2061.Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 September 2011 at 6:30 AM

1. Vision of a large, perfectly cut diamond.

Meaning: Jesus Christ.

2. Vision of a snake inside of another snake. I could see the snake inside the other snake wiggling and moving from the middle towards the head of the other snake.

Meaning: Evil within evil is fighting for control.

3. A vision of the head of the Sphinx in Egypt.

Meaning: Egypt.

4. Vision of the sum symbol ∑.

Meaning: If you add it up you will understand.

5. Vision of a pig's head.

Meaning: An evil ruler is coming.

6. A Vision of a submarine.

Meaning: Beware.

7. A vision of one of those ribbon decals people place on their cars for remembering or honoring the dead.

Meaning: Many people are going to die.

8. Vision of a crooked or wavy looking cross.

Meaning: Your faith with be tested.

9. Vision of a white surrender flag.

Meaning: There's going to be a surrender.

10. A vision of three women with long hairy beards.

Meaning: Women who want to be men, but will always be women.

11. A vision of a Rock with a string tied around it. The string looked like something one would see on a gift, but without the wrapping paper (there was only the Rock and a string).

Meaning: Jesus Christ is a Gift.

12. A vision of a large horn. It looked like one of those horns they had on the old recorder players from the 1920s.

Meaning: Jesus Christ is warning the World, so listen to Him.


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