1575. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 January 2001 at 1:45 PM.

Comments and Vision:

The Lord began this prophecy by showing me a news article I had seen yesterday of five Salvadoran National Guardsmen killing four Catholic Nuns back in 1980. These are the names of the four women that were killed - Maryknoll Sisters Ita Ford and Maura Clarke; Usruline Sister Dorothy Kazel; and lay missionary Jean Donovan. They were abducted, raped and shot to death on Dec. 2, 1980. (Note the date, ten years before I went up Mt. Diablo on Dec 2, 1990)

Five Salvadoran National Guardsmen were convicted of the crime in 1984. Later, three of the guardsmen were released after only serving part of their 30-year sentences. The Salvadoran authorities did not press charges against the military's leaders. The military leaders are Former Gen. Jose Guillermo Garcia (the Salvadoran defense minister) and his co-defendant, former Gen. Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova (the director of El Salvador's National Guard) who both now live in Florida.

The case was in the United States federal court, where the two men have lived in retirement for about 10 years. A jury in civil court on November 3, found that the generals were not responsible for the slayings. They were tried under the 1992 Torture Victim Protection act. In December 28, 2000 a federal judge refused to grant a new trial in the case of two former Salvadoran generals.

After being reminded of the news article the Lord began giving me the prophecy below.


Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord! I see everything! Vengeance is Mine! People believe they can do what they want; go where they want, and do what they want. Those things are allowed to a point, but when these people attack, kill and murder the things of God, the Words of God - Vengeance is Mine to the Point! I tell you, not one thing that is done with the power of the devil - that has been done to the Body of Christ and I am speaking to (about) the TRUE Body of Christ, not man's church - will be avenged by the Lord. For I lookout for My True Body, My True Church.

(Note: Frankly I am afraid to change the Wording <text> of the above text, though after rechecking my recording tape, I did find I had left out a few words. What the Lord is saying here is, He will have vengeance on the people, who are using or working with the power of the devil against His TRUE Body of Christ. But He will not protect man's Church from the devil's powers. He will just protect what is His.)

I do not care for people, who claim they are Christians, who know the words (of God), and know the manners of man, and claim to be Christians. They are dead just like the other non-Christians and followers of Satan. For I know what belongs to Me and I protect what belongs to Me. Those Nuns and all the Missionaries that have been sacrificed while doing the Work of God will be avenged.

Man thinks in terms of his timetables and his ways. The things he sees and in the manner he sees things, but the "Things of God" are irrevocable. If you kill, if you murder, if you torture, if you starve one of My Sheep, one of My Lambs, you will be seeing and hearing Me at a certain point in time. Whether you are in your body or out of your body - you will know that vengeance's belongs to God. And He corrects things, and the things you have done will be done to you - eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

The things of God are Sacred! They are Holy! They belong to My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There have been wars, upon wars, upon wars, upon wars. Man is trying to do the political thing, the correct thing in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Through the years popes, priests, clergy, pastors have done evil things in the Name of My Son. Everything is marked down in My Book - everything will be corrected to the point.

Remember My Words, "The ultimate Power rest in Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and what I say happens!" Whether you see it in your lifetime or whether you see it in the Spirit or whether you see it at judgment day, it will happen! Remember My Words - you people who are looking for power! You people, who have pride! You people, who have the mentally of the devil and are running My Churches. I see EVERYTHING you do, with clarity, beyond human wisdom. I know your heart. I know your motives and it is all for nothing because you will be paid back for your evil.

This is Jehovah - This is Jesus Christ - This is the Holy Spirit telling you the absolute TRUTH! My Eyes are upon you every second of the day. So be it! So be it! So be it! We will be seeing each other Eye to eye, Nose to nose in a certain point, that you call time, but really is NOT! (over)


About 10 seconds after receiving the above prophecy the Lord and I were still communicating, when Eva walked into the bedroom.

I said to the Lord something like, "Your timing is perfect. Eva really does not understand my walk."

The Lord said, "I know!"

I said, "Why?"

The Lord said, "Because she sees like the world, and you are sacred to me."

I was left with a big ball in my throat and decided not to tell a soul about this. But I kept thinking about this for the whole day into the next day. Then I decided to tell Eva and Carl, but I had already decided to keep my mouth closed about this to anyone else. Then after I had completed the typing of this data, and it was ready to be uploaded. I said a short prayer to the Lord about whether I should post what He had said to me. Even though I had already made my mind up not to post it. And the Lord gave me a vision, which I will not explain, but He changed my mind to the point, and I add it to the above data.


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