Sound 1468

The 1468 sound clip was edited (condensed) to about 4:17 minutes from my original micro cassette recording tape. There is some background noise on this file. It is in English. Read the text as you listen to sound clip. 

1468. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 February 2000 at 3:40 PM.

I saw this darkness, I believe I saw it from a very strange angle, for I saw these animals walking at 90-degrees straight up towards Heaven. I saw this horse and this elephant walking side by side next to a cliff, and there was a light shinning on them. This light was shinning directly at me, but these animals were walking between the light and me, vertically up, so I could only see a highlighted shadow of the animals. Then I saw the horse almost fall into the cliff. I could see the horse hanging onto the edge of the cliff with his hind legs dangling over the edge. I did not see the horse fall down off the cliff (the horse was falling horizontally from where I was viewing it), but if he would have, I would not have been able to see where he fell, because everything was so dark. Though I did see the horse climb back onto the edge. These other animals were moving within this white light, but they were moving very naturally, vertically straight up, at a 90-degree angle. And what was so unusual, was that it was so dark outside of the light, it was pitch black, except for this light. (over)


I saw this large serpent attack these animals, as they walked vertically straight up. Then this large hammer appeared, and hit the large serpent on top of the head and crushed its head. (over)


I saw a stick with a round hoop on one end of it with a net around the hoop. This reminded me of a fisherman's net, and this net was laying on the side of a boat and they were using it for fishing. I could see the net above the water.


I saw a vision of a cluster of grapes on the vine with a bunch of bees around them. (over)


I heard the sound of a bell on this ocean buoy. I could not see it in the spirit, but I could hear it. The water also sounded very rough. (over)


I saw these two birds feeding out of this feeder.


The Lord said, "The only correct way is the Manner of God, and it is to the point!" (over)


I saw this small garden tool planting a plant in a vase. (over)


I saw this lizard wrap his whole body around this white, glowing, fluorescent ball.


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