984. Occurrence and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 October 1996 at 9:06 AM. in Spanish.


While laying in bed this morning, after prayer, I was looking at the my wrist braces firmly secured to my two wrists and wondered, - when will the Lord heal my wrists? During this, I remembered how the Lord had moved a door knob hole that I had drilled wrong in a door, a few years ago - to show me His Power. I looked at my wrists again and said to myself, "If the Lord can move a wrongly drilled hole on a door, He surely can heal my hands. No sooner had I finished thinking this, when the Lord gave me this next prophecy. (within seconds.)


He wiped. He wiped the past. George. George is the man who wiped the past. Yes, Reymundo - George. He likes the bullet. George has a very bad spirit in South America. You have to place your eyes and ears on the man named George, for he is one very bad man. Yes, watch him. Watch him, for here comes George with the finger of the devil. He is going to seek out all that is of God - with the pistol - with the knife - with the teeth of the devil. Here comes George to South America. Yes, it has arrived - the day of George in South America. (over)


Right after this prophecy was given - maybe 30 seconds later, I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. I had not walked 12 feet from my bed when I noticed my right wrist brace was GONE! I might add - this really surprised me - for 30 seconds ago, it was firmly secured to my right wrist. I quickly returned to my bed and tore my by bed apart, and it was nowhere to be found. Still perplexed, I went back to the bathroom then returned to my totally messed up bed, and then found my right wrist brace under my pillow. How it got there, I surely do not know! (over)


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