1294. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 March 1999 at 3:12 PM.

The Lord showed me a waterfall which fell for what looked like miles. (over)


Then I saw someone in a very high place maybe in the sky or heaven and they poured a bowl of hot ashes onto the ground from this high place. Then the ground shook and moved like water would. It looked like liquid rock. Then other parts of the ground were rolled over with a giant rolling pin. The ground look very compressed or packed after the giant rolling pin went over the ground.


Now I see something that has the shape of an egg. This object is half white and the other half is dark gray. Then this egg looking object tips up and stands on its end, and a single drop of "something", drops onto the earth.


Now I see a small boat with many pipes on its deck collecting something from the sea.


Now I see a large flying object hit the planet. (over)


This makes me wonder if it is what fell off the large egg looking object?


Now I see this crane moving many human bodies onto this ship and then they dumped them into the sea. (over)


Now I see a whirlwind of fire moving around the planet destroying everything in its path.


Then the Lord said, "The end has come!" (over)


I see people living in deep tunnels beneath the ground. (over)


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