1744. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 July 2003 at 9 AM

During prayer the showed me a loaf of bread with a knife in the process of slicing it. As I watched this, I saw the knife go right through the bread, but the bread was not sliced. Then I saw the knife repeat this very rapidly over and over, but the bread was not sliced. It was as though the knife was transparent. I could see the knife go right through the bread, but like said earlier the bread was not cut at all. This was a very strange vision.

Then the Lord gave me the scripture:

Mat 14:17 "We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish," they answered.

Hello Reymundo, is an elephant dangerous when it has no tusks? Is it defenseless? Is it helpless? Think about it! When an elephant has no tusks, is he defenseless? Remember, once a party has been de-tusked, his tusks removed, does it mean it has no power? Does it mean it is helpless? When you stand behind a donkey and it kicks, does it mean it has no power? Does it mean it is safe to stand behind the donkey? The world is changing dramatically in some places, but the war between good and evil is going to amplify. Remember the donkey. Remember the elephant. The power is there to build up, to destroy. The instrument of justice is some times hard to understand, some times hard to see, but the Players have there roles, the script has been written.

People from different parts of the world believe they can do their own thing. Most of them do not believe in God. Whether a government believes in God or not does not matter. The important thing is; Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is in charge. We manipulate the players, We control all situations. The Power and Might are in the Hands of God. Most people speak about God, but they do not believe in God. Remember Noah. Noah built an Ark. They laughed, they made fun of him, but once Noah climbed into the Ark with his family and closed the door the Power of God answered the questions of the unbelievers. So is the case; people do not believe in Jesus Christ. They believe He is a Prophet. They believe He is a Man. Some believe He is a jerk.

Let’s wait and see what they think when judgment comes. I will only save those who TRULY believe, who TRULY try to follow My Words to the best of their ability. I know that no one is righteous. I know all have faults, but I look at the heart. My Son is the Good Shepherd. Those who know Him hear His Voice and follow only Him. In this present world there are many false pastors, false preachers who seek power, who seek money. They are not fooling no one, but themselves. It doesn’t matter, the manner in which you preach, if your heart is not right you do not belong to Me! The ways of man are sinful and they lead you to the pit. The Ways of God lead you to My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth – lead you to Heaven – lead you into My Arms.

Remember the elephant, remember the donkey, remember the Power of God! People are born everyday. People die everyday. Death is not the end, it is the beginning of joy, peace, love - that is if you go to Heaven. Death could also mean: This place that I have made for bad spirits who have no heart.


Remember the hammer. Remember the sickle.


The knife will try to carve the bread, but the bread does not recognize the knife. So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)


The Lord showed me a large brown bear carrying a large limp gray bear on top of its back. The brown bear was walking on all four legs.


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