590. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 September 1994 at 11:32 AM. in Spanish.

The country of Nicaragua is going to start again. The flame, the flame of fighting, the political flame. All the things that are of the devil are going to start in Nicaragua. Yes, Reymundo! The things I am telling you are exact and to the point. Nicaragua is going to start to fight with everyone that is political. For they are going to want the power to eat the countries on each side. For that's the manner of the devil, to eat, to eat, to eat, the filthy manner, in the manner of the devil. And they won't care who they kill and who's head they step on. For those are the manners of the devil, the filthy things.

Tell My Sheep of Nicaragua to read the Bible and to gather with the Power of God, with the Word of God. For the flame of Nicaragua has started. Yes! Tell them to gather, to eat the Communion everyday, to seek a place to hide. For here comes the devil to Nicaragua. He is going to want to stop the Church of Jesus with force. Tell the Body of My Son in Nicaragua to gather in houses, but to hide with the Word of God.

For here come the dogs, the devils, all the men that are filthy. The men that don't seek the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. For the blood of Nicaragua is going to run in the streets, in the houses, in the government. For the ones that run the government; they don't seek; they don't believe in the Father, in the Son, in the Holy Spirit. They just believe in the devil and in the force of the devil, and in the manner of the devil. It has arrived the blood in the streets of Nicaragua.

Yes! This is the Word of your God, the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. Telling you the problems of the world. They are going to come rapidly and to the point. For it has arrived the END of the world. This is My Word with My Prophet Reymundo, on this date, on this day. With the Heart of Heaven I tell you the truth, with the Heart of My Son, with the Heart of the Holy Spirit, with My Heart, of your Father, I am, I am, I am. (over)


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