1424. Prophecy and Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 November 1999 at 11:45 PM.


The Lord gave me a vision of the Washington Monument with an enormous round White Light above it. This bright White Light was large enough to cover all of Washington DC.


I saw a small hole or a small funnel of dirt in the ground, the kind you would see a colony of ants would create. And at the bottom of this funnel of dirt, there was a long stick going around and around at the base of this funnel shaped hole in the ground. It almost looked like this stick created the hole in the ground.


I saw the symbol of the Christian Fish but this Fish symbol had the head pointing down and the tail up.


I saw a vision of a three stand rope in the horizontal position being pulled on one end by a pair of Hands. I can see the rope being stretched, but I cannot see what is pulling it on the other side. Vision: I see a vision of a woman's hand wearing an engagement ring with a stone in the band. The hands are white and the fingers are small or at least the fingers look small, for this thin ring is as large as the diameter of a half a dollar. This woman could almost put three or four fingers inside of this thin ring.

Prophecy in Spanish:

I know! I know My son! I know My son the climate of the world. I know the climate of the stars. I know the climate of your heart. I know the climate of your heart and your spirit. Yes, My son - I know all, with the Intelligence of God, I tell you the things of God.

It has arrived at the point, the Mister (the man) with the pistols. Yes, he has arrived to the point. And these pistols, they are going to hide in the ground, until they are ready to use them. Yes, the war that is coming - is ready with the hidden pistols to the point. All the people who believe that there is going to be peace, are going to be frightened. For the war and all the things of the war, are hidden.

Yes, Reymundo, all is going to go well with the war, with your wife, with the things, the with things I have promised you. Yes! There is going to be this woman, she is going to put on a red dress. And this dress is going to tell you - this woman likes you very much. But she is not going to use this dress until the day that she gives you her heart. Yes, Reymundo. Look and seek for the lady with the red dress. She has the brains. She has the Spirit of God. She has the Love of God. Yes, My son, she is going to send you letters and pictures with the flame of her heart, to the point. She is young and she is pretty. She has the Spirit of God! Yes, she is going to help you with the Flame of God - for here comes the war.

Yes, My son here comes the war to the point - to the POINT! Did you hear Me? Here comes the war to the point! There are going to be many tears, for there are going to be many things that are going to happen and many people are going to die. But the Mister who believes he can run the world is going to use all that he has, to do what he wants, to the point. He is going to have help. Yes, with governments, with money, with oil. Yes - here comes the devil with the Mister.

There are many people who do not believe you Reymundo! This is the Truth! But the thing is - they are not going to believe you, for these people are going to die. Yes, Reymundo - there are many people who are going to die, and it is not important if they believe you or not. For when they are dead, they cannot help anyone.

Here comes the knife. Yes, here comes the knife that is going to cut the world. What a shame, Reymundo! For I tell the world and I tell the world what is going to happen and they do not believe Me. But that's the way things are. I am only going to save what is MINE! Yes - and the rest is going to the pit. Yes! The Piece that I have is small and the rest is going to the pit. If they do not believe Me - they have to live with the devil.

Write - write all that I have said to you, Reymundo. For My Saints have to hear the Word of God, in the Manner of God. Yes, Yes, Yes - the knife of the world has arrived. Yes, this is your Father, with the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I want to give you a hug. I want to give you a kiss for you are doing a job well done, Reymundo. I know that you are suffering. People believe all will go well, but all are going to suffer. But with the things I have promised you (Reymundo) - I am going to give them to you. Remember the things of the Spirit are more important than the things of the flesh. For the end has arrived and I am going to lock-up the devil in the pit for some years. But you My son - all will go well, and the same with your family. I hear your tears. I see your heart. And I read the entire world but I already know what is going to happen and the date. We are almost at the end. Hurry (OK now) rest and sleep. We are going to begin on another day. (over)


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