1786. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 August 2004 at 6:33 am. in Spanish.


I see an image of elephantís feet as they are clawing into the ground.  The elephant seems to be pulling on something.  Then I see the elephant rise on its hind legs and come down, and I see it pull an enormous weight.  It pulls and it pulls and it pulls.  Then the image stops.


I see this woman with fair skin.  She has kind of blondish red hair.  Itís long and curly.  What is unusual is that I think she has a pair of wings, like what people think angels look like.  I donít know if she is an angel, but I just see this image of a woman with wings.


I see two lines of men walking side by side.  The first two at the head of the lines are carrying a large clock.  Each of them is carrying one end of this large clock.  


I see a wooden wheel and in the center of the wheel that holds the brim, there is a five pointed star.


Now I see a bull, and on the tip of each horn there are two round balls, kind of like plugs.


I see a tortoise.  The impression that is left in my mind is that the tortoise is blue, but it doesnít look blue.


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