540. Prophecy:

It is over there. It is over there. All I said to you, all the promises. It's over there. All the tears. It's over there. All the suffering. Yes, Reymundo! It's all ready, for the flame of the world is going to begin in August. The flame of the world is going to begin in August. For the bullet of the devil is going to hit to the point at the governments that have the mind of the devil.

The devil is going to start a war. The war, where he is going to want to take the land, from the ones that don't know how, to shoot, eat, or use the bullets that the United States gave them. Yes! The countries of the devil are going to want eat the country that has the armament of the United States. They don't know how to use the armor with fever, with brains. He is going to eat them, but he is going to shoot the bullet in August, and the country is going to fall fast and rapidly. For they never had the brains to use the armaments. For they only believed that the armories were toys, and the devil came and took it from them, in the day of the month of August. Yes My son! It has arrived the war of the devil in the month of August.

You have to send the Word. You have to tell the world to prepare itself, for here comes the devil with pointed teeth. All saints that want to hear, tell them all to prepare, with food, with prayers. For they are going to have to hide themselves. For the devil knows they cannot do a thing, unless they hide themselves. For the force of the devil is going to be at the maximum. Yes! I gave them the honey of the devil, it going to be the armor of the black people.

Yes! Look at, look at the black people. Yes! It has arrived the tears of the world. The filthy things of the devil have arrived. Gather your family and pray, and pray, and pray. They have to point their eyes, their ears, all the things of God. But I want them to seek a place so they can hide themselves in the day that everything stops. For there are the dogs looking for you with the fever of the pit. The End has started My sons and daughters. Open your eyes. Open you ears. This is the Word of your God, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. This is the Father telling you the advice of Heaven, with a clean Mind, with the Mind of everything that is of Heaven.

I want the soldiers of My Son to pray and pray. For here comes the demons with the fever of the devil. Yes! Get ready soldiers of My Son. Get ready with the Fever of Heaven for My Son is going to use you. You are going to fight the war of what is good with what is evil, with the prayers of Heaven, with the Fever of Heaven. Don't worry for you have already won.

The Book is closing, page by page, book by book, all that I stated in the Bible. It isn't finished until everything that I said to you, all the Letters, all the Words, all that I told you that was going to happen, in years passed, years passed. For what I say is the truth and to the point. All that I have said is going to happen, and nothing, nothing, that's in the Bible is going to pass away until it is complete. For your God doesn't Lie.

The people that believe they know all. I am going to cry for them. For I Love them with My Heart, and I told them, and they didn't hear Me. They didn't hear a single Word that I told them. For they had their chest sticking out. For they believed they were as high as God. What a shame, My sons. So many days pass, and I Cry and I Cry, for My Sheep, the ones that have their eyes closed. The ones that have their ears closed. For they love more the world than the God that made all.

But the End has arrived, and you know and I know that what I say, is going to happen. For I am God, and I don't tell Lies, and the time of God is the time of God and the things of man cannot change the things of God if they are walking with the devil. They have left, they have left, they have left the things I wanted to save, My little Sheep. But if they don't want to hear Me, if they don't Love Me, I am going to turn My Back. For I read their hearts, the hearts of the sheep. All they have written on their hearts is devil, devil, devil, devil, devil, and world, world, world.

They don't have the Word of God, and they cannot come, for all of Heaven is clean. I tell them, and I tell them to repent, but they don't want to. That's why the bullet comes from the devil, to the country of the black people with the armaments of the United States in the day of August. It's going to be the day that you are going to recognize the good things and the evil things. You're going to be frightened with the force of the devil, the things of the devil, in the manner of the devil. For the devil is going to show you with his soldiers what he can do and how he can do it. For he doesn't care about anything. Just to kill, and break all that is good. Remember that I told you the date, in the countries of the black people. Yes! It has arrived the war of the devil. (over)


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