1777. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 February 2004 12:35 PM

I asked the Lord “why are all these events about gay marriages and homosexuality trying to become legalized in the country and in San Francisco?” 

And the Lord said:

Father Death is coming to these places, Father Death - the place where the devil lives.  Evil breeds evil, evil will run ramped in all parts of the world.  (The Lord showed me a vision of a horse in the spirit as He spoke.)  The riders have their messages; the riders are delivering their messages.  What is black will become blacker!  Trying to survive in these coming days will be difficult.  For the Christian world, the Body of Christ, will not understand, will not comprehend how all these evil things are sprouting up all around them.  They will try to turn the tides but without avail, for they are powerless.  Most of them have not read the Bible.  Most of them have not repented of their sins.  Most of them go to church and play church.  They skip and they jump all over the Bible just to read the things that tickle their ears. 

What a shame!  What a shame!  What a shame!  The Power of God is absolute.  The Power of God is infinite.  But if you are not on the Train to Salvation how can you use that power?  How can you harness that absoluteness?  How can you heal the sick?  How can you help your brothers and sisters if you pretend to follow Jesus?  If you pretend to be a good Christian and still follow the world. 

Reymundo, Reymundo, Reymundo. We have another place to Anoint.  I am not going to say it is the last, but I know you will go where I send you.  The funds will come.  Anoint this place in Japan where death came to this place of non-Christians, the place of Satan.  Remember, there is a reason for Anointing the different places that you have, even though you do not understand the ways of God in all incidences, but follow, follow the Spirit of God and the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Father and the Holy Spirit, who have all things come to a conclusion, in the manner, in the way of your Father Jehovah. 

The media of the world is evil.  The media of the world works for Satan.  They will try to twist and turn what is good into bad and what is bad into good.  Be careful of what you see, what you read and how it is interpreted.  Because the devil knows that man can be influenced very easily.  Man will kill its own.  Man has no remorse.  Man will destroy man, but man is without power against your God Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  Remember, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings answers prayers to the point and clearly, but He doesn’t answer to alligator tiers, to people who are faithless, to people who are on the fence in both worlds.  The Lord answers prayers to the Dedicated, to the Righteous, to the Clean and Virtuous members of the Body of Christ.  Beware of the media.  Beware of the devil, but do not be afraid.  Just like Hitler who turned his people against people.  Just like Saddam Hussein, who slaughtered, killed his own people.  Just like all the other rulers who have taken power and followed the ways of Satan. 

Be righteous, read the Bible from the beginning to the end.  Pray and Pray and Pray and Pray, for you are approaching the end, the end of the end.  Remember, there is a very rich woman with lots of money, but she is a harlot. Be careful of the harlot.  Don’t be swayed by sweet words.  Beware, beware, beware, for the harlot is there with a knife, with a gun, with all she needs to destroy what she has. So be it.  So be it.



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