378. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 October 1993 at 7:30 PM.

I was in church praying and I started to have a vision of an Army of God's Angels and his intercessors. They were both lined up, side by side, for miles. And on top of this hill I could see demonic forces lined up for miles, side by side, and facing the line of God's Angels and intercessors as far as the spiritual eye could see. I was seeing this during my prayer time during worship in church. I could see myself in this formation line sitting next to other intercessors and Angels as we faced these demonic forces on this hill waiting for orders, and for the Spiritual battle to begin.

My prayer language was fairly steady and nothing was happening in the spirit except for the two spiritual forces facing each other, everyone was just waiting. Then the rush began and the demonic forces started charging down this hill in the spirit toward the Angelic line. I could see the two forces come together with a tremendous powerful force, but somehow my prayer language stayed in the same rhythm. There were no battle cries in tongues, for I expected my usual Japanese samurai tongue to kick in (the label that the group of men around me have labeled this type of spiritual warfare tongue), as it has done so many times in the past, but my prayer language just remained steady, and in rhythm. Somehow, I sensed in the spirit, and could see the shields of these five or six Angels (these were the same Angels that were behind me in the #343 Occurrence earlier where Satan was watching me in this arena). These same Angels completely surrounded me as my prayer language just stayed at a steady rhythm. I could see in the spirit what was going on around me in the battle, with this incredible Force against force, but these five or six Angels with their shields up just stayed there all around me and protected me from every possible angle and didn't move from their positions. As My Angelic Bodyguards stood around me, I just prayed in this steady rhythm. This went on for twenty minutes during the praise music in church.

Then all of a sudden, I saw the image, in the spirit, of this nun on her knees praying at the back of a church, and my prayer language changed, and said, "Mary, Mary," in Spanish. I have been hearing this name in my prayer language for about four to five months now, "Mary, Mary, Mary." Then the Lord revealed to me that this was the name of a Catholic nun that has been praying for me. She was one of the intercessors that the Lord had placed a burden on to pray for me.

I have no idea for how long she's been assigned to pray for me, but I guess she has been praying for months, months and months. For I have been speaking her name for months myself. I don't know if she knows she is praying for me, but the Lord told me she was. I only saw her from behind, in the spirit on her knees, and praying alone, as I was surrounded by demonic things doing warfare with the Angelic Forces, and shielded by the Angelic Bodyguards. Seeing this left me in shock with a strong impression of the seriousness of what was going on that very second in the spirit; seeing her praying completely alone in the back of the church, just as I have done for so many hours in my house since this whole thing started with me.

I want to personally thank you, Mary, for taking the time to pray for me. For at times I get so confused, and feel so alone. I don't know where you are, the name of your church, or from what part of the world the Lord has placed you, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For you are one of the most precious Christians the Lord has ever called to help me, and I love you. If we ever meet in this world or in Heaven, I hope we can become great Heavenly friends.

I ask you Lord to bless Mary wherever she might be. For there are so many times I want you to lift this burden from me. For at times I feel so totally alone as I follow you, My Lord. I thank you once again for letting me see Mary during this warfare prayer time. For as I keep walking toward you, I feel there are only a few dedicated intercessors on the battle front. For so many times I have felt that my prayer partner and I, are the only ones praying. So forgive me, Lord, for that stupid thought. In your blessed Son's Name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I thank you again, My Heavenly Father. Amen


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