291. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 February 1993 at 8:26 AM. Spanish and English.

Sandal, sandal, sandal, Yes Reymundo, the sandal. Here comes the days you are going to need the sandals. For you are going to have to run with all of your spirit, with all of the force you have. For if you don't run, they will eat you, the devils, all that is evil. Run and hide yourself. Run and hide yourself. For here comes the day of the sandals. The dogs are going to come, and they run very fast.

Did you Hear Me? Everyone of the world, if you don't make yourself strong, and pray, and pray to your God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the devil is going to eat them with the force of everything that is evil. Clean your ears, look at what is in Heaven. Look for your God, your Christ, and gather yourself, with your brothers and sisters, and get ready with your sandals. For you are going to need them with your Bible. Read the Bible with all of your heart, with all that you have, with your mind, with your spirit.

Did you hear Me, everyone who Loves My Son Jesus, the Christ, the One who died for all the sins? Yes, hear Me! Hear Me! This is your Father, the One who is telling you these things of Heaven. With the Love of Heaven, I tell you, look for your sandals, and make yourself ready. For here comes the day that you're going to need them.

Yes, My Sons and Daughters, Hear Me! Hear Me! It has arrived, the end of the world. I want you to get ready. I want you to look for your suitcase, and make it ready, with your Bible, with all that is good. For here comes My Son on the cloud. You have to have your ticket, and your suitcase, and you have to pray and fast, and repent, and look for your brothers and sisters in the streets. The Ones that don't know Me, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I tell you with Joy, with Happiness, with all that is Good, with all that is of Heaven, with all that is from your Father. There I'll see you My Sons and Daughters.

Did you hear Me? For it is the truth, and it has arrived, the day of suffering. And the ones who are clean, and love My Son with all of their heart, with all that they have, are going to go to Heaven with him. The rest are going to suffer with the flame of all that is evil in this world. This is the Word of your God. The One who made everything with the Word, with the Holy Spirit. This is the Father with the Love of Heaven. He tells you the truth. For He Loves you with all the Love of Heaven, with all the Love of God.

Oh, My Little Ones do what your Father says. For I am telling you the correct manner, the straight manner, I am telling you because I Love you. I am telling you because I don't want you to suffer. For if you fall, I will cry with the tears of Heaven, for I don't want to lose you. For you are of My Heart. Make yourself strong, and point your nose toward Heaven, My Little Ones. I tell you these things from My Heart, of all that is Good, of all that is from your God. With tears of Heaven, I want you to open your ears, and Hear Me. For I don't want to cry if you fall.

Repent. Repent. Clean yourself. Clean yourself with the manner of God. I tell you these things, on this day, at this date, with My Prophet, Reymundo, My Little Ones.


I Love you. 


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