1461. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 February 2000 at 8:20 PM.

During prayer I saw a flat pointed shovel, with the point down. The shovel was being used like a broom and it was sweeping coal. I could see that the shovel was made of silver with a wooden handle.


I saw a coffeepot. The coffeepot was sitting on top of a can of dog food. Then somehow the coffeepot pressed the dog food can flat. I could see that the coffeepot had hot water inside.


I saw two green plastic water hoses. Then, when I saw the ends of the water hoses I could see two showerheads screwed on the ends. Then the image changed and I saw the two water hoses filling two paper bags that were tied to the hose ends.


Then I saw a white rose.


Then I saw a gas shut off valve for natural gas, the kind that is outside houses.


Now, I see a similar coffeepot, like the one I saw earlier. I can see it dropping one, two, now three drops. Now I see another coffeepot, it might be the same coffeepot, but I see water rushing out from it like a river.


I see a small plant with a funnel above it. Now, I see water being poured into the funnel and it being used to watering the plant.


I see a vision of two ice cream cones with their two points together, and touching each other. They were full of vanilla ice cream.


I had a vision of a skeleton of a snake that was moving like a live snake.


I saw a vision of a porcupine, then there were two of them. They seemed to be eating from a cornstalk.


I had an image of a straight fence, which had supporting posts at a 60 degrees angle, so that the fence wouldn't fall down.


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