1651. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 October 2001 at 8:20 PM.

I am going to list four visions that I received a week earlier first, then the visions of October 6, 2001.


During prayer the Lord showed me a vision of His Right Hand or Arm. I could see His Arm horizontally and an iron spike was driven into it.

Vision: (next day)

The Lord showed me a long White Fence that went far off into the distance. As I looked at this Fence I saw some kind of creature with his back touching the White Fence. This creature had the head of a goat with a man's body. I could see that he was somehow hooked onto the Fence by his neck, for he could not pull himself off the Fence. (over)

Vision: (next day)

This time I saw the Lord's Left Hand or Arm and another spike was driven into the Arm.

Vision: (next day)

On this day the Lord showed me a sand hourglass. As I watched the hourglass I could see a pencil or writing pen writing something all the way around the very small section where the two glass cone sections meet. (over)

Vision: 6 October 2001

During prayer with Ron Viessman and Eva the Lord showed me the following visions.


The Lord showed me a small tree without leaves. The trunk was very thin, about 2 inches in diameter and the whole tree stood about 5 feet tall. This small tree only had three branches on top of it. I could see that all the three branches went straight up and at the section where they met the small trunk there was a ball in-between the three branches. As I watched this small tree I saw the three branches come down around the ball and squeezed it until the ball popped.


Then the Lord showed me a sitting African giraffe.


Then the Lord showed me an army tank without a cannon.


Then I saw a large looking egg shape about four to five feet high. This egg shape was pointing down on the surface of a lake or pond. This egg was red-orange in color and it looked alive for it looked like it had blood vessels or veins on it. As I watched, I saw a pair of large Hands come out of the water and they pushed the egg under the waterline.


Then the Lord said to me, "Take a HOT shower- now!"

So I got up and left Ron and Eva praying and went upstairs and took a hot shower and came back downstairs and proceeded to pray with them.

Prophecy: (This prophecy was not directed towards me.)

"I will blow the seven winds and they will make you sick", saith the Lord. "All the glasses will break" (over)


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