1386. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 31 July 1999.

I saw a lit lamp hanging from a building


Then the Lord said, "Look at the light, look at the light".


I saw an enormous spoon, bigger than our room. Then something demonic climbed on the edge of the spoon and tried to eat or drink the contents of the spoon. Then the spoon was shoved into the mouth of the skull on Skull Mountain (The place where Jesus Christ was crucified).


Then the Lord said, "Come!"


Then I saw some circumference calipers drawing on the map of Israel and Jordan. I could see them make a circle and go over the area we had covered and some kind of dome went up over this circle. Then I saw a man and a woman dancing gracefully over this platform. It reminded me of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, dancing in one of their movies in modern dress. I led to believe it was Jesus Christ and His Bride. In this area where Jesus Christ and His Bride were dancing, I also saw a carousel with many people on it.


Then I saw this large spoon come down and it bent into 90 degree. I could see it go into a big ball of light. I sensed it was the Father, but I do not really know.


I saw a river, and in the middle of this river, I saw a reflector or barrier appear in the middle of the river and this stopped the flow of the water.


Then I saw the head of a horse. This gray-tan colored horse had a white colored forehead, between the eyes and ears down to the nose. This horse was like the horse in the Book of Revelation.


I saw an eagle flying towards me - its head and mouth were visible and within its mouth was a big, long solid black log. It flew over this vast chasm without any bottom, and it dropped the black log into the pit.


I kept sensing an earthquake so I began to pray about it.


I saw a normal gray post at 80-degree angle, with another pole bracing it. This vision looked like the gray post was falling down and another post was placed at a support angel to stop it from falling.


I saw a symbol of the number "four", (with an opened top). Then, this number "four" turned into an anchor, the symbol that was above the Garden Tomb. This Garden Tomb is outside the Old City of Jerusalem. The Garden Tomb tour guide said this was a symbol carried into the tombs by the followers of Christ.


Then later the Lord said the word, "Assed", and then the word "push, push".


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