90. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 June 1992 at 12:55 AM. in English.

I love you Ray. Since you can't sleep, let's talk. Let Me tell you a little bit about the War, the War of the future. The Saber tooth Tiger will be conquered but the Beast and the Boar will use a series of spies and counterspies to manipulate Governments. In such a manner that there is more corruption going on underneath the tables with these Political Officers who ran these Governments that you could ever have comprehended. When he gets control of the oil and the finances he will use this leverage and this blackmail. He will use anything that he can to get his way and he will get his way.

But I am preparing a place for him. He thinks he is going to have the World in his hands but all he will find is the Pit. The Antichrist is going to be one of the most fierce, the most dreaded tyrants the World has ever known. To you they are simple words that have no real meaning; outside of words. You have not experienced tyranny of such terror but that's how the end is going to come.

There are going to be explosions in the Big Capitals, in the Big Cities, all over the World. There is going to be a Police Force that will have no law. Only the law of the Antichrist, which is the law of Satan. He is going to develop a Kingdom, a source of Power where he can control what People buy, what they sell, who is living in their house, who and where their family members are, what they do for a living, where they go to church, where they don't go to church. He's going to have that kind of control.

Then he is going to implement the Seal which is going to be placed on the foreheads of his puppets; which He'll control and manipulate to do his bidding. If you value your Spiritual Life do not take the Seal of the Beast. For the Seal of the Beast will mean the end of the end for you. So beware of the Seal that will placed on your hand or on your forehead. It doesn't matter where, if you receive it you will never see the Kingdom of God, Jehovah, the Heaven, or the Mansion that I have prepared for you. Because My Son Died, for you for a reason, to bring the Flock home to Heaven. But the choice is yours.

DO NOT TAKE THE SIGN OF THE BEAST. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah, the Creator, the Maker of the Universe. For I am bringing to a close a defiled Planet that has gone sour, which will be eliminated with everything else that is not Pure, Righteous, and in Line with My Word, Jehovah.

So make yourselves strong My Lambs, My Sheep. For the hour is at hand, go in that room, close that door and pray. Pray like you have never prayed before, for the hour and the day is right outside your door.

Protect yourself, get in the Body of Christ, and Jesus will Protect you, but you have to be Clean and Pure and Repent. Just because you call yourself a Christian means nothing. I want what's Clean and Pure, in Heart, in Spirit, in Mind, with their focus on Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Me.

For the rewards are beyond your comprehension. So Just have Faith and Trust in your Lord and Savior. For He will Rule and Govern, and protect My Sheep, My Lambs. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah the Creator, the Maker of the Universe. Peace be with you. Peace be with you. The love of My Heart. The love of My Son. The love of the Holy Spirit. Peace and love your fellow Sheep, your fellow Lambs. So saith Jehovah. 


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