40. Prophecy, Vision and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 April 1992.


I see a white cloud.


A vision of an Egyptian sculpture lying down. Then it was lifted right side up, but I could only see it from it's legs down.


Egypt is resurrecting one of their old gods.


Of a gravestone, then the ground shook and the gravestone broke down the middle.


I broke the grave.


Gog and Magog; "The beginning."


A nuclear explosion


Mount Zion with a white light on top of it. There were lots of little lights or stars around the top of the mountain approximately three quarters of the way up . Then the vision changed to the same mountain, but this time there was a rainbow around the base. Then all of sudden the rainbow instantly shot up from the base of the mountain to where the little white stars were in the other mountain.

Mount Zion


Then my prayer language made a LOUD wailing sound . Then I started shaking all over with an unbelievable force.



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