all,

PS: Please keep our finances here in your prayers.

Well Ray, Has the Lord imparted anything to you about
this election mess? I know He is in everything that
happens and I wonder what He is trying to tell us
through this. You know what it is? The nation is
literally split right down the middle. In tha past I
have voted Democratic but this time I was so unsure
till I really prayed about it and ended up voting for
I have continued to have these things happen with the
bible verse. I keep opening the Bible to the same
thing. SOn of man understand that the end of time is
the vision. I know GOd is trying to tell me something
and I think it has to do with your visions and
prophecies. I have used a new Bible and it happened
twice when I wasn't even looking for anything . Just
happened to open it there.
God's will will be done in this election. God puts
rulers in place doesn't He?
How are things with you and Eva? Hope you are doing
okay both physically and financially. I am still just
keeping on keeping on.
Well, think I'll give it up and go to be.
G-night and God bless,

November 04, 2000

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Below are the names of the places we Anointed in Israel and Jordan. I have received a few replies from my e-mail on Israel and I thought the names of the places would be helpful. I have listed them on the Prophecy #1359 web site also.

1. Tel Aviv/Yafo
2. Yavne
3. Uza
4. Edh Dhahiriva
5. Masada
6. Petah Tiqwa
7. Azzun
8. El Makhrug
9. Shekhem
10. Mt. Nebo, Jordan
11. Petra, Jordan
12. Mt. Tabor
13. Golden Gate, Jerusalem
14. Megiddo
15. Old Jerusalem

I would like to thank those who have done some research on the Anointed places in Israel to the fighting in Israel.

God bless you all,

November 02, 2000

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I was wondering if anyone has the time to check something out for me on the Internet? I have about ten days to proof read Prophecy Book 5, so I had to stop everything I was doing. As I was reading the prophecies, I came across the Prophecies about Israel (where the Lord said He was going to strike Israel once #1387) and the areas I Anointed last year. This is what I was wondering: are any of the places where there is fighting in Israel - are they near the places I Anointed last year. I have marked the Anointed areas on the map on our web site #1359. I am just curious to see how close these Anointed areas are to the fighting in Israel.

Also please keep our finances in your daily prayers for we are in bad shape here.

yours in Christ,

PS: the names of the places are in the text of Prophecy #1359.

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Below is a new vision, and a forwarded e-mail.

Please keep us in your prayers. We are at the end of the month again, and we are out of money, and I have been very tired lately. I thank all of you who have supported us and are keeping this ministry going. I still have to type up a dream, and a Word given from the Lord, to those who have supported us with funds and prayers. I hope to place this data online within the next few days. Oh - and there's the data from South America that I have not typed up yet. For those Brothers and Sisters from Spanish speaking countries, Manuel and I, have been updating the Spanish Web site <> check it out if you are having trouble with the English version. Manuel and I, are moving as fast as we can to translate the English Prophecies into Spanish.

yours in Christ,

Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 October 2000 at 1 AM.

During prayer the Lord showed me a beautiful little area between two small sloping hills. I could see the green grass and some tall trees in the background. Then suddenly, the ground began to shake and the ground separated in different directions, leaving a large crack in the ground. Then I saw this crack move directly across, and under a curved creek or stream. (over)

(Oct. 26, 2000):

Hello Mr. S,

I do not remember the whole vision #642, for it has been so many years ago, but I do remember seeing a similar hole on the side of a large ship. But all I keep seeing in the spirit is the vision #584, as I try to think about your e-mail. Also, there is a big difference between the side of the U.S.S. Cole and the front of an aircraft carrier. But since the confirmation page lists "ONLY possible confirmations" and I am getting "a lot of spiritual warfare" over this, I will place a copy of your e-mail on that web site <>.
God bless.

yours in Christ,

584. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 September 1994 at 10:30 PM.

I saw something eating into a wall or flesh. I cannot understand this because it looked like flesh, but it crumbled like a wall. The teeth look like animal's teeth of some sort. I am viewing this from the back left side. (over)

"Mr. S" wrote:

Hello Ray,

In light of the attack on the U.S.S. Cole, I was wondering if the prophecy below was relating to this tragedy...

642. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 November 1994 at 5:56 AM.

A vision of a ship. I believe it is an aircraft carrier with the front of it blown off. It looked like a large animal with a big mouth had just bitten off the whole front end of the ship. The ship isn't sinking, but the front of it got hit or destroyed just above the water line. (over)

23 October 2000
Hello Brothers and Sisters,

This prophecy given to me below was like #1387. Vision and Prophecy given to me, while I was in Israel on 31 July 1999. I have listed it below also. I believe we should all pray over this. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,

Hi Ray
you will find the french translation of your prophecy below

Ton frère en Jésus Christ

Denys Kirouac
Québec, Canada

Prophétie donnée à Raymond Aguilera le 22 octobre 2000 à 23:15.

Je vais abattre Kenneth Copeland par ses propres paroles. Il a entouré sa propre langue autour de son cou. De la poussière il est venu, à la poussière il retournera. Quelle honte! Quelle honte! Ainsi parle Jehovah.

Puis j'ai vu un animal ressemblant à un lésard qui avalait un homme tête première.

Puis le Seigneur dit: "Ne t'en fais pas en publiant cette prophétie, Reymundo. Car je suis ta protection maintenant et pour toujours".

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 October 2000 at 11:15 PM.

I am going to strike Kenneth Copeland down by his own words. He has wrapped his own tongue around his own neck. From dust he came and to dust he will return. What a shame! What a shame! So say it, Jehovah.

Then I saw a lizard looking animal swallow a man headfirst.

Then the Lord said, "Do not worry about sending out this prophecy, Reymundo. For I am your shield now and forever".


1387. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 31 July 1999 at 7:10 PM.

During prayer at Zion Fellowship Church the Lord gave a vision of a large sword. I could see this sword being sharpened on a sharpening stone.

Then the Lord said, "I will strike Israel once and nothing will grow for a short time." (over)

OCTOBER 15, 14:29 EDT

Recent Timeline in Mideast Conflict

By The Associated Press

A look at key events in the 18 days of Israeli-Palestinian clashes that have left 96 people dead, including 79 Palestinians, 10 Israeli-Arabs and seven other Israelis.

—Sept. 28: Israel's hard-line opposition leader Ariel Sharon visits Jerusalem shrine holy to both Jews and Muslims. Palestinians riot. Dozens of police and several Palestinians injured.

—Sept. 29: Six Palestinians killed and close to 200 wounded in clashes at the shrine, known as Temple Mount to Jews and Noble Sanctuary to Muslims, and elsewhere in Jerusalem.

—Sept. 30: Fourteen Palestinians killed by Israeli fire, including 12-year-old Mohammed Aldura, whose death in Gaza is captured by a television cameraman and broadcast around the world.

—Oct. 1: Cease-fire agreed on but it collapses. Twelve killed, including an Israeli border policeman who bleeds to death inside Joseph's Tomb in West Bank city of Nablus as Palestinian gunmen keep medics away.

—Oct. 2: Heaviest day of fighting, 19 killed.

—Oct. 4: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat fly to France, meet Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and French President Jacques Chirac. Both sides order military forces away from flashpoints. Seven killed at home.

—Oct. 6: Israeli troops storm Jerusalem shrine after Palestinians hoist flag. One killed in clash with police outside shrine; nine die in West Bank and Gaza.

—Oct. 7: Demonstrators storm Joseph's Tomb after Israeli withdrawal. Hezbollah abducts three Israeli soldiers in border area with Lebanon. Barak issues 48-hour ultimatum to Arafat to stop violence. Four Palestinians killed.

—Oct. 9: Clashes in Jerusalem, Nazareth and Hebron continue through the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. Barak extends 48-hour ultimatum. Three Palestinians killed.

—Oct. 12: Two Israeli reserve soldiers take a wrong turn into town of Ramallah, where an angry mob beats, stabs and shoots them and mutilates their corpses. In retaliation, Israeli helicopters rocket Palestinian targets including Yasser Arafat's residential compound.

—Oct. 14: Israel and Palestinian Authority agree to attend Monday's summit in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt, aimed at a cease-fire. President Clinton to attend along with regional leaders.

—Oct. 15: Hezbollah guerrillas announce that they have captured an Israeli army colonel. Israel confirms that a reserve colonel was kidnapped abroad.

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I was thinking about the Israel fighting and My Mission trips to Israel. So I did a word search on the search engine and here are some of the things I found. There was more, but these are only a few.

yours in Christ,


47. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 7 May 1992, 2 AM. in tongues, English, Spanish, Non-understandable tongues.


The French Doors will open at the sound of the Bell. And the Bell will ring when the Cross in the sky will show you. Paris will not be Paris. The sign of the Hog and the Saber tooth Tiger will cling to the Hornet. Woe be to the world. Woe be to the world, to the blind, to the deaf. (Non-understandable tongues?)


The fence.


The Orange Bowl will be delivered, at high noon, on the day that the Cat climbs in the basket with the Mouse. (Non-understandable tongues?)


Here comes the pig.


I'll show the State of Israel in the Mighty Powerful Way, the Song of David.

824. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 October 1995 at 8:15 PM.

At the Wednesday night prayer meeting, the Lord gave me this Prophecy and told me to speak it out:

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv will go to War! Tel Aviv will go to War! (over)


Israel's Prime Minister was killed a week and a half later on 4 November 1995 in Tel Aviv.

1056. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 8 June 1997 at 3 AM.

The Lord said, "Come, come - come to My Holy Hill, My Holy Mountain - come. Come to My Holy Mountain and build Me an Altar and Anoint it with Oil." Holy Ground. Holy Ground. (over)


The Lord meant Mt. Zion.

1066. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 June 1997 at 6:56 AM. in English.

I am, Reymundo! I am what you see; what you touch. Everything that is; that was; that is going to be. The Ark will be established again. Like I told you earlier in another Prophecy, but remember the beast. The anti-Christ will be established as I told you earlier in another Prophecy too.

I can feel your anxiety of going to Israel. I can sense your doubt. I can sense your strengths. I can sense your amazement. But look, just do as I say, and everything will be done at the right time, at the right place. I have chosen you to open the Door to the next event that will happen in the spirit world. The human mind cannot comprehend or understand what you are about to do. But All the Power, All the Forces of the universe are going to be watching what you do, on that day, on that hour, at that minute. You will sense some things that you have never sensed before, but trust Me. All will go right! All will go well! For the Hand of Jehovah is upon you through the Power of the Holy Spirit, through the Power of My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I will send All the money, All the strength that you need in the coming months, in the coming years. You will never understand while you are alive; what you will do or what you have been doing. But that is of no consequence, the important thing is that you OBEY! I know things are hard. I know you are bewildered, but I, My Son, and the Holy Spirit are with you every step of the way. I know - I know you are concerned about your health - I know! But do not worry for all will go well. I have not forgotten your promises, and I have not forgotten Mine. You will sense the Power of the battle between Good and evil, but My Heavenly Angels will make a path wide and straight to the appointed place of the anointed altar. Nothing will happen that was not destined to happen. Remember the Ark. Remember the Ark, the Ark of My Covenant. Remember the Ark. So be it. So be it. So be it. (over)

1072. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 July 1997 at 9:30 AM.

This morning, I prayed to the Lord about my Israel Mount Zion Anointing trip. I asked the Lord to show me in the Bible something about this mission trip. So I opened my new NIV Bible, and it opened to the Book of Micah, and the Lord led me to Chapter 4.

Micah 4:1 In the last days the mountain of the Lord's temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and peoples will stream to it.

Micah 4:2 Many nations will come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." The law will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

Micah 4:3 He will judge between many peoples and will settle disputes for strong nations far and wide. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

Micah 4:4 Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree, and no one will make them afraid, for the LORD Almighty has spoken.

Micah 4:5 All the nations may walk in the name of their gods; we will walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever.

Micah 4:6 "In that day," declares the LORD, "I will gather the lame; I will assemble the exiles and those I have brought to grief.

Micah 4:7 I will make the lame a remnant, those driven away a strong nation. The LORD will rule over them in Mount Zion from that day and forever.

Micah 4:8 As for you, O watchtower of the flock, O stronghold of the Daughter of Zion, the former dominion will be restored to you; kingship will come to the Daughter of Jerusalem."

1103. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 July 1997 at 4:30 AM.

The Lord said, "My Hand goes straight to Israel." (over)

1107. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 August 1997 at 5:20 PM. in English.

My People of Israel, listen to My Words. This is your God, the Father of Abraham, the Father of Isaac, the Father of Jacob; Why! - why do you do such un-Godly things before My Eyes. Many of you claim to know - God. Many of you claim to know - the Word of God. WHY! Doesn’t the scriptures say you shouldn’t make an Altar of stone worked by man’s hands. And yet for years and years, I have watched you pray at the Wailing Wall, and you place your little prayers, your little notes in-between the stones. What foolishness! Don’t you know the Word of God? How the Altar of God should be made! Why do you do such blasphemous things?

You have created an Altar using the ways of man. You pray to a stone wall which can do nothing. You say you are waiting for the Messiah, yet you do not follow the Laws of God! So - I am telling you this minute, this second - STOP YOUR FOOLISHNESS! Now - and build Me My Temple, and do it correctly. For the foolish things of man will amount to nothing! I will tell your elders, your leaders in the coming months, in the coming years, where to build My Altar. Where to build My Temple. So Stop these foolish things of praying to a wall which can do nothing!

How many centuries have you used idols? When will you ever learn? There is only One God - Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Though you do not believe in the Trinity, it is a FACT! So be it! So be it! Those who listen to My Words will be on the side of God. Those who do the things of man will be on the side of the serpent. Nothing has changed since the time of My Son. You still follow the law according to man. You turn your head, you turn your back on the ways of your God, then you get into trouble. You expect your God to bail you out. You are running out of time! The time of the Temple is here! You have the specification. You have the know how. Remember the Arc of the Covenant, the time of the Temple is here! (over)


The Lord gave me the scripture Exodus: 20:25

Exo 20:22 Then the LORD said to Moses, "Tell the Israelites this: 'You have seen for yourselves that I have spoken to you from heaven:

Exo 20:23 Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold.

Exo 20:24 "'Make an altar of earth for me and sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and fellowship offerings, your sheep and goats and your cattle. Wherever I cause my name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you.

Exo 20:25 If you make an altar of stones for me, do not build it with dressed stones, for you will defile it if you use a tool on it.

Exo 20:26 And do not go up to my altar on steps, lest your nakedness be exposed on it.'

1240. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 February 1999 at 9:35 AM.

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I relay the following prophecy with a joyous, but with a heavy heart. For those who have helped me with the funds in the past, I am going to ask you again to pray heavily and pointed to our Lord Jesus Christ for the direction of this matter. For I do not have the funds for this either. For those who have studied the Bible deeply will understand parts of the following prophecy. Also, I believe this is going to happen some time soon after I return from Europe, but I am not sure when. God bless you all and may the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all.

Yours in Christ,




The Lord said, "Reymundo, I want you to go to Israel, to the city of Jerusalem, and to anoint a perimeter around the City." (over)

1372. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 July 1999.

My second visit to the Western Wall was in the evening. I could see the men dancing in their section and the women doing similar things in their section. I was still worried because I could not sense the Lord in this place. I tried not to move around and stayed in one place. So I began to pray to the Lord for a reason, as I watched the men dance to their music.

Then the Lord said, "Do you see these people dancing and praying? I do not listen to their worship and prayers or see their dances. They are still under My Curse. Now I want you to leave this place and do not look back!"

This experience left me sensing that the Lord was not finished punishing Israel and its people after all the years since the return of Jesus Christ to Heaven. So I left, but I still wondered.

1387. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 31 July 1999 at 7:10 PM.

During prayer at Zion Fellowship Church the Lord gave a vision of a large sword. I could see this sword being sharpened on a sharpening stone.


Then the Lord said, "I will strike Israel once and nothing will grow for a short time." (over)

Subject: An interesting e-mail
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 12:42:02 -0700
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here is an interesting e-mail and I have placed prophecy #207 below it.

God Bless you all,

Subject:Re: update to Prophecy web sites.
Date:Wed, 13 Sep 2000 15:17:09 EDT

hello ray this is Graham

I think that I might have been deleted from your e-mail list

it is:

thank you also I don't know if you have seen the news recentley but in Britian we are having severe fuel shortages with no fuel for motorists because of protesters. it only took about 4 days for the full country to desend into real trouble.

so when the oil stops for good or is extremely limited at the source, it will take little time for everything to come to a hault. I was supprised at the speed the petrol was used up and they said it will take 3 weeks for normal supplies to resume, even if the protests end. and could you please pray for our minister at church she suffers from diabetes and is not very well at the momment she truley seeks the word of god often receving a message from him about the service at sunday.

god bless Graham
207. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 September 1992 at 7:10 AM. in English.

 I had a vision of oil just soaking into the ground.

 Then the Lord said: "The beginning of the end will begin when the oil stops."  The hour of the day is upon you when the Beast will control the economy of the world with a forceful hand, with a heavy hand.  He will rule the planet earth with the power of the air.

 I see a Cross, except the top point of the cross is a funnel.  It's as if something is being placed into the funnel part of the Cross, to fill up the Cross.


Sept. 7, 2000
Hello Brothers and Sisters,

An update on what the Lord has had me doing.  Some of you might have seen the beginning of the new look on the and web sites.  You would not believe on how many hours I am putting into these web sites.  I am still getting this increased burden, for the Spanish-speaking people of the world.  Maybe it was - what the Lord said about South America, but the day to day burden seems to be with me all the time.  Manuel, from Colombia, has begun to translate some of the English web pages into Spanish, so please keep him and his family in your prayers.   And also for Jose, who has begun to translate the English pages into Brazilian Portuguese.  The Lord instructed me to mail two Prophecy Books to two people we met in Brazil.  I have given them to Carl to mail, for I do not have the funds to do it.

Speaking about funds, please pray for my mind - I ran into an old friend that I used to do a lot of work for, and she asked me to do some electrical work for her.  Since I am really broke, I said, "Yes".  Well I finished the job and she asked me, how much, are you going to charge me?  Well, I looked at her, and said it is OK, you do not have to pay me!  She was surprised and so was I.  For she is a Christian and up in years and I just could not charge her!

Well, when I got home, Eva asked, how much did you make?

I said, "Nothing, I didn't want to charge her".

She said, you know, we need the money.

And I did not really have an answer, so I let it be.  I do not know if it was the Lord or I, but I could use some prayers for funds to keep us going.

Maybe I better stop here and get back to the update.  I have placed keyword words and description meta tags on every web page on the web site - wow -  was that a long and time consuming job!  I still have to find the time to re-upload all the new web sites onto search engines.  The spiritual warfare is still very strong here and I do not know what is going on.  My computers are acting crazy, I am always tired and I cannot seem to sleep well.  Eva and I had just finished praying the other night when a few seconds later the house began to shake from side to side.  Later we realized we had a 5-point earthquake in the Bay Area.  Well I better stop here and get back to work.

Yours in Christ,


E-Mail sent to e-mail list:

Subject: test message
   Date:  Sat, 12 Aug 2000 09:44:28 -0700
   From: "Raymond Aguilera" <>

Hello there,

I am testing my prophecy e-mail list (set-up) on my new computer.  I have listed you and if there is any change that you would like to make
please let me know.  God bless.

yours in Christ,

PS: I will be making changes on how you can be added and removed from the web site soon, but for now I need to get my system up and

If you are on the e-mail list and did not get this e-mail Please let me know!

Thursday, August 10, 2000

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

An update to the new material from the South American Mission trip: Eva finished typing up the new data and I am trying to put it together for the web sites. Since my return, all that has been on my mind is translating the English version into the Spanish and Portuguese Language. I strongly believe this spiritual calling is from the Lord. For the past week I was led by the Lord to purchase new domain names and set up new web sites. This has been very costly and I was having a problem with it. My flesh was telling me to slow down and wait, but as each day went by, the stronger the pulling from the Lord became.

Then the Lord instructed me to purchase a new computer, my fleshly sinful self said, "Wait a minute! Where are the funds for this."

But the Lord said, "Trust Me, Ray!"

So I went an purchased a new computer. So early as of this afternoon, my bank account went down to $35. I guess the Lord is planning something new.

Well, here are the new foreign domain name web sites: (Italian) (German) (French) (Spanish) (Brazilian Portuguese) (The Finnish web site, we have had for a little while.)

Some are already set up, the others will go online in a few days. For those people who have been reading the Prophecies and are from some of these countries, I really could use some help in the translation from the English Language into the above Languages. I am getting some help for two of the Languages, but with the rest of them, I am at a lost as how to do this. I set up these index.htm pages using my language translation program, and I know these language programs are very limited as to what they can do, but that was all that I had in order to set up these web sites. I have had many letters from people on and off the e-mail list offering to help me over the years. Well, I really could use some help here, for I am at a stand still with these foreign language translations. Also, I need some help on placing them on search engines. So I really do need some help. I guess that is all for now. God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,



August 3, 2000

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I was e-mailed this short letter below. Some of you might find it interesting. I will be typing up my notes from the South American Mission trip - I hope by the beginning of next week. I am having problems with my computer so I will be down for a day (no more than two days). I would like to thank all of you who helped with support prayers and funds for the Mission trip. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,


PS: If you are on our <> e-mail list and did not get this e-mail, please let me know, for I lost about 20% of the e-mail list.


From: "zillien" <>

To: <>

Subject: your Washington DC pentagram vision

Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 11:52:33 -0500

I noticed something on your page that you mention the seal turning into a pentagram, your anser is here and the explanation is here, also seen here it can also be seen on basically every map there is of washington DC


July 23, 2000

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Carl and I have returned from South America. I will be posting what we discovered sometime next week. I returned tired and I will need some time to rest. Also, it looks like three of the Prophecy Books are finished and I have listed a link to them on the web site. I have no say on the cost of each Book, but they are there for those who want them. Prophecy Book 2 will be out in about four weeks and Prophecy Book 5, I have no idea when it will be put together. God bless all for the prayers and support.

Yours in Christ, Ray

PS: Somehow in my tiredness', I deleted 1/5 of the e-mail list, so if you did not get this e-mail in your e-mail box, your address might have been one of those lost. So e-mail me, so I can place you back on.


June 24, 2000

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I tried the voice chat site and it works great! I spoke to my son and Adrian (I exchanged text with Adrian). Adrian does not have a sound card. It looks like the users need the latest Netcrape or Explorer Browser for it to work. It looks like a good way to speak to the brothers and sisters. I am very busy now, but if I get a chance I will check it out again tomorrow. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,



Subject: Hi Ray, please look here

Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 13:19:47 +0200

From: "Rodin van der Laan" <>


Hi Ray,

I've been working on a voice chat page for you at:

I think it can be great for bringing Christians together and also being able to chat and pray for one another.

Please let me know what you think


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