524. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 August 1994 on 11:13 PM. in Spanish.

The damned one, the damned one, the Juanita (Spanish name for Jane, Jean, Joan). The Juanita thinks of the devil, seeks the devil. She does everything filthy for her manner is the manner of the she demon. The she demon of she demons. Yes!, the manner of the she demon. Yes! The she demon of she demons. Yes! She has arrived, the day of Juanita.

Yes, the things of Heaven are the things of Heaven. For it has arrived all the filth of the world to the point. It has arrived. Look at Juanita. For Juanita is very bad. Yes! Juanita, the things that are of Juanita. Run, don't touch them for Juanita has the union of the devils.

Yes!, the union of the devils! She believes she knows so much. She believes she is very intelligent, Juanita. All that she knows is of the devil, all that she is going to find is the pit. If you see Juanita hide yourself for she has the lips of the devil. She has the things that are filthy, in the body, in the mind, in all that she touches, in all that she says. For she has the union of the devils, the union. O how mean, how filthy the she demon of she demons, they are the things of the devil. Yes, it has arrived the day of Juana (same name different sound), Juanita.

Yes! If she points her finger in your direction stop yourself and run and hide quickly for if she touches you, you will die. Did you hear Me clearly and to the point? Don't let her touch you. Yes, she has the teeth of the devil. It has arrived. Yes, the things of Juanita. This is your Father with the firecrackers of the devil. Yes, the firecrackers of the devil. Here comes Juanita. Yes, with the things that will bury you in the pit for all the days that are days. Yes, run and hide yourself for it has arrived the woman that has the name Juanita.

Yes! I want you all to pray and I want you all to read the Bible with all the force that you all have. Yes, I want all of you to repent and seek the good things, the things of God. I tell you clearly and to the point. Seek Jesus and He will protect you with the Holy Spirit. They will protect you, but you have to seek Him, with the Word, with your spirit, with all that you have, with all that you have that's good, that's direct at the Word of God.

Yes! And in that way Juanita won't touch you. For she is afraid of Jesus. O Yes, she is afraid of Him! For she knows, He has the Force of Forces. She knows that He is the King of Kings. Yes, she is afraid, if you know the Word of God, if you read the Bible, if you study and you seek Jesus. She won't touch you for Jesus will burn her. Yes, with the Word. Yes! Did you hear Me? Jesus will burn her with the Word, but you have to seek in the manner of God.

Yes, save yourself. Seek My Son with the Force of the Holy Spirit. I tell you the truth of the things of the days of Juanita. It has arrived. Yes, the things that I tell you, with the Lips of your Father, with the Lips of the Son, with the Lips of the Holy Spirit. Arm yourself. Read the Bible. Arm yourself with the Word of God. (over)


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