1157. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 March 1998 at 8:32 AM.

Good morning, Reymundo! How are things going? You have noticed the shock and the repercussions of the blows that the devil tried to implement on you have passed. And the Work of God keeps on going.

The art of man, is to destroy all that is good, all that is righteous, all that is not of God. The art of man - is sin! As you know, and as I know - I have always dealt with the problem of sin. Since Adam and Eve, I have separated and created certain people to follow (Me), to be obedient, to love the things of God. These people will be gathered. These people will be saved. The rest will placed with the devil in a place - that no one should be!

But as you know, and as I know - the nature of man is sin, and sin produces sin! Because it is in union with the devil. I have been patient. I have waited for many years for this point in time! As you will see in the coming years the things in the Prophecy Book coming to be with the Power of Jehovah, with the Might of Jesus Christ, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. For We are God!

We do things in a orderly manner, in a Loving manner, but with Power! Some people do not believe this! That is something they have to deal with at the proper time, at the proper place. But whether they believe in evolution, or whether they believe in Jehovah and Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the Truth will manifest itself, and manifest itself to this planet, to your brother, to your neighbor, to your mother, to your father, to everyone who has ever existed. It does not matter whether you believe in God or you do not believe in God - what God does and what God performs and - "What He will do -will happen!" - Through His Word, through Love, through His Power, through all that is Righteous, through all that is Clean, through all that is of God.

Nothing in this planet happens, or comes to be without My Knowledge. Whether it is good, whether it is bad! If you want to save yourselves, you are going to have choose good or evil. For there is no such thing as maybe! "Do you hear My Words?" Either you are for Me, or you are against Me! That is simple. That is direct. That is to the Point! What is so hard to understand about that! I understand, and I have a Loving Heart. I know you - all you can do is try, and try, and try to be good. That is all I ask! Because sin is sin, and man has sin. You try and I will do the Rest! Because that tells Me - You want to be righteous! You are seeking Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You Love the Holy Spirit. And through those things, that tells Me - you love Me, Jehovah. That is not hard to understand. If you fall - you repent! I will forgive! And We will keep on going!

For the end is before you. Some of you are beginning to sense it. Some of you are beginning to dream about it. Some of you are beginning to see it. Seeing, and hearing, and believing are Powerful, but many of you are blind. Many of you are chasing doctrine. Many of you are chasing your pastors. Many of you are doing things that are not Godly. But the simple fact is - the end will come! And your decision will be good or bad. Either you go to this place, or you go to that place! I hope - I have made My Point Clear and to the Point! For you are going to cross many hard days, many hard weeks, many hard months, many hard years. Where the things, that you have always depended upon, will be taken from you. Sometimes it is your mother. Sometimes it is your father. Sometimes it will be your son and daughter. Sometimes it will be the money you love so much. Sometimes it will be your life.

Things will be as they should be. The accounting of all that was created is coming to a point. Well - that is all for today! Tomorrow will bring some good and some evil, but you have to make a choice on - who is your God, and on what you will do. This is your Loving Father giving you a Loving message from Heaven. (over)


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