1879. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 November 2006 at 4:30 AM

I saw in the Spirit this White Light come up over a dark horizon.


I saw three horses tied together, walking side by side. The black horse on the right side had a blind fold over its eyes.


I saw this flat fish; I believe its called a flounder, moving on the bottom surface of the ocean. Next I saw a turtle swimming near the bottom of the ocean. Then I saw some kind of submarine searching for something on the ocean floor.


I saw some bottles of wrapped champagne being opened and poured. There seemed to be some kind of celebration going on.


The Lord took me in the Spirit. I was outside of what we know as outer space (beyond outer space). I could see our outer space from where I was, and it was as small as a dot. There was something beyond that, and that is what I saw. I kept looking back to our outer space or universes or the little dot that they where minimized to. I felt very strange to be in this place and I cannot put words to it. I guess it was Gods Place. It was light powder blue in color with white areas and it was very tranquil. It reminded me of a light blue day with the sun shining, except that there was no sun, just Light that went on forever and ever and ever. So beyond what we think we know; there is an enormous space. This little place that we live in, with multiple galaxies, is nothing. From where I was looking at it, it was so small I could barely see it.

This place where God lives was getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It was so peaceful and so tranquil to experience it in the Spirit, and so overwhelming, Wow I have no words to describe what I saw. I could see this beautiful White Horse in this place with a long neck. It was just beautiful. I could only see it from its neck up. Next I saw Him running in this strange place. It was like the Horse was running in the clouds, I guess.

What I saw goes beyond forever, beyond infinity and our universes. We have no idea of what forever is.


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