1327. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 May 1999 at 5 PM.

Letter to people on e-mail list:

Hello brothers and sisters,

As all of you know the spiritual warfare around here has been great the last two days. Well, it seems to of weakened somewhat. Then, today I received an e-mail from a brother in Christ, who wants me to go back to Amsterdam for the International Day of Prayer on the 23 May 1999. I have informed him that I do not have the funds, so I cannot go. He has e-mailed me back, that he possibly could pay for the airline tickets if his wife agrees and if she doesn’t - maybe his work could pay for the airline tickets, or he would find a way of making this happen. I really do not know if that was the reason for all the spiritual warfare the last few days, but I still do not have the hotel expenses and food money.

I might also say, this brother was waiting for me at the Amsterdam airport on my way back from the European mission trip (he got the information from my son who has doing some computer art work for the company he works for.), but I missed him because I changed airlines in Kiev. The only reason I can figure for me missing him was the Lord wanted me back home to type-up and send out the prophecies through the Internet. But now that I have finished that mission, then I get thrown into some kind of spiritual warfare and now he e-mails me for a possible trip to go back to Amsterdam for this International Day of Prayer. It seems like some kind of door has opened up to go back to Amsterdam. I might add I have only had about three days of rest and I am just beginning to get used to my sleeping time (California time). Please pray that if this is not of the Lord, to have Him stop this possible trip.

I have prayed about this and the Lord gave me the same vision He gave me before:


Only this time the toe was on the ground and the Heel lifted up and I could see the dirt on the bottom of the Lord’s Heel with no White Light. Then the Toe twisted making the Heel move to the left and lighting bolts came out from the bottom of the Heel and made an Lighting arc form and move toward the left as the Heel moved.

Then the Lord said, "I am, I am, I am."


Then a vision of a woman wearing a black high heel shoe. All I could see was her foot and shoe, but inside of the shoe there was a red rose with the stem slipped in the side of the shoe (in-between the side of her heel and the high heel shoe) near her ankle. Then the image changed again and the red rose was under the arch part of the high heel shoe (it was not crushed).


Then there was a vision of a woman with both of her heels deeply implanted or braced on the floor so she could not be pulled. Almost as if the Lord was going to pull her and she did not want to go. For at that point she even placed her bottom on the floor to resist even more this possible pulling.


Then I saw the Lord holding a orange-yellow ball in His Hands.


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