About 1953 - a group picture (from the left) my brother Ted, my sister Yolanda, my brother Gilbert Ramirez (background), Grandmother, Petra Alvrez Aguilera, my sister Gloria Aguilera, then myself on the right, Reymundo.  The two little boys are cousins.  About 1958 - the next picture to the upper right are my sisters, Yolanda and Cristina the youngest sister.


My family - my former wife, Marilyn Janice Bugbee Aguilera - my two children: Cynthia and Steven, and myself, Reymundo Aguilera.  My ex-wife and I were divorced in 1983, and I raised our two children.

My wife Eva Aguilera, my son Jason Aguilera and myself at Grand Canyon National Park

Eva, Jason and our second son Nathan Aguilera


Some of my artwork - the picture was taken about 1987 and this outdoor work of art. I made life-size sculptures for about 15 years. The next picture was taken August1997 - Reymundo and Brother in Christ, Mark Gabrielson in blue shirt, from the Prophecy Ministry.

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Here are Cynthia's three children- Amber (left), Valerie, Robert.


Our son Jason Aguilera's website

Our second son Nathan Aguilera's website


After placing this Short Family Tree on the web site, I realized - after almost 10 years in this ministry - my daughter Cynthia, and my son Steven, are the only ones who have any idea of what is happening with my Christian walk.  Though my brother Ted and my sister Cristina know some, they do not keep up with this ministry or follow it.  My mother is still trying to get me saved.   Well, God bless you all, in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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