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God speaks to a man in California.

Truth or Fantasy?

Mini-Prophecy Book

August 1998

News Department:

Log on and download a sound file to hear the voice of God through a chosen man. <> is the place to go for information on the End Times. This is a 100% Christian web site, but 80% of churches do not want anyone to hear these prophecies and have tried to stop them, for these convict and condemn many churches for their contemporary practices and explains the fall of Christianity (as we know it today) and the rise of Islam as the world religion.

This is one of the largest prophetic web sites on the Internet and has been almost ten years in the making and is still not complete. This web site has over 1200 prophecies on the end times which describe future personalities, supernatural occurrences, and a personal testimony detailing ten years of spiritual warfare. This web site is being translated into Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Filipino, and a translation into Chinese has also begun. The prophecy web site has received so many hits that the server had to limit itís downloads to twenty-five at one time. This has led to the development of four mirrored web sites - three in the United States, one in Canada, and a new one is going up in Australia in a few weeks.

More and more confirmations have come to light as we have moved into the future. These Prophecies deal with future events in the supernatural, along with earthquakes, weather, and other earth changes. These Prophecies speak about the United States, President Clinton, and other famous people around the world along with descriptions of what will happen to San Francisco, Paris, Europe, Canada, Russia, Africa, the fall of South America, and other parts of the world. Descriptions of nuclear explosions; and where, why, and when some will occur! It describes the next and last world war. If you are seeking answers to future world events, then this is the web site to go to!

Thank you, - web master