923. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 July 1996 at 1:30 AM. in Spanish.

Simon. Yes the shell (cáscara = Spanish word for skin, shell…) of Simon. It has arrived - the shell of Simon. I know that you are ready; I know that you are pointed; I know - all is ready - the shell of Simon.

I told you about your lady years ago. You are going to come together in the manner of God. I know that you do not believe Me. I know the manner of love and the manner of God. Your lady thinks of you too - with tears, with her heart, with her spirit. She is going to call you; and the two of you are going to come together with Force of God: I tell you the Truth. I know that you do not believe Me because you have waited for so many years. But what I say is Exact and to the Point. I have not finished using you. There are things that I have not told you yet about your life with your wife. But look - all is going to happen to the point; for I do not say one thing and then do another. I know that your spirit is pointed in the direction of your God. I know that you are alone. I know that you believe that I do not hear you - the tears of the heart, the tears of the money, the tears of the work, the tears of your friends, the tears of your family. I hear all of it, Reymundo; I see all of it.

But the things that you do not see are the TEARS OF GOD of the things I see - that I CRY ABOUT. When I see the little ones that they kill - like they kill dogs. What a shame! How can they treat their children like they were animals? That's why, I am going to hit the world HARD, FAST, AND TO THE POINT! And there are men sleeping with men, women sleeping with women. And the men who sleep with women kill the babies that I give them. All that I say to you is FROM MY TEARS - from My Heart of My Spirit.

Here comes the day that they are going to kill the old people too. Mark it on your calendar, for here it comes: the day that the old people won't have a chance either - and the sick ones and the ones who study the Bible. All of them, they are going to gather and they are going to kill them, like they do animals. Remember that I told you - for the devil is going to become strong with the man. The man is going to believe that the world is his because he doesn't believe in God. He doesn't believe in the manner of God; but that's another story I will tell you on another day, on another date.

But I wanted to speak to you tonight because I knew that your heart is hurting all the way to Heaven - because I promised you your woman. And the day has arrived that you do not believe Me. The letter that you sent her is going to frighten her. Did you hear Me? The letter that you sent her is going to frighten her in the manner that you wouldn't believe. But everything is in My Hands, for when I say something - it happens. And I correct the things that need to be corrected. The bad is from the devil. The GOOD is from God, the One who made all: the world, the stars, your body, your wife, the stars.

What a shame that people are so indifferent about their sons and daughters that they kill them like animals. This is all that I want to tell you on this minute - that I have heard all that you have said to Me in your prayers. I hear you, but sometimes I don't tell you that I hear you - but do I HEAR YOU! This is Correct and to the Point. Hurry - go to sleep and rest for We have things to do. (over)


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