896. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 April 1996 at 8:30 PM.

During prayer and worship the Lord showed me a bowl that was going to be carved with wide flat putty knife and I wondered how can the Lord carve this bowl with this wide putty knife?

So I asked the Lord, "How can this wide flat putty knife carve into this curved bowl?

Then before my eyes the Lord transformed the wide putty knife into a curved chisel that would be ideal for curving the curved surface of the bowl.


Then the Lord showed me a vision of a bunch of small colorful flowers sticking out of this large and long braided flat basket that looked like a two foot long flat purse.


A vision of a metal construction safety hard hat. Then I saw a hack saw cut it in two from the top across the width. (above and across where the ears are located.)


The next image was of a hangman's noose hanging from this horizontal brace. This brace and hangman's noose were on this pier next to the water. Then this fish with enormous teeth jumped out of the water and bit the noose and ripped it off the brace and took it into the water.


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