108. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 June 1992 at 1:27 AM. in Spanish and non-understandable tongues.


I saw a head of a Lion with a green mane. Now, I see a head of a bull.

Prophecy: 1:44 AM. Spanish.

There it is in front of your nose My son. What I was telling you about your wife. There she is. You can touch her, you can kiss her. For she is ready.

But look, the time has arrived of the Cross, of the Crooked Cross. It has arrived. For what I say is the truth. You have to watch the Crooked Cross. The Star is going to come, and its going to hit the world like a Hammer, and the Star is going to be, because the pig, and the dogs, are going to run after everything that is, and what they want in this world. Here comes the Star with the Hammer. For what I say, your God, the Father does not Lie. All that is Straight, and is Clean, is your Father's. (Non-understandable tongues?)

Yes Ray, the hour will come when the monarch is assassinated in the streets of London. On the Day that will mark his Coronation. For the Beast has planned, and executed this assassination from the beginning. For the development of the foundation of his empire will spread from country to country until he will rule the world, with an iron hand.

So beware of the Beast. Beware of the Star that will hammer your hand, and your forehead without mercy. For once you have this Star, you will never see My Kingdom in Heaven with My Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Star will be painless. It will not hurt. It will be implemented with a tool that will Hammer it in place. So beware of the Hammer with the Star.

This is your God Jehovah. The beginning of the end will be like it was stated in the Book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament. The carcasses of the dead will be piled high, as if they were logs of trees on a hot summer day. The flies will be thick and heavy on the carcasses of human remains on a hot summer day. The beginning of what some people call Armageddon will be accomplished as it is written in the Bible. So read the Bible and learn about the Wrath of God for those who blaspheme against the Name of Jehovah, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

So beware of the Beast. Beware of the Seal. Make yourself strong. Love thy neighbor, protect your family. Pray together, pray together for your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will protect you, but you must do it willingly. For We love you, and We want you Pure and Clean. So you can come to Heaven with your God Jehovah, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This warning is stated with Love, but study the Bible, and learn, and get the wisdom you need to survive those troubled times. For you have been warned with Love and affection. I bid you farewell until the next time. 


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