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I have always wondered, why the Lord said, "Hear Me!", as if one would really hear HIM. I guess through my reading them and by placing copies of the original sound tapes on the web site - this is a fulfillment of the Prophecies below - because now you can hear the Lord.  So I did a short word search of the words (hear it) in the Prophecies. This is what I found.

78. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 June 1992 at 12:01 noon in tongues in Spanish.

You have to hear Me, I am speaking with Lips that are Clean and Straight because everything that I am is Clean and Straight with My Son and the Holy Spirit. I am going to tell you, and tell you, and tell you, and tell you, and tell you, and tell you until you put your hands in your ears, because you won't want to hear it again…

354. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 September 1993 at 9:12 AM. in Spanish.

…Open the Bible and READ all the Words of God, where God says what is going to happen to the pastors that don't do what I say. Read it with your eyes. Hear it with your ears, with your heart, with your spirit. Read the Word of God in the Bible, where I tell you what is going to happen, and what is going to happen to pastors that don't do what I tell them...

427. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 April 1994 at 9:30 PM. in English.

…This is a Commandment! This is a Commandment! Do it Now! Quickly, for the End is before you. For the End is at Hand. Did you hear Me Clearly? Did you hear it to the Point? Stop whatever you are doing; get off your chair; get off your bottom, and start knocking on those doors. Now! Don't think about it, just be obedient. That is My Commandment. This is a direct order from your Father in Heaven, and the Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit…

Note: Some more, but not all of the Prophecies where the Lord states to hear Him.

440, 450, 456, 495, 503, 504, 506, 509, 510, 512, 517, 520, 523, 524...

Prophecy (Real Audio) sound files

    The Prophecies below are READ by Raymond Aguilera in English.  The Prophecy sound files on the MAIN "Table of Contents" are the original recordings as they were given by Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit through Raymond Aguilera.  I would like to repeat that those on the main Table of Contents are the original sound tapes.  There is a definite difference between the Prophecies I read, and the Prophecies given by our Lord. 
The files below are copies of the CD Audio (wav) files in Real Audio format. I am sorry to say that the Real Audio sound files are not as clear as the recorded wav sound files. A free Real Audio Player can be downloaded below.

Introduction by Raymond Aguilera

28. Prophecy 14 Jan. 91 You only have one God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

33. Prophecy 21 Jan. 91 The end with a star, wars, and climate changes. So repent.

41. Prophecy 26 Apr. 92 Look, listen, and pray, read the Bible for the end by a Star.

42.  Prophecy 30 Apr. 92 When the cross of heaven comes down, famine, star of David.

43.  Prophecy 2 May 92 Road to Damascus. Christ's prayer to the Father.

44.  Prophecy 4 May 92 Day of Mecca. The boat through the Golden Gate. What is.

55. Prophecy 18 May 92 Parables of end times. Jeremiah, Egypt, Saber tooth tiger.

57. Prophecy 19 May 92 Pastors, garden, Ark. You have to plant the seeds and water them.

63. Prophecy 26 May 92 The fall of Paris by the Beast. The Bomb will go off at 3 AM.

64. Prophecy 26 May 92 Be ready in Jesus. The Fox, Pastors, and the Beast.

65. Prophecy 27 May 92 Repent and Jehovah will forgive you. Holy Spirit, blaspheme, Bible.

68. Prophecy 28 May 92 New Age, Gehenna and Judgment.

69. Prophecy 29 May 92 The Mark of the Beast. Jesus, Bible, Heaven, and the Prophets.

70. Prophecy 30 May 92 The False Prophet, Russia, Germany, Pastors, Bible, bombs & guns.

71. Prophecy 1 June 92 Mark of the Beast, Gehenna, Parables.

72. Prophecy 2 June 92 Instructions. How to write God's Prophecies.

73. Prophecy 4 June 92 A River of Blood, Daniel, Jeremiah, and the Date of July 30.

74. Prophecy 5 June 92 The Financial collapse, the Chancellor, the False Prophet, oil, star.

85. Prophecy 11 June 92 Only the clean will go. Pastors money, the homeless, Boat in San Francisco.

98. Prophecy 18 June 92 Jehovah's Meaning of Love. The Art of Love is simple.

100. Prophecy 19 June 92 Sign of the Beast, the Seal of the Evil Cross on the Ball. Crazy Man.

108. Prophecy 24 June 92 The Star and the Hammer, the assassination of a Monarch in London.

158. Prophecy 16 July 92 Stop killing My unborn Children. California Earthquake.

166. Prophecy 23 July 92 Africa will explode with violence. Bear & owl war with Egypt.

185. Prophecy 13 Aug. 92 The Sail Boat is coming to the San Francisco Bridge. Leave.

208. Prophecy 11 Sept. 92 Stop watching ball games and look for My sons. Suffering.

267. Prophecy 19 Jan. 93 The dark and black spirits, how to beat them and win.

353. Prophecy 15 Sept. 93 A candle surrounded by rocks with a serpent around the rocks.

354. Prophecy 15 Sept. 93 A message for pastors.

504. Prophecy 21 July 94 Tell the Body of God that here comes, The God, the King of Kings.

505. Prophecy 23 July 94 You have to arm yourselves for there is the Horn of Heaven.

506. Prophecy 23 July 94 Eat the communion! In that way you will refresh yourself.

512. Prophecy 28 July 94 The day of the bank, I am going to stop the money.

636. Prophecy 5 Nov. 94 I am the only God that has ever existed. I am the Lord of Lords

809. Prophecy 3 Oct. 95 Jehovah is going to shake and rattle and roll this little planet.

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