1252. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 March 1999.

The Prophecies, Visions and Occurrences from 1252 through 1319 were received on the European prayer mission trip. During this time I met Eva and Irene for the first time in person. Eva came with me on the Western Europe part of the trip and Irene guided me on the second part of the mission, she showed me Kiev, Ukraine.

  Map of Western Europe part of trip.

Irene during one of the walks in Kiev. Irene and I at Easter dinner at her house. It was Irene's idea to take pictures in Kiev. Eva and I did not take any pictures in Western Europe. For we felt our job was to pray and not sightsee.

Other than the pictures, I did noticed that Eva and Irene did many of the same things that I began to believe that the Lord had given them both the same script. They both took care of me like a mother hen takes care of her chicks. They both handled the money, most of the food, and made most of the travel arrangements (taxis, trains, buses, ships, etc.). I have to admit I had a hard time submitting and being humble, but I just kept telling myself, "The Lord is really in charge. So Raymond, just keep your mouth shut!" The whole mission trip went so well I give the Lord all the praise!

In Turku, Finland on Easter Sunday, April 4, Eva gave me a tour of this old Presbyterian Church and as we walked out onto the street, we walked by a high Bishop of the State Presbyterian Church giving an interview to a television station. Then almost one week later, Irene gave me a tour of a Russian Orthodox Monastery the day after their Easter. And I found myself surrounded by soldiers, people, and television reporters interviewing their Patriarch for their television station. But on this occasion suddenly my prayer language began to pray.

Another thing I found strange, Eva told me she liked, loved, or cared for this man and she showed me his picture and he had very large feet. Then on the same day as Irene and I walked toward the Monastery she began to tell me (without reason) that her ex-husband had very, very large feet. This reminded me of the picture Eva had shown me. On many occasions they both said almost the same things during walks and dinner. Like I said earlier they were as if they had studied the same script. This was very strange indeed!

Another thing which struck me funny was during this whole European trip and after spiritual warfare I was always thirsty for Seven-Up or Sprite. At times after spiritual warfare, I could not drink enough. For I felt like I was going to physically die if I did not drink some. Then, when I got home this hunger for Seven-Up and Sprite left me. Very strange!!

I am sorry to say I did not tour (sightsee) in Europe and only toured in Turku, Finland a little, but I did see a lot of Kiev, Ukraine. So I praise the Lord again for what I did see.

There was heavy spiritual warfare on a few occasions, but the mission trip went well overall. Praise the Lord again!


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