Prayer Requests from Christian Brothers and Sisters.

All prayers are welcome, but if you are an intercessor (a prayer warrior) these brothers and sisters could use your help. For we have to come together with unity under the Cover of Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit to battle the attacks from Satan (the real enemy). For we are not alone, and we have to fight back with the POWER of the Holy Spirit. Remember the Holy Spirit was sent to us when the Lord Jesus Christ went to be with the Father. Let us unite and fight back, and give ALL the Glory to Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

17 Feb. 2003

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

At 3 AM this morning, My Sister called me said that my brother Gilbert (she believed) is having a heart attack and is being taken to the hospial.  I would like to ask all of you to pray for him.  He quit his job about 20 years ago to take care of my parents.  I have been worried about him since the Lord gave me a dream about him.  Please, please pray for his recovery.  God bless you all.
yours in Christ,

Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 January 2003

We began our city tour of Cairo, by going to a Coptic Church and were planning to go to a church service, but things did not workout that way. There was no church service at this time, so we drove around the city and I began to get sick with all of the car fumes. So we called it a short day and I went to my room and Carl went to a caf and later to an internet caf.

We were supposed to go on a night Nile River dinner cruise, but I decided to stayed in my room and seek the Lord on the rest of our Mission Trip and Carl went alone on the cruise.

I prayed and I prayed to the Lord and the Lord began to show me visions and he gave me a dream about my brother back home, which made me cry and cry. The Presence of the Lord was very strong and uplifting

Oct 24, 2002


My name is Neil and i live in England you will not know me, but i have read alot of the Prophecies on your website trying to peice out what they mean. I have also been giving the prophecies to various friends of mine -some dont believe - where as others do, but that does not matter. What matters is, that they are the truth, and nothing can stop Gods Word.

keep up the good work with the Lord, for my prayers are directed in your direction.

I would like to send a Money order too you soon, but i do not want to use the internet to send it to you - i would rather it be sent to your home address. Would this be ok?

I also would like to help you in this Ministry. If there is anything the Lord wants me to do in this ministry i should be able to help. My aim is to be prepared for when Jesus comes back, and i hope soon that i will make it to the Wedding feast - as mentioned in the Bible.

Most of my home time is spent in the bible, becuase it is such a fantastic book, like.... no other.

I would also like to say, may i be added to your E-Mail list.

I was also wondering What the Lord would say about "Mormons" - i was speaking with them the other day about what they believe. Now, they believe in Jesus christ,and they show the FRUITS of the SPIRIT, but, i am still not sure weather they are part of Gods sheep. Im not sure how i should discern these type of People.

Also, would the Lord be willing to heal a friend of mine with "Parkinson desease", i would sure like to see him well again.His name is "David" He has a daughter to take care of and bring her up, and i have heard that it is getting worse and becoming more obvious. Lord, please if you could help!

Thankyou, Ray and the Lord, all the best


Sept 26, 2002

Ray- I would like to ask for prayer for my grandson David Isbell. David is 18 years old. He was saved and baptized at the age of 12  but has been out of church and possibly out of touch with the Lord for the past couple of years.

Monday night at his job at Wendy's he was putting the lid on the deep fryer (for french fries) his hand slipped and his whole hand and wrist was submerged in the boiling oil. The pain , of course is horrible. They are keeping him really medicated but the pain is still bad. please pray that the hand will not get infected and that he will not lose it or lose use of it. There is probable nerve damage as the skin was immediately burned off  his hand and wrist. A plastic surgoen will try ot do something abut the scaring next week after they see how it goes.

Also pray for  David to desire to get back in love with the Lord the way he was at 12 years old.

David is very alone right now. It is just him and his mother and she is away (traveling)  much of the time on her job as supervison for Regis which makes her have to be gone a lot. A friend thought it might help cheer David andmake him feel loved and cared for if people would send him a card saying they were praying for him.

If you can or anyone else - would like to send him a card his address is

David Isbell, 180 Britney Drive, Toney, AL 35773

Thanks so much and GOd bless,

Carol Staggs



Dear Raymond,

Thank you for putting the prayer request on the website.

Note: An update on Nico Multary.

1. The 6 1/2 year old Nico had the entire brain tumor removed, according to an MRI + CATSCAN.
2. The preliminary biopsy of the tumor mass was "Benign". (non-cancerous). THANK YOU GOD!!!!
3. He is back home and acting like any other 6 1/2 year old; Running, Jumping, playing, & tiring out his parents. He will
be back in school in April.

Ray - GOD IS GOOD!!!

Thank you in Christ Love,

Subject: prayer?
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 09:38:21 -0800
From: "elizabeth>

Dear Ray,

Hi there! I know you are busy. I'm hoping you and your friends can say a prayer for me? Basically I'm trying to figure out if He wants me to relocate or not. Let me
know if you want more information or not...

Also, I have a question about communion. Do you think it matters what kind of bread to use and should one be taking this everyday?

Your sister in Christ

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 15:23:34 EST

I need prayer in three areas....Please first of all Pray for RECONCILIATION 
and RESTORATION.....with my fiance Charlie....I love him so very much...Please 
pray that GOD REMOVES everything that has come between us and restores 
to abundance the SPARK Charlie had for me and overflowing LOVE in Charlie's 
heart for me and his desire for me and we have a GODLY marriage. Thank you and GOD 
BLESS, Cassie 

To e-mail list and Prayer web page.

Subject: Prayer Request
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 23:42:06 -0500

Dear Raymond:

Please help me! Nico Multary, a child who is 6 1/2 years old, is about
to undergo two separate operations to remove what is believed to be some
sort of tumor on the brain. On February 26, 2002, he is going to have
an operation that will map out the brain area. On February 28, 2002 he
will undergo the operation to remove the tumor.

Raymond, I know you are so busy with your work, but if you could please
forward this to anyone and everyone who could say a pray for this child,
it would mean so much. I know everything is in GOD'S HANDS and that is
why I ask for prayers. My faith is in knowing that HE hears and answers
all prayers. In HIS way and in HIS time.
Thank you all! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


Kevin Gershfeld

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Subject: Prayer request from Stasia and ray
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 21:39:42 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I have a prayer request too. Many of you who know #1423 Occurrence, will remember, that the
Lord asked me to place a newspaper ad in one of our local newspapers, Dec. 9, 1999 (#98
Prophecy, about The Meaning of Love). Well, this time the Lord has asked me to place a
television ad on our local AT&T Broadband Television cable network. It will cover the entire San
Francisco Bay Area's counties (could reach about 1,579,100 television cable households). What
surprised me the most was that it took me about 20 minutes to design the whole ad. All that I know
for sure is that the Lord has instructed me to place this ad on television. The cable network
informed me that it would cost about $2,000 a month for about 5 to 6 months to really get the
message out. Well, I need prayer to find out if the Lord wants me to use my house loan money for
this ad or is (The Lord) going to pay this very large expanse. Well, I guess it all belongs to Him
anyways. Please pray with me. 

Yours in Christ, 

PS: To view the television ad go here: 

Subject: prayer request 
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 07:16:53 -0900 
From: "Stash" <> 
To: "Raymond Aguilera" <> 

Hi Ray, 
First of all, continue with your prophecy site. It is important to many people. I thank you for being
strong in God's word. 

My prayer request is for my son who is 26 . This is his second knee operation. He is very
unhappy with the findings of the procedure. 
He thinks that the operation did not address all his knee problems. He is in a lot of pain. Please
pray. I have prayed to God that his 
operation will give his knee better mobility and that the operation was the right thing to do. 

Thank you Ray for all you do. 
Stasia XXXXX 

People will forget what you said. 
People will forget what you did, but 
People will never forget 
How you made them feel. 

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Subject: Three prayer requests.
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 09:42:01 -0800
From: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

Here are three prayer requests. The first one is from Susan, the second from Sung-Ho Ahn, and the third and the last one is from me. 

yours in Christ, 

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 11:01:06 +0200 
From: "Susan van Heerden" <> 
To: "Ray Aguilera" <> 

Hi Ray 

I do not know what is going on. First I lost my modem and 
had to use my electricity & telephone bills' money to buy a 
new one. I have my brother lviing with me and have to 
support him as well - I have a minus bank account. I do not 
even know whether you are receiving my e-mails. I asked 
you to pray for my sister and I saw no prayer request...
(Susan's sister has bone marrow cancer.) 

Subject: Brother from Korea 
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:23:22 +0900 (KST) 
From: "ȼȣ" <> 
Organization: ȭ 
To: <> 

Hello my name is Sung-Ho Ahn from Korea. I'm really touched everyday in reading the Prophecies 
which God has given to you. Well, I wouldnt have believed in these Prophecies if I was not 
involved in a similar ministry 
in Korea. Well, I'm still praying for more confirmation that God really has 
called me for the end time ministry..... 

I have translated some of the prophecies on the website in Korean to let the 
Korean people know that too. However, Im not sure whether to continue in the future as well, for 
God told me to do to pray very very much and to 
evangelize many and to grow up spiritually. and to prepare.. 
I wanna ask you whether Im allowed to translate the prophecies and to put 
it on a website..(If God tells me to translate it in Korean as a part of, I will obey it but I dont know whether it is my job)..... 

Well, my prayer request to the Lord is; should I remove 10 large trees (60+ feet tall) from behind my house. One tree
dropped a very large branch onto a neighbor's house a few months back. And now I noticed, that three trees are hanging over my house. With all of the wind we have been having I am getting worried for my house. The price for removing the trees is $8,000.00, and I need the Lord to tell me if I should borrow the money and have them removed. Oh and also pray for our new baby. God bless you all. 

yours in Christ, 



Subject: Prayer Request
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 13:32:28 -0600


I appeal to your prayer warriors and anyone else who reads this. My
husband, Shane, and I separated three months ago, which I did not want. I
had been unfaithful last fall (a very bad mistake) and he tried to forgive
me, but could not. He started seeing someone 6 months ago and lives with

I love my husband very much and I want to save our marriage. I have been
praying continuously since this happened and I have three young children
that want nothing more than to see us back together. I have asked
forgiveness for my part in getting us to this point, and I know the Lord has
forgiven me. I also feel in my heart that my husband will come back if I
have faith and patience with the Lord.

Please pray that I may be strong and say and do the right things to help
mend my marriage and bring my husband back where he belongs. Thank you so
much for all you do, Ray.

Yours in Christ,

J. Lowrey
Independence, MO

Subject: Prayer request
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 21:27:43 +0200
From: "L V" <>

Dear Ray!

Im in a very desperate need of prayers!! I have written you once before. 
Im a 24 year old man from Finland. Im very sick. I have a strange disease, 
which is affecting my whole body. My ability to think has decreased very 
much. Im SO tired. My vision is also affected. my ears are ringing very 
badly, and so on... I have many more severe symptoms, and they are getting 
worse all the time. I feel very bad. I havent got help anywhere so far. I 
think the main problem is in my intestinal tract.

I dont know why I Cant become a true born-again christian and get faith in 
God. Is it Satan? Is it because of my poor brain function (even reading or 
driving a car is very difficult)? Is it just me who is sinful and evil? I 
dont know. Please pray God to help me. Its very difficult to get the faith 
(needed) myself. I have no energy left anymore. I would like to feel the 
presence of God in my life. He is my last and ONLY hope! I wish I would be 
healthy and a true christian someday...

One more thing. I would be very happy if you added this to your prayer list.

Lassi V.

Subject: Prayer Request
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 23:37:34 -1000
From: "Say In" <>

I have a prayer request for Roy who has cancer and Barbra whos' husband has terminal cancer. Please pray that the Lord will heal them. I hope it's within his will
to do so. Also, please pray for all the people that got laid off since the crash on the WTC. Sherrie's court date for her child custody has been postphoned. 
PLEASE BODY OF CHRIST, UNITE IN PRAYER FOR OUR DEAR SISTER SHERRIE!! Please, don't let this evil satanic priest have his way, he'll just use it
to mock God. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!!


Your fellow Brother in Christ,

Hello Sandi, 

I will send out your prayer request and I have been praying for you daily. Also, the Lord did bless us with the Internet server, OS
system, a computer desk and backup power supply. I still have to learn how to set it up and run it. Please keep us informed on your
condition. God bless you always. 

yours in Christ, 

Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 15:36:44 -0500 

Hi Raymond, 

Did you get the computer? Please pray for God to give me wisdom as 
to what I am to do pertaining to being a watchman on the wall. I find 
that God is asking me to become very bold in telling what I know. I need 
to know how. I need the prayer of faith over my health problem. It is 
beginning to hurt. Pray that I will be faithful. Sandi 


I haven't wrote to you for the longest time but I trust you are doing well. I have a prayer request for a dear sister in Christ. Her name is Sherri Elijah. She has a
calling from the Lord but the devil is really attacking her bad. He REALLY doesn't want her there. She told me to tell spiritual filled people and have them pray for
her. She doesn't have much money since she is in full time ministry and the money comes from God. She has a court case concerning her son. The son's father is
fighitng for custody for the child. But here's the problem, the father is a HIGH PRIEST OF SATAN!! I honestly believe he is using (or going to use) occult powers
to influence the trial. The only reason he wants the child is to bring him to satan or he will use the child as a sacrifice. That will really hurt her and it might even make
her stop her ministry. Do you see where this is going to lead? Sept. 18 is when the trial is going to end I believe. Please pray that the Lord will deliever the child to
her and not to him. Personally, I really believe he's going to use that child as a sacrifice. Please pray for her. Thanks a bunch.

Yours in Christ,


Dear Ray,

Concerning your vision of a small boy in an oil pipe, I think I have the
interpretation of that. The small boy represents the young state of Israel
and the dripping oil is coming from the same state of Israel. Years ago
when I felt like I could afford cable tv, I saw a program that I think was
called the "Prophecy Club" on which an oil engineer, (nickname hayseed)
appeared tell everyone that "GOD" had told him that the largest vain of oil
in the Middle East was at the Dead Sea. And, that when this vain was in
operation, all of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and others would no longer have oil
to sell because of the fact that the Dead Sea is so much below sea level
and it is there from which the overflow of oil to other countries comes
from! But the fellow called "hayseed" from the state of Texas) said that
that would only happen as to "GOD's" time line. Therefore, I feel "GOD" is
saying the time line has arrived by your vision, or at the very least very,
very close! Both you and I know that by the U. S. and Israel's walkout of
the Durban Conference because of the Arab's hated for the Zionist state,
this oil problem would be the final straw of the camels back so to speak! 
If you have cable tv, you might want to check out just how close this is to
happening. (I do not know of anyone having cable tv these days that would
be near me.) And, again ...PLEASE do NOT use my name if you decide to post

The main reason of my writing is to ask you to pray for me and the little 3
yr old girl I will be babysitting for this Saturday night, September 8th! 
This 3 yr old is my grandaughter and she had her entire skull removed when
she was only days old, because she was born with "Phiffiers Syndrome" 
(sp?) which causes the plates in the skull to lock and leaves NO place for
growth...including brain! After many surgeries to put in a shunt, traeck,
(sp?) there is this loving little ANGEL inside this some what deformed
body, that uses sign language to tell me all she knows and loves! We have
prayed together many times. Yet because of these dark spirits that are
inside of me, I am breaking out with all sorts of running sores on the back
of my head and neck, and back....because it is the residue of these spirits
that cause this in my physical body. Please pray that the "LORD's Will" to
be done on this Saturday evening September 8th for the both of us. And,
please include that I understand all of her sign language because I'm a
slow learner.

GOD Bless you for continuing to do "HIS" will for everyone.

> From: Simpkins, Robert W.
> Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 11:23 AM
> To: Jeffers, Sandra K.; Mitchell, Michael T.; Reynolds, Albert M.; Pugh,
> Eric G.; Camp, H. Arnie; Shireman, Roger D.; Woody, Sandra K.; Gilbert,
> David W.; Palmer, Mark A.; Nicoll, Regis M.
> Subject: PRAYER REQUEST!!!!!
> >
> > Prayers needed Please! This message comes from Jim Toms,
> > an elder in the Silver Spring Church, Mechanicsburg, PA.
> > Prayers needed for Michael Novenche, and his parents.
> > They don't have a large forwarding list but I'm hoping that
> > some of you do. Everyone with a large mailing list, please
> > forward what I am writing to you now to ask for your help. I do not
> > really know how to start a prayer chain, but we need a miracle.
> > Michael Novenche is a 2 year-old beautiful little boy in Clifton Park,
> > New York, and the grandson of a very dear friend of mine.
> > A few months ago, he started throwing up and telling Mommy
> > "boo boo in my head." He was brought to the doctors and tests
> > were run on him, later that week he started losing
> > feeling in the left side of his poor little body.
> > They found a large tumor in his brain. He was brought to a
> > hospital in Boston where doctors told his family the tumor was too
> > big hitting the brain stem.
> > We need all the prayers we can get for the chemo to kill the tumor
> > entirely.
> > As I write this, he started chemotherapy and we are hoping
> > desperately that it works. We need all the the prayers we can get.
> > Please stop and say one prayer for this beautiful baby boy,
> > Michael, when you read this letter. They need a miracle of God's
> > healing so that their precious baby boy will grow up.
> > I am asking you to send this letter, or copies of it, to everybody
> > you can think of that will pray for Michael.
> > Please also take his name to your church and church groups and ask
> > others to pray for his healing.
> > Many thanks and may God bless each one of you who care enough
> > to pray for a little boy's life. I am asking that each and every one of
> > you please forward this on to everyone that you know.
> > Just think if this was your little child going through this right now.
> > We all know that God can heal this little angel, if it's His will.
> > Please take time to do this right now. Please just take a minute
> > and pray for Michael. He could be your child or grandchild.
> > I know I would want everyone to take a minute if he were mine.
> >


Subject: vision
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 18:34:02 -0600
From: "Rev.H.L.Rieck" <>
To: <>

Greetings brother Ray,
The Spirit of the Lord directed that I share this vision with you. 
On the evening of January 2, 2001, A vision unfolded, I was able to see from what I believe was Mount Rushmore, located in South Dakota. To my right I looked forward as
if standing right next to the carved imaged of Abraham Lincoln. As I appeared to looked forward as in the same direction as the stone carving was I saw a massive stirring of
dust. At first I asked if an explosion had occurred. This was not the case, but what the Spirit revealed was a massive movement of an army with equipment. I was directed to
be alert and in constant intercession over the matter.

Rev. H.L.Rieck / Journey Ministries


Subject: Please keep me in your prayer

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 18:13:55 -1000



Dear Ray,

I want to thank you for all that you have done in writing the prophecies that the lord instructs you to right. I know that you are going through hard times so i'm writing this e-mail in good faith.

I don't know if you know this or not but because of you my life has really changed. Through you i understand God more and more, day by day as i read the prophecies. I haven't really experience spiritual warfare until after i started to read the prophecies and studied them. That's when i really started to get attacked. At first i thought you were just another jehovah witness wack, but as i surf your web page i reconized something.

Many months ago i had dreams where i was reading this web site, a web site that spoke the words of God. Yes Ray, it was YOUR web site that i was reading in my dreams. I reconized the prophecies as i read them on your web page (Keep in mind that until recently, i didn't really have access to the internet). Thus, i know that God pointed me to your web page.

Ray, i have a request for you, keep me in your prayers please? Because of you i have found the father, the son, and the holy ghost. What started as a quest for the truth became a battle for my soul. And because of you i've found the answers i was looking for all my life. Thank you Ray, thank you so much.



Just an FYI:

When i saw your picture this is what i thought: "What a sweet old man" and i wanted to reach out and hug you for some reason.

Also, can i be on your mailing please?

Subject: Teens in desperate need of prayers
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 09:40:38 -0600
From: Brian Smerdely <>
Organization: The University of Calgary

PLEASE pray for the youth ministry program at
my church. Our ministry
is helping a lot of people but we are constantly
being attacked. Please pray that the Holy Spirit
will come upon our community and that God will
call more people to help serve our youth in this
ministry. Please also pray for our upcoming teen
retreat (Nov. 17-19). Pray that God will bless it
and that he will be present with us. Please
especially pray for 4 of our teens who are hurting
severely right now (Taya, Peter, Tara, and Olivia). If
I may ask, can you also pray for healing for my
eyes as I may require major eye surgery. Thank
you so much and God Bless you all!


Subject: prayer request for Pakistani Charistain

Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 10:41:00 -0700 (PDT)

From: adeeb khokhar <>


Dear Brother,

These days we, christian people are facing a very serious problem of terrorism. If is only christian colonies which are strictly hit by this strange kind of terrorism. In fact these terrorists do not kill any body and don't loot the people .They stealthily enter christians homes and try to rape young girls. In our city, lahore almost every christian is living under great terror. police does not help us. Most of the young boys and men don’t sleep at night and try to defend them families by helping themselves. Kindly pray for my city so that this power of darkness may go in the name of jesus.


Subject: Prayer request

Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 09:16:30 -0700 (PDT)

From: Carol Staggs <>



Please put this prayer request on your email list. This is the letter I received from an email friend. Please pray for her grand child. Thank you,

Carol S.

I am writing this in a plea for prayer and fasting for my grandaughter Cassie Blevins. She has a form of Epilepsy that is called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and it is very severe. She seizes at any given moment and is on all kinds of Medication that seems to make it worse and her behavior is affected by them. this type of Epilepsy destroys the brain Sandy and we have found out about a diet that may help and eleviate these seizures and medications. The Ketegenic diet. Now 1st she will have to go to a hospital maybe in maryland or chicago or Ohio, then she has to fast for 2 days and then they slowly implement the diet that we have to learn ,it will take 6 days for all of this and Funds are short. !st we have to get these Drs to do it. Have you ever watched the movie 1st do no harm with Meryl streep please rent it and show it to your church. Please please pray and fast for her Pray for money to get us there and then that god will supply the Doctors with knowledge to send her there. pray for financial assistance for This family. As you know her brother is autistic. and much finances is needed and only god can supply. If they don't get this under control she could die or be mentally handicapped beyond repair.

Thank You Sandy In christ


PS Cassie is 5 yrsold>>>>>>>>>>>I believe this is a tool of Satan and what impressed me most about the diet was the fasting. In the Bible when the disciples could not cast out the demons jesus said only those could be cast out with prayer and fasting!! and of course much faith!!!


June 20, 2000

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I am moving around some now, but I am going to ask again for more prayers. I have put together a lower back brace and I believe it will work. My lower back is still sore. Also, Carl is having some concerns about Bogota, Colombia, and Lima, Peru. He is holding open his options and he might not go with me. We are going to pray again today. As for me, I have to go, if I am ready or not. I do not have enough money yet. I only have enough for the airplane tickets and none for Eva at home or for hotel rooms. The South America trip is being set-up for us to leave next week, on Tuesday, June 27, and we should be returning on the 27 of July. So for those who would like to help in funding this Mission Trip, I only have until next Monday June 26. I have not mentioned this Mission trip to my family except my brother Ted and my daughter. I do not want to tell my mother because she worries a lot.

Well, I guess prayers for my lower back, that Carl and I do not get sick, and that the funds to complete the Mission Trip come in on time. I am going to trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ to meet all my needs. God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,


PS: below is another prayer request.

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 12:44:08 -0700 (PDT)

From: Pauline Conlon <>

Subject: Re: Prayer Request from Ray

To: ray <>

Dear Ray,

Just writting to let you know I am praying for you and I will fast as well if you are weel by the time this email gets to you then then that is great but i will fast for you anyway, for south america trip.

Have pray request for a friend who has just been taken into hospital. she's a dear friend of a few years. the doctors do not know what it is but she is in pain down her right side in the past she has had a breast removed from cancer. Her and her husband are spiritual leaders for a group of addicts in new zealand they got saved about 10 years ago from the drug world and were well known... god miraculously delivered them from heroin addiction... they have sustained many people spiritually in difficult times... could you please put a request out for healing in her body and that the doctors would work out what is wrong this is very unusual for her to be underweather there names are robin and bill...

thank you,

I pray your recovery is swift...Pauline from nz


Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 June 2000.

( This is Eva Aguilera, I typed this up for Ray)

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Right now I am lying down on the floor on my side, I can't move. I don't know about the South America Trip. Carl and I prayed about it yesterday and the Lord gave me a vision of a boot pushing down on someone's back, I guess it was my back. I can't seem to move my body. It's about 4 o'clock in the morning. During prayer Eva anointed me and the devil said that he had told me that if I went to South America he was going to hurt me. Well, I'm hurting. I can't move my body. I can't sleep, and I'm in a lot of pain. We were supposed to arrange for tickets today to go to South America, but the way things look I can't go right now. I … my body is really messed up right now and I can't do a thing. I've been praying and praying and praying, but it does no good. So, I need prayer. I need a prayer cover to break this. As of now, I can't go to South America. I don't know if I can get up and go to bed off this floor. I guess that's all for right now.



Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 21:13:53 -0700 (PDT)

From: Carol Staggs <>

Subject: Dad (David Mack Crutcher) and Father's Day

Thank you again for all of the prayers for my Dad, David Mack Crutcher. As I have already reported, he did survive the surgery but I am afraid he has suffered some brain damage. HE cannot walk and is having trouble talking at times. He is not able to really feed himself. This is devastating because he had such a wonderful mind and was still very intelligent. His favorite past time besides his flowers and garden was to play his guitar and sing. He has been a Christian and a man of profound integrity since the age of 18. He has been a deacon in the Baptist church for 40 years. We are praying that someday he will be able to do the things he loves again and go to church again. He will go to the rehabilitation center next week where they will try to teach him to walk again and to communicate a little better. Please continue to pray and I ask one more favor for those of you who have time to do it. This Sunday is Father's Day and I have been telling him that people from all over the United States and several other countries have been praying for him. He understands this and cried when I told him. Could some of you send me e-cards that I can print out to take him Sunday. Sign your name and where you are from and that he is in your prayers. There is a wonderful web site called Goshen Cards that has great Christian cards. It is at


Of course there are many other card sites you might know about that I don't.

Thank you so much and God bless you too.

Carol Staggs, Toney, Alabama

for : David Mack Crutcher


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 20:51:34 -0700 (PDT)

From: Carol Staggs <>

Subject:To GOd Be the GLory


Dear Ray,

Thank you for sending out the prayer request. I have been having computer problems and am not sure if my thanks and praise report got out yesterday. Dad is alive and doing well considering the seriousness of the problem. He really should have been dead last week according to the medical reports but not according to the Lord. God is good...God is great and good! Dad is sitting up some and eating and being contrary by trying to pull out his tubes and telling fantastic tales about what all has happened to him in the last few days. None of it is right or true but he is funny. Thanks so much to all of you on Ray's email list who were so wonderful about sincerely praying and even writing to me to ask about him. You are wonderful people. Keep praying because he (dad) still has a way to go before he is well but he is getting there. He is a wonderful person. His name is David and I am sure like the other David he is a man after God's own heart. HE has served the LOrd faithfully since he was 18 years old and raised all of us children to know and love the Lord.

There is something that happened I want to tell you about. After Dad was put in the NICU unit a woman was brought in who had been in a terrible auto accident. Her husband was there in the waiting room. He was also in the car but was not injured enough to be hospitalized. Here is what he told us happened. The wreck was very bad. Car was hit on the side his wife was on and she was thrown from the car. He was dazed but immediately looked for his wife. She was lying on the ground, obviously badly hurt. Thaere was a man ther kneeling beside her although the wreck had just happened. He saw the big man slide a hand under his wifes head and brush the glass and blood from her face with his other hand. Then he slide that hand under her head also and cupped her head in his hands and began to pray. He continued to pray and hold her head until they heard the ambulance coming. The man then looked at him and said, "she will be alright." The paramedics began to run towards them and he (the husband ) looked up at them and then looked around and the strange man was gone. He was nowhere to be seen and has not seen him since.

"Are not all angels created by God to serve him and to assist those who will inherit salvation." Hebrews 1:14

Thanks you all and may God bless you and send his angels whenever they are needed to come to your aid.

Carol Staggs


Brothers and Sisters,

Please give Duane Washum prayer support for Wednesday.

Duane Washum is going to have an angiogram on Wednesday at 7:30 Pacific Daylight Time. They are going to check for blockage and if it is found, they will place a stint in the artery to keep it open. Duane has had angioplasty before, so he is not fearful of the procedure. He will be conscious, but on medication which makes it non-tramatic.

The procedure is being done to get him ready for knee replacement surgery in late July. Duane's one knee gives him much pain due to deterioration of the cartlidge (it is all gone) and arthritis. He is slowed quite a bit by it. Getting a new knee will allow him to walk and get other exercise which will help with weight and general fitness. That will help his heart and arteries.

Duane retired due to disability. He may be slowed physically, but I do not know anyone who is doing a better job for the kingdom leading men from the lodge. If you don't know Duane personally, visit our website at and you can listen to an on-line audio message from Duane. Duane is about 60.

In Jesus,

Larry Kunk


Dear Intercessors:

I have a special request for you. Please intercede for Merle & Shirley Porter. Merle was saved about a year ago and Shirley a few years before Merle. Since coming to the Lord their business has been under attack or trial. I believe that the enemy has come against them but I also believe that God is going to raise up a standard for them. The Porter's are home builders and are known for the integrity in their building. Right now is a critical time for them. They have three homes that need to sell as soon as possible. The largest of the three needs to sell immediately. Please agree in prayer with me that buyers who are perfect for these homes will come and contract for these homes. Please also agree that the homes will close quickly with no complications.

God Bless You,

Pastor Marvin Hazel

        Urgent prayer needed
        Fri, 9 Jun 2000 21:31:38 -0700 (PDT)
        Carol Staggs <>

Things have gotten very bad with my Dad. He has two
subdural hematomas on his brain. Very large. Without
immediate surgery he will die and soon. The surgeruy
is very risky and he moght not make it through it.
Please pray and send out prayer requests fro David Mac
Crutcher. God knows him well.Loves him very much. But
please pray.
THank you so much and God bless,
Carol Staggs

A Prayer request for Mark Gabrielson family.

Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 18:38:06 -0700

From: Raymond Aguilera <

To: Mark Gabrielson <

Subject: Re: Prophecy search engine

Mark Gabrielson wrote:

> > Ray,

> > I don't have the enabler code any more. Bill emailed it to

>> me when he bought the package. He should have the code.

> > Mark

> > P.S. My Dad passed away last night and I'm flying to Idaho

> Sunday AM.

Hello Mark,

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless. Carl is coming over and bringing a pizza and I will inform him. God bless again.

yours in Christ,



Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 13:14:28 +1000 ii

From: "William Stoneham" <>

Reply-To: <>

To: <>

Subject: Re: Bill in OZ

Hi Ray,

Please list this as a warfare pray request. Please also pray before doing so in case I am wrong.

Do you remember that demon that said it was going to stop the money in the ministry? Well it almost has. I have considered myself as a person who is responsible for this part of the ministry the Lord has given you. But everything has been dammed up. All the projects are going no where. It does not make sense. It has been over 1.5 years like this now.

I would like everyone to pray that this demon be distroyed by Jesus Christ, and that the projects move ahead as planned.

I am so angry, so confused, and almost given up.

Your friend,


P.S. Yes I did purchase the license for the search enginefor your use.


May 9, 2000


i was once a apart of the mail list but had to be taken off because my email system was discontinued. i would like to be added back on. i also wanted prayer for a number of dreams that i and my wife have been having involving evil spirits and battling the enemy. One in particular has been trying to break us apart and has been "kicked out of the house" with prayer. we have been having dreams of some scary man trying to break back in and I think that it is trying to return. but there have also been dreams involving victory against the enemy by GOD'S power. my wife and I have much to do in serving the LORD and have not been serving HIM properly, something we really are going to fix. thank GOD for your beautiful wife and all the blessings he has given you. and for the blessings of all his children. someday all this suffering and scrounging for money and such will be a distant memory and testimony for GOD. and we can all REST! well thanksfo reading.


May 8, 2000

Hello Ray,

I want to tell you how I came across your website. I am in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Japan. I remember hearing last year sometime that there was a prediction that there would be a terrible earthquake here during this month. I searched the internet, because I know how it is a great reference. Any way, I came across yours, and was absolutely astounded. I started to read and lost all interest in whether there was going to be a bad earthquake, because there is much more to worry about than that. What I am reading has caused major upheaval in my faith and my spirit. I have only known about this site for about a week. All I have been doing during the time I am at home is reading the Bible, and the Prophesies as handed down by our Lord and Jesus, and checking in on Baseball. What I am reading in these prophesies absolutely terrifies me. I have always known that the end was coming, but somehow I never allowed my self to go far enough in the right direction to learn that my occasional prayer here and there just was not cutting it! The thought that we were placed on this planet during these times is just so incomprehensible! I have never prayed so much in such a short time. I was raised from a fairly strict Catholic upbringing, but since I have been in the Air Force almost 13 years, I am sad to report that I am a sheep that has drastically drifted from the flock. These prophesies are very convincing and to the point. I am convinced that these are Divine words from God. I prayed to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit and told them that I feel forever changed, and am asking for forgiveness constantly, and I only want to do what is right. It is so true that it is very easy to slip and do something wrong. But by the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I want to be cleansed in the way that is needed to get me back on track. I Ray, Please Pray for Me. I am really late as far as my faith, but I want to return for good! I also want to help other people and show them how to find the Truth in God and Jesus Christ. I understand it is a lonely road, but I have a lot to learn first. One more thing, can you please let me know if your address has changed since you placed it on these web pages? I wish to send a donation for your ministry, but I don't want there to be a delay from change in address.

Thank you and God Bless You!



March 28, 2000

Hello everybody,

I have a prayer request for my cousin Fredi. He is a young man, about 18 years old, and he is going through some very hard times right now. He lives in Switzerland. My ant asked me to pray for him, because he has been thinking about suicide and he is suffering a lot. There seems to be some kind of emotional crisis going on in his life right now. His parents are separated and the father is keeping a distance to the children. Please pray that God would heal his heart and put him back on his feet again and give him a hunger for life again and heal the social problems. He has his whole life ahead of him! Also pray that he would find Christ and peace, and the rest of the family too. I don't think my ant knows Jesus yet, so this is a great opportunity to show her and his son, Fredi, how powerful prayer can be. I haven't seen my cousin in a few years, but I still remember him when he was small, - the cutest little boy one could think. It's been so sad to hear about this. Please pray for Jesus wonderful love to show the whole family the way out of this problem!

With many thanks,

Eva Aguilera


From: (willi kahler)

To: <>

Subject: Urgent

Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000

Hi.Ray its Willi Kahler, I would like to update the prayer request to URGENT for Richard Anthony , He has terminal cancer and has said that He feels He may only have a week left. His son has asked that whoever feels lead to pray and also fast for Richard do so on Wed...

1 That God be glorified through this whole experience.

2 That Richard will believe and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

3 That God will grant Richard some relief from the intense pain He is suffering.

Thank you everyone.....God bless.


From: "Cheryl Busa" <>

To: "Pat Boone" <>, "ray aguilera" <>, "Chris Bujnovsky" <>


Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 04:32:37 -0700

Dear Friend,

My 23 year old daughter has had an irregular gastro-intestinal condition (not disease) all her life, but it just came to light the last couple years. She had surgery, but it did not solve the problem. Her body is creating excessive muscous which keeps her on the potty for days and nights (a year ago it was 2 hours, now it is 2 days). She says it constantly drains. She can wait for a couple days in between potty times, while the mucous builds up, and then back in the bathroom again. The hours spent on the potty is weakening her muscles. She is very weak, it is difficult for her to move when she's up, and her organs feel swolen. She has seen several doctors and they have no answers except to take an antidepressant. She cannot work to pay a doctor, and we don't have the money to pay for further medical help that has no answers. We need a miracle. We also need direction to a specialist or research institute that can deal with this condition. She also has a complusive disorder against soap and towards cleanliness, which adds to the problem. She needs counsel and therapy. Can you pray for healing? Do you know of anyone in the country that can help. Mayo Clinic refused her because it did not seem to be life threatening, although, life is being drained from the person that was energetic and athletic and very much a "Pollyanna". Thanks for taking the time to read this.

A grieving mother,



Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 18:24:30 -0800


Subject: prayer request/streets

Ray: prayer request e-mail list:

This is Ron from the streets. Asking for prayer for Andrew who I saw today. Sent prayer request to email list over year ago, and Andrew has been clean and sober for 14 months. Looks and sounds much better.

Prayer for Bob who said the enemy is tormenting his mind. Bob is on my testimony page.

I'm going to have to move out of my camp soon, and looking for a place to live. No clue where i'll be going. Prayer for direction. Thank You

In Jesus Name Ron Viessman

The Prophetic Outreach Ministry



A prayer request from Willi Kahler

Dear Ray,

My name is Willi Kahler, I have been following your web site for about a year now and can't even imagine how difficult it must be for you to do what the Lord has asked you to do. Its hard enough when unbelievers mock you and reject you let alone your own brothers in the Lord I have often dreamed of what it would be like to be in you position and I can only imagine what people must say when you tell them what's going on.

Keep the faith Ray, I am just one of many who are praying for you and following your life. Just the other day I was given money by several people in my church, because they thought I was not doing well financially, but I fine, so I am passing some on to you because I just feel lead to.

If I could ask you to post a prayer request on your site that would be great. My friends Dad has terminal cancer and has been given only weeks to live, He does not know the Lord, He is a good man, and has just started showing "cracks" in His armor of unbelief. Please pray for Richard Anthony, he is 59 and a loving kind man. His son also who is so afraid that His father will go before he accepts Jesus.

Willi Kahler



I am 51 years old and have been married for 26 years. We have three children, two in college and one in junior high. I have my own small business and my wife is a public school teacher - 6th grade. I have received almost no new work in thw past few months and our finances are in desperate condition. This has affected my wife a great deal and she is suffering with depression and anxiety. We are Christians. Please pray for us. Thank you and God bless. JJ - Arkansas



Ray I am having problems in my life at the moment, I won't get into them in any great detail but if you could ask the Lord and the email group to help me overcome these I would be very greatful. Thanks. Again keep up the good work.

God Bless

John C.



Hi Raymond:

How are you feelimg? I hope your family is fine and I want to wish you and your family the best of everything! I know it has been a long time since we've communicated by e-mail but I have a very special request to ask of you.

(1) A friend of the family has a daughter named Yelena Mins and she is twenty-four years old. As of today, she was diagnosed with breast cancer that is somewhat advanced.

(2) My father, Hyman Gershfeld, must undergo a battery of tests to determine if there is any type of prostate trouble.

(3) My sister, Sharon Gershfeld, must have a non-cancerous piece of skin removed.

(4) During an MRI for a back problem, it was discovered that I might have a possible cyst on my kidney.

Raymond, can you please direct prayers, for the above individuals and situations, to the prayer group. Thank you so very much!

In GOD, Jesus Christ, & The Holy Spirit Love & Peace To All

Kevin Gershfeld



From Rev. Jack Barr

To update you on prayer request,

my sister Joanne, is still having problems but is planing to have the other arteries of her heart fixed in the next two months. For some reason she was afraid to have them all done at one time. The result is that she still has chest pain and shortness of breath, and has to take several prescriptions costing over $500 a month. Please continue to pray for her.

My wife's cousin Jim, with the heart that is almost dead. If they operate, they give him better than a 90% chance of dying on the table, and if he lived through the operation, they are not sure that they could even find a place to graft a bypass to, and they don't think that it would prolong his life anyway. He has no pain, and so he is inclined to let it go as it is. they give him at best 6 months to a year to live. Please pray that he will be ready to meet Our Lord God.

My Wife's cousin Mary Ann is healing very well.

As for myself, I am healing very well myself from heart surgery. The doctors have all given me a go on doing whatever I want to do, but it will be another 4 to 6 weeks of healing of my chest before I will be able to put any strain on it. Otherwise I am getting out and some days an able to walk up to 1 1/2 miles a day, weather permitting. I will be restarting my minister's duties an services by next week.

Love to All and Thank you for your prayers, please continue to pray for me that I may always do The Lord's Will.

Rev. Jack Barr



Dr. Simons wrote:

> > Hi Ray,

> > I need prayer. I am becoming physically weak after taking third

> chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Would it be possible to have

> list.serv pray for me. I'll try to send some money for your trip to

> South America. I just need your prayers for me right now. Sandi Simons,

> Kingsville, TX.

Hello Sandi,

I will pass along your prayer request to the others on our e-mail list and I will place your request on the prayer web page. Please do not worry about money for South America, we do not send out prayer requests for money. We only would like the Lord to heal you totally. God bless you and your family.

yours in Christ, ray



Here is Courtney Mallam's

Prayer Request. . .

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I've a request for you. My youth pastor has a friend, David, who discovered recently that he has a 6-centimetre malignant tumor behind his eye. He had an operation to remove it, but it wasn't successful and the doctors aren't optimistic on his chances of survival. He is only 25, has a wife, a son under 4, and a new baby daughter. Could you please pray for his peace of mind, his family and friends, and for God's will to be done, whether in life or death?

. .Thanks a lot, it's greatly appreciated.


I ask prayers for God's Will to be done, and for quick healing of his children.


Joanne Barr, my sister, who is having heart surgery on Thursday Dec. 16th.

Jim Watters, a cousin, who was just found to have heart failure. The doctor believes that only 1/2 of his heart is working, and there may be a blockage. Within a few days they will go in to check how bad the blockage is. Jim is 75 yr. old.

Mary Ann Jeziorski, a cousin, who had triple bypass surgery on Nov. 23rd, and is now recovering.

Rev. Jack Barr


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Below is a prayer request from Jack Barr's Son Carl. You will understand what to pray for. This brings me again and again on how the enemy wants to stop the brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. Jack Barr's web site has listed many prophecies from this Prophecy Branch of the Body of Christ. He has given many many interpretations for the prophecies on <>. His web site is listed on our links page. I have never conversed with him on the meaning of his interpretations, but I believe the Lord is using him in this ministry.

This reminds me also of Eva who quit her job to translate the Prophecy Book into the Finnish Language. She has told me many times she has a burden for the 5 million people in her country and she wants them to have the opportunity to read the prophecies in their language. She used to work at the University library in Turku and I guess she was making enough money to live on, but right from the beginning she lost some of the money she was suppose to get from her unemployment money. She did not have enough money, but she began with what she had. This has reminded me of the widow who gave her last two copper coins that was stated in the Bible. I have sent her money as I could, but now even I do not have enough for the ministry here. The months of November, December, and January have always been difficult months for this ministry.

I just wanted to mention how the brothers and sisters work for the Body of Christ and how at times they suffer for their work. In this ministry generally you do not get any thanks only angry people's letters, but over the past 10 years we have reached many thousands of people and many have turned and have begun to seek our Lord Jesus Christ. What we want is for people to read the Bible, pray, have communion, obey the Lord, and ONLY seek Jesus Christ.

Also please keep myself and the others who maintain the other prophecy mirror web sites in your prayers. As some of you already know the index page has a new look, do to another brother who redesigned it. So remember this is not a one man show - The Holy Spirit is in charge with the Father and Jesus Christ.


God bless you all. ray


Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 07:10:43 -0600

From: Jack Barr <>

To: ray <> Subject:

Re: New Prophecy


My Dad, Jack Barr, wanted me to let you know that he was experiencing some difficulties he would like you to pray for. On Sunday he had chest pain but was okay. Monday he was out working in the field and collapsed with chest pain again. He was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed to have had a heart attack and blockage in all four arteries. They are performing open heart surgery this morning, 11/24, with at leaast triple bypass maybe quadruple. He asked me to let you know so you would pray for him.




Hello Ray.

I have been very, very tired lately. It seems that I don’t have the strength to do anything. The spiritual warfare is very strong and I don’t even have the strength to pray anymore. I feel as if I would be physically sick and I’m shaking all the time. But I know I’m not sick, I know it’s the enemy putting it’s force on me, on my mind and on my body and everything that’s around me. I can’t even get out of the house to relax, even to see a movie, because I don’t have any money, and the next month is going to be the same. I have been trying to type the Finnish prophecies but I can’t do more than approximately 2 pages a day because of the warfare. I sence the enemy’s pressure on me constantly. I feel that I need some help from other Christians to pray for me. Since I’m in the same situation as you, doing the exact same prophecies and having to go through the same enemy attacks, exept I don’t have anyone praying for me (at least that I know of), exept you, of course. Right now I don’t have any airholes since there isn’t even money that I could call you or Bill to talk to and pray with, and other friends I don’t have.

So if you could ask some Christians to pray for me I would be grateful.




Hi, Ray

Please ask the group to pray for us here in College Station, Texas. I don't know if you have heard the news of what happened here, yet, or not. Every year, right before our football game with our archrival, University of Texas, our college students get out and build a bonfire that stands some 50+ feet high. Early this morning, around 2:30 a.m., the nearly completed stack collapsed, killing 6 students (at last count), sending nearly 30 to local hospital with various levels of injury, and leaving as many as 5 still trapped under the stack of logs. Emergency rescue crews are searching for survivors in the stack, even as I write this, but it is a delicate, dangerous task.

The whole community is in shock. The outpouring of love and help has been overwhelming, but the families of the victims, and the rescue teams, need all the prayers they can get.

Thank you,

Stephanie A. Hilliard


Hi Ray,

This is a prayer request. Ivete, is the mother of my mother's boss. She is very ill at home with cancer. Her doctor is no longer visiting her, because he said there is no hope she can recover. Her nurse has been visiting her. Her nurse told her daughter her mother has one week of life. I'd like to ask prayers for Ivete and her daughter. One positive thing though, is that even though Ivete and her husband are Spiritualists, they asked for a priest to come to bring her communion. This was unthinkable before. He already came twice.

Thanks. JOSE


Subject: Prayer request

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

A prayer request from Ron V., who lives with me.

And a answer to a prayer I asked for - Doug, from Florida, came to the Bay Area for a few days an stopped by my house and we cut some of the firewood and some of the high grass.  Thank you Lord!!!  Also the spiritual warfare is still increasing and I have not slept much the past three or four days.  I received my two Israel maps today, so now I can look closer at the area that has to be anointed.  I am still tired and my wrists are really hurting.  My mother called me today and asked for prayer for my aunt who has a bad heart.   I guess that is all for now.

Yours in Christ,



Date:  Wed, 02 Jun 1999 18:59:42 -0700

From: Ronald Viessman <>


Subject: Prayer for homeless women/tree branch

Ray:  Large branch crashed at the side of house and missed the deck by one foot.  Prayer for Linda and Sammy and their group that sticks together in the streets.

In His service Ron Viessman


Subj: Prayer request for upcoming South African elections

Date: 99-05-28 09:37:22 EDT

From: (W Hemens)

To: (Raymand Aguilera)

Dear Ray, Please forward this request to all on your email list.

We are grateful for the miracle that the Lord Jesus has done in South Africa since our first democratic elections in 1994 when we said a final GOOD-BYE to the old apartheid government. Despite the worlds prophecies of civil war we experienced a very peaceful transition. { Thank-you Lord Jesus } but one of the first things the new government did was to declare that South Africa was no longer a Christian Nation but "A religious" . Its almost as if the protection of the Holy Spirit was lifted and we have been subjected to every form of ungodliness possible. Crime is , now, a major problem.

We are to return to the poles on Wed 2nd June for our second general election and I appeal to all to keep us in their prayers. Please pray that the Kingdom of God would come to South Africa and that the Lord Jesus would once again establish His throne in our nation and His Government.

We only have 3 political parties that acknowledge the " Almighty God " in their constitutions and only one that is bold enough to declare, publicly, the Sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ... ACDP....African Christian Democratic party. They base their constitution on the Word of God. It doesn't seem as if we , Christians, have much of a choice but to vote for JESUS.

Pray that the will of God be done and for peace in South Africa.

God bless you

Willy Pretoria South Africa


Hi Ray! I'm a 19 year old man from Finland. My name is Tero. I'd like to ask you to pray for the following prayer request:

I've had many difficulties in my life. I'm from Christian family but my childhood was terrible: the atmosphere of my family was very bad and my parents kept arguing nearly all the time. My father was very aggressive that time (he is an ex-alcoholic and he has had a very bad family background ) and sometimes he beated my mother, me and my sister. I've also had a lot of difficulties at school because other students teased me all the time. I didn't have the energy to defend myself because I was always sick (inflammations in maxillary sinuses) and I had to eat a lot of antibiotics. I didn't sleep well either. I can't even describe how sick I felt all the time... I had a very low self-esteem because of my family backround and all the teasing at school. I was hurt both at home by my father and at school by other students... I began to believe what the other people said about me and my appearance - I was ugly, fat and so on... I hated myself. I thought I had deserved all the troubles I had. I blamed myself for the troubles between my parents. I thought everything was my fault... Sometimes I prayed God to let me die. It was very hard time to me and to my family!

All these troubles in my life have caused very deep wounds inside me. God has been healing me for the past few years but the wounds are still very deep. I know God has done a miracle in my life: without His help I would surely have killed myself! I'd like to ask you to pray God that He would complete the work He has been doing in me... Could you also pray that my vision of God would be clarified (it's hard for me to see God as loving father)... Could you pray that Jesus would fill me with His love and with the Holy Spirit. I really want to understand how much God loves me and to see things clearly! I really want to see how much God has done for me! Could you also pray for my family.

Thank you and God bless!


Subj: prayers

Date: 99-05-27 21:14:11 EDT

From: Brohungry

To: ReyAgu

please pray for my 7 year old daughter Catherine. Catherine has a tumor in her chest area larger then a grapefruit. She will be going in for a magor operation on Tuesday June 1. Please keep her in your prayers. I know jesus is the healer and can help my little girl. We are asking everyone to pray for her also on the day of her operation @ 8:00 am. eastern time.thank you.

Walter Sweeney


Subj: Prayer Request

Date: 99-05-27 23:10:53 EDT

From: (Mark Gabrielson)

To: (Ray Aguilera)


Please pass to the prayer group.

The total solar eclipse has been on my mind a lot lately. The eclipse starts about 9:30 AM Universal Time (UT) in the Atlantic Ocean south of Greenland. It reaches England about 10:10 AM UT. The path of totality (total darkness) goes through 17 countries and over 5 major bodies of water.

In prophecy 1174 it states: "...For the calamity before you will be unbelievable; will be direct; will be to the point!...The darkness will befall the planet, when the moon and the sun are lined up one before the other at that point in time..."

When the moon is lined up before the sun it causes a solar eclipse.

In prophecy 42 it states: "...People must open their eyes and their ears and listen to the Prophets for the time of Tribulation is at hand. The Players have their Roles, the Stage has been set. And the time will occur, when the moon and the sun are in line with My Star, the Star of David."

Again the sun and moon are in line. Eclipse?

In prophecy 74 it states: "...For the persecution of the Church will occur at the coming of the New Moon when the Peace Treaty with the Beast is signed..."

Note that a new moon means you can't see any sun reflecting on the moon's surface. That is the sun is behind the moon in relation to the earth. This means that every solar eclipse happens on a new moon. August 11 is a new moon. God starts his months on the new moon. See Numbers 29:1,6. The first day of the month is the new moon.

Ray, Carl and I are scheduled to fly out of Israel in the 11 of August. It was the only day we could get out. Every flight was booked on the 8th - 10th. We land in Zurich for a layover and we fly out of Zurich at 11:30 AM Zurich time. The eclipse's path of totality within 100 miles of Zurich and reaches Zurich at 12:30 PM Zurich time.

On the 24th of December I got the word 'Zurich' during prayer. I forwarded it to Ray and this was before the Europe trip was planned. I reminded him later as he was preparing for the trip and he anointed and prayed over Zurich.

I didn't ask to go through Zurich. In fact I asked to go through London but nothing was available.

This is a long prayer request but could you please put this to prayer. Pray for wisdom concerning the Israel trip and the eclipse.

God bless you all,


P.S. The next total solar eclipses happen on: 21 Jun 2001 through South Africa, 4 Dec 2002 through South Africa and Australia, 23 Nov 2003 through Antarctica, 8 Apr 2005 through Central and South America, 29 Mar 2006 through N Africa and Asia, (This crosses the path of the 11 Aug eclipse in N Turkey - 7 yrs apart) 1 Aug 2008 through N America, Greenland, and Asia, 22 Jul 2009 through India and China

For more eclipse info check:


The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: The commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. [Psalm 19:7-9] Mark Gabrielson P.O. Box 22864 Juneau, AK 99802-2864


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Please pray to the Lord - how I am I to clear, clean, all the 2 foot high grass in my backyard, and cut all the firewood being dropped off at my house from a brother in Christ.  I need the firewood for next winter, but it is a fire hazard now.  How am I going to answer all the letters and e-mails, keep the two web sites running with prayer request and updates and still do all the general business of the ministry.  I have not washed my clothes in three weeks and I have just begun to clean up the house a little because I ran out of dishes.  My roof leaks in winter and the plumbing needs fixing.  And that isn't even the construction work that need to be done, so I can have my own bedroom and bathroom.  When I set some time out for myself I have brothers stopping by at 11:30 PM in the evening for prayer.  Then there is getting ready for Israel!!!!!  "REST" - how can I rest!, when I cannot find a good night sleep without the devil hitting me in the middle of night.  Then there is the hate mail people love to send.  I cannot do all of this myself anymore.  Well - I wrote it all down - Now I feel better!!  Praise you Lord and God bless you all.

yours in Christ, ray


Hello Ray,

Yesterday I went on the internet to visit my favorite christian sites. However, the moment the screen appeared, I typed and got a message 'site forbidden'. I then wrote again www.prophecy .org and to my amazement your site appeared. Even though I have never heard of you nor your ministry, I printed some materials, took them home and read them. It was an eye opener. By the way I am a staff of the united nations office at Geneva, Switzerland. I minister from time to time in a pentecostal church in Geneva called Church for the Nations just to assist the pastor. Please put me on your prayer list because I want to know whether I am called fully into the ministry. Last year my father died on may 27 and my elder sister died 25 dec. I was sad but God consoled me. Please let me hear from you as soon as you can. May God bless you and increase the annointing on your life.

Bernard Geneva, Switzerland.


Subj: Prayer

Date: 99-05-25 21:48:46 EDT

From: (Thomas S. Gibson)

To: reyagu@AOL.COM (Aguilera, Raymond)


I would like you to add this to your prayer list.

My sister Faith, is facing hip replacement surgury (both hips) at the end of June. I would appreciate any prayer for her healing!

God Bless



Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 14:24:56


Subject: Re: Bill From OZ

Hi Ray,

I am getting a lot of problems here. Things are popping up causing a problems. Need some prayer support. Thangs are not right. Please add to prayer list if possible.



From: "terry cotton" <>


Subject: Update Dony Maguire

Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 09:50:17

Dear Ray:

Dony recovered from his heart attack in February. Following the attack on Monday, he was released from the hospital in Tucson on Saturday and preached in Sierra Vista (70 miles SE of Tucson) on Sunday morning. The doctor said he had no heart damage. The revival continues in Sierra Vista even though Dony and Reba are currently ministering in northern India to 7000 pastors. They will return to Tucson on the 28th and preach here in Sierra Vista on the 30th. The pastors of the five churches in this revival are taking off this week to pray for God's guidance as to the direction of the revival.

Pray for Dony and Reba in India this three weeks they are gone and pray for the pastors in the Church of Sierra Vista that God will sovereignly reveal His will for Sierra Vista to the pastors as they go away this week to pray.

Yours in Christ,

Terry Cotton

secretary FGBMFI Sierra Vista Chapter


April 29, 1999

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I have a prayer request from my son-in-law, Pat, who has a friend, who just had cancer surgery. Pat would like prayers for his friend George Gianulias.

Thank you.


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Please pray for Rudy who did the Filipino translation of the Filipino mini-Prophecy Book. I had a telephone call from a friend telling me he had a heart attack a few days ago.

Thank you Ray


Subj: Prayer Request

Date: 99-02-25 16:54:26 EST

From: (Lowrey, Julie)

To: ('')

Please pray for Eleanor Jensen of Lincoln, NE. She is a frail, elderly woman who lives alone and is having extreme trouble making ends meet. She has family, but they are not helping her out at all. Please pray for security for her and a helping hand. Thank you!

In His service,

Julie Lowrey


Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 20:28:39 -0500

From: "Dennis A. Staysniak" <>

To: Raymond Aguilera <>

Subject: Urgent Prayer Request Ray,

I received this request for prayer from close personal friends of gospel recording artists Dony McGuire & Reba Rambo. I've personally had the opportunity to spend considerable time getting to know Dony & Reba and I would appreciate those who feel led to join their prayers with ours for Dony's complete recovery.

On Monday, Dony McGuire suffered a major heart attack and was rushed by helicopter to the Tucson Medical Center.

He & Reba have been in an incredible revival in Sierra Vista, Arizona (which is a relatively small town) for some months; on Sunday, while preaching, Dony declared, "This is going to be a week of miracles!" On Monday, which is their normal day off, Dony began experiencing chest pain, and Reba took him to the local hospital. Because of the small size and lack of equipment at the local hospital, Dony was transported via MediVac to a larger medical facility, where he is currently in serious but stable condition in the ICU.

Doctors are performing an angiogram (an internal examination of the heart, where a catheter is inserted, a dye is introduced, and a "map" of the heart is produced) (an angioplast -- which is where a "balloon" is introduced through the catheter to break open blockages -- is a possibility following the initial examination), and we are waiting for results.

Dony is 47 years old; he is in good shape and generally healthy. This is an attack of the enemy! (A couple of years ago, Dony's 2-years older brother suffered a heart attack while in the shower and died; Dony's father also has heart disease.) But Dony's spirits are strong and he is expecting full recovery. Reba is with him in Tucson; Destiny and Israel are with Miss Cindy in Sierra Vista (the kids are somewhat freaked, as you can imagine).

From Raymond Aguilera:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I have a few prayer requests:

First - pray for my daughter Cynthia, she called me a few days ago and told me the doctor found cancer again in her body. She is going to the hospital next month. Maybe while I am heading out to Europe.

Second - I hurt my back somehow yesterday and I am having a hard time moving.

Third - I am having a hard time getting focused for this Europe mission trip (the armor of God, prayer, reading the Bible).

Fourth - pray that the Lord supplies all the funds needed for the prayer mission trip.

Fifth - pray over the e-mail below:

Subj: Books

Date: 99-02-11 13:57:50 EST


To: (Reymundo Aguilera), (Reymundo Aguilera)


How do I go about getting a lot of books from you? I want to setup a Communion stand and give your books away. I want people to hear/listen to this. I want them to know of What God Wants of His Sheep.

I think I am ready to start shaking up the church. Getting the Body of Christ to realize what it has been doing and what it has not been doing. Will you help me Ray? I don't know what to do to start off with but I know that God will show me a way a Light. Whatever I get I will send to you Ray from these books because that will help you and it will help God out. I won't sell the books I will give them away and whatever donations I get will go straight to you Ray to help you out. I want to help you out and to spread God's Word to all His Sheep. It's time. I'm tired of standing or sitting watching all this change and not helping change it myself, with God's help no doubt.

Thanks Ray, With Love in Christ, XXXXX

P.S. Any information will do.


From: brad stamey <

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 11:57 AM

Subject: Urgent prayer request

This message is from Dustin & Kristine Peterson in Latvia.

There is a beautiful 15 year-old girl named Saleema in Pakistan who is a Christian.

She converted her close friend, 14. This youngster was so excited about Christianity that she told her parents and they killed her! It looks like the 15-year old is to be publicly executed. We need to send up prayer for this child to give her the strength and resolve to deal with whatever happens to her.

Please pass this information on to as many other Christians as you can. Please pray...that this girl remain strong in the faith no matter what she faces and that her persecutors will see the light of Jesus especially if she is martyred. This is not an isolated incident. There are many other places in the world where the same kind of thing happens. We must also ask ourselves, "Are we prepared to die for our faith in Jesus?"


Subj: Prayer Request

Date: 99-02-01 12:15:29 EST

From: (Lowrey, Julie)

To: ('')

Please send out a prayer request for Dorothy Hoskins in Dubuque, IA. She is a wonderful 80 year old woman that has never been without pain a day in her life. She had polio at 9 months old, Tuberculosis at 21 and recently broke her foot and had it in 4 different casts over 95 days. She is a true follower of Christ and it would be wonderful if everyone could send a prayer her way to help her with her daily pain. She lives alone and is trying to stay independent. Thank you so much!

Yours in Jesus,



Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 00:59:21 -0700

From: Heather and Mike Dempsey <>

To: Raymond Aguilera <>

Subject: Prayer Request

Dear Ray,

I would like to ask for prayers for my father, Bernard Dempsey who has just been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. In his mid-70's, dad is a born-again Christian who keeps active as an advisor for the local Women's Aglow chapter, participates in numerous marches and rallys for Jesus, has a strong public voice against abortion, and regularly crosses denominational boundaries to attend bible studies and prayer meetings. He also visits the elderly on a regular basis as part of a paliative care program.

Thankyou, In Jesus Name,

Michael Dempsey


From: "Paul Sainer" <>


Subject: prayer request

Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 07:32:52 PST

My dear friend Ray -

Please pray for my mother, who is dying, that she be without pain. She has terminal brain cancer, and 2 months to live, they say. She's already been operated on once, and this time it's spread. It's the worst kind of cancer to get. She is saved, praise GOD! but the rest of my Catholic family is not. Please ask God to use this situation to bring my father, sister, brothers, and sister-n-law to Christ, and for guidance for me and my wife when I visit them in Missourri this weekend. Thank you Ray I am praying for God to send you the resources you need to reach Europe.

Paul Sainer



Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 17:04:27 -0500 (EST)

From: Xavier Kress <>


Subject: Prayer Request

This request is uncommon and I forget about those that don't know God yet or haven't heard His Name. I pray that all of you Christians out there will pray for those that know not or hear not of the LORD's name. So that they may have ears to hear/Listen, and Eyes to see, and Mouths to speak and Souls to Yearn for the Blessed Name of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that there are hardened hearts out there because of sins of the past, like the Crusades, or the Inquisition or things of this nature. Things that force people to see the Truth and the Light and the Way. I hope when you pray for all of this as well as the people in the prayer list that you will remember those that don't hear don't listen don't speak don't know of OUR Dear LORD and Savior. Amen.

Tristan Black

May the LORD Bless us on this day and the days to come.


Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 16:13:31 -0500

From: Joe n Justine Nettleton <>


Subject: Joseph Nettleton II

My son, Joseph, 10 and in 5th grade has constant pains in the abdomen and nausea. Many times his younger brother has some of the symptoms. This is also accompanied with migraine headaches, sometimes the headaches come first. We have seen many doctors but we have not been able to stop the symptoms. Right this moment my son is on the living room floor rolling around in pain. These symptoms also include dizziness, blurred vision, numbness of limbs etc... Perhaps it is Irratible bowel syndrome or acid reflux syndrome and migraine headaches to top it off. Please pray for relief. I wish that God would show us what this has to do with His plan, perhaps my son could handle it better.



Wed, 23 Dec 1998 16:26:41 EDT


Date: 23 Dec 1998 16:28:18 EST

Subject: please pray for my daughter

I would like to ask for prayers for my daughter Brittany. She is 9 years old and she is severely brain damaged due to a high fever she had when she was 2 years old. Britt is a very sweet child. She is nonverbal and unable to walk. ................... Lately, Britt has had more infections and has been in the hospital more often. We have been praying to God that He either heal Britt or take her to be with Him and end her earthly suffering. I , of course, would like for her to be healed but I trust God's will......

Please pray for Brittany. Thank you.

God bless,




Please pray for Joey. She is having an operation on 10-22-98.

Thank you


Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 14:27:22 -0600

Subject: A Request for Prayer

Everyone with large mailing list, please forward.

I am writing to you now to ask for your help. I do not really know how to start a prayer chain, but we need a miracle. Amanda Bundy is a 6-year-old girl in Greensburg Pennsylvania, the daughter of some very close friends of ours. A few weeks ago her mother was giving her a hug and felt a lump on Amanda's back. An X-ray showed it to be some sort of growth, and later tests discovered that is a massive malignant tumor that has spread to all parts of her chest and abdomen. There are no organs that are untouched and she has more tumor in her body than she has organs.

As I write this, she is hospitalized after a biopsy of the tumor, and her parents are waiting for the results of a bone marrow test. If her bone marrow is clean, then they have a chance to save her with chemotherapy. If they find cancerous cells in her bone marrow, then the only hope to save her life is a miracle. She is in no pain yet and appears to be a perfectly healthy, beautiful little red-haired girl. She doesn't even know she is sick yet and can't understand why she has to go to the doctor so often if she's not sick.

I am asking for your prayers on her behalf. Please pray for her healing and for strength and comfort for her family. She is only six years old. Think of a six year old in your life and imagine that life being cut short.

You can only imagine a fraction of the pain and fear her parents are facing. They need a miracle of God's healing so that they can watch their precious firstborn grow up. Normally I hate email chain letters but now I am asking you to send this letter, or copies of it, to everybody you can think of that will pray for Amanda. Please also take her name to your church and church groups and ask others to pray for her healing. Many thanks and may God bless each one of you who cares enough to pray for a little girl's life.

Michele Stefanowicz

Updates to Amanda's story can now be found at:

I am asking that each and everyone of you please forward this on to everyone that you know. Just think if this was your little child going thru this right now. We all know that God can heal this little angel if it is his will.

Please take time to do this right now.

Thank you, Mary A. Daniel



Subject: prayer request

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 09:35:30 EDT

Everyone with large mailing list, please forward.

I am writing to you now to ask for your help. I do not really know how to start a prayer chain, but we need a miracle. Amanda Bundy is a 6-year-old girl in Greensburg Pennsylvania, the daughter of some very close friends of ours. A few weeks ago her mother was giving her a hug and felt a lump on Amanda's back. An X-ray showed it to be some sort of growth, and later tests discovered that is a massive malignant tumor that has spread to all parts of her chest and abdomen. There are no organs that are untouched and she has more tumor in her body than she has organs. As I write this, she is hospitalized after a biopsy of the tumor, and her parents are waiting for the results of a bone marrow test. If her bone marrow is clean, then they have a chance to save her with chemotherapy. If they find cancerous cells in her bone marrow, then the only hope to save her life is a miracle. She is in no pain yet and appears to be a perfectly healthy, a beautiful little red-haired girl. She doesn't even know she is sick yet and can't understand why she has to go to the doctor so often if she's not sick. I am asking for your prayers on her behalf. Please pray for her healing and for strength and comfort for her family. She is only six years old.

Think of a six year old in your life and imagine that life being cut short. You can only imagine a fraction of the pain and fear her parents are facing. They need a miracle of God's healing so that they can watch their precious firstborn grow up.

Normally I hate email chain letters but now I am asking you to send this letter, or copies of it, to everybody you can think of that will pray for Amanda. Please also take her name to your church and church groups and ask others to pray for her healing. Many thanks and may God bless each one of you who cares enough to pray for a little girl's life.

Michele Stefanowicz

PS - If you would like to be kept informed on Amanda's condition via e-mail, send your e-mail address to me at and I will keep you posted. I am asking that each and everyone of you please forward this on to everyone that you know. Just think if this was your little child going thru this right now. We all know that God can heal this little angel if it is his will. Please take time to do this right now.

Thank you, Mary A. Daniel


12. Subject: Re: Prayer Request For Jenna Richbourg
   Date:  Sat, 11 Apr 1998 12:50:54 -0400
   From: (Steven & Laurie Schultz)

--------- Begin forwarded message ----------

I am forwarding this prayer request to you...
I know this request will touch your hearts as it did mine...
thank you for your prayers saints...
may God bless you for your intercession...
Cindy Hyde - asoulwatcher - Hebrews 13:17

>From:  Sherri Richbourg (
>My husband, Keith, and I have a little girl named Jenna Marie who was
>born last April 24, 1997.  She was born with a heart problem known as
>cardiomyopathy but the doctors were confident it would clear up.  It
>never did.
>After 5 months, the cardiologist  (Dr. Matt  Wienecke) decided to do a
>test on Jenna for a genetic condition known as Mucopolysaccharidosis
>(MPS).  He was doing the test mainly to eliminate it.  However, the
>came back positive.  Dr. Wienecke had the unfortunate responsibility
>tell us what this condition meant. (Mucopolysacchrides are long chains
>of sugar molecule used in the building of connective tissues in the
>body.) Jenna was missing a particular enzyme which is essential in
>cutting up certain mucopolysaccharides. The incompletely broken down
>mucopolysaccharides remain stored in cells in the body causing
>progressive damage. The four organs mainly effected by this disease
>the liver, spleen, brain and heart. Thus, the reason for Jenna's heart
>There are several types of MPS, but the type it is believed Jenna has
>is Hurler's, one of the most severe.  One thing about MPS is that one
>cannot look at a child with the disease and assume another will have
>same problems.  These problems range from stiffening of joints, loss
>hearing, blindness, and chronic respiratory problems.  There are also
>various defects in bones, cartilage and connective tissue, leading to
>short stature.  Children with MPS look very much alike because of
>various defects...their head tend to be "too large for their bodies",
>their eyes are far apart and they have "flat noses".  Many of them
>"enlarged" tongues and because of this may have limited speech.
>retardation is also a product of this disorder.  As if all this
>enough, children with Hurler's usually do not live past the age of 10.
>The only successful procedure for potentially helping children with
>this disease is a bone marrow transplant. When Dr. Wienecke first told
>us what Jenna had, he felt that because of her weak heart, she most
>likely would not survive a bone marrow transplant. The reason is
>of the chemotherapy and radiation used to destroy the bone marrow and
>immune system. However, since that first meeting, Dr. Wienecke has met
>with a hemotologist (Dr. Gretchen Eames) at Cook Childrens Hospital in
>Ft. Worth, TX and because of a different type of chemo that can be
>now feels there is a chance for Jenna.
>I am telling you all this to ask if you will forward my letter on to
>other Christians so they may pray on our behalf.  We have already seen
>what the power of prayer can do...when the hospital searched the bone
>marrow donor bank (we have to go with an unrelated donor since Jenna
>our only child and therefore cannot have a sibling match), without
>doing a complete search, they came up with twenty "six out of six" HLA
>type matches. We also had to make a choice of where we wanted to have
>the transplant. When we finally decided to have it done at
>Cook-Childrens in Ft. Worth, which is local for us, we had such a
>about our decision. The only other option was Minneapolis, MN, which
>where the experts on MPS are located.  If we had chosen to go there,
>they would have used the chemo that is known to be toxic to the heart.
>And, by doing the transplant here we will have family and friends
>to give us the support we will need to get through this.
>Also, if there is anyone out there who could help me set up a web
>I would very much appreciate it. I will have a computer in the room
>me (I'll be staying with Jenna the entire time, which will be 4 to 5
>weeks if all goes well, and possibly as long as 4 to 5 months if
>complications arise), and would like to submit reports on Jenna's
>Jenna will enter the hospital on May 1 (one week after her first
>birthday), and the chemo will begin Sunday, May 3rd.  The transplant
>will take place on May 7th and from that point it will be a "wait and
>see" situation.  I will be taking a leave of absence from my job as of
>May 1st and am unsure of what I will do once those three months are
>since Jenna will need to remain isolated for the next year.
>Thank you for listening to my story.
>In Christian Love,
>Sherri (McDonald) Richbourg
>4547 Edge Creek Lane
>Arlington, TX  76017
>817/468-0235 (home)
>817/462-7362 (work)
>Email address:
>Keith's email address:
>P.S.  I would also like to mention there is Christian family who
>another congregation in Ft. Worth. They have 3 children with MPS.
>Their condition is known as Scheie, a milder form of Hurler's.
>the doctors are concerned they may actually fall somewhere in the
>of the more severe (Hurler's) and the milder (Scheie).  They are
>currently in Los Angeles, CA where their oldest child, Spencer, is
>taking part in a research for synthetic enzyme replacement therapy.
>They, too could use the prayers of other Christians.
>Mark A. Copeland
>1537 E. Jason Street
>Kissimmee, FL   34744-4048
>(407) 931-1725
>Looking for free sermon outlines and Bible study materials?
>Visit The "EXECUTABLE OUTLINES" Series home page!
> ****************************************************
Hello brothers and sisters,

Here is a prayer request. I am removing this person address because this person is telling the truth. For this person needs PRAYERS FROM CHRISTIAN WARRIORS not lift-up messages. When a believer gets caught up with satan's forces, he needs the POWER of prayers of the Saints not sweet words, and let the HOLY SPIRIT do His job. When I tried to get off AOL to send you this message, my AOL program locked-up and would not let me off line. This message is should be treated very seriously.

yours in Christ,



11. Subj: I have got very big problems

Date: 98-04-08 03:39:20 EDT

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


File: HELLO.TXT (16081 bytes)

DL Time (26400 bps): < 1 minute

Here is my story, I think all your prophecies are true! I was very deep in occult, but now I lost controll. I know that all of the bible is true, and that all I did from satan came. I think I shall be one of his saints. Please pray to god if there is still hope for me, I think I am full of demons, so I don´t know exactly what my own will is. It is so horrible what I go through everyday, and I can´t feel the pain anymore, it feels, like I nearly lost my heart. Please write me, and tell me simply if you think that the doors are clossed for me.

Every night I got attacked and there were more demons moving in. This is allready since end of december. I cried, I begged, but I lost my faith so often. If you are one of the new prophets, please beg for mercy for me. If I would see a concrete way, I would go through every pain, there is still something human inside of me, and I still remember the tears of repentence I cried at the beginn of december. But I was arrogant and foolish and I did not know, so it got worse and worse. Please pray to god for touching my heart, I don´t want to be a servant of the evil.

I want to be righteous and loving and on the side of good and bear any pain for the living god.

When I am writing this, these are only words to me, but I still now that god is righteous and good and love, even when the devil is trying to pull me more and more to his side.

If you think I have no hope, I would beg you to do for my brother Julian, what is written in Luke 16,9, take him with you to the new world. Please think and pray about my brother Julian, I think he is under attack, and he don´t know about all those things. He is now in the USA, in Oklahoma. I don´t want to write you from the devils prophecy I received, because I don´t

want to be a false prophet, because I know satan is only lie. I am feeling like a channel for the enemy sometimes, because he is attacking anyone around me I think.

Please pray for forgiving my sins, because I still know that I am very guilty, but I can not feel it anymore.

Please answer me, whether you are praying about me or not. If all that is true, than god loves you really, so perhaps he will help me again, when you beg him.

I know I was evil all my lifetime, but I am only 20 years old, and I was looking for the thruth, now I found truth, and I was too weak and too foolish and now evil is holding me in his grasp.

I don´t even know anymore, what was all happening, but god knows, and with his help I would tell his love to all people and to my friends, who I enfluenced so badly, and to all people, when he gives me the strength and the faith. Sometimes my will of getting free is allready very weak.


Daniel Vaupel


From: "Adrian Fong" <>

To: "Raymond Aguilera" <>

Subject: Prayer request

Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 19:21:16


It's a pray request from Australia. One of my brother in my church has been falsely accuse of a traffic case by the police, the outcome of the court case may effect many others. Could you please pray for him.


May the spiritual gifts the Lord gave you touch the heart of many


10. March 19,1998

Prayer request for Rev. J. A. Phillips - from his Wife, Florence Maxine Latta.

Rev. J. A. Phillips was born in Lincoln, Ark. Aug 8, 1920. His dad J. W. Phillips plus Ollie Elizabeth Phillips were both preachers, was pastor in Stilwell, Okla. for 14 years. But as usual-boys are boys, and he did not get saved until we moved to California (Married Florence Maxine Latta, May 22, 1938). When he got saved (1941), he turned completely around. Has been a very strict preacher every since. Had never been in hospital for himself until, July 3, 1997. Up to now, he has lost 100lbs. They thought he had cancer, (if he did - God healed him)

The doctors at UC Davis Sacramento, California., cannot understand. They took his case before 200 doctors. They’d only had one similar case. He’d got well on his own they said. There has only been one reported case in the world like him. This last time he was in the hospital15 days. Went under anticeptivers 5 times. Came home Friday even went to church on Sunday and Sunday night. Even during this time the doctors went in expecting cancer, it wasn’t there. During this 15 days, he has gotten many infections.


Another prayer request from a sister in the Lord for Rev. J. A. Phillips

Born 8-8-1920

Saved 1941

He became a strict Preacher. He is at this time the Pastor of the First Assembly of God, Oliverhurst, California, 95961

He got sick July of 1997. He had surgery at the Doctors and at this time he could not find cancer which he thought he had.

At the present , he has about six different infections, but one of them, they have nothing for it.

He has been in and out of the hospital, but he never missed church. He was 220 lbs, but now he is about 120 lbs. Please pray for his healing.

From the NIV Bible: Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God."

9. Date: Mon, 06 Jan 1997 16:53:09 -0600

From: Clark Hay <>

Dear Andrew,

Normally, I do not request prayer from those I do not personally know. On the other hand, this is not just a normal request for me, nor are those on your mailing list considered to be just ordinary strangers.

My wife (Patty) has been diagnosed (nearly 7 months ago) with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The stages run from 1 as the earliest, to stage 4 as the most advanced. In addition, her variety (and there are several sub-classifications) is considered to be medically incurable (ie, terminal).

About 75% of those with her condition respond quite well to the initial treatments of chemotherapy, etc,... and they go on to live for as long as 5 years or so. After that, the mortality rate climbs rather quickly.

Patty's medical problem is this: her tumors have not responded that well to therapy. She is nearly finished with her chemotherapy and the tumors have only reduced by about 50% - which is what should have happened with the first few treatments. In other words, medically speaking, her improvement is not that significant.

This cancer has a bad habit of coming back dispite the best results of current cheotherapy treatments, AND it has a nasty tendency to change from a slow growing cancer to a very rapid growing agressive form.

Spiritually, the Lord has blessed us both with a sense of peace concerning the final outcome. He has also used us to witness to others of Christ's strength grace and His severe mercy in the face of death. Her needs have touched and softened the hearts of many. She is one of those people who inspires love and friendship in those who take the time to get to know her.

To be sure, we both have our moments of sorrow and grief, but the tears have been surprisingly few up to now.

Those of us who have been around long enough in the faith, have all known of people who have died in faith dispite numerous prophecies to the contrary, in spite of many "bindings" and "exorcisms", and in spite of the best wishes prayers claims and statements of faith.

When such happens there are usually many accusors among the brethren who will claim that "hidden sin" or a lack of faith (etc) blocked the healing - adding insult to injury.

Whether or not the Lord heals Patty is up to Him. He, after all, knows what is best and His reasons are often hidden from us. We are His creatures and we trust Him implicitly to do what is good and right. Having said this, both of us have a sense that this may not include a physical healing.

I say this knowing that I am opening myself to charges of making a "negative confession" which supposedly is a self-fulfilling "prophecy" of sorts. I also know that for the most part, such doctrine is rubish. The aspects of such teachings that ARE true have been taken to an unhealthy extreme - one that is often devoid of compassion.

What I am asking for here is NOT a deluge of human best wishes in the guise of "prophetic" words that healing is going to occur. Nor will I appreciate corrective lectures on the nature of "healing faith". Having gone to O.R.U., earned a BA and MA in Biblical Literature and having lived for 30+ years in the rhinestone of America's "bible belt", I have heard it all before.

Instead, I ask for you to join us in continued prayer for:

1. Patty's healing,

2. a strengthening of our faith in the Lord no matter what should happen,

3. the Lord to use us and these events to reach people that might otherwise go untouched,

4. the Lord to bring across our paths people that we too need to meet,

5. boldness and sensitive discernment in witnessing

6. true friendships to emerge and deepen through crisis

7. anything else that the Lord lays upon your heart.

In case I have sounded like a pompous "know it all", above, I assure you that I am not. IF any of you should have a GENUINE word from the Lord concerning Patty, or myself, I would encourage you to forward it to me with all haste. Rather than have a flood of e-mails pouring in about "healing", I would much rather have a flood of prayers and intercessions going up before the Father of all mercies.

I thank you, my brothers and sisters, for letting me share my burdens with you.

May God bless each of you.

Yours in Christ,

Clark Hay 

Forwarded message:

8. From: (Jim H!)


Date: 97-01-02 20:17:49 EST

Dear Ray,

Greetings in the mighty Name of Jesus!!!

I just downloaded the DOS vers of the prophecies yesterday and have been perusing them since. They shook me up quite a bit. I guess I thought I was 'just coasting' with the Lord...when actually, I was backsliding badly!

Hope that you can find the time to keep me in prayer, brother!

Incidentally, could you uphold our little church here in Melbourne, Australia in prayer too please? Its called: Living Word Family Fellowship. Also, the Pastor: Chris Field. Especially, his TV programmes which go out weekly on the UHF/community access station ch31 here in Melbourne. They're called: 'The Living Word' and 'Melbourne Alive'! [there's hardly any 'full on' biblically based Christian preaching on Australian TV: the electronic media here is almost totally in the hands of the secular humanists and Satan!].

Can you also possibly pray for this nation of Australia that there might be an earth-shattering move of the Holy Spirit please and that the Lord might see fit to spare it somehow in the coming tribulations? I would also fervently ask you to uphold the Creation Science Foundation of Australian(located in Queensland) in prayer: they are engaged in a fearsome battle with the secular humanists/Satan to have Biblical creation/Genesis/the Bible taught in schools[replacing that 'doctrine of demons': the 'Theory of Evolution'--Australians have been virtually brainwashed by the schools, universities and electronic media into thinking that this garbage is one form or another. It is one of the major barriers to revivial in this country]. Perhaps you are familiar with Mr Ken Ham, who is an expatriate Aussie based in Kentucky and has a ministry called 'Answers in Genesis'. He frequently lectures at churches and christian schools around the country.

Sorry to have to burden you with all these prayer requests, brother, as I know that the Lord has numerous requirements of you. Still, if you could possibly find the time, we could never thank you enough. We will keep you in prayer here also!

May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you.

Yours in Jesus Christ Our Lord,

[James P. HUGHES]

PS: I noticed that there were some extra prophecies on yr WEB site: 835+-->. However, they didn't seem to be activated/URL. Will they be updated shortly? 

7. Subject: a prayer request

Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 16:53:02 -0800

From: Raymond Aguilera <>


Hello brothers and sisters,

Here is a prayer request from Patrick Dooley's Grandmother, Alice E. Miller. She is now presently in the hospital suffering with emhyizma. Patrick is worried about her health and well being. Patrick is asking for your daily prayers for her total healing. God bless you all.

yours in Christ,


6. Subj: Some words from Paris

Date: 96-12-12 11:44:39 EST



Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

First of all, forgive my English practice because my fluent language is French. I work in a French administration in Paris and I have been preparing alone an internal examination for about 10 years now. I failed for the third time this year (June 1996) for 1 point in Mathematics. Sometimes, I am in a state of great despondency and discouragement, particularly when I think to all the sacrifices made during all these years, beside my family and my daily job. And moreover, almost officially this examination will probably suppressed next year and I am very much afraid of that. Please, can you pray for all this situation? But if it is not the kind of things you pray for (or for any other reason), I shall fully understand and our common Lord Jesus will always be the Same. And if I do not succeed (failure again or cancellation of the examination), then can you pray the Lord that he would give me His consolation and His peace, and reveal me His very Will for me?

And if this examination is not to be suppressed, can you also pray that it could be known early enough?

And anyway, may God richly bless you and all your works for Him,

Gerard Rakoto.

P.S. I was born in Madagascar 39 years ago, I have the French citizenship I am married and we have a 5 year old daughter. P.P.S. My e.mail :

5. Subject: Prayer request

Date: 29 Nov 1996 02:02:50 PDT



Dear Ray,

Please ask the prayer warriors to once again come to my aid.

I have a close friend who is suffering from depression and is slipping away from God. The Enemy has somehow opened a window into her heart and is stealing the peace and joy that the Lord has given her.

Dee is a wonderful person who has overcome many challenges with God's help, but now she doubts her own abilities and it is affecting her job as a nurse.

She is also beginning to question whether or not I truly care about her as a Brother in Christ.

Please ask God to lend her greater strength and to remove the doubts from her mind and to close the window that the Devil is using.

Thanks so much!

God Bless all of you!


4A. Update to Prayer Request #4.

Subject: Fwd: Testimony; living parable from streets.

Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 12:53:12 -0500



hello brohters and sisters,

a forwarded e-mail,

God bless you all,

ray ---------------------

Forwarded message:

From: 75773.1326@CompuServe.COM (Ronald Viessman)

To: (Ray Aguilera)

Date: 96-11-29 12:31:25 EST

Nov. 29, 1996

(Testimony-Streets-Living Parable) [Word from the Lord]

The Lord led me to a homeless man named Gene in our town; and He told me to help him. The Lord directed me to buy Gene a large cabin tent, and build a wooden floor for the tent to sit on. I befriended Gene, and acquired his trust after a couple of weeks of talking with him, bringing food, and some camping equipment. Gene was living in a small tent that leaked, situated in a mud hole. The new tent was covered with a tarp; and will be covered with a camouflagege net used by the army to hide their vehicles.

After fasting for 4 days, I decided to set the tent up on Thanksgiving; and stay the night. I was almost finished setting up Gene_s tent, when a man named Mike walked up with a turkey leg, and all the trimmings for Gene. I told Mike the Lord told me to help Gene; and Mike said he_s been helping him for over a year. Mike has been bringing Gene food, doing his laundry; and even bringing him home to take a shower. Mike is NOT a (Christian). There are four churches within a two mile radius; and Mike said the churches are not helping Gene; and the one across the street even called the cops on him. I knew this was a confirmation of the assignment, that the Lord had given me. Mike also shared about a miracle that happened to him, since he_s been helping Gene.

After talking to Mike; the Lord put this portion of prophecy #70 in my mind received by Ray Aguilera on 30 May 92: {For there are so many demonic forces out there, it would make your Head Spin. Some of you are going to be scared, just by listening to what I am saying at this very moment, but that is the reality. You Pastors are so ill equipped. You haven't the foggiest idea of what a demon is. You're looking for middle class solutions to a Spirit. You think you can solve them by sending them to an analyst, when the analyst himself might be possessed by a Spirit. Satan has done his Job well, but you don't have to worry if you're in the Body of Christ. And if you're strong in the Body of Christ. For only the strong will make it, the Pure and the Clean, the Honest, the Righteous. For there are many Christians that call themselves Christians, and are worse off than non-Christians, in their thinking and theology. Now listen! Christianity is basically simple. You turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He is your Protector. He is your Guide. For he has already won the Battle. The problem is you have to walk through it. You have to carry your own Cross, for everyone has to take an accounting of themselves, at the end of time. Everybody that has ever lived will have to know that when Judgment comes, their tongue has to confess Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and every knee, and I mean every knee has to Bow down to him from the beginning of man to now. Satan himself has to Bow down, but he's going to be chained and sent to the pit of hell with a lot of you, My Children, that have the hard hearts and closed minds. Don't be beguiled by the easy life, the evil life of this World, for this World is about out of time}.

I watched Gene eat his Thanksgiving feast, and I was longing for the left-overs; but the Lord told me- to continue the fast. The Lord put Gene in a deep sleep for hours after he ate. I anointed the new tent inside and out with oil, and prayed over it; and then started walking around the camp praying in the dark. Gene was asleep in his old tent.

After praying for a while, a homesickness came over me; and I started thinking about my 6 sisters, 2 brothers and Mom in Missouri. I haven_t seen them for 2.5 years; and knew they were spending Thanksgiving together. I started to cry, and then weep. This turned into a wailing that seemed to last for hours. I hadn_t cried like that, since the night of my father_s funeral in 1988. During this wailing, the Lord started giving me the Word.

The Lord told me to sleep in a brush pile that a homeless person lived in. The wind was blowing hard, and was cold with nothing between the hill; and the San Francisco bay. In the middle of the night, I was awakened and frightened by what sounded like a group of people outside my camp; and I realized it was Gene having a conversation in a number of voices, and laughter. I didn_t sleep much after that, and this continued on much of the night. I spent most of the night in prayer. The Lord clarified the Word to be placed in this testimony.

At sunrise, Gene and I went to 7-11; and had some coffee and donuts. He seemed to be in the best mental state, that I_ve seen him in. He was very happy with his new home with a cot, sleeping bag, table; and big enough to walk around in.

[Word from the Lord] This is what the Lord told me that night:

[Because the Christians in the churches don_t have time for the sheep that are suffering in the streets; (when everything falls apart); THEY are going to suffer. Christians are going to live in holes like animals; and will be scared, hungry, and cold. Christians will cry, weep and wail for the Lord_s deliverance; but the Lord was not going to listen; because the Christians weren_t listening to the cries of the sheep living in the streets. The Lord also said; He was going to take care of HIS sheep; and the sheep that were neglected by the churches.]

Scripture Note: The Lord gave me Ezekiel Chapter 34. (the entire chapter).

Final Note: I felt so unworthy doing this for the Lord; and could only see my sin. This caused me to wail more.

End of Testimony

God Bless In His service Ron Viessman

4. Subj: Prayer for homeless man (Gene)

Date: 96-11-26 20:30:32 EST

From: 75773.1326@CompuServe.COM (Ronald Viessman)

To: (Ray Aguilera)

Hello All;

This is a prayer request for a homeless man named Gene that lives not too far from Ray's house. We interceded for him at the outreach Thursday night. I stood in for Gene. He wasn't there. Ray saw two demons--one was trying to fire some kind of bow; but couldn't remember how to do it; or something to that affect. The other was driving a bus; and said something to the effect that--we are in charge of this bus. This demon had long fingernails.

I was with Gene this afternoon; and Gene was talking about these voices; and said one was shooting arrows at him; and had long fingernails; and was always scrathcing him. I prayed outloud in a warfare languge; and Gene started hitting himself in the face with his fist.

Need prayer to stop these demons from harrassing Gene; and for protection. I'm setting up a new tent for him tomorrow--(Wednesday--27 Nov.)...

Let's take control of this spot where Gene lives in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth; in the power of His Cross; the Resurections; the Ascension; and by the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.... God Bless


3. Subj: Prayer Request

Date: 96-11-04 07:46:28 EST

From: (Don H. Carpenter, Jr.)

To: (Raymond Aguilera)

Ray, please forward the following prayer request. Tal Thompson is a three year old in our church. He had a brain tumor when he was one year old and he will have his 23rd surgery today at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas. Please pray God will spare this child's life. His father was called to the ministry and his mother is a very godly parent. The situation is not looking good and we desperately need your prayers.

In Christ's Name,

Don Carpenter 

2. Subject: Re: Prayer Request

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 12:16:06 -0800

From: Monnica Terwilliger <> Organization: UCLA Parallel Computing Laboratory

To: References: 1

Hi Ray,

Thanks for all the hard work you put into the e-mail list and web site. I know that God is going to repay you a hundred-fold for staying faithful! I think the prayer request list on the web is a great idea!

I have a prayer request, myself. Sorry if it's a little long.

My husband was diagnosed last year with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. (This is most commonly known as the disorder where people wash their hands 100 times a day because they fear contamination, ie Howard Hughes.) He had been having terrible sexual obsessions, avoidance behaviors, and mistrust of everyone. This really damaged our marriage and family life. We went to the church for help and ended up even more wounded. It was truly the grace of God that he ended up in a psychiatric hospital with a proper diagnosis last December.

The road to recovery has been very long. He gets individual therapy twice a week, we see a couples therapist once a week, and he attends an OCD support group about 2 or 3 times a month. He is on medication too. His sexual obsessions are pretty much gone, but he's got so many problems relating as a human being and being irresponsible that I sometimes just want to move out because I can't stand it.

This situation is very difficult. Nearly every day I pray for God's strength to deal with it. It seems like my husband and I are fighting all the time because of the OCD making him forgetful or distant. We have been praying for a long time, and now I would really like to see a complete healing in him. I know God can do it. We have 3 small children and the oldest had ADHD which we think is related to the OCD.

Thanks and God bless!

Monnica Terwilliger 

1. Subj: River Jordan Prayers, Please

Date: 96-11-08 21:48:14 EST

From: (Christine Gibson)


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The following is an e-mail I sent my sister regarding our mother, whose health is failing because of profound depression. I ask you to join with me in prayers for her. The enclosed prayer comes from several e-mails between another anointed prayer warrior and myself, Aaron Bass.

Ever since I first read "where now is the God of Elijah!" it has remained ever in my mind. Aaron said something about the Jordan River. I responded with "where now is the God of Elijah!." He responded with the following powerful prayer. I added a few things to it to make it relevant to my mother.

Never, ever considered that each of us is faced with our own Jordan River, or that we could claim the power of this phrase "where now, is the God of Elijah," where the waters impeding our Christian Walk would part enabling us to travel across the river bottom on dry land, into the land of our Lord's Milk and Honey of His Presence, and receive all the good things and blessings He promises us through His Bible as long as He is Number 1 in our life. For me, I find this very profound. Do you agree? Do not each of us have a River Jordan before us?

Perhaps a prayer like this one might just help each of us pray down more blessings and empower us even more in the powerful Name of Jesus, to do God's mighty work, as His servants. The time is really very short to pray all the lost souls home to Jesus.

Stay blessed.

In Jesus' Name, I remain, Christine

>Dear Sister,

> >Dr. A. and I just completed our telephone consultation regarding how our mother is doing on the increased dosage of anti-depression medicine. Unfortunately, I had to tell him, there really has been no change, and in fact, mother seems to be drawing closer within herself. In other words--totally giving up.

> >He is going to order out Prozac for 3 weeks to see if that makes any difference. If it does, great! If it doesn't, it will not be continued . So, if you are still planning on seeing her around her birthday time in December, that will be about the end of the 3-week period. Hopefully, we will see a positive change by then. Otherwise....

> >The only spark of improvement I saw yesterday, was when I called in the a.m. to remind her of her hair appointment. (She had returned from Aunt H. the day before after visiting her brother O.) She had been sleeping. I called at 9:10. Her hair appointment was for 9:30 a.m. and she had scheduled the metro van to pick her up at 9:15. She immediately came awake, and her voice had energy, spirit, etc. She was her former self. She went down stairs....Abby (her beautician) had been involved in a car accident, so no hair appointment, and the "retirement home" where she lives, cancelled the van when the driver showed up. She returned upstairs--to bed....

> >Today, though, she did go for a walk. First time, since July. Asked her about the YLI which always meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. She couldn't even remember what the YLI is. She said she would want to think about it and perhaps tomorrow we could discuss it again and maybe she might think about going.

> >Ah, Marlene, my heart and soul within me cries. Her lack of eyesight, and the loss of her best friend, Frankie of almost 50 years, are real Jordan Rivers for her.

> >Please join in with me in the following prayer:

> >We cry out "where now, is the God of Elijah!" Lord God, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I take authority over the Jordan River which impedes mother and keeps her sealed in profound depression. I ask that you manifest the parting of the waters, and claim Elisha's words of "where now, is the God of Elijah!" so she walks through on dry ground into your blessings, her eyes healed, and her body refreshed and made new. I pray the mantle of Elijah once again be present and active, that we see that God of Elijah, our Mighty God, Jehovah Jirah, manifest in our mother's life and body.

> >I ask that you send the hornet ahead of her to destroy every stronghold of giants, hinderances, attacks, curses, argument, profound depression, lethargy, or opposition, that trys to rise up against her. I thank you for the Milk and Honey of your Presence, and the good things of the land you have promised us in your Bible, be manifested in our mother's life and body. Dear Jesus, let your Glory be manifested in our mother, so that through her, your Name is glorified.

> >Lord, what benefit is it to you, if she goes down to the grave or remains with profound depression? Can she pray any more for all the lost souls or reach out and encourage others where she lives? Can she listen any more to passages from the Bible, and pray to you? These are things she does, Lord. These are things she does each day, Lord, as you well know. These are things she looks forward to doing each day, Lord.

> >We thank you for your blessings, dear Jesus. Thank you, Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior! Thank you Father, for your blessings and Eternal Love. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for your Counsel and Might!

> >In the Name of Jesus, I take authority from the third heaven over any and all principalities, powers, dominions, or assignments. Our Mother is a Child of Jesus. She belongs to our Lord and Savior! You release your hold on her, through the powerful Name of Jesus and through His Precious Blood! You are defeated, imasculated, impotent, and utterly destroyed. Angelic forces are released to war on mother's behalf against you! Our mother is sheltered within God's wings. You worthless dung of the neatherworld, you cannot impede our God or stop our praising His Name or our mother from praising His Name! To Jesus be all the Glory, now and forever.

> >For dear God, yours is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, now and forever. Amen and Amen.

> >Stay blessed!

> > >In Jesus' Name, I remain,

>Your sister, Christine

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