Prophecy 166

166. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 July 1992 at 12:15 PM. in English.


I just had an image of Africa, the continent of Africa.


Beware of Africa, for it will explode with violence and tribulations. For the fears of the Black Nations will become true and evident that the devil is strong. The devil will roam like a wild lion trying to eat and devour anything and everything that moves, that's righteous, that is clean, that is pure, that is of God.

Beware of the continent of Africa for the violence of that continent will spread like a wild fire from the North to the South, from the East to the West. Violence and terror that the World has never seen or heard of before. For the demonic forces are strong in Africa and they are on the loose, but the intensity of the demonic forces will increase as the hour of the Ark approaches.

So beware My Saints, My Sheep, My Lambs, that are in Africa. The missionaries, the people who live in the middle of no where, that are surrounded by the enemy, the devils, the demons, make yourselves strong, be brave. For the hour has come that the roaring lion will devour and maim anything that moves, that is righteous, that is pure, that is clean, from the North, from the South, from the East, from the West.

Everything in the continent of Africa will break out in violence, for the power of Satan is strong in that continent. So do not worry. For your God Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will be with you and your brothers, your sisters. Make yourselves strong.

For the time of hiding will begin when the bear and the owl go to war in Egypt. Be prepared, tell your brother, tell your sister that the hour will begin when the bear and the owl go to fight in Egypt. Protect your Children, protect your wives, protect your family, pray to your God Jehovah with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul. For the day will be upon you like a thief in the night.

This is your God Jehovah, the Creator of the Heavens, of the Earth, of the Stars, of everything in the Universe. Pray My Children, pray and pray and pray and pray when the violence breaks out, go into hiding. Go into hiding wherever you can. For the devil will be loose and he will be looking for you.

Stay in contact with your other Christian brothers and sisters. I will tell you at that time on how to accomplish this, but for right now prepare. Look for a place that you can hide when the violence breaks out. For it will happen quickly and without warning. So prepare yourselves today. Look for a place to hide for your family, your brothers, and sisters.

I will show you ways to communicate with your other brothers and sisters because you have to stay together in prayer and in helping each other. For the force of the devil will be strong, will be violent, will be bloody. I am going to protect you but you have to listen to My Words. Look for a place to hide in the coming months. For there is still time but the day will arrive without notice.

Listen to Me, My Children. Listen to Me, My Children, for the day will come without warning. I will tell you how to communicate among your brothers and sisters at the appropriate time but you have to look for a place to hide NOW! While it is safe to look. This is Jehovah, the God of the Universe, of all that is, of all that will be, with My Son and the Holy Spirit. Pray and pray and pray and I will send Prophets to tell you how to communicate through those troubled times. This is your God, with tears in My Eyes, with Love in My Heart. Prepare for the day of the beast.


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