1693 Sound Clip

1693. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 August 2002 at 12:25 AM in Spanish.

It is I! It is I! It is I, My son. (Could also be I am, I am, I am, My son.) Yes, it has arrived. The Flame has arrived - the Flame of My Heart. Yes, it has arrived. Oh, oh, oh, why, why don't people hear Me? I tell them, I tell them, and I tell them and they are deaf. Yes - I want to save them with My Heart, with My Son, with My Holy Spirit. But they do not hear Me. Oh, oh - what can I do? For here comes the end. I know, I know all - I know all, My son - I know all! But look - it is going to happen rapidly. All will happen in one day with the Force of your God, with the Force of everything that is good. It has arrived, the end. All that happens will fall on top of the head of people that do not want to see. That do not want to hear. That do not want to pray. That do not want to eat the Communion. Yes - here comes the bad of bad. I want to protect them.

Yes - hear Me, world! Here comes all that I have told you for years and years. Here comes the man who is bad with the flame of the devil. But I will only protect what is Mine. Those who hear Me. Those who pray. Those who protect (or take care of) those things that are Mine. Hurry - open your eyes, open your ears for here comes the flame of the devil - the bear. Yes, the bear! Here comes the bear, for the bear wants to command the whole world. Yes - there is the bear. But look - I will correct the bear. I am going to correct the devil. But there are many who are going to suffer. There are many that are going to die because they did not open their eyes, their ears, their spirits, their hearts.

Yes - what a shame! What a shame, for I told them and I told them and I told them - and they did not want to hear. Oh, oh for what is, for what is - is going to happen. It is going to happen - the Hand of God, the Word of God, the Heart of God with the Son Jesus, and with the Holy Spirit. Yes - the time of the Flame has arrived in front of your nose.


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