0929. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 July 1996 at 8 PM.


During praise and worship the Lord showed me someone playing a trombone.


The next image was of an egg, an enormously large egg, maybe four or five feet across, length wise. It was sitting on some sort of stand, but the pointed part of the egg was painted black.


Then the next image was of a hand rail made out of pipe, with a net hanging over it. I saw some sort of clamp wrapped around the handrail and holding the net on it.


Next I saw an image of a pick, picking at the ground. It kept picking until it had dug a large pit, big and wide. I looked inside the pit and I could see many gravestones. The gravestones were bright and glowing white.


Then the Lord told me that the man playing the trombone represented the last trumpet that is mentioned in the Bible. The egg represented the Body of Christ, and the dark, pointed part of the egg represented the Body of Christ that hasn’t repented. The legs of the stand that the egg was sitting on represented Christ holding up the Body with the Holy Spirit, through Jehovah. The pick digging the wide pit and the gravestones inside the pit, represented the dead Christians that were going to meet the Lord in the sky.

I believe it is the scripture of first Thessalonians, where the dead will rise first, and then the living will meet the Lord in the sky at the twinkling of an eye.

Regarding the net that was over the pipe handrail with clamps on it, the Lord said that the net over the handrail represented the Christians, who weren’t doing their jobs. He said that He was going to rip the handrail and the net off. (over)



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